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After Helena has shot Luke and is now holding a gun on Tracy, Tracy promises Helena she will not tell anybody what has happened as long as Helena spares her. Believing Luke is dead and she’s at Helena’s mercy, she offers to help her bury the body and do whatever she wants. But Helena tells her it’s too late; she’s going to let Luke Spencer go out not with a bang but with a whimper. She points to Luke’s head and Tracy knocks the gun out of Helena’s hand and Helena escapes. When she’s headed out the door, Luke stands up and reveals he has not been hurt and only faked falling over after being shot at. Tracy demands to know how he did that. He opens up his jacket to reveal that he has a bulletproof vest with fake blood to make Helena believe he’s dead.

Lorenzo tells Jason that he is not entirely convinced that Jason really cares about Carly if it comes down to choosing between protecting her or protecting his family. He informs Jason that he has the entire Quartermaine family under a microscope to find out who may have killed AJ. Monica comes out and hears their discussion and asks what is going on.

Sonny tells Ric that unless he wants Alexis to be hauled to family court and lose custody of Christina for taking her out of the country, Ric must back off from prosecuting Carly. Ric tells his brother that in order for him to be making this threat, he must know something. He asks his brother if he wants to punish his daughter by taking her from her mother. And he tells him he knows that in order to take such drastic measures, Sonny must know that Carly is guilty of murdering AJ.

Reese notices Michael having a nightmare from outside of his room and asks him what has happened. He reveals to her that he saw his mother murder AJ in his dream. Sam is outside his room, hearing their conversation. Reese holds Michael and tells him it was just a bad dream. He tells her he was in AJ’s room and saw his mom with a pillow by his bed and he saw her do it. She did not know he was there. Reese asks him to think very hard. She asks him if he was really in AJ’s room or if it was just a dream.

Tracy asks Luke where he got his bulletproof vest with blood. He tells her he knows where to find things like that. She reminds him that Helena aimed at his head and he can thank her any time for pushing the gun away from his head. He thanks Tracy for letting Helena get away.

Skye asks Emily what she knows about AJ’s death. Emily tells her that she and her mother were with her father all during the night when AJ died. Skye asks her exactly when they both left. Emily asks Skye what difference it makes and why she’s asking these questions. Emily admits that she did not know what time it was or much of anything. Skye goes on to ask her if she saw or talked to anybody else who might know anything. Emily admits that she went to talk to Elizabeth but when she returned to her father’s room her mother was still there. Skye tells her she cannot say she knows that Monica was there the whole time if she did not see her. Emily tells Skye that she knows she is suspecting her mother and she tells her that Monica did not kill AJ.

Lorenzo tells Monica he’d like to ask her son questions. Jason tells Lorenzo he must leave Monica alone. Monica asks Lorenzo if he’s working with the police. Lorenzo tells them that if Monica has nothing to hide, she won’t have a problem answering any questions he asks. He leaves and Monica asks her son what is going on. Jason tells her what has happened to Carly. At that point, Sam comes and gets Jason to inform him what she heard Michael telling Reese.

Justus asks Carly why she confronted and threatened AJ where she could be easily heard. She tells him she is not the only person with motive to kill AJ. She tells him her original story where she went to his room when he was sleeping and was ready to suffocate him with a pillow, but discovered that somebody had already beat her to it. He tells her that she has more motive and evidence against her than against anybody else. She tells him she does not care if he believes her or not, she just wants to see her son. But he tells her that if she did kill AJ, he needs her to seriously consider copping a plea. The judge might understand her situation about how AJ made her believe that her son had been murdered and all she has been through because of AJ.

Ric tells Sonny that he is blackmailing him not because he cares for Michael. He tells him that he’s pretty low to barter Christina in order to get Carly off the hook. Sonny, again, reiterates that his daughter was illegally taken out of the country and because he cares about all his children, he wants to give Alexis some leeway. But in return, Ric must get Carly released tonight.

Tracy and Luke argue about who was a bigger coward trying to save their own skin when Helena threatened to kill them.sssssssssss He reminds her that she is in danger by having Cassadine money in her bank account. She tells him she does not care anymore whether Nikolas stays to prison. He tells her there must be a plan B. She must help him murder Helena and cover for him. She tells him she does not want to get involved in that. He tells her in that case, the next time she stands in the line of fire, he’ll let her get shot. She says she does not care. He Tracy that when Helena believes she’s taken her money, she will need protection from him. He reminds her that she just saw Helena shoot him point blank at close range. And she could be next. But she tells him that is not her problem.

