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Again, Carly wants to talk to Michael and persuade him to leave the country with her. She says she will not let Michael confess to murdering AJ. Nor will she put him through seeing Sonny going to prison for it. Jason tells her that Michael is not ready to hear that yet and that her plan might not work. Sam asks her what her plan is. She tells them, she will leave the country with Michael and then write a letter exonerating Sonny. Unknown to them, Michael is at the top of the stairs hearing everything. Jason urges her not to go through with that. But she tells him she is sorry. She cannot give him what she wants. When Carly goes upstairs, Sam asks Jason why he has now decided not to support Carly’s plan to leave the country. He tells her that he knows Michael does not want to leave. This poor kid has been dragged through too much, he tells her, and it’s about time that his wishes counted for something. Carly goes upstairs to find her son but has discovered he has escaped out the window.

Emily and Nikolas stand in the basement watching the fire and all the memories of the rape going up in flames.

Alan Quartermaine returns home. Skye is helping him get settled. But Monica informs her husband that he should not get too comfortable there. She still plans on divorcing him and as soon as he is better, he’s out. Skye tells Monica this is wrong. She and Alan just lost their child and she should not be so insensitive to Alan. But she tells them that she and Alan have nothing together anymore and how she grieves AJ’s death is none of his business. And she tells them that she plans on taking all the money and ELQ assets she can get in the divorce settlement, revealing that she believes it is the fault of AJ for taking the money in the first place, and the fault of Alan for defending and enabling AJ.

Sonny goes to talk to Ric at the station. Ric tells his brother that he has finally figured out that Michael has killed AJ. Why else would Sonny suddenly confess to the murder when it’s obvious there’s no evidence against him? He informs Sonny that Reese refuses to believe that Sonny killed AJ and so does he. Sonny admits to Ric that he has been sleeping with Reese and she is merely defending him and lying for him. Reese enters and Sonny demands she tells Ric that she’s been lying for him and that Michael did not kill anyone.

Skye goes to see Luke at The Haunted Star, dressed up in formalwear, She gas a plan to take him somewhere, He asks her where. He tells her he will go anywhere she wants as long as she says uncle.

Sonny tells Reese that she must admit that all she ever was to him was a fed. He tells her she may now come clean and admit that she knows he killed AJ and stop lying to protect him. She tells him she is not lying about anything. She leaves and Sonny tells Ric that Reese simply wanted to protect him from going to prison so she came up with an alternate killer: A confused and innocent little boy. Ric, again, asks his brother what really happened. Sonny, again tells Ric that he went to AJ’s hospital room, picked up a pillow, put it over that sick freak’s face and held it there until he was good and dead. He tells his brother that he really wishes he could have made AJ suffer. But he died pretty quickly. He tells him it’s possible that after he killed AJ, Carly or Michael could have walked in and noticed he was already dead but they are not responsible for his death. Ric tells his brother that he knows he is capable of murder. But he knows Sonny is also a father who would sacrifice anything for his children. He tells Sonny that is just what he’s proved by what he’s doing now.

Carly, Jason and Sam are brainstorming as to where Michael went and what is going through his mind right now. Michael goes outside, runs down the stairs and notices the newspaper article about Sonny confessing to murder, in the trash. He then has a flashback of himself going into AJ’s room and smothering him to death with the pillow. He then decides there’s somewhere he needs to go.

Luke tells Skye that he does not want to gloat but he just wants to hear her say those five beautiful little words; “Luke, I cannot stay away.” She tells him he is mistaken if he thinks that she has the feelings for him that he believes. She tells him that they should be doing their jobs as business partners and making profits. But they have been behaving like this place is a tree house. She tells him she has now made an investment and he may call her greedy but she is all about business. He tells her however, that she must admit that she will do anything just to stay near him and he tells her he is so grateful for that.

After leaving the burning basement, Nikolas tells Emily that if the fire department asks them what happened, they will just say that it was an accident. But realizing her husband just got out of prison, she tells him she must confess that she was responsible for burning it and not let him take the rap for it.

Carly goes to the station and demands that Reese lets her talks to Sonny alone. But Reese tells her it’s too late. Ric already knows that Michael killed AJ. Hearing that, Carly tells Reese she is a selfish bitch to do that to an innocent little boy.

Inside the interrogation room, Ric tells Sonny that he cannot blame anybody for his knowledge about Michael killing AJ. He figured it out for himself. But Sonny informs his brother that he remembers himself in a very similar situation when his mother fell down the stairs when she was pregnant with Ric. He forgot everything. That’s what happens. The mind shuts down when it needs to in order to block out the pain. He tells Ric that that is what happens to Michael. And he tells him that he never wants Michael to know what happened in AJ’s room. He tells Ric that if he is convicted, Michael will never know. The killer will be put behind bars and justice will be served. But Ric tells him he refuses to put him in prison for a murder he did not commit. Hearing that, Sonny tells Ric he may pick whatever crime he wants in order to convict him. He admits to his brother that he has broken the law and done quite enough in his life to be put in prison. But Ric still tells his brother that he knows he is innocent of the murder of AJ. But Sonny asks Ric as his brother to forget what he knows about Michael and protect his nephew.

