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By Ali (first part by Suzanne)
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Nikolas goes to the Quartermaine mansion, looking for Emily. Monica tells him that she's glad he got out and that Helena was finally caught. He thanks her and asks to see Emily, but Monica tells him apologetically that Emily doesn't want to see him.  Monica won't let him in the door.  Her tries to argue with her as Emily listens from the staircase.  Monica is sympathetic to Nikolas; he knows Emily is listening, so he yells to her that he loves her and asks her to give them a chance.  Monica closes the door and Nikolas leaves.

Ric and Alexis sit on a bench in the courthouse. He congratulates her sarcastically about Sonny confessing to A.J.'s murder but then wonder why she isn't jumping for joy since she paid for that to happen. He can't believe that she embezzled from her family's money to pay off John Durant to bribe witnesses and set this all up. She tries to say it's not what it seems, but he pressures her to admit that it was all part of her plan. Alexis claims she had no choice.  They argue about what she did as she defends her actions against Sonny.  Alexis rehashes how much danger Sonny puts Kristina in.  Ric gets very angry as he realizes that Alexis manipulated him into forcing Sonny into this situation and potentially harming Michael.  Alexis swears it would have never have gotten to the point of Michael having to testify.  Ric wonders if she would have destroyed Michael to protect Kristina.  Alexis glares at him.

Reese goes to the penthouse, looking for Jason. Sam tells her that he's not there; he took Carly home because she's upset about Sonny confessing to A.J.'s murder. Reese is shocked.  She thinks there must a better way for Sonny to protect someone he loves.  Sam still thinks Sonny is protecting Carly; she thinks it speaks to the bond between Carly and Sonny.  Sam is trying to warn Reese away from Sonny because she feels she will be hurt the way Sam was by Sonny's devotion to Carly.  Sam says, "Sonny is all about Carly".

Carly and Jason argue about Sonny's plan to protect Michael by confessing to the murder. Carly thinks Michael will be ok on the stand because he's getting better. Jason informs Carly that Michael killed A.J. Carly can't believe it.  Carly argues fiercely with Jason, but Jason tells her what he knows about what Michael did, and Monica's statement.  There is a flashback to Monica seeing Michael with the pillow.  Carly is stunned.

At the Haunted Star, Luke wonders what Skye and Lorenzo are celebrating.  Skye flirts with Lorenzo and toasts Lorenzo for his heroism in getting Helena.  Luke and Lorenzo both agree that Luke is the hero for his part in it.  Skye says she's angry at Luke for not calling her to let her know that he was ok and that it was all over.  Luke gets a drink and makes his own toast to himself for netting Helena.  Skye gives Luke a hard time for his selfish behavior.  Lorenzo thinks he should leave them to their squabbles, but she insists that he stay.

At GH, Courtney gets off the elevator to find a surly Alan in his wheelchair.  He asks her if she's heard the news about her brother.  She hasn't, so he tells her that Sonny confessed to A.J.'s murder.  Courtney scoffs that he didn't murder A.J. and probably is just protecting Carly.  Alan doesn't care which of them did it, as long as one of them rots in jail.  Courtney calls A.J. is an evil pig and lists his faults.  A.J. counters by calling her a gold-digger.  They are shouting at each other when Jax shows up and puts a stop to it.

EMILY'S BEDROOM AT THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Emily finds Nikolas in her room (he climbed through the window).  Nikolas wants Emily to give him an honest answer -- does she still love him?

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye is angry with Luke; she tells him how worried she was about him.  She is giving up on him and says she is sorry for ever caring about him.  Skye tells him that they are through forever, then she goes back to her table with Lorenzo.

THE HOSPITAL: Alan defends AJ to Courtney and Jax. He blames Courtney for mistreating AJ during their time together. Alan leaves; Courtney and Jax argue over who really killed A.J. They are interrupted when Elizabeth comes rushing into the hospital with Cameron -- he has a high fever and she is worried.

THE COURTHOUSE: Ric and Alexis still argue over what she did.  He tells her that he thinks she will use anything she needs to get what she wants, including using a traumatized nine-year-old. 

GREYSTONE: Reese arrives and starts arguing with Jason about Sonny's arrest.  Reese thinks Michael should be told the truth for his own good.

MICHAEL'S BEDROOM: Michael wakes up from a nightmare with Carly by his side. She reassures him. Michael asks if Sonny can come up and sit with them, too.