Dillon tells Georgie that he’s worried that his mother will make him pay for refusing to untie her after Luke held her captive. She tells him he’s just trying to follow his conscience, knowing that Luke is trying to help Emily and Nikolas. He tells her that he must be cursed by a Quartermaine thing. He promised not to help Luke in any more of his schemes. She protests that that was when he believed that Michael was killed. He tells her that now that Michael was not killed, only kidnapped, he still must remember the man who did it was his cousin. The way that crazy family operates is if you want to see your biological son, you hire a psychopath to kidnap him. If you want to help Nikolas and Emily, you tie your mother to a chair. She tells him she does not believe he is crazy or cursed but maybe he could use his drama to write a screenplay.

Emily goes to see her mother and tells her that she has not been herself recently with all that has happened. But she assures her mother that she should work things out with her father. Monica tells her daughter that there are many other problems she and Alan have besides AJ’s death. Alan is impossible. She tells Emily that she had a good reason not to approve of the autopsy. She wants AJ to die with some dignity without being poked and prodded like some lab specimen. She just wants to let go of her pain. And she admits to her daughter that it is true; she has not been herself

While Reese is talking to Michael to find out what he knows, Jason and Sam go to talk to her about what Sam heard AJ tell Reese. He tells her that Michael is a child who has been traumatized and may not know what he is saying. He tells her she cannot make him a witness against his mother. She tells him that in order for that not to happen, they need to get him out of there.

In the interrogation room, Justus tells Carly that his intent is not to make her feel warm and fuzzy. Sonny enters and tells Carly she must help herself not to get nailed for murder. After Justus leaves, she tells Sonny she must find another lawyer. HE tells her that Justus is handling this and she must not worry. At that moment, he gets a call from Reese who informs him that she and Jason are going to take Michael home. She tells him there have been some complications that she does not want to discuss over the phone. Carly tells him she knows this has something to do with Michael. He tells her Michael is fine. He tells her she must not cause more trouble and leaves. At that moment, Lorezno enters and tells her if she is counting upon Sonny and Jason to get her out of this, it may cost her the next 20 years of her life. He tells her he believes it’s entirely possible that Jason is covering for Emily and Monica. She tells him she does not believe that Jason would let her fry in order to protect them. But he protests that he knows that Jason is very protective of his mother and little sister. He tells her that in a similar situation, he would have difficulty deciding whom to protect. Although Jason would never intentionally hurt her, he is torn between loyalties. And Sonny might just listen and trust Jason with whatever he believes. But he assures her that she has no reason not to trust him since he has no conflicting agenda whatsoever.

When Sonny returns home, Jason informs him that Michael had a bad dream, which he told Reese about and he should asks her to fill him in on everything. Sonny goes to talk to Reese. Sam asks Jason what it would mean if Michael didn’t just have a dream and really did see his mother murder AJ.

Reese talks to Michael in his room about baseball. He doesn’t talk and is ready to fall asleep.

Ric goes to the courthouse and while waiting for the judge calls Alexis and leaves a message, informing her that Sonny is going to use all of his power to end her custody rights if she does not return Christina. He urges her to call him back and get home. The judge comes out and tells him this must be very important for him to need to see her this late at night. He tells her he wants her to drop the charges against Carly Corinthos.

After Reese is done talking to Michael, Sonny tells her he needs to talk to his son. She tells him she cannot let him do that.

Alone in the park with Chrstina, Alexis tells her daughter that everything will be ok and daddy (Ric) has called her many times. When Christina goes off to get some flowers, Alexis admits to her unborn baby that maybe she has not been fair to daddy. She tells Christina that perhaps they should go home. She seems very laid back and joking.

The judge asks Ric if the evidence against Carly has been changed or if anybody else has been implicated. He tells her it’s just that it’s circumstantial evidence and they should not rush to prosecute her. She reminds him that his job as prosecutor is to be impartial and asks if he has a problem when it’s his brother’s wife. He assures her it has nothing to do with that. She offers to have another prosecutor on the case if he has a problem. But he tells her he can handle it.

