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While awaiting Emily’s visit, Nikolas tells his prison guard that since his wife is visiting him today he’d like a razor to get rid of his beard and look like the man she married. Th guard says he will see what he can do.

Meanwhile, Emily is at the hospital, burying herself in work. Elizabeth approaches her and remarks that she is stalling when she is supposed to visit Nikolas.

Ric goes to court and sees Alexis. She tells him that the new judge has denied her custodial rights and his brother has won and has sole custody.

At Sonny’s, Sam brings Christina inside after having fun with her outside and talks to Jason. He tells her that maybe when Michael is feeling better, he can join his little sister outside.

Upstairs, Reese is with Michael and asks him how he can figure out a game that he’s doing. At that moment, she gets a call from Durant. She tells him she is busy with something important. He tells her it is not a request. She either gets there right away or he will call her superiors and get her charged with being an accomplice.

Carly is still at the station but is allowed to see Lorenzo. She asks the guard to let her talk to him alone. She tells him he needs to get her out of there today. She does not care what he does as long as he gets her out so she can see her son.

Emily tells Elizabeth that this will be the first time she sees Nikolas in weeks and she admits she is dreading it. Elizabeth tells Emily she is making the right decision to tell him about the rape. But Emily tells Elizabeth that it’s not just a rape. It’s Connor Bishop; a man whom Nikolas warned her about and who looks just like Nikolas. And because Connor is dead, Nikolas cannot save her from Connor and would have to feel helpless and hopeless about what happened when he is incarcerated. But Elizabeth encourages Emily to see that the main thing she needs to focus upon is the love she has with Nikolas. That’s all that matters and that is what is going to save her.

Meanwhile, Nikolas is shaving in his cell. His beard is gone.

Ric tells Alexis that Sonny will not have Christina forever. He tells her that he has an understanding with his brother where if he frees Carly from the murder charges, then Sonny will let Alexis have her custodial rights with Christina. But Alexis tells him she cannot let him do that.

Sam reports to Jason that she believes that the three children are bonding pretty well. But she admits that she knows that Christina is missing her mother. He informs her that it is only temporary. He asks him how he can be sure. He informs her that Sonny and Ric have a deal where Ric frees Carly and Sonny will let Alexis have custody of Christina. Sam asks how that can be arranged. Jason expresses to Sam that his major concern is that Ric will let Carly go to prison because of his long history of hate toward his brother and sister in law. And he needs to exonerate Carly before that can happen.

Brook Lynn talks to Diego about how she should feel about AJ. She admits that what he did was horrible. But he is her cousin and she should mourn his death. He tells her there’s nothing wrong with not mourning AJ’s death after what he did. But she tells him that her mother explained to her that AJ was an underdog and his family favored Jason when Jason is a gangster. But Diego reminds her that Jason did not kidnap children. She protests that she’s heard so much about how AJ has suffered throughout his life. But he tells her that bad things happen to everybody and it’s no excuse for what AJ did. He tells her that his father has been on the phone all day in order to investigate the murder. Hearing that, she reminds him that he sounds like he may be bonding with Lorenzo, if he is calling him his father. He admits that they are now living together. And although it’s difficult for both of them, he knows that Lorenzo is trying. She tells him that is good. But he tells her that it might be a long struggle for them to be father and son, although he admits he would like for that to happen.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he will come up with a solution to get her out and Sonny and Jason cannot criticize her for having her own idea to free herself. She tells him that since she is no longer married to Sonny, she need not play by his rules. And the main thing is that Michael has his mother. She asks him just how long it will be before he can get her out. Will it be weeks? Days? He tells her he can get her out by lunchtime. Hearing that, she is really happy.

Nikolas showers and thinks about Emily. She is also showering and thinking about him.

In court, Alexis tells Ric that they are not playing by Sonny’s rules any more. She realizes her husband is district attorney and must do his job. But he tells her that having Christina with her mother is more important than prosecuting AJ’s killer. She tells him she will request another hearing. She tells him this will stop now. She will go through the proper legal channels and there is no way to “win” when he is negotiating with Sonny. She tells him he does his job and does it well. And if Carly killed AJ, then he needs to prosecute her.

Jason informs Sam that he knows that Carly will not sit patiently by waiting for her trial. He needs to spend this time finding out who really killed AJ. But she tells him that he must consider the possibility that Carly really did kill AJ. He tells her that Michael just had a nightmare that she killed him and there is no proof that it happened. He tells her he must investigate the Quartermaines. But she tells him that he cannot be serious to suspect Monica or Emily.

Durant asks Reese if the FBI knows that she is living with Sonny. She tells him she is not living with Sonny. She is doing her job. Her main responsibility is to find Michael and help him; the grandson whom Durant claims to care for. He tells her she will be sorry. But she informs him that she has a tape-recorded confession of him admitting to taking money in order to manufacture false evidence against Sonny. She takes it out of her pocket and plays it for him. Hearing that, he realizes he cannot fight her anymore.

Emily is waiting for Nikolas in the room and having flashbacks of their proposal and all the happy times they’ve had together. He then appears and approaches her, shaven. He asks if she remembers him; her husband. She looks surprised. He asks if she prefers the beard. She tells him no. He tells her he will grow it back and grow it down to his knees if she wants. She tells him not to be silly and that he looks great. But she sounds uptight. He embraces her.