Michael goes to the Quartermaine house by himself. Monica greets him and asks if Carly brought him. He tells her no. He tells her that Sonny is his dad and loves him and he won’t let him get in trouble. He tells her that AJ stole him and lied to him. But hearing that, Alan tells Michael that is not true. He tells his biological grandson that he is happy to see him, he is welcome in their home, and they are his family. And he tells him he must realize that AJ loved him and just wanted to be with him. Monica tells her husband that now is not the time to be having this conversation with Michael. But Alan keeps telling Michael that AJ did not do anything wrong. Monica demands Alan shuts up. But Alan protests that he will not sit by while she demonizes their son to his only child. He tells Michael that AJ was a good man and would have been a great father. But he never had the chance because he was brutally murdered by some thug. At that moment, Jason enters and finds Michael. Alan angrily tells them that he knows what will now happen. Jason is going to tell Michael that AJ was a despicable human being who deserved to die. But Monica again demands that Alan stops. Jason tells Michael that Alan does not know what he’s talking about. But Alan tells Jason that he will not let him put poison into this little boy’s head while he anoints St. Sonny. He tells Michael that he needs to know that Sonny murdered AJ. But Michael angrily tells Alan that his dad did not kill AJ.

Emily and Nikolas sit on the docks and she says that she will not throw their love away, especially for trash like Connor Bishop. She says it may take time but she will not let an act of violence define who she’s going to be for the rest of her life. She admits to him that she has been so unfair to him. He is not Connor. He did not hurt her and he does not deserve to have her flinch away from him every time he tries to touch her. He admits that it kills him to see how afraid Connor made her and how what he did affects her and eats her up inside. He tells her he wishes he could take that away from her but knows he can’t. He tells her he just wants her to know that he will always be there for her. He tells her she need not worry about him. Because there’s nothing he cannot handle right now except her pushing him away for his own protection. No more asking for a divorce because of the situation. He tells her it’s ok for her to not yet be ready to be close. He tells her they can get through this by being honest with each other no matter how much it hurts. She tells him she wants nothing more than to go home with him but admits to him that she is not yet ready.

Ric asks Sonny what would be worse; having Michael going through court-appointed therapy or seeing his father go to prison for life. Sonny says nothing. Carly enters and asks to talk to Sonny alone. Ric goes outside with Reese. Reese asks Ric what he plans to do with Michael. He admits to her that he does not know what to do. He does not want to choose between having his nine-year-old nephew traumatized for the rest of his life and having his brother going to prison for a murder he did not commit.

At the Quartermaine’s, Michael informs Jason that grandpa Alan said that his dad killed AJ but he knows it did not happen. He tells Jason that he blamed himself for his little brother and sister getting kidnapped and for failing to protect them from Faith and from AJ. He admits to walking into AJ’s room, noticing it was dark and AJ was asleep in his bed. He remembers a pillow on the floor. He heard AJ talk to him, remembered that he was tired of hearing AJ’s ridiculous talk, and then he put the pillow over his face to make him quiet. He, then tells Jason that the next thing he remembered was that AJ was not breathing. He remembers seeing his mom come inside the room. But he knew she did not do it. It was him. Jason puts his arms around Michael and holds him. Jason tells Michael he was not thinking like himself. Michael says he knows he killed AJ. Jason explains to Michael that when people are hurt or scared, they cannot think normally. And that is what happened to him that night when he entered AJ’s room. He tells Michael he knows he did not understand what he was doing. He was scared and confused and mixed up. Michael protests that he cannot accept his dad going to prison when he did not kill AJ. Jason tells Michael he must trust his father. But Michael asks Jason to take him to the police station, right now, so that he can confess.

At The Haunted Star, Lorenzo meets with Skye and Tracy Quartermaine. Tracy tells Lorenzo that she has money to invest and is very confident that she will have all the power she needs. Skye explains to Lorenzo that Tracy means the money she stole from the Cassadines. But Tracy says that now with that money, she can get rid of Skye and Luke. Skye goes and tells Luke he needs to find out what to do since it was he that put that money in Tracy’s account, in his little scheme to get Helena to appear.

Sonny agrees to do it Carly’s way. She and Michael and Morgan will leave the country. And when they are safe, she will write the letter. He asks her to promise that she will go right away. But right at that moment, they notice Michael making a mad dash into the station ready to talk his father out of taking the fall for killing AJ.

Skye and Lorenzo sit alone at a table. He tells her he realizes there might be a problem with Tracy as CEO but he’s ready for a fight. Tracy tells Luke that she will make sure he never gets his greedy little hands on her fortune. But he tells her that’s just what he plans to do.

Nikolas agrees with Emily that it might not be a bad idea for them to live apart for a while. It will give her time to heal. He tells her they can talk on the phone and go out on dates. She laughs. He says they can get back to the beginning and fall in love all over again. She says that’s almost perfect. He asks her what is missing. She says it’s impossible for her to fall in love with him any more than she already has.

Jason and Michael go to the police station. Carly comes out and restrains Michael from going in and confessing. Jason asks her to take Michael to talk to his father. Michael goes and talks to Sonny and tells him he knows his father did not kill AJ. He insists he did. But Sonny tells Michael he must let his dad take care of that.

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