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Morning in Port Charles...

Luke is fixing some plumbing problems on the Haunted Star when Emily drops by. She tells him that Nikolas shouldn't have gone after him like he did. Luke is uncomfortable about her being there, so he tries to dismiss her, but then she asks him how Laura forgave him for raping her. She apologizes but doesn't know who else to ask. Drinking coffee, he looks even more uncomfortable than before and wonders what she thinks he can do for her. She explains that every time Nikolas touches her, she's back in the basement reliving her nightmare. As she makes a comparison between her experience and Laura's, Luke gets angry and tells her that she knows nothing about that night. Emily apologizes for her bluntness and tells him what little she knows from what Lucky said. She wants to know how he convinced Laura to love and forgive him. She goes on about how she feels about Nikolas right now and badgering him about how he and Laura got back together to have the romance of the century. Luke looks haunted. He says he did what he could to get Nikolas out of prison and that if cost her more than she expected, things usually do. She apologizes for upsetting him. Luke asks her to leave, so she does.

Emily runs into Lucky on the docks. He can tell she is upset. She tells him that she feels like a fool. She explains that she tried to get help for her rape by going to Luke. He is not surprised when she tells him what happened. She beats herself up for what she did. She tells Lucky that she has realized that the only way she will heal is to deal with Nikolas face-to-face. Just then, Nikolas comes around the corner. Lucky leaves them alone over Emily's objection. Nikolas asks her if she's ok. Emily tries to stop herself from getting upset. He is very solicitous of her feelings. She wants to be happy because he is out now and they should be together. She doesn't understand why he's not mad at her for how she's acted. He knows she has her reasons because of the rape. He doesn't know what he would have done if he had known while he was in prison; he knows she was just trying to protect him. He just wants to help her now. She wants to go back to the basement on her own terms and confront what happened so she can get on with her life. She asks him to come with her. Next we see them going down the dark basement stairs. Nikolas turns on the light. Emily has flashes of the rape. She is determined to face it; Nikolas says they will face it together. They chat briefly about Helena. She feels that if she can beat Helena, she can beat anything. She sees a box of tools, where she grabbed the knife to kill Connor. Nikolas asks her to tell him again what happened, so she does. She tells him in a very matter-of-fact way, but she gets more upset as she talks about it. He reassures her that she's ok. She tells him that when she sees him, she is back there in the basement. He asks her if he can take her hand, and she lets him. She is shaking as he says, "please". He puts her hand on his face and asks her to see him, her husband. Her heart and mind knows that, but her body can't. she puts her hands over her face, worried that she will never get out of the basement. He says he will help her get out. Nikolas lights a match and burns some rags in the basement to start a fire. They watch the rags burn.

Courtney visits Michael in his room (about time!). She explains that she was giving him some time alone with his parents. He wonders when they are going to tell him that his dad is in jail. She wonders how he knew, so he shows her the morning paper, which has a big headline. Michael wants to know why Sonny said he killed A.J. when he didn't do it. She thinks he is trying to help Carly, but she agrees when he says that Carly didn't do it. He is distressed that the police think Sonny did it. Later, Michael has a nightmare again about smothering A.J. He wakes up, confused.

Sam brings Jason some coffee as he sits at his desk; neither one has slept much. He asks her if she took her pregnancy test yet. She doesn't want to know yet, she tells him as she sits on his lap. She wants to imagine them having a child. They kiss, then Reese walks in. She demands that Jason talk to Sonny because she just spent all night at the PCPD and wasn't able to convince him to change his mind (about confessing to A.J.'s murder). Jason thinks it's Sonny's decision. Reese points out that the judge will be lenient on Michael if they tell the truth. Jason wonders why she cares so much about Sonny. She admits she is involved with Sonny, but she is also concerned about Michael and how this will ruin his life. Jason and Reese argue about Michael knowing the truth. Jason points out that Sonny will never trust her again if she tells the truth.