Lorenzo tells Carly that all he wants is to get her out of there and back to Michael. He tells her he can contact the right people and call in a few favors. He asks her to just tell him that she trusts im. At that point, Jason walks in and tells Lorenzo he wants to talk to Carly alone.

Reese tells Sonny that she believes that Michael did see something and later had a dream about it and he’s obviously very traumatized. He tells her that Carly swore she did not do it. But she tells him that she needed to tell him that before he talks to Michael again. He tells her that he and Michael were so close. They used to have so many conversations. But now he does not know where to begin. He asks her if she has any suggestions. She says perhaps Michael needs professional help. But she admits that there is a problem if he admits to a shrink that he saw his mother commit murder. They’d be obligated to report it to the police. He tells her he thought he would be protected by doctor/patient privilege. But she points out to him that this is a capitol crime. And Michael could be forced to testify against his mother in court.

After Luke passes out from drinking, Skye enters and assumes he’s dead when she sees the blood on his shirt. She cries and tells him that he has meant so much to her and she loves him. He awakens and with a smirk tells her he knew she cared. She slaps him.

Tracy goes to the Quartermaine house. Noticing that her aunt is very upset and jumpy, Emily asks Tracy what happened. Tracy tells her niece that what happened is that Emily married a phony prince and that brought an entire family of homicidal maniacs upon them. She leaves and Elizabeth enters to inform Emily that Nikolas wants to see her.

Reese tells Sonny that Michael will be obligated to testify in a murder case, although she admits to him that she does not want to do that to Michael. He tells her that he will handle this by taking his son where he cannot be found until he can get Carly cleared and getting him professional help. But he asks her if she believes that Carly really did murder AJ. She does not answer that but stresses to him how important it is for Michael to get professional help. Ric enters to tell Sonny some new information. Reese leaves them alone. Ric informs his brother that he did everything he could to persuade the judge not to go forward the case against Carly but there’s no way that will happen. Sonny tells Ric that in that case, Alexis will lose custody of Christina. Ric yells at Sonny and tells him that Michael is already going through hell. Does he need to make his daughter suffer as well?

Jason enters to talk to Carly in the interrogation room. He informs her that Michael told Reese that he had a dream about seeing standing over AJ with a pillow. Hearing that, she tells him that Michael must have heard people talking because nobody actually saw her. But Jason tells her that Michael said he witnessed and actually saw her do it.

Luke informs Skye that Helena came out of hiding and shot him at close range and that woman leaves nothing to chance. Tracy comes out and admits that she will rely on him to be her bodyguard. They then hear an ambulance coming. Luke remembers that it must be for him so he must play dead.

Elizabeth tells Emily that Nikolas needs her. He’s stuck at Pentonville without the woman he loves visiting him. She tells Emily she must go and see her husband and tell him what is really going on with her. Emily tells Elizabeth that if Luke catches Helena, then Nikolas will be freed from prison and will want everything to be the same way it was before. She tells her she cannot deal with the thought of Nikolas actually coming home and wanting to be with her and wanting her. She tells Elizabeth that Nikolas needs to be prepared to know that things will never be the same. Elizabeth tells Emily that he also needs the truth. Emily concludes that her husband has the right to know why she is divorcing him so she will go and see him and tell him about the rape.

While Sam and Lorenzo are waiting outside the interrogation room for Jason and Carly, she tells him that she knows he’s a little uncomfortable with Carly trusting Jason more than anybody. And he acknowledges that she’s kind of in the same boat as he is with that.

Jason tells Carly that Sonny is working on getting her out of holding as soon as he can. But she tells him that that is not soon enough and she believes that Lorenzo can do more for her than Sonny can.

Sonny asks Ric if he is supposed to feel sorry for Alexis. Ric tells Sonny that children are not supposed to be taken from their mothers. Sonny protests that a crime has been committed and Alexis is no more above the law than Carly is. At that moment, Ric gets a call from Alexis. He tells her she must get to the airport and get on a flight and get out as soon as possible. But right before she can finish the conversation, a British cop comes to arrest her. Hearing the conversation, Ric tells her she must not fight them. He hangs up and tells Sonny he knows that he was behind this. He tells his brother he is a bastard to call the authorities before Ric even went to the judge. Sonny admits that he did not have a lot of faith in Ric but he will make sure Alexis gets to see Christina if Carly is found not guilty. Ric asks how he’s supposed to do that. Sonny tells Ric he must figure that out.

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