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Luke is packing all of Helena’s money in a suitcase while the cops are ready to take her away. Mac is on the phone. Lucky is there with Emily. Helena tells Emily that she may think she is free but what she has done to Helena’s grandson will keep her locked up in prison for the rest of her life. Mac takes her away. And Luke reveals that he still does not trust the cops to bring Helena to justice. Lucky comforts Emily and tells her everything will be ok.

After hearing Lorenzo’s offer to run away together, Carly tells him although she does not mind being a fugitive, she cannot do that to her boys. She says it’s not unlike what AJ did to Michael. He asks her what kind of a life Michael will have if he sees his mother go to prison. He asks her why she will not at least do this for her sons. When she does not answer, he concludes that this is not so much about her boys but about Sonny. She says she cannot take them away from their father. She tells Lorenzo she will always be grateful to him and believes he in an amazing man but she must take her chances in Port Charles.

Sonny tells Jason that kids learn from examples. And he taught his to kill. Jason tells Sonny that he has his own responsibility in this also. Sonny tells Jason that from what Michael has seen them both do throughout his life, they might have just as well put the weapon in his hands. He tells Jason that kids don’t miss a beat. They hear things. They see things. They understand. He also asks how they can blame Michael. He did what they were ready to do. He just beat them to it. Jason tells Sonny that they cannot change who they are. Sonny tells Jason that sometimes you do not see it coming. Sometimes you do not realize how much has changed your life until later. Sometimes it’s years. But it’s that right then that defines everything from that moment on. He says the day his stepfather got killed, he admitted that since he beat Sonny’s mother, he wanted him dead. He tells Jason that the justice that was given to him when his stepfather died was his moment; his point of no return. Jason tells Sonny that when he and AJ ran into a tree in car, that was the point of no return for him. Jason asks what it will be like if Michael has to take the stand and then realizes what he did to AJ. Sonny tells Jason that Michael is just a little boy and should not have to deal with this. They agree that they must find a way to protect Michael.

At the station, after Helena is booked, Luke tells Mac that he may feel free to smack Helena around because she likes it rough. Helena tells Luke that he may believe that Laura has his heart, but she controls his soul. They get her out and Mac warns Luke that if any danger comes to Helena, he might be in trouble. Luke seems not to care. Ric Lansing appears and asks Luke what he knows about this whole situation. Luke says it does not matter as long as Helena is put away.

Jason returns home to Sam. He asks her if she has any plans for tonight. She asks if he has any leads on a suspect and if Michael is ok. He does not reveal to her the new startling discovery but informs her that Michael is opening up, that there was nothing he could do so he came home to see her.

Lorenzo keeps telling Carly that he wants to offer her freedom and to protect her sons. But he tells her this all comes back to Sonny. She tells him that Sonny is their father. But he tells her she must open up her eyes and see that her life is crashing down before her eyes and she has Sonny to blame for that. She asks what about him. He tells her he has never been her enemy but he knows there is not enough love in the world for her to forget about Sonny and love and trust him. She tells him that Sonny is the father of her children and will always be important in her life even if they are divorced. At that point, Sonny calls her and tells her he needs her to come to the house because he wants to see her. She leaves immediately

A guard in the jail goes to announce to Nikolas that they’re going to cut him loose because the woman he’s been charged with murdering has shown up alive.

Skye is in the lounge with Lorenzo. She informs him that they found Helena and Nikolas will be going home to his wife. She can sense that he might have some issues with Carly. He informs her that there is nothing he can do for Carly or nothing she will let him do for her. She tells him that sounds familiar. You cannot save anybody who does not want to be saved.

Luke finds Alexis and informs her that her former stepmother will not be able to hurt anybody again. In the interrogation room, Ric asks Helena why, after staging her death, having Nikolas framed for murder and away from Emily, did she come back to Port Charles. She admits to him that she found out that somebody stole her money and asks him that since he is the law, why doesn’t he go after the thief. Right outside Ric notices Alexis on her cell phone. She is talking to Durant, informing him that she has his money and arranges to go and meet him right away.

Jason gives Sam a surprise. She asks him what the occasion is. It’s not anybody’s birthday, she tells him.

