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Ric goes to Sonny’s and tells his brother that he hates to do this but he has no choice as the DA. He tells Sonny, Carly, Reese, Jason and Sam that it’s a subpoena for Michael to testify that he saw Carly kill AJ. Reese goes upstairs to talk to Michael. And Sonny and Carly tell Ric they will not let him do that to their son. Carly tells him he is sick and she will not let that bitch he calls a wife get Christina back by torturing her son. Upstairs Reese goes to find Michael. There is a thunderstorm. He’s standing by the window.

After Nikolas has given the guards the appearance that he’s hurt Emily, they put him in handcuffs and manhandle him.

Helena has found the people she wants to kill in the hospital and takes Emily hostage on the elevator. Luke, Skye, Tracy, Lucky and Elizabeth are witnessing. Elizabeth is ready to call security. But Luke tells her it won’t do any good. Helena has been moving in and out of this hospital for longer than she and her friends have been alive. But Skye protests that they cannot just stand there and do nothing. He tells them the only way to save Emily is to give Helena just what she wants and that is just what they are going to do.

Durant sits outside the courtroom. Alexis enters and he asks her what has happened. She tells him that Ric has just served Michael with a subpoena. But she tells him that Michael will not testify against his own mother. She assures him that very possibly Sonny will confess, and they will both get what they want. He asks her if Ric will go after his own brother. She tells him that Ric is a professional and very good at his job. But he reminds her that it’s entirely possible that Ric will remove himself from the case because he does not want to subpoena Michael. And he tells her they cannot let that happen.

Back at Sonny’s, knowing that Alexis enabled Ric to subpoena Michael, Carly tells Ric that Alexis is a sick person who lost Christina for the simple fact that she kidnapped her and took her out of the country, illegally, just to keep her away from Sonny. She tells him that of course Alexis will never admit to having any faults. She’s too arrogant. She must blame somebody so she blames Sonny or whomever. She tells him that somebody has to pay so now Ric wants it to be Michael. Jason interrupts her and tells her that’s enough. She tells Ric he wants to drag a nine year old into court to incriminate his own mother just so that Ric can get back at Sonny. She tells Ric that he and his sanctimonious wife can go to hell because she will never let them hurt her son just like she would never let AJ hurt her son. At that moment, Jason grabs her arm and moves her away from Ric. He pulls her out the door. Alone with Sonny and Sam, Ric tells them that Carly’s temper is not going to help her in court. Hearing that, Sam asks him if that’s what he’s hoping? Is he trying to target Michael in some sort of power play, just because Alexis lost Christina? Ric tells her no. She says she hopes so because Michael and Christina are brother and sister and the adults in their lives should not be using them against each other. Sonny tells Sam he needs to speak to his brother for a second. She leaves them alone. Hearing that Sonny called him his brother, Ric tells Sonny that when he refers to him that way, it usually means he wants something. Sonny secretly tells Ric that he knows he wanted to help when Michael was missing. So he needs to ask for Ric’s help again. He asks Ric to tear up the subpoena and not put his son through any more pain.

Upstairs, Michael is looking out the window. Reese asks him if he’s had a bad dream. He tells her that he heard his mother say that AJ had to be stopped. He also heard someone say that Morgan and Christina were kidnapped because of him. He tells her that he’s their older brother and should have protected them but he didn’t. Again, he tells her he heard his mom saying that AJ had to be stopped. She then asks him to come here and she hugs him.

Outside the courtroom, Alexis tells Durant that Ric will do his job; he will do what is necessary. He will prosecute Carly to the fullest extent of the law. He tells her Ric had better do so. Because if the case is handed over to some ambitious prosecutor who manages to get Carly convicted, he will do anything he can to protect his family. He tells her he won’t hesitate to give full disclosure of their little relationship right there. He tells her she could be charged with obstruction of justice and very possibly disbarred. She tells him that she does not like being in collusion with him. The thought of having Michael testify against his own mother makes her ill and the only reason she’s going through with this is because she knows it will not happen and that Sonny will step up and confess to AJ’s murder. She tells him she knows Sonny would do anything to protect his son. And she understands that very well. She is in the same situation, ready to do anything to ensure her daughter’s safety. She tells him in order to do that, she would make a deal with the devil himself.

