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Nikolas is alone in his home and he hears Emily telling him that when she looks at him she sees Connor. At that point, Alexis enters, hugs her nephew and tells him she’s so glad he’s home and this whole nightmare is over for him and Emily.

Lucky goes to Emily’s and asks her to please tell him she had nothing to do with the burning of the basement where Connor raped her. She explains to him that she and Nikolas did it as a ritual to heal and move forward.

At the Haunted Star, Skye and Lorenzo are sitting at the table talking about how Lorenzo is not afraid to fight Tracy for financial control of the gambling casino. Tracy tells Luke he will never get his hands on her money.

Sam is alone, ready to do a pregnancy test and crying.

At the police station, Reese keeps telling Jason that Michael will be able to heal after knowing the truth and Sonny cannot go through with turning himself in for the murder of AJ. Meanwhile, Michael goes to the interrogation room and tells both of his parents that he knows his dad is taking the fall for him and he knows they know that he murdered AJ.

Emily admits to Lucky that when she stood in that basement with Nikolas, all of those memories came up again about how she was violated by Connor. And burning the place down was a way to end it. She admits that it may sound crazy but she will pay for the damages. He tells her he does not care about monetary issues. He asks her if she is doing the right thing in dealing with it and getting back with Nikolas. She says they have agreed to live apart for a while. He asks if Nikolas is ok with it. She says he has been very understanding and supportive. He tells her, in that case he wants her to be understanding and supportive to herself. She admits that she wants to do that and burning the basement was a good start in the healing process.

Nikolas tells Alexis that he and Emily are living separately and since Emily has gone through so many things, she needs time to adjust. Alexis apologizes for dragging her feet with Nikolas’ appeal. He tells her it’s totally ok with what she’s been through in regard to Chrisitna and how he knows for her being a mother comes first. He also admits to her that he did not need an appeal in the first place. At that point, she informs Nikolas that she paid off John Durant to manufacture evidence against Sonny.

Skye asks Lorenzo why he does not go for other investments besides ELQ. He admits to her that he wants to end his connections to Carly.

Luke tells Tracy that there are people who feel as though her money should go back to where it belongs. She tells him that the money secured ELQ and there is no way she’s giving it up. Even for him.

Sam reads the directions of the pregnancy test and looks like she’s seen the results.

Reese asks Jason if he thinks she has an “agenda” here. She tells him that all she cares about is Michael. He tells her that in that case, she needs to let his parents handle the situation the way they see fit. Ric comes out and tells Jason that Sonny and Carly’s plan to lie about Sonny killing AJ will ruin Michael. Inside the interrogation room, Michael demands that his parents realize that he killed AJ and tells them if they will not listen, he will go to the police. They tell him he cannot do that, reminding him that he must have been scared and confused and did not know what he was doing. But he protests that he knows how he was not thinking properly but now needs to admit to the truth. Sonny explains to his son that nobody will take him from him. He and his mom have a plan and everything will work out fine. Jason enters and Sonny asks Michael to go with his uncle Jason. Ric, then enters and tells Sonny that he’s really amazed. He first thought that this “noble” act was a way to protect Michael. But now he knows that Sonny wants Michael to turn out just like him.

Alexis confides in Nikolas that she has a real dilemma on her hands with Sonny’s likelihood to go to prison and how it’s affecting her relationship with Ric. She admits to him that she doesn’t know what to do but needs to protect her daughter. Nikolas shares with his aunt that he spent much o his life obsessing about how to go after Helena. And he doesn’t want to see Alexis making the same mistake with Sonny.

Emily tells Lucky that she knows that she needs similar things as what Elizabeth needed after the rape. But her situation was different since Elizabeth was raped by a stranger wearing a mask whereas she was raped by a man whom she knew and who looked just like her husband.

Lorenzo tells Skye that he has still has a significant share of ELQ and has nothing to worry about. He then asks her what her motives are in doing business with him in the first place. Is she using him in order to make Luke jealous? He asks what she sees in Luke. She tells him she could ask him the same thing about Carly and inquires what he would see in Carly. He tells her to each their own but concludes that he believes they have a sound business deal and he walks away.

Tracy tells Luke he does not know her as well as he thinks he does. He offers her a martini. But she declines to give him the opportunity to drug her. Tracy walks away and Skye tells Luke that she could notice he was unsuccessful in prying the money out of Tracy’s greedy little hands. He tells her he will get the money but asks her just how far she wants him to go in order to get it. He asks her on a scale of 1 to 10, how much does she want him to get the money from Tracy. She replies 10. He tells her it might take some work to hack the computer and get past the security system in order to get the money back from her, but he knows a way to do it. At first, Skye is very encouraged to work with Luke, but she later catches herself, realizing she’s “doing it again” by getting sucked into Luke’s schemes.

Dillon tells Georgie that she helped him get turned around and encouraged him to fulfill his dream of becoming a director. She admits that she might miss him if he leaves Port Charles. And he confirms that he wants her. She indicates that she’s afraid she’ll lose him. But he assures her he’s going to school, not breaking up with her.