EMILY'S BEDROOM AT THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Emily says she still loves Nikolas, but she can't stand the thought of being touched by anyone -- especially him, since he looks so much like Connor. Nikolas thinks they can get past this if they work together, but Emily denies that it is possible. She thinks she's been hurting him and that he deserves more. Nik says that she is the only woman that he'll ever love -- he is happy being her husband, and if he has to wait forever for her, then he will do it.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Lucky has arrived -- he tells Luke that Nikolas has been released from prison. Luke is drinking and just shrugs the whole thing off. Lucky tells him he did the right thing. Luke starts to pour him a drink when Lucky notices Skye laughing at Lorenzo's table. Lucky

Meanwhile, Lorenzo quietly tells Skye that it's too bad they are just doing this for show. Skye wonders what would happen if Carly saw them together. Lorenzo thinks that Carly will never love him on the terms that he wants. They discuss whether or not Skye is at a disadvantage competing with Laura. Lorenzo offers to give her a lift home. Skye agrees and they leave together. Luke watches them.

THE COURTHOUSE: Alexis tells Ric that they are both flawed and she can work with that -- she won't give up on him, she wants him to stay with her. She says that's why she came back from London. She even says she doesn't want to live without him -- she wants them all to be a family together. Ric tells her that he loves her, but that she lies so skillfully he can't even tell when she's telling the truth. He thinks there's always going to be another lie coming, because nothing is more important to her than winning -- not him, not Kristina and not their baby. He notes Alexis just wants to beat Sonny. They argue about Sonny and Sonny's place in Kristina's life. Ric thinks Sonny has a right to see Kristina but Alexis doesn't. Ric points out that they are flawed and so is Sonny. He wants to know how long it will be before Alexis decides that he isn't safe enough for their kids. With that, Ric walks off, leaving Alexis standing alone.

GREYSTONE: Reese is arguing with Jason in favor of Michael testifying in court -- she doesn't think he would be found guilty. But suddenly Carly comes into the room and announces that there's no way Michael will be testifying.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke is not taking Lorenzo and Skye seriously. He isn't going to go after Skye because she thinks he's too dark and dangerous. Lucky notes that Luke and Skye made a connection -- they might even love each other. Will Luke really let that go? Luke doesn't think his feelings make a difference. Just then, Nikolas shows up. Luke wants to know why Nikolas isn't with Emily and Nik snaps that Emily isn't feeling very bridelike since Luke locked her in a hellhole with a sociopath.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Jax are sitting down and talking about Cameron -- Jax is trying to calm her nerves about Cam's fever. Courtney comes back from getting coffee and smiles hearing Jax talk about a family story.

GREYSTONE: Reese thinks that Michael needs to see a specialist to clear up his memory about what happened the night AJ was murdered. Carly disagrees. Jason doesn't think Michael will get better if people believe he's a murderer, but Reese thinks Michael needs Sonny out of prison more. Reese urges Carly to just think abouit it. Then she leaves. Jason tells Carly that Reese made a few good points. Carly doesn't want Michael to tell anyone the truth, but at the same time she doesn't think it would be good for Michael for Sonny to be in prison for murder. Jason promises Carly he will not let that happen.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Nikolas blames Luke for what happened to Emily. Lucky defends Luke. Luke (who doesn't know that Emily was raped) thinks maybe Emily is just nervous around Nikolas now since he's an ex-con. Nikolas snaps and grabs Luke and throws him up against the bar.

THE HOSPITAL: After Elizabeth has left, Courtney turns to Jax and gushes over how kind and patient he was calming Liz's fear. She can't wait to marry him. They hug.

GREYSTONE: Alexis has stopped by to get Kristina, since Sonny is now in jail and can't care for Kristina from a cell. Carly is angry -- she knows that Alexis is the one who got Michael called to testify...and now she realizes that it was a ploy to pressure Sonny into making the false confession. Alexis says that Carly could free Sonny by going to the PCPD and admitting she killed AJ.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes back to the penthouse and tells Sam that Sonny confessed because Michael killed AJ. Sam is shocked. Jason tells her the whole story. Sam realizes that their dinner was jason's way of saying goodbye because Jason was the one who planned to go confess -- but Sonny beat him to it. Sam cannot believe that the whole time during their romantic evening, Jason was keeping such a huge secret -- she says it's ironic, because she has been keeping one of her own.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Lucky gets between Nikolas and Luke and Nikolas yells at Luke that Emily was raped. Emily shows up and stops Nik's tirade. She admits to Nikolas that she wants him and their marriage. She says that after all they have been through, she is not about to lose him now.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese has arrived in Mac's office. She needs to speak to him.

GREYSTONE: Alexis is getting Kristina ready to go -- Michael is downstairs with Carly to say goodbye. After Alexis and Kristina leave, Michael wants to know why she had to go away. Carly just says that things are complicated right now...but she says that tomorrow she will straighten it all out.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason wants to know if Sam is okay -- she says that she is. Jason says he just didn't want to hurt her, and that's why he didn't tell her about his plan to confess. Sam is starting to cry. She's so happy that Jason didn't confess and go into lockup because he wouldn't have known what he was leaving behind. She informs him that she thinks she is pregnant.

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