Carly brings Sonny coffee at the police station, noting that he looks awful (no, he doesn't, actually). He wants her to go back home and take care of Michael. She has an idea to get them out of this problem; Sonny looks doubtful about another "plan" of hers. He tells her adamantly to let Jason take care of this. Carly thinks Jason should get them out of the country, and then she can write letters to Ric and Mac, explaining that Michael killed A.J., so that Sonny will go free. Sonny yells, "No!" She reminds him that he can't go to prison (because of his claustrophobia). They argue. Sonny refuses to go along with her plan. Sonny doesn't want Michael to find out that he killed A.J., no matter what. They continue to argue. He feels responsible for everything that happened. She thinks that this will punish Michael more than Sonny. Her tells her again that the discussion is over. She gets upset at him and leaves, telling him to enjoy himself. Reese walks in just as she is marching out. Reese puts down a tape recorder to record Sonny's official statement about the murder. Sonny stops the recording and says he has nothing to say, thinking she is trying to move that he didn't kill A.J. She wants to find the truth, she states. He asks her not to do this; he doesn't want Michael sacrificed. They argue. He asks her to leave this alone if she cares about Michael at all. She asks, "And what if I care about you?" Sonny doesn't answer because Ric comes in. He asks if she's questioned Sonny yet because he wants to hear it. She restarts the tape recorder and begins to question Sonny. He tells them about what happened that night, lying in detail all about how he killed A.J. When Reese asks him why his DNA or prints weren't on the pillow, he claims he wore gloves. Ric says that Sonny's statement is a total crock. He accuses Sonny of lying. Sonny dares him to prove it; Rick walks out, slamming the door. Reese follows, saying she hopes Sonny knows what he's doing. Ric is angry, so he yells at Reese. He demands to know who she and Sonny are protecting.

Justus shows up to help Sonny, but Sonny doesn't want his help. Justus asks Sonny why he's doing this.

John Durant tells Mac that he wants to question Sonny. Mac shows him a fax that he just got from Washington. Carly urges Mac not to let John near Sonny, but Mac doesn't think it will be a problem. Durant visits Alexis, pounding on her door until she lets him in. He is angry because he's been assigned to a desk job in Alaska. She is sarcastically sympathetic as she notes it's cold there. He wonders how his superiors found out that he accepted a bribe to nail Sonny (shouldn't this let Sonny out??); he accuses Alexis of telling Ric. John threatens her, saying he'd better get out of it or she will pay, too. He demands Ric's job. Reese doesn't answer Ric lists the people that Sonny would go to jail to protect. He realizes that Sonny is protecting Michael. Reese warns him to leave it alone.

Alexis has a sonogram. Kristina is with her, but not Ric. The doctor asks her if she wants to wait to hear the gender of her baby. Alexis starts to tell her that she's not expecting Ric, but then he walks in. He gives Kristina a kiss. Alexis, now dressed, asks Ric whether they should find out the gender yet or not. He tells her in a cold tone to do what she wants, so she decides to wait. The OB/GYN, sensing tension, takes Kristina outside so they can chat. Ric sighs and says he shouldn't have made an issue about this. She points out that he didn't come home last night. He is surprised she expected him to. She wonders if he's upset that she picked up Kristina. He says yes, among other things....Alexis makes excuses and blames Sonny, as usual. Ric points out that Sonny had legal custody because she took Kristina to London. They argue again. She thinks they should try to work this through. He says he is not in any position to judge her, or anyone (because of his past) but says disappointedly that she's just not the person he thought she was. She tells him that if he didn't think she was the kind of person to do whatever is necessary to protect her child, then he didn't know her at all. Tears falls down her face. She asks him to come home, but he says that won't happen, at least not tonight. She tells him that Kristina misses him and asks him to do it for her and their baby. Guilt trip!

Carly tells Jason and Sam her plan. Sam points out what Sonny did, that Michael will learn the truth. Carly dismisses her objections. Jason says he will start to make the plans for them to leave town. Carly wants Jason to go with them at first. Jason says if he doesn't, he will have someone go with them. Sam smiles wryly as Carly bugs Jason about why he won't go with them. Jason makes an excuse to check on Michael. Carly asks Sam what she's missing and what's going on with Jason. Sam tells Carly that Jason has a life of his own and that Carly is not all Jason has any more. Carly reasons that Sam must be pregnant. Sam replies that she doesn't know yet. Carly guesses that Sam is afraid of knowing for sure, in case she's wrong. Carly warns Sam not to talk Jason out of going with them because they really need him, whether Sam is pregnant or not. Sam knows that Jason will want to stay with her if she is pregnant. They argue about what Jason's priorities should be. Carly just warns Sam not to hurt Jason or she will answer to her.

Jason tells Michael that he and Carly will be going on a long trip. Michael is disappointed to learn that they won't be going to the island. He asks if Sonny will be coming, too. Jason replies, "not right away" and starts to tell Michael where Sonny is. Michael shows him the newspaper, saying he already knows. Jason is upset that Michael found out. Michael knows that his dad has been in jail before and will be out. Jason tells him gently that it could be a while. Michael wants to know how long, but Jason doesn't know. Michael declares that he won't leave Sonny while he's in trouble. Jason tells Carly and Sam that Michael won't leave the country without Sonny. Carly wants to convince him, but Jason thinks it's a mistake to push him. Michael walks to the stairs and overhears Carly saying that they can't risk Michael finding out he killed A.J.

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