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The stairway at the Quartermaine house is marked off as a crime scene. Skye comes down the stairs. Tracy tells Skye she has no right to mourn AJ. Skye tells Tracy to leave her alone. Tracy tells her if she had not enabled Faith Roscoe to get out of prison, none of this would have happened. Skye says she knows. Tracy tells Skye that she knows she must have worked with Jason. And Jason must have known that AJ was on a suicide mission. Skye said she heard that AJ would recover. But Tracy informs Skye that that won’t be possible. She just called the hospital and found out that AJ died. Unknown, probably to both of them, Luke Spencer is hiding behind the couch hearing their conversation.

At the hospital, Steven gives Monica the verdict in a file that AJ did not die from the fall. He was murdered. Emily asks how anyone could think he’d be murdered. He was in a hospital surrounded by doctors. Monica asks what other possibilities Steven might have considered. He says he’s ruled out all natural causes. She asks if he’s found a cause of death. He says there was probably a struggle. Durant appears and asks why Steven believes that. Steven says probably AJ would not have been able to put up much of a struggle since his arms were strapped down and he could not move. Emily asks why Steven assumes there was a struggle. And especially since AJ was sick and sedated there could have been many causes. It could have been a reaction to the medication or an asthma attack. He says he knows that somebody put a pillow over AJ’s face and put it there until he died.

Carly tells Jason that AJ made too many threats and angered too many people. He asks if she left AJ’s room when he was still breathing. She says absolutely. When she talked to him, Elizabeth came in and gave him some sedatives. But he says he knows that she must have come back after he was sedated. She confirms that she did in fact come back in to kill him. At that moment, Jason walks out the door with Carly.

At the Quartermaine house, overheard by Luke, Skye tells Tracy that AJ was her brother. Tracy tells Skye she encouraged all his worst tendencies. Tracy says she has known AJ throughout his life; when he got kicked out of boarding school, when he was unable to catch a ball from his brother Jason, when he used to get drunk on his parents’ alcohol. And she reminds Skye that she is an alcoholic and she encouraged him to be what he became. Tracy also informs Skye that AJ embezzled a lot of money from the Quartermaines and it is up to her, once again, to try to rescue ELQ. And she asks Skye if she had anything to do with that. Skye seems to have some information about where AJ kept the money and tells Tracy that all AJ wanted was to get his son back and Tracy that nobody cares about her. Tracy tells Skye that she, at least, raised too sons who are not criminals. Skye reminds Tracy that they both hate her. Tracy tells Skye that neither of her sons have any real problems except questionable taste in music and bad hair. She asks Skye if the money is in Switzerland. Skye tells Tracy that AJ would not want her near it. Tracy tells Skye she need not speak for her nephew and that that makes her a thief right along with AJ. Skye tells Tracy she is a parasite, a leach. She cannot hold onto anything. Not a family. Not a job. Tracy tells Skye that she wasted Ned’s time, mislead Jax and ran Luke Spencer out of Port Charles. She tells her she will never be a Quartermaine. She says the family just took her in like a stray cat and that’s all she is. And she tells Skye she is responsible for AJ’s loss of life. At that point, Luke comes out of hiding and asks Skye if she missed him.

At the hospital, Courtney goes to talk to Michael. She asks if he wants her to bring him any ginger snaps. He does not respond. She tells him she knows he’s not feeling well. But she is so happy and grateful that he is home and she loves him so much. So do Jason and his mom and dad. She tells him he may rest as long as he wants. She goes outside. She tells Jax that there is no expression on Michael’s face. AJ broke his heart and his spirit. Jax tells her he just needs time. She asks how much time. She tells him Michael is just a child and should be having fun, playing basketball and riding a bicycle. And she tells him she is so glad that that psycho is dead after what he did to her nephew.

Ric confronts Reese about wanting Sonny to cooperate in the investigation. She asks if he is implying that Sonny might have killed AJ. He reminds her that Sonny’s children were kidnapped and he has good reason to want AJ dead. She reminds Ric that so did he.

Monica tells Emily that somebody needs to tell Alan that AJ was murdered. Emily offers to go with her mother to tell that to her father before he hears about it from somebody else. At that moment, Durant enters and offers his “condolences” for their loss. But he also implies that Monica’s other son, Jason has really good motive to kill AJ.

