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General Hospital Update Friday 5/6/05



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THE PRISON VISITING ROOM: Emily finally tells Nikolas that Connor Bishop raped her. She notes that he doesn't look surprised. He gets teary-eyed and asks her why she didn't tell him when it happened?

GREYSTONE: Jason has chased Michael to the gates of Greystone. Michael resists Jason at first but then hugs him. Michael then admits to Jason that he saw Carly kill AJ. Jason walks away with Michael. They don't realize that Alexis -- standing on the other side of the wall -- heard them.

Jason brings Michael into the house. Carly is there with Sonny, but Michael reacts badly to see her, squirming to escape Jason's arms. Jason takes Michael upstairs. Carly cries and Sonny hugs her. Reese comes in and watches them hug. Sonny tells Reese what happened with Michael and Reese goes upstairs to check on him. Carly turns to Sonny and notes that Reese has really gotten to him (Sonny).

Back outside, Ric has shown up after getting notice from the guards he has watching the place that Alexis is on the premesis. Alexis quickly tells him that she's got a witness who saw Carly kill AJ.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Out in the hallway, Bobbie stops a nurse from going into change Luke's bandages, saying that she has already done it. The nurse agrees. Skye shows up and hugs Bobbie, asking her how Luke is. Bobbie says Luke is doing all right and that there's hope for him. Bobbie and the nurse leave and Skye goes inside to see Luke. Apparently he is in the middle of one of his brilliant plans -- he was wearing a bullet-proof vest when he was shot by Helena, and he employed fake blood to make it look as if he was shot. Now he is faking the wounds in the hospital room, hoping to draw Helena out of hiding.

THE PRISON VISITING ROOM: Nikolas does not understand why Emily wouldn't come to him with this information before. Emily says that she thought he had enough to deal with. He starts to cry saying how sorry he is. They discuss everything that Emily has gone through since it happened. He assures her that he will always love her. Emily starts in on the story, explaining the events that led up to the rape (Connor and Emily's initial argument, their fight after he came onto her, her running to hide in the basement, Connor following her downstairs and then raping her). Nikolas promises her that none of this will change their love for each other. Emily disagrees, saying it changes everything.

GREYSTONE: Carly says that Sonny jumped away from her when Reese came into the room -- in a manner that made it seem like Sonny wants Reese to know he doesn't want Carly. Sonny admits he cares about Reese.

Upstairs, Reese runs into Sam. They talk about how Reese has turned into nanny for a mobster. Reese says she has to get off the case immediately. Sam thinks Reese is falling in love with Sonny.

In Michael's room, Jason sits down and tries to have a heart-to-heart with Michael about how much they all love him. He wants to know where Michael was trying to run off to. Michael just bounces his toy ball and says nothing.

Back outside on the grounds of the estate, Ric and Alexis argue over the possibility of using Michael as a witness to AJ's murder. Alexis is in favor but Ric is against.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Carly and Sonny discuss Reese's increasingly personal involvement in Sonny's life. Sonny trusts Reese because he knows she got rid of evidence against him, and she cares about Michael. Carly says if Sonny trusts Reese, she will try to accept that. Sonny notes that she never has accepted stuff like that before and Carly replies that they have their own lives...they are only parents of the same children now.

Back upstairs, Sam is trying to make Reese understand how vulnerable she is right now to Sonny. Reese insists that she needs to get off of this assignment immediately.

WYNDEMERE: Lucky storms into Wyndemere, shouting for Helena. Elizabeth follows close behind him, trying to calm him down. She insists that the Spencer-Cassadine feud needs to end immediately. But Lucky wants Helena to pay. Elizabeth continues to try to make him see reason -- he should not want revenge, he should instead be at his father's bedside. Lucky finally agrees that Elizabeth is right. They both leave. After they go, Helena steps out of a secret passage-way behind a piece of furniture. She looks intrigued.

THE PRISON VISITING ROOM: Emily apologizes to Nikolas, saying she can't even look at him anymore without seeing Connor. Nikolas thinks she just needs to heal, and that they are in this together. Emily freaks out completely and runs out of the room, while Nikolas cries and shouts for her to come back.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Skye doesn't see why Luke had to fake gunshot wounds and fake blood and the like. Luke says this plan requires a certain dramatic flair. Tracy shows up -- she is also skeptical about Luke's plan to use his fake wounds to . Elizabeth enters and informs them that she and Lucky went to Wyndemere and play-acted a bit...they hope Helena heard it. Luke tells them all to keep a look out for Helena in disguise to be roaming the hospital. He thinks she might be dressed as a nun. Skye and Elizabeth leaves. Tracy stays behind and asks him what he's going to do to protect her from Helena?