Outside Sonny’s gate, Jason approaches Carly, telling her this has to stop and she cannot go attacking people left and right. He reminds her she almost came right out and told Ric that she murdered AJ. He tells her the reason why he was against letting Lorenzo Alcazar post bail in the first place is that it would make Ric look bad, cause him to get angry and go after the one thing that he knows he could hurt her with which is Michael. He tells her she should just let Sonny handle things. She asks if she’s supposed to just sit by and let Ric and Alexis ruin everything for her and rely on Sonny as soon as he can pull himself away from his bed partner, Reese. He tells her that even if she is angry with Sonny, she must just listen to him. He asks her what has happened, remembering she used to trust him with her life. He asks her if she can do that again. She says only if he can trust her.

Reese asks Michael, again, what he saw when he noticed his mom in AJ’s room, near his bed. He tells her he saw her with the pillow in her hand. At that point, she tells him he need not tell her any more. She puts him to bed and tells him he may sit up and read or color or just think about the good stuff, like being home and having people who love him. She tells him she is his friend and she is there to help him.

Sonny tells Ric that his son has been lied to by AJ. And by now, Michael does not know the truth anymore. Sonny asks Ric if he is using Michael as a bargaining chip because of Christina. Ric says that is not his intent, regardless of the fact that he wants Christina with Alexis. He tells Sonny he can plea bargain with Carly to a lesser charge and establish that she was under duress. He tells him he does not want to go through with having Michael testify that his mother murdered his biological father.

In his jail cell, Nikolas explains to the warden that he just acted on an impulse after finding out that something tragic happened to his wife and she suddenly left. But the warden tells him he will not get any privileges or excuses for his behaviors. He is a convicted murderer and he will be under tighter security after what he’s done.

Helena blindfolds Emily and takes her to a room somewhere. She tells Emily she knows about her “tryst” with Connor Bishop and asks if her grandson knows that Emily has been unfaithful to him.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy reminds Luke that Helena will kill her if she does not get her money back and it could take days for the funds to be transferred. She asks him if they have days. He admits to her that they may not have more than an hour. She tells him that her reality is that for some peculiar reason, she still needs her family. She says she realizes they are card-carrying lunatics. But they are her card-carrying lunatics. She says she realizes that if she has any part of Alan’s and Monica’s daughter getting killed, she will never be welcome on their doorsteps again and does not particularly want Emily killed although she finds Emily annoying. She asks Luke if he has a plan. He tells her he does. She asks whom Luke knows who might have a million dollars in cash. At that moment, Skye enters with Lorenzo and says that he has the money to give them. Luke asks if the cops will get them for taking his money. Lorenzo admits that he is not about to trust the people who let Faith out of prison.

Carly tells Jason that she can get through to Michael if he will just give her a chance. She asks him if he has any idea how it tears her heart apart when she hears Michael screaming for her to go away. She tells him the only thing for her to do is keep coming back and keep trying. She reminds Jason that he fought for her to realize she could be a good mother. And she needs him to fight for her now.

Sonny asks Ric if he really wants to put his son through this pain in testifying. He tells his brother that he knows he judges him for how he earns a living and asks Ric what he sees when he looks in the mirror. Hearing that, Ric tells Sonny that he made him an offer that he refused and whatever happens to Michael now will be on Sonny’s hands.

Reese tells Carly she needs to back off from her son. Carly tells Reese she must stop telling her what to do with her son. She is not a psychiatrist. And she tells Sonny that she knows that Reese went to a shrink who went to the cops in order to get her charged with murder and keep her away from her son and take her husband from her.