Alone with Carly, Jason tells her that if anybody saw her in AJ’s room or leaving his room after he died, she could be charged with murder.

Luke asks Skye if it’s really true that AJ shot his own father in the back. Hearing that, he tells her that not even his son has done that to him. She tells him that Lucky is the least of his problems. AJ poisoned Michael’s mind against all the people who love him and Michael may never recover. And she reminds him that it would never have happened if the two of them had not let Faith out of prison. Hearing that, he asks when he will ever get her off the hook. He tells her AJ did the damage and it’s nobody’s fault except his. He tells her she must let it go. But she tells him she cannot believe that AJ is really dead. He, then tells her that they need a new project. Helena is on her way back to Port Charles. She tells him she’s not going to get mixed up in any more of his schemes.

Reese tells Ric that she would never blame him for the way he feels about what happened to Christina. She tells him that he would have motive to kill AJ for playing upon his wife’s worst fears. He tells her that is interesting. She asks him where Alexis is, anyway. She asks if Alexis knows that AJ is dead or if he knows where she is. He tells her that’s not her concern. But she seems to know that Alexis is keeping some secrets from him.

Courtney vents to Jax about how despicable AJ is for what he did to Michael. She cannot stop

Rachel tells Steven that she did not kill AJ Quartermaine. She has been in her room almost all night. He asks her about the operative word: “almost”. She asks what motives she’d have to kill AJ. He tells her he knows she does not handle rejection well. Everybody knows she is very vindictive. And it’s possible that AJ had something on her that nobody could even imagine.

Monica tells Durant he has no right to accuse her son, Jason of anything. He tells her that it’s his job to conduct the investigation. But Emily tells him Jason could not have possibly killed AJ. Sam confirms he could not have because he was in the ER with her the whole time. Emily says thank you to Sam. Durant asks them if they can all back that up. Sam says they can.

Jason asks Carly to tell him everything; from the time she left AJ with Elizabeth, until the time they found him dead. And he asks her not to lie to him. She says fine. She says she went to AJ’s room. She told him she’s glad he will live because she will have the satisfaction of killing him herself. She admits to the death threats she made to him. He asks if anybody heard her. She admits that Elizabeth probably did. She says she then waited in the corridor for Elizabeth to leave and went back to his room after the sedative had time to take effect. She admits she picked up a pillow but then noticed he was already not breathing. So she dropped the pillow and ran out. She then tells Jason that she knows it is he who killed AJ.

Luke tells Skye that he can handle his plans on his own. He tells her he had planned on being on his own for the rest of his life, until this stunning redhead came into his life. She tells him that nobody makes her laugh like he does nor makes her appreciate every moment of the day. And he has no idea how happy she is to see him. But she tells him they cannot go back to the way things were, where it was dark and dangerous. He tells her she likes dark as much as he does. He tells her light is an aberration; a mistake. And you know your way around in the dark. You just keep dancing. He tells her he knows they both like dancing. But she tells him she cannot go back into the dark and take another drink, or drug or cigarette. He tells her she’s dragged him out of more than one death trap and put him in the land of the living and she must not think he could just walk away. But she tells him she cannot do this and it’s over. She walks away. But he tells her she’s not rid of him yet.

Jax tells Courtney that now is not the time to vent about AJ. But she keeps talking about how she wishes she could have murdered him in the most brutal way. He reminds her she does not want to incriminate herself by saying that loudly enough to be heard by police. But she does not seem to care. Reese comes and asks if they’ve seen Sonny. They reply they have not. And they leave. Reese then goes in to talk to Michael and asks if he is awake. She tells him about the memories she had of her son not talking when he was upset. But she tells him that her son liked her to sit with him. She asks if it’s ok with him if she hangs out with him for a while.

Sam goes to find Jason and discovers he’s gone without telling her.

Jason tells Carly she needs to think. Elizabeth heard her threaten AJ. Her fingerprints were on a pillow right when he was murdered. She could be in serious trouble. But she does not seem to care.

Ric asks Elizabeth if anyone was around when she gave AJ his sedatives. She admits that Carly was but she does not admit to hearing Carly’s death threats. She does admit that AJ did not want the sedatives and he accused Carly of threatening to kill him. He says he believes Carly might have gone through with killing AJ.

