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THE PRISON VISITING ROOM: Nikolas doesn't understand why Emily wants a divorce. She begs with him not to fight her on this. Nikolas says he's not going to let her throw them away. He reaches out and grabs her and Emily has a flashback to Connor doing the same thing. She completely freaks out and starts jumping around and yelling at him to get away from her. Guards come in and restrain Nikolas while Emily runs out of the room.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Ric are arguing. Ric thinks Carly is guilty of murdering AJ and Jason says that Ric is only trying to protect Alexis from looking suspicious.

THE COURTHOUSE: John sees Alexis at the courthouse. He now knows that she is the one who has been working with a go-between to pay him to take down Sonny. He confronts her -- they are going to work together, now.

GREYSTONE: Carly accuses Reese of trying to brainwash Michael against her. She thinks Reese wants Carly to be arrested and sent to jail so Reese will be free to pursue Sonny without Sonny's ex-wife around. Reese replies that if Carly gives a damn about Michael she'll back off and give him some space. Carly slaps Reese and Sonny comes rushing into the room to break the two women up. He tells Carly that he agrees with Reese, that Carly needs to stay away from Michael.

THE PRISON VISITING ROOM: A prison guard is alone in the room with Nikolas. Nikolas promises the guard that all he did was put his hands on Emily's shoulders. The guard says that it looked instead like Nikolas was forcing himself on her. Nikolas takes this into consideration.

Outside of the room, Emily is talking to another guard -- she assures him that it was just a misunderstanding and she doesn't want Nikolas to get in trouble for her outburst. Elizabeth, standing nearby, overhears. The guard agrees that Nik won't get in trouble and leaves. Elizabeth asks Emily what happened and Emily says she didn't tell him about the rape.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is with Jax. Courtney says that she wants to bring Rachel back to the loft when Rachel can leave the hospital. Jax is not surprised, he knows why she is doing this. Courtney smiles.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Ric are still arguing, with Ric giving all of the evidence that points to Carly murdering AJ and Jason defending her and accusing Alexis instead. Ric informs Jason that he will have men tailing Carly everywhere, and all the while he will be preparing a case against Carly. Sam shows up and makes a comment about Ric going after Sonny out of spite. Ric says that even AJ deserves to have his killer brought to justice. Ric storms off after saying that he will make sure Carly pays.

THE COURTHOUSE: John realizes that Alexis has been taking money out of the Cassadine family accounts to fund her attempt to take Sonny down. Alexis and John are now forming -- as Alexis puts it -- an "unholy alliance" against Sonny. John wants Carly free of Sonny forever. Alexis notes that if John pushes to try to convict Carly -- knowing that Sonny will step up and confess to protect her -- it might backfire and John might end up sending his own daughter to jail.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is outlining the reasons why Carly should stay away from Michael. He is also upset that Lorenzo met the bail to get Carly out of jail. Carly wants Michael to just understand that AJ was already dead when she came into the room. Sonny says Michael will understand that, but not today. Carly again accuses Reese of trying to set her up to take the fall for killing AJ.

THE PRISON: Emily tells Elizabeth all about what happened in the visiting room with Nikolas -- that in her mind he turned into Connor and she freaked out on him. Emily admits that she is worried that when Nikolas gets out of jail she won't be able to deal with him -- as every time she looks at him she sees Connor's face. She is worried about trying to explain that to Nikolas. Elizabeth reassures her, saying that Emily and Nikolas will work to get past it together. But Emily says that she will never stop seeing Connor when she looks at Nikolas.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax knows that Courtney wants Rachel in the loft so she can watch Rachel's every move, hoping Rachel will implicate herself in AJ's murder. Courtney agrees with him and says she wants Carly to be free and clear. Jax doesn't think this is a good idea. He also wonders if Courtney's not still trying to protect Jason as well.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason is with Sam at the hospital, still. Sam notes that it has been chaos, one disaster after another since they first got together. She worries about him. They hug.

Alexis comes through the elevator and sees Jason and Sam. She asks them if they've seen Ric. Jason says that Ric has already left, but he still wants to talk to Alexis. He asks Alexis if she murdered AJ. Alexis says she was out of town at the time. Jason thinks that Alexis might want Sonny to take the rap for the murder so that Sonny will never be able to take Kristina away.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tries to explain to Carly that Reese is only trying to help Michael, which should help Carly in turn. Carly asks Reese how she is able to get through to Michael and Reese says she thinks it's because she doesn't put pressure on him. Carly is angry. She is anxious to get to Michael to prove to him that she did not murder AJ. Sonny agrees but then urges Carly to be careful all the same. Carly goes upstairs. Reese, alone with Sonny, thanks him for standing up for her. Reese adds that she is only here to help Michael, and that that is all that's going on her. Sonny asks her, "Is it?"

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis assures Jason that she did not murder AJ. She says she would not need to try to frame Sonny for the crime either because she is sure that in time Sonny will do something to screw up, leaving Alexis free to raise her daughter without Sonny's influence. Alexis then leaves. Sam notes that she's never seen Alexis so calm. Jason says that he thinks Alexis is telling the truth about not killing AJ; however, he still feels that Alexis has some kind of plan up her sleeve.

GREYSTONE: Reese says that when she and Sonny were interrupted that one night by Carly walking in on them and then running out of the house and tripping the alarm, she liked to think of that as her wake-up call in regard to her relationship with Sonny. Sonny says that after things calm down...once things settle, they might be able to try again. They kiss and then Sonny leaves Reese alone to think.