At the hospital, Durant gets a call demanding he sees his “contact” immediately. Alexis gets off the elevator and meets with Dr. Winters. She asks if they can see each other again. She admits that she realizes that she needs help that she cannot get for herself on her own. Dr. Winters tells Alexis she believes that Alexis is telling the truth but asks her why she suddenly appears so much more “composed” after she’s lost custody of her child.

At Sonny’s, Ric comes to see Christina. He picks up his stepdaughter and tells her how happy he is to see her. At that point, Michael enters. Ric greets him and tells him it must be nice to have his sister around. He then tells Christina she is lucky to have so many people so happy to see her. At that moment, Reese enters and, seeing Michael, has a flashback of Michael’s telling her that he saw his mom kill AJ. Knowing the DA is with Michael, when she hears Ric offer to take both him and Christina up to the tree house, she tells him very firmly that he cannot do that.

Emily informs Nikolas that Helena has resurfaced in Port Charles. Luke and Tracy have both seen her. He asks her not to put herself in danger and let the cops do their job and tells her that once Helena is discovered, he may be out of there any day. He tells her that when he gets out, he just wants to have a real honeymoon with her. She tells him she is not afraid anymore.

Carly tells Jason that she will not just sit and wait and rot in prison. But he assures her that Sonny will get her out soon. And he tells her Ric will have “motives” to help her. He tells her that she cannot rely on Lorenzo Alcazar to use illegal means to get her out because she will be in more trouble. She needs to rely on Ric to do the “right thing”. And she needs to realize that maybe seeing Michael right now would not be a great idea nor a benefit to her freedom since her son believes he saw her kill AJ.

Ric asks Reese why she has a problem with his inviting Michael to join him and Christina at the tree house. She tells him that Michael is still shaken by AJ’s death and Sonny has asked her not to push it with him. She tells him that she and Michael need to finish a puzzle. He tells her ok but says he should ask Michael. He asks Michael what he prefers. Michael says nothing but goes with Reese. Alone with Sam, Ric asks her why Michael bonds so well with Reese when he doesn’t even know her. Sam explains that Reese lost her own little boy, understands what he’s gone through, and therefore he trusts her.

Alexis explains to Dr. Winter that she needs to talk about whatever she did wrong to lose her daughter. She tells her she will do whatever it takes.

Durant goes back to his church confessional. His “contact” tells him that Sonny Corinthos must be arrested immediately and Durant must find a way. Durant tells the guy that there’s only one way for that to happen; he must set Sonny up. They guy tells Durant he must do it quickly. Otherwise he will find somebody who can.

Jason goes to meet Monica at the hospital and urges her to see that Carly did not kill AJ. He tells her that Michael cannot be without his mother. She tells him that he should not get himself so involved since Carly should have her own lawyer. But he tells her that he must find out who really killed AJ. She asks whom he suspects. He implies that it could have been Emily after AJ shot Alan in the back. She says no way.

In Nikolas’ prison cell, after hearing that Emily shot Connor in self-defense, he tells her he realizes she had no choice and he’s ok with it. But she tells him she has reservations. He asks her if she no longer loves him. She admits she does but she cannot be his wife.

Ric goes to meet Alexis in the hospital. She is surprised to see him. He tells her that as her husband he will be with her throughout her therapy. He, then, gets a call that Carly has been released from holding. He tells Alexis that he believes Sonny must have bought a judge. She tells him that she believes that Sonny will take Carly and Michael with him out of the country and tells Ric she’s worried he will also take Christina also. Neither of them suspects the real source of Carly’s release.

Lorenzo is with Carly after getting her out of prison. He leaves and she thanks him for all he’s done. She enters Sonny’s home and sees Michael with Reese. She greets her son, smiling. He looks at her but says nothing.

Nikolas asks Emily if she is angry with him because of the amnesia and the fact that he brought Connor and Mary into their lives. She tells him no. She wants him to have a wonderful life, filled with everything he deserves. But she cannot be a part of it and needs a divorce. He tells her he does not get it. It might have made sense three months ago when it looked like he may never get out of there. But why would she want to divorce him now, when he could be released any day? She tells him she is not the woman he married and he must let her go. He reaches out to her and grabs her. And right then, she relives the rape and screams that he gets away form her.

Durant goes to court and sees Alexis He asks her if she is the one to pay him to destroy Sonny.

Jason asks Monica if she might know who killed AJ. He tells her that the cops will not be involved as long as Carly goes free. But she tells him that is absurd. At that moment, Ric enters and tells Jason that he will prosecute Carly to the fullest extent of the law and send her to prison for the rest of her lie.

Carly talks to her son and tells him she did not kill AJ. Reese asks if they can talk alone. But Carly tells her son maybe they can go for a walk together and see some ships. He, then, runs off. Reese tells Carly she must give him some time. Carly asks for what? Time to believe that she killed AJ? Did Reese try to brainwash her son against her? She tells Reese that she is manipulating Michael in order to put her in prison so that she can jump into bed with her husband without an inconvenient ex-wife. But Reese protests to Carly that all she cares about is Michael.

Michael goes upstairs and again relives his flashback of being in AJ’s room, noticing his biological father helplessly strapped to a hospital bed, hearing his mother telling him she loves him and he’s safe, and then seeing her suffocate AJ with a pillow before he can urge her not to.

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