Hearing Lorenzo’s conditions for getting the money, Luke tells him he does not take ultimatums from him and does not need his money. He tells him he’s already made a few calls. Hearing that, Tracy speaks up telling Luke that she proposes that they accept Mr. Alcazar’s generous offer and pay him back with the money Luke is expecting. Skye says she agrees. Skye tells Luke she doesn’t want Emily to be in that witch’s clutches one moment longer. She’s worried about what might happen to Emily with what she’s going through. Hearing that, Lorenzo promises to get the money right away. Skye looks at Lorenzo, appearing almost like she has romantic feelings for him, thanking him. Luke tells her she doesn’t need to come on to another guy in order to get his attention. Tracy asks if they are having an affair. At that moment, Helena calls Luke. Emily tells her that no matter how much money she has, she is the biggest loser. Nobody likes her. Helena tells Emily that she’s worried about how her grandson was dragged down to Emily’s state of weakness and mediocrity. And she will make Emily pay for it. But Emily tells Helena that Nikolas will soon be out of prison. The cops will know that he is innocent and that Helena staged her own death. She tells Helena she may shoot her right now. Helena does not do that.

Carly insists that she goes up and sees Michael although Reese tells her Michael is not ready for this. Sonny asks Reese what she is so afraid of.

Sam goes to the hospital to find Monica. She asks her if there is a doctor who could testify that Michael is unfit to testify against Carly. She tells Monica they must do something to prevent that from happening. Monica tells Sam she agrees that they must.

Carly goes to see Michael and tells him she will read to him. He looks at her. She hugs her son. He does not pull away from her. She tells him she knows he’s scared and there’s so much he does not understand. But she loves him so much and he must understand that. She tells him she will never give up on him just like she never gave up on him when everybody said he was dead. She tells him she will always find him no matter where he is or how lost he is because she is his mom. And her love for him will never end. She holds her son.

Downstairs, Sonny suggests that Carly might be getting through to Michael. Reese says she’s afraid of the possibility that it might be doing Michael more damage and cause him to withdraw more. She keeps telling them that Michael might need a psychiatrist. At that moment, Jason gets a call from Monica asking him to come to the hospital immediately. Sonny secretly asks Jason if Monica will confess to killing AJ and if he would turn his mother in. Jason replies that he will not let Carly take the fall for anything she did not do, no matter who goes down. Sonny asks Reese if they are just grasping at straws and if there’s a chance that they will find the real killer. She tells him she believes she already has.

Helena comes to see Luke after their phone call and holds a gun on him. He tells her she may put it down because he has the money. At that moment, Mac Scorpio enters and is ready to take her into custody. She asks Luke’s friends to come out, knowing that Lucky and Skye are behind this. She tells Mac that unless she is able to take her briefcase with the money and go, then a specialist in things like this will cut Emily’s throat. She asks Mac what is more important to him; arresting her or Emily’s life? Mac replies Helena may take the money and if Emily is not back soon, there will be no place where Helena can hide. Luke responds by saying the fish is baited and hooked.

While Emily is in captivity, she is reliving the rape.

In prison, Nikolas tells Emily she must hold on and that nothing will ever change the way he feels.

Emily then notices a knife on the floor.

Alexis goes to find Ric and asks if he is al right. He tells her he is not ok about serving Michael’s subpoena and that Sonny and Carly accused him of using Michael for their taking Christina from her. She tells him that she knows that he would never do anything vindictive to endanger a child’s well being and that Michael’s subpoena has nothing to do with her custody issues with Sonny. He admits to his history of damage with his brother and his memories of what he did to Carly. He tells her that maybe the judge is right that he should remove himself from the case. She tells him he cannot.

Monica tells Jason that she saw who killed AJ.

Carly tucks her son in bed. For the first time he reaches out and touches her. She smiles and tells him how happy she is. She tells him everything will be al right. He hugs his mom.

Sonny asks Reese what she has investigated and found out. She tells him she did not want to say anything in front of Jason. She tells him that when she went to check on Michael, he was standing by the window staring and grabbing a pillow. She says that Michael said that he was supposed to protect Morgan and Christina from AJ but failed. And he was in AJ’s room before Carly got there. She tells him that Michael is not traumatized by what he saw but by what he did. She tells Sonny as much as she hates to say this, she believes that Michael murdered AJ.

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