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Skye and Lorenzo are at Kelly’s making plans in their business deal. He tells her he is serious and expects results, where she finds out who really killed AJ and clear Carly, if he helps her with the Quartermaine’s financial problems. But it is clear that Luke is not comfortable with their private meeting and displays jealousy. He sits down at their table and interrupts their conversation. He informs them that he wants to be informed about this business deal because he is Skye’s partner. She tells him he must not be silly. She tells him she realizes he has his own agendas.

Helena finds Tracy and pulls a gun on her, demanding to know where her money is. Although it’s in Tracy’s account, Tracy knows and informs Helena that Luke put it there to set her up and bring Helena out of hiding. She protests to Helena that Luke is the one she needs to talk to.

At the police station, Michael watches the cops manhandle his mother and her struggling and demanding they let her go. At that moment, he runs up and holds onto her tight. This is the first contact he’s had with either of his parents since he’s been home. Sonny goes to Carly, but Jason and the cops restrain him. Reese is also there, not knowing what to do. Carly tells her son it’s going to be ok. She acknowledges that he spoke to her and she heard him. She tells him he need not worry. The police will take her for a while. But she will be back. Reese talks to Officer Murphy about not using excessive police force on Carly in front of Michael.

Helena tells Tracy that Luke must have lost his touch and asks where he is. Tracy tells her she knows Luke. He’s probably buried himself in a cheap bottle of booze. Helena asks what Luke’s plan is all about? Does he plan to free her grandson? Tracy tells Helena she does not know or care. She says she’d like to wash her hands of all the problems of the Cassadines and Spencers and be able to live in peace. But Helena tells Tracy that if she values her life, she will give Helena back her money. At that moment, Edward enters with Justus. Helena disappears. Edward demands that his daughter explains to him why she’s holding all this money when ELQ is in serious financial trouble and nobody else has any money. Justus tells her he’d like to know that also.

Lorenzo departs and leaves Skye alone with Luke. Luke tells her he she is not really in business with Lorenzo. He tells her that he is on a mission to find Helena, with the help of Tracy, and Lorenzo cannot help him with that. But Skye tells Luke that Lorenzo made her a better offer; to help find out who really killed AJ.

Sonny tries to reach out to his son after Carly has been taken away. But Michael is still non-responsive. Sonny tells his son he loves him and he cries.

Ric informs Elizabeth that he knows that Alexis has taken Christina out of the country. He realizes that is kidnapping and she could be up on charges. But Elizabeth tells Ric that he should not worry. Alexis would not abandon him nor keep him from their new baby. He tells her perhaps she’s right. Maybe Alexis just panicked, took Christina and ran. And when she thinks this through, she will realize the mistake she’s making. But he reveals to Elizabeth that he is worried that he may never see Alexis, Christina or their baby again. At that moment, Carly and Jason arrive and see Ric. Carly asks Ric if he is rehearsing his prosecution speech in order to nail her for AJ’s murder. Jason tells her she must calm down. She’s in enough trouble as it is.

Skye tells Luke that she has to find out the family secrets in regard to AJ. He asks her about them. She looks like she’s pulling away and he won’t let her go. Emily is there, overhearing their conversation and lashes out at Luke, as though she’s fighting a rapist.

Edward tells Tracy that she knows that large amounts of money were transferred into her account. He asks her if ELQ is not going bankrupt after all, or if she just doesn’t want to help. Justus asks her why she can’t just offer the money to her family’s company. She tells them she cannot. That money has nothing to do with ELQ. And she tells her father she will save ELQ with or without his help. He must just stay out of her way. She leaves and Edward tells Justus he needs his help. At that moment, Jason comes in and tells Justus that he needs to help Carly. He informs him that she has been arrested for AJ’s murder.

Sonny and Reese inform the child psychiatrist that Michael saw the cops take his mom away. He informs her that Michael did call her mommy and him daddy. Reese tells him that is a good sign that Michael is acknowledging his parents and questioning what AJ told him. But Sonny asks why Michael is withdrawing and not speaking still. The shrink tells him that Michael’s behavior of rocking and covering his ears is a common symptom of kidnap victims and indicates that his son saw something that he wants to block out and forget.

Lorenzo goes to the hospital and asks Elizabeth what she knows about AJ’s death. She informs him that she told the police everything she knew and the police arrested Carly in front of Michael just recently.

In the interrogation room, Ric tells Carly that she may tell him what she knows and he just wants to help her. She tells him she does not buy his “good brother” act and he’s a hypocrite and the only way he can help her is to get her back to her son.

After Emily yells at Luke to let go of Skye, Skye assures her she is ok. But Luke asks her what her problem is. She says nothing about her rape fear and tells Luke that she’s tired of his behaviors. She leaves and Luke asks Skye what caused Emily to become so unspooled. She tells him that Emily has been through a lot with Nikolas in prison and with what has happened in her family.

Jason tells Justus that he knows Carly did not kill AJ. Justus asks him how he would know that and how he would prove it. Sam reminds them that Elizabeth was a key witness to Carly threatening AJ and leaving his room right after he died. When Justus leaves, Sam asks Jason if he’s really going to investigate whether any of the Quartermaines killed AJ. She reveals to him that all the evidence is stacked against Carly and he must face the possibility that she could be guilty.

