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THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke tells Tracy that someone is taking money from the Cassadine accounts -- he doesn't know who, but he's currently making it look like it's Tracy. He's setting a trap for Helena, and once Helena's caught he'll never let her go.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo sits at the counter at Kelly's -- he has a copy of the newspaper with him, which fingers Carly as the main suspect in AJ's murder.

GREYSTONE: Jason and Sam come into Michael's bedroom, where Carly is sitting with Michael and Morgan. Jason tells Carly that they need to leave right away before the cops come upstairs. But all Carly wants to do is stay with the boys.

Downstairs, Sonny pleads with Ric to let him go up first to check. Ric doesn't listen and goes upstairs with Mac, while Sonny (being held back by a couple of cops) fumes. Reese asks him to calm down and he demands to know who's side she's on.

Back upstairs, Sam is holding Morgan while Michael sits on the floor nearby. Carly and Jason have vanished. Mac and Ric bound into the room and are upset to see that Carly is no longer there. The window is open, though, making it possible that Jason and Carly escaped through it.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke wants Tracy to relax and enjoy the ride. Her financial situation is an open book to him, he informs her. Tracy points out a flaw in Luke's plan -- she could get killed. Luke says she'll be safe as long as he grabs Helena first. Tracy is not impressed and calls Luke "crazy." Luke gags her again. He tells her that after Helena is found out to be alive, Nikolas will be free and he and Emily can be happy together. Tracy doesn't seem to care about this and Luke wonders if she has ever felt that kind of love. He says he has.

ALAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Skye informs Alan and Monica that AJ made a ton of money off of the sum he initially stole from ELQ. Now that the government has AJ's money, ELQ is in trouble. Alan thinks they should take immediate action. Monica thinks Alan is a useless business man. She suggests that they put Ned in charge of ELQ, but Alan points out that Ned is too busy with L&B Records. What they need is someone with no sense of ethics, someone completely ruthless. Alan brings up Tracy, wondering where she is right now?

KELLY'S: Lorenzo and Mike talk about AJ's murder and about how Carly is the prime suspect. Lorenzo thinks the murderer is someone from the Quartermaine family. A cop shows up to ask Lorenzo where Carly is. Lorenzo says he has no idea, and then leaves the diner.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny talk to one another in hushed voices. Reese says she's just trying to protect him and Michael. Sonny wants Reese to understand that Carly had the right to kill AJ, but that she didn't. Reese warns Sonny not to make any false moves during the investigation, or the police will arrest both him and Carly. Ric comes downstairs and informs Sonny that Carly and Jason are missing. Sonny feigns ignorance and Ric offers to haul him into the station for questioning. Sonny looks furious.

A SAFEHOUSE: Jason has brought Carly to a room in a safehouse. They argue -- Jason brings up all of the evidence against Carly. Carly turns the subject to Reese and how Reese and Sonny's relationship has been progressing; she thinks Reese is trying to frame her. Carly wants to go back to Greystone to try to get through to Michael. Jason says that there's no way she can be with Michael right now and Carly counters that maybe there is.

GREYSTONE: Sonny gets arrested by the cops, who haul him out of the mansion while he shouts in protest. As the cops clear out, taking Sonny with them, Sam runs over to the phone and places a call to someone, asking for a favor.

A SAFEHOUSE: Carly asks Jason to please help Michael for her. She wants him to sneak her back into Sonny's compound. Jason refuses and she says that instead, maybe he could bring Michael to her.

ALAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Monica is against Tracy helping ELQ, but Alan says they can't let the business fall apart. Alan talks about the horrible things he's done in his past -- he thinks maybe losing Monica is his punishment. Monica thinks that the fact they were together was the punishment...and AJ's death is freeing them, in a way. Alan thinks that Monica is talking as if all of this has been a relief. Monica says it has been...then she leaves the room.

GREYSTONE: Mike has arrived, per Sam's phone call. Sam needs him to stay with Michael and Morgan for awhile. They talk about the condition that Michael is in and Sam asks him to please not spill the beans about the police investigating Carly for AJ's murder. Mike agrees and Sam leaves. After Sam is gone, the little toy ball Michael was playing with comes rolling down the stairs. Mike picks it up and then looks up the stairs.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Tracy is still gagged and Luke is making conversation with her anyway. He thinks they are a lot a like, because they both know what they want and will do whatever it takes to go after it. They are two of a kind. Luke goes to get another drink. Just then, Skye comes rushing in. She tells Luke that he needs to let Tracy go. Skye explains that the Quartermaines are going to notice Tracy's absence and realize she's been abducted. Luke refuses, saying he still needs Tracy. Skye points out that Tracy needs to save ELQ for the Quartermaines. Luke continues to refuse. Just then, Lorenzo shows up to see Skye.

GREYSTONE: Mike is talking to Michael now, about all sorts of things, including Sonny and how important it is to Sonny never to let Michael down. Mike thinks they could go get a real baseball for Michael and practice throwing it until Sonny gets back. At this point, John shows up. Mike explains he's just there until Sonny and Carly get back. John talks to Michael and promises him that he will not let Carly go to jail, that he will find the real bad guys. Michael doesn't say anything...he just curls into a little ball in the chair he's sitting in.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric is questioning Sonny in the interrogation room. Sonny says again that Carly did not murder AJ -- lots of people hated AJ and someone could be trying to frame Carly right now.

