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General Hospital Update Thursday 4/28/05



By Ali
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THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke has Tracy gagged and bound to a wheelchair on the Haunted Star. He is quite pleased with himself. When he finally removes Tracy's gag she yells at him and asks him how long he intends to keep her hostage. He replies, "As long as it takes to get what I want."

THE HOSPITAL: John is at the hospital looking for Steven when he has a flashback to seeing Carly leaving AJ's room the day AJ was murdered. Ric and Reese show up to see John about the investigation.

GREYSTONE: Michael is alone in his bedroom at Greystone when Jason comes to see him. He wants Michael to know that he's there for him.

Downstairs, Carly wants Sonny to help her bring a tray of food up to Michael's room. She is very upset that Michael won't even make eye contact with her. Sonny assures her that Michael will find his way back to them in time. But unfortunately, he notes, time is not a luxury that Carly has.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke tells Tracy he's not keeping her for ransom, he just wants information about Helena. He's angry over what Helena did to Lucky before disappearing. Tracy denies knowing anything and asks him to untie her for a moment. When Luke tries, she attempts to escape, but Luke gets her tied back down again and she says that she'll never tell him what he wants because she won't be intimidated by him. After flattering her for a bit, Luke then leaves, smiling over his shoulder at her. Tracy is furious.

ALAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily is at Alan's bed-side discussing AJ's death with him. Emily doesn't want Alan to shut himself off from everyone. Alan informs her that Monica wants to divorce him.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye finds Monica at the mansion and tells her that she's sorry about AJ. Monica knows that Skye truly does feel sorry because she knows Skye loved AJ. They discuss the events that led up to AJ's death. Skye brings up the fact that AJ ended up multiplying the amount of money he stole from ELQ before leaving Port Charles the first time and notes that the money will probably revert back to Monica. Monica notes that no amount of money can repair their broken family.

KELLY'S: Lucky comes downstairs and meets Elizabeth for coffee at the counter. Mike talks to them about Michael's ordeal...while he is talking, Liz remembers seeing Carly leaving AJ's room earlier at the hospital on the day of AJ's death. Lucky snaps Liz out of it and asks her what's wrong. Liz asks him what he would think if she told him that a hypothetical friend knows something about AJ's murder. Lucky sees through it and tells Liz that if she knows something about AJ's killer, she must take it to the police right away.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric and Reese suggest to John that he is the one who killed AJ, as he had motivation since AJ hurt Carly and Michael so much. John counters that maybe Reese was the one who killed AJ. Ric points out that John is going to do anything to try to deflect guilt from the prime suspect in the investigation -- Carly.

GREYSTONE: Carly admits to Sonny that she did go to AJ's room with the intention of killing him, but that he was dead when she got there, so she left. Carly doesn't want to discuss the matter anymore, but Sonny says that she needs to help him help keep her out of prison, for Michael's sake.

Meanwhile, up in Michael's room, Jason is talking to Michael about their old times together, trying to get Michael to trust him again. He wants Michael to know that he loves him and that that fact will never change. Jason leaves a little toy ball on the floor and exits the room. Michael picks up the ball and looks at it for a while.

ALAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily denies that Monica really wants a divorce. She thinks that something else is going on with Monica -- something Monica's not telling them. Alan wants to know how Monica could be so selfish. Monica comes into the room and interrupts, informing Emily that Alan fingered Jason as the murderer when talking to Mac earlier. Emily gets angry with Alan and storms out of the room. Alan and Monica argue and Alan demands that Monica admit that she's glad that AJ's dead.

THE HOSPITAL: John tells Ric and Reese that he saw Carly up on the fourth floor at the time of AJ's murder. Ric and Reese are skeptical and John notes that Reese only wants to implicate Carly so she can have Sonny all to herself.

GREYSTONE: Jason comes downstairs to talk to Carly and Sonny. He tells them that he left a toy ball with Michael in the hopes that it would snap Michael out of it (since Michael played with a ball when he shut down the last time, after seeing Ric kidnap Carly). Carly says that giving Michael time and a toy ball is not good enough for her. She wants to go upstairs to see her son. Sonny warns against it but Carly goes anyway. Once she's left, Sonny and Jason discuss getting Carly out of the country. Sonny is worried because Carly will never agree to go if Michael's not okay.

Upstairs, Carly enters Michael's bedroom with the tray of breakfast for him. She tries to talk to him in a soft voice, as she approaches him with the tray. In response, he slams the food out of her hands. Carly is shocked.

ALAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Monica can't believe Alan would accuse her of wishing AJ dead. They start to argue again. Monica blames Alan for wanting to be a hero for AJ, which ended up getting AJ killed in the end. But Alan says that Monica is not without blame. They start to argue about Jason's involvement. Monica says she's filing divorce papers this week. The discussion turns to what they should do with AJ's body. Monica thinks they should have it cremated and put in the family crypt. As she turns to leave, Alan asks Monica to please forgive AJ now that he's dead -- having paid the ultimate price for his mistakes -- even if she can't forgive Alan? Monica doesn't answer...she just leaves the room.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric and Reese are now questioning Liz about the day AJ was murdered. Liz admits hesitantly that there is something that she saw that she didn't mention before.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Mac meets up with Steven, who tells him that from the DNA evidence on AJ's pillow, he thinks they may have found the killer.