MICHAEL'S BEDROOM: Carly is upstairs in Michael's bedroom trying to convince him that she did not kill AJ. Michael wants her to leave him alone. Carly continues to push Michael to realize she would never do anything to hurt him, and Michael starts yelling at her to go away. He curls into a little ball near his bed. Reese and Sonny come running into the room. Reese comforts Michael while Sonny and Carly go out into the hallway. Carly is crying.

THE COURTHOUSE: Ric runs into John at the courthouse. He informs John that he is building a case against Carly. John tells him that Carly is innocent and then reminds Ric that he doesn't have an eyewitness to the crime. John flashes back to remembering seeing Carly running out of AJ's room. Ric says it doesn't matter if he doesn't have any, he's going forward with it anyway. Ric is about to leave, but then suddenly John asks him to wait.

THE PRISON: Elizabeth wants Emily to realize that she is not being fair to Nikolas -- an amazing person who loves Emily beyond all reason. She wants Emily to go into the visiting room and then to tell Nikolas that Connor raped her. But Emily is still scared. Elizabeth hopes that Emily won't regret her decision. Inside the visiting room, Nikolas is still sitting, waiting for Emily to come back. He is deep in thought.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax knows that if Sonny and Jason are caught trying to get Carly out of the country (as he thinks they will probably do if Carly's guilty) all three will go to prison. Courtney and Jax start to argue, with Courtney defending Carly and Jax thinking that Carly could very well have done murder, here. Jax says that pain builds up making people capable of could happen to anyone.

THE COURTHOUSE: John tells Ric that maybe Ric doesn't care about not having a full case against Carly, but he (John) would. Alexis is walking nearby. Ric asks John if he has figured out yet the identity of the person who has been paying him to take Sonny down. John looks at Alexis and then tells Ric no, he doesn't know the name of the person. John leaves and Alexis comes over to Ric. They discuss John and Ric's plan to try to compromise with Sonny. She wants Ric to go after Carly with everything he's got.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Carly are downstairs talking about the case when Reese comes downstairs. Reese thinks that Michael needs professional help. But Sonny, worried that a shrink would take any information Micheal gives him/her to the cops, is against it. As they continue to talk, Jason and Sam come in and inform the others that Ric is out for blood and Alexis is riding shot-gun. Jason goes onto say that he thinks Alexis is innocent when it comes to killing AJ, but that she is still definitely up to something.

THE HOSPITAL: Rachel is talking to Steven. She is ready to leave the hospital, but she isn't sure where she'll be able to go. Steven notes that if Rachel's plan had worked, he would be dead right now. Rachel admits that she doesn't have a defense for that. She turns to leave. Then Courtney shows up and offers to let Rachel stay with her. Steven leaves to get the paperwork for Rachel's leaving ready. Courtney talks to Rachel, outlining her reasons for inviting Rachel to stay at the loft.

GREYSTONE: Sam goes to try to find Michael's toy-ball. This leaves Reese and Carly alone in the room again. Reese and Carly talk about Michael...they bond over wanting to help Michael, and over Reese having lost a son of her own. Carly reiterates that it kills her that Michael believes she murdered AJ. She asks Reese not to give up on Michael and Reese promises that she won't.

Meanwhile, in another room of the mansion, Jason and Sonny discuss the case against Carly and other possibly suspects. Sonny thinks Monica could have killed AJ and asks Jason if Jason would have a problem turning his own mother in for the crime, if Monica did indeed do it. Jason looks hesitant.

MICHAEL'S BEDROOM: Sam comes into Michael's room looking for him, but he has vanished. Also, his pillow has been torn to shreds.

THE PRISON VISITING ROOM: Emily comes back into the room. Nikolas has been handcuffed to the table. Emily asks the guard to untie Nikolas, but the guard says it's the warden's orders. The guard leaves to give them some privacy. Nikolas wants Emily to talk to him. She sits down and explains her situation -- she hasn't been able to sleep lately, for example. Nikolas is sorry he hasn't been able to be there for her. Nikolas wants to know what has changed so much that she wants to throw away their marriage. He wants her to tell him what changed. Emily agrees, saying that he is right and something did happen. Nikolas assures her that he loves her and nothing will change that. Emily says again that she can' hurts too much. She gets up to leave, but Nikolas asks her to wait and she does. Does she still love him? Emily replies that she does with all her heart. Nikolas says that they can get through it. He begs her to let him help her. Emily agrees and goes to sit back down. Then she says that Connor raped her.

THE HOSPITAL: Rachel says she really wants to believe Courtney -- that they could go back in time and just be friends. But she knows Courtney hates her with good reason. She knows what this is all about. She knows Courtney wants to implicate her in AJ's murder, to save Carly. She knows accepting the offer to live in the loft would be the first step she took in sending her to prison. Then Rachel leaves.

GREYSTONE: Jason has chased Michael outside of the house and around the estate. (Alexis is standing nearby, on the other side of the wall.) Jason and Michael hug and Michael admits to him that he saw Carly kill AJ. Alexis hears all of this.

Back inside the house, Sonny and Carly and Sam and Reese wait while Jason brings Michael back inside. When Michael sees Carly he freaks out and Jason has to practically drag him upstairs. Carly cries and hugs Sonny, which Reese watches.

Back outside, Alexis is waiting for Ric to show up. When he does, she informs him that she has found a witness who saw Carly kill AJ.

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