Elizabeth and Emily are out in the hospital lobby talking. Lucky -- dressed as a custodian -- comes over to them and they talk about Helena possibly showing up somewhere on the hospital grounds in a disguise. As they talk, Helena -- dressed as a nun -- sneaks into the hospital and starts walking toward one of the hallways.

THE COURTHOUSE: Ric and Alexis are at the courthouse -- still discussing Michael as a witness. Ric is summoned into the courtroom by a judge. He leaves, and John Durant (who is also at the courthouse) comes over to Alexis, who informs him about Michael having seen Carly kill AJ.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are alone in the main room of the mansion. Sonny says he wants to thank her for everything. They talk about how close she's gotten to Michael. Sonny says he wouldn't be able to do this without her, and that it means a lot to him. She thanks him. They kiss. Neither realizes that Michael is watching them from the stairwell.

THE COURTHOUSE: John is sure that Sonny will confess to AJ's murder to save Michael from having to testify in court. If Sonny goes to jail, they will both get their daughters back.

GREYSTONE: Jason and Carly are now alone in the room Sonny and Reese were just in. Jason says that Michael is in bed now. Carly tells Jason about her conversation with Sonny regarding Reese. Carly admits that it still hurts her to think of Sonny with another woman...she doesn't want Sonny to move on at all; she wants Sonny to believe no one will ever take her place. Then she says that she just needs to focus on Michael right now. She leaves the room.

THE HOSPITAL: As Helena -- dressed as a nun -- walks through the hospital, Lucky, Skye and Elizabeth notice her and start chasing her.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Tracy and Luke are back to bickering, with Tracy demanding that Luke owes her. Luke admits that he'll miss Helena when she's finally gone...he will need a new person to spare with. He asks Tracy if she wants to give him a whirl. Just then, a "doctor" backs into the room...Luke snaps at the doctor that she has the wrong room. The "doctor" turns around to face him -- it's Helena, and she's got a gun pointed at him! Helena snaps that killing him is turning into a real chore.

GREYSTONE: Jason says goodnight to Michael and Carly comes into sit at his bedside. SHe promises him that she did not kill AJ. Michael ignores Carly and turns on his side.

Downstairs, Sam takes a moment to talk to Sonny about her suspicions that Reese is falling for him. Sonny tells her it is none of her business, but that he already knew all of this anyway.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: A showdown is in progress -- Helena is holding a gun on Luke while Tracy argues with Helena that she had nothing to do with the money transfers out of the Cassadine accounts. Helena wants Tracy to get on the phone with the bank to take care of it. Luke has his hand on a gun at his hip underneath the covers, but Helena realizes it and makes him put his hands up over his head. Luke does so reluctantly. Just then, Emily comes into the room. Helena smiles at Emily and warns Luke again not to reach for his gun. Helena then grabs Emily and brings her into the room with the others. Tracy is in the middle of writing a check to Helena, who changes her mind and demands cash instead. Helena is going to take Emily with her as a hostage to keep until she gets the payment from Tracy. Helena and Emily leave and Luke quickly gets out of bed.

THE PRISON VISITING ROOM: Nikolas hits a guard and starts running out of the room and down a hallway. The guard fires a hot. Nikolas stops in his tracks.

THE HOSPITAL: Helena is walking Emily at gun-point to the elevator. Liz, Skye and Lucky are in the elevator when it opens. Helena warns them not to try anything or she'll shoot Emily. Suddenly Luke shows up, running down the hall and pointing a gun at Helena.

GREYSTONE: A storm is going on outside. Jason and Carly come downstairs, where Reese and Sonny are waiting. Reese asks if she can say goodnight to Michael, but Jason and Carly tell her that Michael's already asleep. Suddenly Ric shows up with a court-order calling Michael to testify, as they have reason to believe he saw Carly kill AJ. Carly looks shocked.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Michael's room...Michael is trying to sleep, despite a nightmare. In the dream, he hears Carly denying that she killed AJ. He sees himself walking in the hospital, opening the door to AJ's room, going inside, seeing AJ in the bed, picking up a pillow and holding it over AJ's head...and then finally smothering AJ with it. AJ, who is restrained by rope tying his arms to the bed, struggles in vain, as Michael holds the pillow. Eventually, AJ dies. Michael suddenly wakes up from his dream. He looks around his room, as lightning and thunder crash outside his window.

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