When Jason and Carly return home with Michael, they tell him he must go with his mom on a trip and it’s the best way he can help them. But Michael refuses, telling them that his dad is stuck in jail and he knows he just covering for him.

Ric asks Sonny what he is doing to assume that he’s helping Michael to lie for him. He urges his brother to see that he’s hurting Michael more than he’s helping him and protests that he can protect Michael from legal and psychological consequences if he comes clean. But Sonny refuses to listen to Ric and insists on doing it his way. Ric leaves and Alexis enters and informs Sonny that something he might not have considered and which might change his mind is if he goes to prison, he will forfeit all rights to Christina and she will be permanently in Alexis’ sole custody.

Skye tells Luke she’s not going to get involved in his shady dealing and wants to remain a legitimate businesswoman. But at that point he grabs a hold of her and kisses her. She tells him he thinks he can talk her into anything. He makes it sound like it’s a great adventure but too many people get hurt whenever they join forces with him. She concludes he may do whatever he wants with Tracy but she wants nothing to do with it.

Georgie inquires to Dillon, when and how can he realistically find time to contact her? She will be stuck in Port Charles with her family, while he will be in California with all of the exciting film stars. And she’s worried that he might find a beautiful actress. He tells her that even if one of these actresses were interested in him, he would tell them that Georgie is the only one for him.

Sonny asks Alexis how long she thinks her petition to keep him away from his daughter will last. She replies hopefully, until Christina turns 18. He tells her that he knows that she heard Michael say that Carly killed AJ, went straight to Ric and got Michael subpoenaed. She tells him that she did what she is obligated to do as an officer of the court. He tells her that she used his son as a bargaining chip to get her daughter back and asks her how she can live with herself.

While Jason and Carly are trying and failing to get through to Michael, Jason asks Sam to go and talk to him. Carly asks why first Reese, and now Sam assume the role of Michael’s mother. He protests to her that she must realize that until about 24 hours ago, Michael was refusing to speak to her. She asks what better suggestion he has. He tells her that maybe they should let Michael confess.

Nikolas goes to find Tracy and informs her that he knows she took a big amount of money from him and he wants it back. She reminds him that he’s just gotten out of prison and will look guiltier to the press than he will, with showing up in her home and making threats. He tells her he is not making any threats. She tells him it will be a matter of time before he will become just like his psycho grandmother. Emily comes out and demands Tracy apologize to her husband. Tracy keeps shooting off her mouth about how the two of them will breed little psycho children. Emily, then holds up a vase and pours the water over Tracy’s head.

Luke walks in on Dillon and Georgie ready to get it on and asks for their help. Dillon replies to Luke never again.

Carly asks Jason whose instincts he should trust more; hers or Reese Marshall’s. Jason does not know how to answer that, realizing he is torn.

Sam comes to see Michael when he’s in his bed and tells him how proud she is of him. He asks about what. She tells him the way he cares about people is pretty cool. The loyalty he shows his family and friends is a special quality that make him a special person. And she tells him that is why she wants to ask him for his help. She tells him that his dad thinks the safest thing for him is to get out of town as fast as he can. But she tells him if he has any better ideas, she’d like to hear it.

Jason asks Carly if she really has a solution or if she just wants Reese to be wrong. He tells her they need to focus on what’s best for Michael. She tells him that Sonny and herself believe that Michael needs to go out of the country and need his support. He tells her he’d like to offer that but realizes it might not work. She asks him how he’d feel if they find out Sam is pregnant and she tells him what to do about his child. At that point, Michael comes down the stairs with Sam and tells his mom he will go with her.

Sonny tells Alexis that she thinks she is protecting Christina by what she’s done to him, but she’s used Christina’s brother. At that point, Ric enters and announces that Sonny is not going to prison.

Dillon tells Luke he is serious. No more schemes, dirty deals or capers anymore. He is now a law-abiding citizen. But Luke tells Dillon he might change his mind knowing that Luke is about to stop Dillon’s mother from doing another really bad thing. He informs Dillon that Tracy stole $15 million from the Cassadine account. Dillon asks Luke what he expects him to do about that. Luke says he wants Dillon to enable him to seduce Tracy.

After Emily pours the vase water over Tracy’s head, Tracy tells Emily she could get her charged with assault. Emily reminds Tracy she could have broken the vase over her head. Tracy runs upstairs and Nikolas tells Emily she gave Tracy what she deserves.

Sam informs Jason that she did the pregnancy test but it’s still inconclusive. Right then, Mac Scorpio enters and informs them all that he has a subpoena for Carly to testify about Sonny’s being charged with murder. Knowing that Michael is concerned about that, the adults tells him that everything will be ok.

Reese tells Sonny that she will make sure he is cleared of murder charges in spite of his confession.

Alexis tells Ric she is not happy that he’s let Sonny go. He tells her he believes he is doing the right thing. She tells him that he just does not understand what it means to need to protect one’s child. He tells her he cares about Christina but falsely accusing Sonny of murder will not protect her any more than upholding justice. Hearing that, she tells her husband that if protecting his brother is more important than protecting Christina, she will file for divorce.

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