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Ric tells Alexis that it’s now his job to prosecute his former sister in law whom he once held hostage. He tells her it’s too personal and he’s too close to the situation. She, then, remembers Durant telling her that she has to make sure that Ric prosecutes Carly. Alexis approaches her husband and tells him he must do his job.

Reese tells Sonny of her startling discovery that she believes that Michael killed AJ. She says he looked to her like he was traumatized not by what he saw but by what he did. Sonny tells her there’s no way Michael could have done that.

Monica tells Jason that she remembers going to see AJ right before he died, hoping to find the boy who was once her son. But in being there, she saw who killed AJ and she wanted so much to avoid it. Jason urges his mother to tell him who it was. She says it was Michael.

Carly is talking to her son and getting him to talk to her and make contact for the first time since he’s been home. He says he’s sorry. She tells him there is no need to apologize because he’s done nothing wrong.

Emily is in the room where Helena is holding her captive and discovers a knife on the floor. A man enters. She asks him for some water. He says nothing. She tells him she’s really thirsty. She says she will get it herself and stands up. He instructs her not to move. But when his back is turned she grabs the knife. He gives her the water and does not see the knife.

Skye tells Luke and Mac that they made a big mistake by giving Helena the suitcase with the money. Mac tells her they had no choice. She protests that Emily’s life is in danger. But Luke informs her that he has installed a tracking device in the suitcase that will enable to catch Helena.

Reese tells Sonny that she has many theories about how Michael felt it was his responsibility to save his little brother and sister and probably misunderstood what he heard his mother saying about how AJ needed to be stopped. And she says that he was compelled to end AJ’s life. Sonny says he knows his son is not a killer. She says she knows Michael would never kill to save himself, but he might in order to save Morgan and Christina.

Monica tells Jason that she does not know why she went to AJ’s room. She says she kind of blocked out of her mind what she saw. She noticed Michael but then got distracted by a medical attendant. She tells him she was not thinking. But she believes that when she went off, AJ may have already been gone. She breaks down crying, telling her son that she is a doctor and could not save her own son. She admits that if AJ lived he’d have probably gone to prison for the rest of his life. But since Michael has so much ahead of him, she could not let him get blamed for that. She says she remembered going to Michael’s room, seeing him sleeping and noticing that he looked so peaceful. And she prayed that he would wake up and not remember killing AJ. Jason tells her he does not believe that Michael remembers. She says she knows in her heart that AJ would not want Michael’s life to be ruined for this. That’s why she’s blocked it out. And she knows now that Carly is being charged with murdering AJ and Michael will be subpoenaed. Jason tells her that they will make sure that Michael does not have to testify against his mother.

Carly explains to Michael, while tucking him in his bed, that she walked into AJ’s room, seriously considered killing AJ, but discovered that somebody else had already been there and beaten her to it. And she asks her son if he believes her. Michael tells his mom he believes her and asks if she is mad at him. She tells him absolutely not. AJ lied to him and he was scared and confused but she would never be mad at him because he did nothing wrong. He tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him so much and promises he will get through this. He says he wants to see Morgan and Christina. She tells him he will and tomorrow they can go to his tree house and turn it into a clubhouse for him and Morgan and Christina. Jason enters. She tells him about the tree house, tells them she will go down to talk to Sonny to tell him Michael is better and she informs Jason that her son belives she did not kill AJ.

Ric tells Alexis that he cannot put his own nephew on the witness stand and terrorize him. But she tells him that if he does not, then some ambitious prosecutor could do it and damage him. She tells Ric that there are ways that he can get an honest testimony from Michael without hurting him. He tells her there’s no way he can do both of those things and that is why it’s called conflict of interest. But she urges him to see that it’s his job to do this in a safe way. He admits to her that she is right.

Reese tells Sonny that it’s odd that when Michael is home and with all the people that love him, he is still completely shut down. She says he must be terrorized about what he’s done. Sonny admits that his son might very well have had a need to protect his little brother and sister. At that moment, Carly comes down to announce that there is a breakthrough. Michael is talking and opening up.

Luke gets on his computerized device in order to attempt to find Helena. But just then he notices he’s lost the signal. Skye, Mac and Lucky are there and very panicked that Luke’s plan has failed. Lucky admits that there is now no way to protect Emily.

Helena returns to Emily and asks her “helper” if Emily has given him any trouble. He says no and leaves. Helena tells Emily that she wanted to have the pleasure of killing her herself to take a weak pathetic creature out of her grandson’s life. But at that point, Emily grabs the knife and physically restrains Helena and asks her who the pathetic creature is.

Justus Ward contacts Dr. Winters and urges her to write a letter to the court about how Michael Corinthos cannot be forced to testify because it will traumatize him. She says she’d like to do that, but she expresses she might have an attitude about Sonny Corinthos getting his way. Justus asks her to forget that the boy’s last name is Corinthos. She says she might not be able to prevent the inevitable. Alexis appears and hears their conversation.

Jason tells Michael that he found the letter that he wrote him and he can now answer his questions. His mom and dad never decided to abandon him. Michael concludes that AJ is a big fat liar. Jason confirms that that is true, that he is so sorry that AJ lied and tricked him. But it’s all over and Michael will never have to deal with AJ again.