Carly grabs Morgan and tells him that Uncle Jason asked them to wait for him. She tells her infant Son that Michael will be so happy to see him and explains that Michael was hurt because mommy was not there to help him. But she’s there now to protect her little boys.

Elizabeth protests to Ric that AJ told her that she has no reason to believe a word AJ said about Carly threatening him. And she admits that if somebody hurt Cameron as AJ hurt Michael, she’d want to kill them too. He confirms, however that she wouldn’t actually do it. She says maybe not. But it would be her first impulse. He tells her that Carly is very impulsive. Elizabeth tells him that she does not believe that Carly would risk the consequences and lose her kids. He tells her that Carly has a tendency of acting before she thinks. She tells him that Carly is manipulative but would not give anybody the satisfaction of letting her suffer the consequences of killing AJ. He tells her that he never thought of it that way.

Reese tells Michael that her son wanted to be a soccer player. Noticing Jason outside, she tells him she must go talk to Jason. He tells her he observes that she is good with Michael. She asks where Sonny is. Jason says he does not know. She informs him that Sonny was not there when Steven read the autopsy report. That seems a little odd. She tells him that if Michael found out that somebody he loved murdered AJ, he could be damaged beyond all repair.

Emily goes to see her father in the hospital after he’s gotten out of surgery. He tells her he thought he was at home instead of in the hospital and AJ was there. He says he saw AJ as happier than he’d ever seen him. But she tells her father that AJ is in a better place now. Monica comes in and confirms she believes that also. They tell him that AJ was murdered in his sleep. He freaks and demands they get out. He tells them they do not care and do not believe that Jason could have done it. He then gets on the phone and calls Mac Scorpio.

Courtney and Jax go back to his home and find champaigne. He reminds her that their wedding is not far off. It’s May 20.

Reese discovers that Mcihael is gone and asks an attendant where he went. He replies he’s with his father.

Alan tells Mac, from his hospital room, that he saw Jason’s cold remorseless eyes indicated that he murdered AJ. Monica comes in and asks Mac to leave. She asks her husband if Jason shot his father in the back. Did Jason kidnap three children? Alan goes on about his bitterness about Jason. And after Monica has heard enough, she tells her husband that is enough. She wants a divorce.

Ric finds Reese and informs her that since he’s very certain that Carly murdered AJ and nobody has been able to find Sonny, it is his guess that Sonny came and got her and Michael and took them all out of the country. She leaves and tells him she will be in touch. He gets on his phone and leaves a message for Alexis, asking where she is, asking her to call him back and informing her that AJ Quartermaine was murdered.

Jason brings Michael back to Sonny’s to see Carly. Sonny is not there. But Carly is very happy to see her son. He still does not speak. She tells him that the house felt so empty without him. Sam finds Jason and informs him that Durant told her he believed Jason murdered AJ and she told him she was with him the entire time. He tells her from now on he wants her to tell the truth and not cover for him. Hearing that, she concludes that she knows the reason why he left the ER the previous night for a long time without telling her. That’s also the reason why he left with Carly and took Michael out of the hospital. She concludes that Carly murdered AJ and he’s going to cover for her.

Tracy gets on the phone and demands to know where AJ was holding his money. But she doesn’t get any answers. Luke appears and offers her some Scotch. It looks like he’s slipped her something. She passes out and he puts her in a wheelchair and moves her somewhere.

When Courtney is alone with Jax, discussing their wedding plans, he asks her if she’s celebrating their wedding or AJ’s death. She then proposes to him.

Mac tells Ric he is a suspect with motive to kill AJ because he kidnapped Christina. Steven enters and informs Mac that he might have something. He analyzed DNA on AJ’s pillow. Mac, then suspects Alexis, knowing she is nowhere to be found. He tells Steven they cannot rule out anybody. He lists Alexis, Ric, Courtney, Jason, Monica, Rachel, Sonny and he says Carly is at the top of the list.

At Sonny’s home, Carly tries to talk to Michael. From outside, Reese watches.

Jason tells Sam that Carly did not kill AJ. She asks how he knows and why it would be his responsibility to prove she is innocent?

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