Outside in the main part of the station, Mac tells Reese that she can leave since this is not a case for the FBI. In a case of perfect timing, however, headquarters calls to speak to Mac and informs him that Reese is going to consult in the investigation. Mac relents and Reese suggests that they stop fighting and just work together.

A SAFEHOUSE: Jason is refusing to bring Michael to Carly, noting that he will not set Michael up to watch Carly get busted. Carly talks to him about the way things used to be for them, before Sonny and before Sam. She wants him to think of the possibilities. Jason moves away from her and says that her plan to try to manipulate him isn't going to work. Just then Sam shows up and tells them that Michael needs Carly, now.

THE HOSPITAL: Mike and John rush into the hospital with Michael -- he's not responsive. A doctor takes him to a room to be examined. Meanwhile, Elizabeth gets a call from a doctor at another hospital requesting the medical records for Alexis' daughter Kristina.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric is still questioning Sonny, who changes the subject by bringing up Alexis' recent disappearance. Ric says that Alexis just needed a rest, but Sonny notes that Alexis didn't even call to ask him if she could take Kristina with her. He wants to know how Alexis would react if he was the one to take Kristina without her consent. Ric admits that he and Alexis had a fight. Sonny points out that Alexis left Ric to punish him -- he says it's a pattern with Alexis to lash out and become vindictive...soon, Sonny says, she might even try to take Ric's own child away from him. Or maybe, Sonny adds, she already has done that.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Lorenzo wants to talk to Skye about some ELQ business. He doesn't see Tracy, who Luke has sort of hidden behind a potted plant. Skye and Lorenzo leave and Luke takes the gag out of Tracy's mouth. Tracy tries to instill doubt in Luke about Skye and Lorenzo's relationship, but Luke doesn't seem all that bothered -- he knows Skye understands why he's doing all this. Luke allows Tracy to leave the casino after he gets word that the money transfers are all in place.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo and Skye take their meeting to Kelly's. Lorenzo offers to bail ELQ out on one condition -- he wants Skye to eavesdrop on the Quartermaine family, because he thinks one of them is AJ's real murderer...and he wants Carly in the clear. Skye is hesitant, not liking the idea of spying on the Quartermaines, but Lorenzo's offer to help ELQ out is tempting. Lorenzo asks her if they'll be able to help each other or not?

THE HOSPITAL: Michael is off somewhere else being examined and John and Mike are back in the lobby arguing: John doesn't considering Mike to be Michael's real grandfather and points out that Sonny is a danger to Michael's well-being. Mike argues that John has only been in Carly's life for a few months and Sonny's loved Michael years before that. As they continue to argue, Alan -- in a wheelchair -- comes over to them and asks what's wrong with Michael? Yet another argument ensues over Alan's son AJ's fault in all of this mess. Monica then walks over and reminds them to stop arguing, as this is a hospital. She says that that goes for Alan, too.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric and Sonny are now back out in the main part of the police station -- and Sonny is still saying that there's no way Carly killed AJ. He also says he doesn't have a clue where Carly is. Reese comes over to him and tells him there's a problem with Michael, and that Michael's been taken to the hospital. Sonny rushes out of the station -- despite the protests of Ric -- with Reese following close behind. Ric goes over to Mac and notes that Carly will probably also leave wherever she is now to go to the hospital to see Michael, if Michael has in fact taken a turn for the worse.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam are talking to Michael's doctor, Dr. O'Donnell, outside of the room where Michael is being kept. Dr. O'Donnell agrees to give them some time alone with Michael. After the doctor leaves, Jason calls out for Carly, who comes out of her hiding place around the corner -- she was dressed in a lab coat and glasses, which she quickly takes off. She thanks Jason and then heads into the room to see Michael. Once there, she sits next to him and tries to talk to him about how much she loves him. Michael doesn't respond at first, but then gently reaches a hand out and touches her hair. Carly is stunned.

KELLY'S: Skye and Lorenzo finally strike the deal -- she will spy on the Quartermaines and he will bail ELQ out.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy has high-tailed it back to the mansion, where she quickly calls her accountant and demands that the money "mistakenly" transferred into her account be sent back to where it came from. Suddenly a gloved hand presses the button on the phone, ending the call. Tracy is stunned to see Helena standing next to her, pointing a gun at her. Helena notes that she's afraid it's too late for Tracy to try to rectify the error.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric places a call to Alexis begging her to call him so they can work this out. At that moment, Elizabeth enters. She tells him about the doctor who called asking for Kristina's medical records...and says that the doctor is placed in London. Elizabeth asks if Alexis really took Kristina and disappeared on Ric. Ric says that Alexis did -- and took their unborn baby with her.

MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly is holding onto Michael's hands, asking him to just tell her that he's going to be okay. Sam and Jason, meanwhile, are watching Carly and Michael from the window. Suddenly Offier Murphey and another cop show up to arrest Carly. They storm into the room and start reading her her rights. Sonny and Reese show up right around that time...Sonny tries to shield Michael from seeing his mother being taken away...Michael starts to yell, "Mommy!" over and over again as he cries. Carly, being taken out of the room by the cops, tells him that it will all be okay and she'll see him again soon.

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