Sonny tells Michael that they are going to go on a trip, get up early in the morning and go scuba diving in the ocean and he will let Michael drive his speedboat. He tells his son he will let him drive it because he knows he can because he is a smart, brave, strong little boy. And he knows he can count on Michael to take them wherever they need to go. He tells his son of his plans after lunch. At that point, Michael covers his ears. Sonny yells at his son not to shut him out. He tells him he must tell him what is wrong so he can fix it. Sonny cries. Hearing that Sonny’s upset, Reese comes and offers to stay with Michael while he goes to check on Carly. Sonny leaves and Reese sits with Michael.

Luke tells Skye she’s sending lots of mixed signals. He tells her he remembers her telling him she loved him and that she had feelings for him. But she tells him that staying sober one day at a time is enough of an effort for her. Staying away from him is more than anyone can ask. He asks if she sees him as a drug. She admits that he makes her feel really good. But she knows that love cannot conquer everything. And she doesn’t believe that they can really have a future. She apologizes for giving him mixed signals but realizes she has to keep her distance. And she asks if he can help her with that.

Sam tells Jason that he must realize that a judge or shrink could prove that Michael bonded with his biological father. And she knows that Carly would have motive to murder AJ. She tells him that she hopes that she is wrong. But they must face the reality that Carly could have killed AJ. Emily comes to talk to Jason. Sam leaves. Jason asks his sister what is going on. She admits that she feels as though she is losing her mind.

Reese informs Michael that Dr. Ryan thinks he’s an amazing boy. And she informs him that the doctor told her that covering one’s ears with their hands could indicate that somebody cannot hear or face something. She tells him that with all the lies AJ told him, she knows that she would be very angry at anybody who would do that to her. She tells him that AJ fooled so many people. She tells him nobody blames him. He’s an awesome kid and everybody loves him so much; especially his mom and dad.

Lorenzo goes to see Carly at the station. She tells him she’s so glad he’s there and informs him that Michael had a breakthrough, ran to her and grabbed her. And the police had to rip him away from her. He tells her he will be there for her and help get her out of there. He puts his arms around her. And Sonny enters.

Luke returns to the Haunted Star and notices Tracy drinking. She informs him that Helena showed up at her house with a gun. He tells her that’s a good sign. She tells him that she does not appreciate him using her as bate. At that moment, Helena enters with her gun. She sarcastically tells Tracy she believes everything she said and is so flattered that they would go to all this trouble just to see her again. She tells them she’d like to kill them both.

Emily tells Jason of Luke’s plan to free Nikolas. She tells him she wants that but admits that when her husband is free, he will want everything the way it was. And that is what scares her. She is not the same person. And that is why she asked him for a divorce. He needs to be free. He asks her if Nikolas has a vote in whether to stay together. She tells him that if Nikolas knew about the rape, he’d stay with her out of loyalty. And she admits to Jason that she’s trying to keep everything together with work and school. But every so often she completely loses control. She just went off on Luke a while ago. She knows she ripped into AJ. He tells her that she’s been though a lot and her behavior is not that unusual. But she tells him that she cannot control what is going on in her head.

Carly asks Sonny what happened with Michael and why he’s no longer in the hospital. He informs her that Dr. Ryan and Reese both believed it was a really good sign that Michael approached her. She tells him she wants to get out of there and be with her son. But he tells her that she needs to face what is happening to her right now or else she will not be any good for Michael. At that point, Ric and Justus enter and the cops take Carly with them. Lorenzo tells her she must try not to worry. Sonny tells Ric he needs to talk to him.

Reese tells Michael that she remembers putting her little boy to sleep. She then sings “Hush Little Baby”. And Michael falls asleep.

After Helena has threatened Luke and Tracy, Tracy gets up and tries to leave, informing them that she doesn’t need to be there. But Helena holds the gun on her and tells her nobody can leave. She informs them that she needs to go to the police and inform them that she is very much alive. Luke asks her how she’s going to pull that off, when Nikolas is rotting in prison for a murder that didn’t even happen. She tells him that what she plans to do is tell the cops that Luke staged her death and framed Nikolas. And right then, she fires a shot at him and he falls over. Tracy screams. Helena explains to them that she will just say it is self-defense after all the threats and violence Luke has inflicted upon her and her family.

Skye talks privately to Emily, telling her she appreciates her concern but she and Luke are no longer romantically attached. But she asks Emily if she has any insight into who might have killed AJ. Emily tells her they’ve arrested Carly. Skye tells her she knows but asks if Emily might have seen or known of anybody else who could have killed him.

Lorenzo tells Jason that he believes that Jason might want to cover for his mother and sister and not care if Carly goes to prison for a murder that she did not commit.

Ric tells Sonny that he has no choice but to do his job and prosecute Carly. Sonny, however, has a trick up his sleeve. He informs Ric that he knows that Alexis has illegally taken Christina out of the country. He tells Ric that he will pull strings in court to get Alexis to lose custody of Christina unless Ric lets Carly go.

Right after Michael’s fallen asleep and Reese has stepped out of his room, he has a dream about sneaking into AJ’s hospital room and seeing his mom smothering AJ with a pillow and killing him. He struggles and yells and Reese asks him what is going on. He then admits to her that he knows who killed AJ. It was his mom. Right outside the door, Sam appears and hears Michael’s confession.

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