GREYSTONE: Carly comes back downstairs to see Sonny and Jason. She tells them Michael didn't react well but she wants to keep trying. They start to question her about the day of AJ's murder. Carly gets upset...she just wants to go up and see Michael again. Jason thinks she should leave the country, but Carly doesn't want to do that either. Sonny snaps that if Carly can't make decisions like this, he'll make them for her.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie and Dillon arrive on the ship -- Tracy yells for help and they run to see her. Dillon starts to untie her, demanding to know who did this to her. Tracy says that it was Luke, and Dillon stops what he's doing and asks her what she did to get Luke upset? Tracy replies that Luke wants her to tell him where Helena is. Dillon isn't so sure if he should untie her now. Just then, Skye joins the goup. Tracy tells Skye that Luke is the one who tied her up -- she asks Skye to please let her go.

KELLY'S: Luke runs into Emily outside of Kelly's. He tells her that he's got a plan to draw Helena out of hiding. Emily notes that if Helena comes back, it will prove that she's alive and that will get Nikolas out of jail.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese, Mac and Ric are going over the new evidence. Ric and Mac agree that now they will make the arrest of the suspect.

GREYSTONE: Sam and Morgan are now in the room with Sonny, Jason and Carly. Carly wants to take Morgan up to see Michael but Sonny and Jason think it's a bad idea, since AJ told Micahel that Sonny and Carly loved Morgan more than they loved him. Carly doesn't care, and wants to go up anyway. Sam suggests that she go up to Michael's room with Morgan instead -- Sonny and Jason think that's a better idea, since Michael doesn't know Sam that well. Carly relents and Sam takes Morgan upstairs.

Upstairs, Michael is still all alone in his room when Sam and Morgan enter. Sam asks Michael to help her with Morgan, since she isn't that good with little kids. Michael looks at them and then rolls the toy ball over in Morgan's direction. Morgan plays a bit with the ball and Sam smiles.

Back downstairs, Sonny, Jason and Carly wait for Sam. Sam eventually comes back downstairs and tells them all that Michael is rolling the ball back and forth with Morgan. Carly is thrilled and wants to run upstairs to watch, but Jason stops her, warning that she would risk ruining the moment.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye is contemplating whether or not she should let Tracy go. She thinks maybe they should go ahead and untie her. She, Dillon and Georgie talk it over and eventually come to the conclusion that, no, they should leave her tied up. They put Tracy's gag back in and leave.

KELLY'S: Lucky comes outside to see Luke -- they hug as Emily watches. Lucky is glad Luke's back -- he missed him. Emily goes back into Kelly's and Luke talks to Lucky about Helena. He thinks Lucky has been taking money out of Helena's Cassadine bank account, which would effectively draw Helena out of hiding when she comes to find out where the money is. But Lucky has no idea what he's talking about. Luke is confused but then says it doesn't matter...that there's a trap now for Helena...he just needs Emily to spring it.

GREYSTONE: Carly has come upstairs to see Michael and Morgan playing. She gushes over how they are a real family again. Michael doesn't say anything.

Downstairs, Reese shows up and informs Sonny and Jason that Ric and the police are coming to arrest Carly, based on the DNA evidence from the pillow and Elizabeth's testimony that she saw Carly leaving AJ's room. Reese says it's an open and shut case.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke returns to the boat. He is surprised to find that Tracy has been re-gagged and he takes it out of her mouth again. Tracy swears that everyone involved in this scheme will pay. Luke has brought her a hamburger from Kelly's in exchange for Helena's cell phone number. Tracy is grossed out by the burger. Luke considered that, so he also brought some other food, including bon-bons. Tracy is more receptive to those choices...but she doesn't know where Helena is. Luke says that that's all right, he just wants her to publically admit that she's been stealing money from the Cassadine accounts. Tracy denies it and Luke says that he's been cooking the books to make it look like Tracy is the culprit. Tracy is the bait for the trap for Helena.

HELENA'S HIDE-OUT: Helena is on the phone with someone, fuming about the missing money from her accounts. She says she wants the money back and knows where to find it.

KELLY'S: Emily and Lucky are bonding at a table at Kelly's. Lucky brings up the fact that Emily is afraid that when Nikolas is released she will have to tell him she was raped.

ALAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Monica comes back to the room at Skye's request -- Skye tells them both that the U.S. government has taken control of all of AJ's money. Alan and Monica look surprised.

GREYSTONE: Mac and Ric and some cops show up at the mansion to arrest Carly. They find Sonny and Reese in the main room of the mansion. Reese lies and says that she's already conducted a search and Carly's not anywhere on the grounds. Mac and Ric want to go upstairs to check anyway. Sonny objects, not wanting them to disturb Michael. Mac and Ric go up the stairs regardless.

Upstairs, Carly is with Michael and Morgan when Jason and Sam come in. Jason warns Carly that she needs to leave immediately, that the police are coming. Carly refuses, saying she won't leave her sons.

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