Carly goes to Sonny’s. She tells him she knows that smell. He must be in the kitchen making marinara sauce and asks him what is going on. He informs her that the boys are fast asleep and Leticia is gone. He tells her he thought she just needed a break. She says they all do. But he tells her he knows she’s sacrificed so much by being his wife. She clarifies that she’s his ex-wife. He asks if she’s ever regretted being with him. She tells him it’s too late for “what-ifs”. He reminds her that they have two beautiful boys together. He tells her he was thinking that she has always been there for him, through everything, no matter what. She admits that he has always had her back; both she and the boys, no matter how crazy she drives him. He admits they have been through a lot of bad times and many things were lost. He says he wants her to know that he’s so grateful to her for everything she has given him. She asks if that’s what this is all about; gratitude. He tells her no. He just thinks that since they got their son back, this night call for a celebration. She tells him she now knows why he is doing this.

Noticing that Jason has a surprise for her, Sam says she is not complaining but knows he has so much going on. He tells her he wants to make up for the times they have lost together. She tells him that is very sweet. He asks her to do him a favor, go outside and tell him what she sees. While she is gone and distracted, he pulls out a necklace. He asks her what she sees in the sky. She says she sees stars. He comes up behind her and puts the necklace around her neck. It has a star. He kisses her. She asks him if everything is ok, sensing he has something on his mind. He tells her that when he came in tonight, he saw something he could not recognize; peace, contentment and being happy to be home. She tells him she’s spent her life chasing nothing so she understands what it feels like to be content. And when she walks into a room that they can both call home, she can finally see what it is like to be happy. And she would not trade anything for being with him. And that, to her, is the real gift. He holds her in his arms.

Carly tells Sonny he has been really nice to her and she wonders why. Is this the last meal before she goes to trial? He says no. He just wants her to enjoy the good things. He asks her what she misses most about the good old days. She replies the two of them knowing what the other was thinking without saying a word. She tells him that she’s had a connection with him that she does not believe she will find anywhere else. He asks her if she wants to dance with him. She takes his hand. Music plays.

Sam holds out her hands to dance with Jason. They dance and then eat together.

Sonny and Carly have their dinner on the patio.

Sam admires the necklace Jason gave her.

The music plays that says; “Baby, it’s just you and me.”

Emily is with Lucky, ready to pick Nikolas up and get him released from Pentonville. But she stands outside, haunted by how that might make her life more complicated.

Sonny’s servant informs him the car is ready. Carly knows that is her cue to leave. She thanks her ex-husband for their good time together. Before she’s ready to leave, he calls to her and tells her he just wants her to be careful going home. She looks at him, not comprehending what he is really saying to her.

At Jason’s, Sam falls asleep on the couch and assuming she is asleep, he gets up to leave. She awakens and tells him she never figured him for the “kiss and run” kind of guy. She asks why he is leaving. He tells her it’s business. She asks him to kiss her goodbye. He goes to kiss her but asks her not to wait up for him.

Sonny goes to check on Michael. Michael is asleep. He kisses his son.

Durant informs Alexis that he has an untraceable $500 that she can deposit into the Cassadine account. She takes it. Ric is nearby, witnessing his wife taking money from Durant.

Skye is with Lorenzo looking comfortable with him. He’s drinking. She says she has no problem as long as he’s not driving. He tells her that he has a driver. He concludes that they are both helpless romantics. He asks if the two of them are enough to start a support group. She laughs and they raise their glasses together. It looks like they enjoy each other’s company. At that point, Luke enters and finds them. He notices that Skye is not losing any sleep over his well-being.

Nikolas walks out of his holding cell, sees Lucky and hugs his brother. But he notices Emily is not there.

Durant tells Alexis that she can come out of this smelling like a rose. All they got to do together is get Sonny nailed and he will be out of both of their daughter’s lives. He says he suggests she just sits back and enjoys the ride. She departs and sees Ric. He informs her that they found Helena and he was very surprised she’d be so sloppy. Alexis sounds surprised. He tells her that the very same amount of money that Helena went after is the very same amount that somebody offered Durant to go after Sonny. And he tells her he knows of one common denominator; herself. He tells her he knows that she is the mysterious person who is working with Durant to bring Sonny down.

Both Sam and Carly are trying and failing find to Jason. Carly informs Sam of Sonny’s very odd behavior of romancing her the previous night. Hearing that, Sam reveals that Jason did the very same thing earlier with her. And they both conclude that their men were saying good-bye to them.

Sonny and Jason go to talk to Mac and tell him he must call off his dogs and call off the investigation against Carly. Sonny informs Mac that she did not murder AJ. He tells Mac that he did.

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