Carly tells Reese that she knows she’s trying to help. But she believes that all Michael really needs is his mother. She tells Reese and Sonny that she was able to talk to her son and convince him that she did not kill AJ. Sonny asks if Michael has any idea who did. She says no. At that moment, Justus calls and asks Carly to talk about her case. Reese urges Carly not to mess anything up. Sonny tells Reese that the fact that Michael is now much better and no longer traumatized proves that her theory is incorrect; he did not kill AJ. Jason comes down and Sonny informs him about Reese’s mistaken belief that Michael killed AJ and asks Jason to tell Reese that he knows that it did not happen. But Jason informs them both that Monica went into AJ’s room and saw Michael kill him. He says that Monica has been covering for Michael ever since it happened. Hearing that, Sonny says he should have killed AJ himself way back when Michael was a baby, when he had a chance. Reese tells them they need to be calm. Sonny angrily tells her he does not want his little boy to have to testify. But she tells him that Michael can talk to a judge privately in a way that will not make him terribly uncomfortable and be acquitted because of a state of diminished capacity. Jason tells her that Michael does not remember killing AJ. She encourages Sonny to realize that there are easy ways to have murder charges end. Sonny goes up to see his son. Reese tells Jason that Michael’s healing will be a slow and difficult process but they must not give up.

Justus tells Carly that there is too much evidence against her and Dr. Winters does not want to urge the judge not to let Michael testify. She asks him why he’s so negative. He tells her it’s because things are not in their favor and he urges her to take the plea bargain. Lorenzo enters and tells Justus that Carly needs time to make a decision. She goes off with Lorenzo and tells Justus she will get back to him.

While Emily holds the knife on Helena, Helena asks her where her courage was when she was down in that basement with Connor. She tells Emily she must have wanted it. Emily is fighting her breaking point, relives the rape for a second, but then hears Nikolas encouraging her never to give up on them. Helena taunts her about how Nikolas will never want her again after knowing that her body belongs to another man.

Justus tells Ric that he’s going to put Alexis on the witness stand and make her look a lot more suspicious than Carly. He tells Ric that he can make the judge and jury believe that he is falsely accusing Carly of murder in order to protect his own wife.

Durant tells Alexis that Michael is his grandson and he will never do anything to hurt him. But once Sonny goes to prison he will be out of both Durant’s and Alexis’s daughters lives. He asks her if that is still what she wants. She replies that it is.

Sonny goes to talk to Michael. Michael is now talking and making contact with his dad. Sonny asks his son if he knows what the saddest day of his life is. He tells Michael it was the day he thought he lost him. And the best day of his life was when he found him and knew he was alive. He tells his son that AJ messed up his head but he will never be able to hurt him again. Michael tells his father that he knows his mother did not kill AJ and admits he was confused about it. He asks his father if they should call the cops. Sonny says not to worry about that now. But Michael asks his dad if his mom did not kill AJ, then who did?

Reese asks Jason what it will mean if Carly is falsely convicted. He tells her there are ways around that and if Michael gets charged with murder, he will be a public spectacle, harassed and intimidated behind his back and traumatized for life. And he won’t let that happen.

Alexis tells Durant that she is not going to go after Sonny if it’s at Michael’s suspense. And she is done.

Ric tells Justus that he heard Michael admit that he saw his mother kill AJ so he must do his job. Justus tells Ric that he can find a psychiatrist who will convince the judge that Michael cannot testify against his mother. Ric tells Justus that if he really wants to help his client, he needs to produce a case against another suspect.

Carly goes to Lorenzo’s. He tells her he has a plan to save her. He pulls some papers out of his desk and tells her he can manufacture new identities for her and for Michael and they can leave the country with him.

While Emily holds the knife on Helena, Luke and Mac appear. Emily remembers Nikolas encouraging her not to be afraid. And she tells them they must arrest this bitch and take her to prison.

Reese tells Sonny that Michael’s life has been ripped out from under him and he does not know what he did except that he protected his little brother and sister. He tells her that his son will be scarred for life if he has to admit that he killed his biological father. She tells him she knows Michael will need therapy. But he will get past it and in the long run, he will thank them. Sonny asks Reese to go up and see his son, look at that sweet little boy and ask herself if she wants to hurt him any more. He tells her that Michael has already forgotten what happened and they must leave it that way. She goes up and Jason tells Sonny she is the least of their problems right now.

Reese goes to talk to Michael. She notices he has baseball cards and talks about the World Series. He tells her he’s glad all the bad stuff is over. She tells him she is also. But she does not know how to tell him what she wants to tell him.

Durant tells Alexis that she will have to help him with their plan. He tells her that they will both get what they want.

Justus asks Ric how he’s managed to stay out of prison after the things he’s done. Ric tells Justus that regardless of what he thinks of him, he is the DA. Like it or not, he has a case against Carly. He did not manufacture that and did not choose for it to happen.

Lorenzo tells Carly that whatever deal she makes with the DA will cause her to go to jail. He tells her that if she goes with him to his romantic getaways she will escape all of that. She tells him she cannot take Michael and Morgan away from their father. But he tells her she will have a new life with her children. He tells her he loves her and wants to run away with her. They kiss.

Sonny tells Jason that they cannot tell Carly that Michael killed AJ because if she knows that, she will testify to doing it herself in order to protect him. But Jason reminds Sonny that Carly cannot go to prison for a murder she did not commit and they agree there must be another way.

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