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In AJ’s room, Elizabeth walks in to give him his meds and overhears Carly making a pretty direct threat to end his life. Elizabeth makes no comment in regard to Carly’s death threat but tells AJ that it’s doctor’s orders that she gives him sedatives, regardless of whether he wants it. AJ sleeps in his room after taking the sedatives. It becomes dark. Nobody can be seen really well. Carly walks outside and looks like she has some pretty serious plans. Sonny is also walking around outside. So is Courtney. They are all very close to his room and somebody looks to be ready to kill him. A pillow rises over his head. Not knowing or seeing who is there and being unable to move from his bed, AJ tells whoever it is that he has something to say. But at that moment, it looks like the pillow is going to suffocate him.

Sam asks the hospital staff where Jason is. Right at that moment, he enters. He tells her he could not sit still and was worried all night about Michael. He tells her that he wanted to find out exactly what AJ told him. He tells her that he considered threatening to wring AJ’s neck until AJ tells him everything. But he later reconsidered. Sam assures Jason that he made the right decision not to let AJ get to him. Jason tells her he does not want to talk about it. It looks like he’s got some sort of secret.

Emily and Monica check on Alan. Emily tells her mother she wants to be alone with her father.

Ric tells Elizabeth that he needs to somehow get into AJ’s room and talk to him. He’s concerned that AJ is going to somehow build a defense in order to get away with what he did. So he needs to be aware of any or all people who AJ might talk to from his room. He tells her he doesn’t know about hospital policy but he needs a way to protect society from AJ without getting into trouble. Elizabeth agrees that Ric should be able to do what he intends but informs him that AJ is on a sedative and cannot talk to anybody. Ric confides in Elizabeth that he has never wanted to prosecute anybody as much as he does AJ.

Courtney finds Jax after going off by herself. It sounds like she may not be able to account for her whereabouts. Sonny runs into Reese, informing her he had to go take a walk and clear his head. She asks if he is feeling better now. He replies yes. Things are under control, he says. He also looks to not be able to account for his whereabouts.

Inside AJ’s room, while he is knocked out on the sedatives, Carly is standing over AJ’s bed with a pillow. She has either considered suffocating him and then reconsidered. Or she’s already done the job. From outside, Durant seems to be watching.

Steven goes to check on AJ and notices he’s not breathing. Immediately he calls a code blue and tries to revive him. The medical staff try to save AJ but it doesn’t look like they will succeed.

Sonny watches Michael from outside the room. Michael is sleeping. Reese tells Sonny he must not be discouraged. Michael is very strong and smart and brave and he will come out of this. But Sonny tells Reese he is concerned about Dr. O’Donnell telling him and Carly they cannot talk to their son and the fact that he does not want to have his son testify against AJ.

Emily talks to her unconscious father. She reminisces about all the good times they’ve had.

Sam goes into Jason’s room and tells him that it’s time to get home. Monica and Emily then appear and inform them that AJ has taken a turn for the worst and they must go see him. Sam tells Jason she observes that he does not look surprised. When Monica enters and notices that Steven’s attempt to revive AJ did not work, she tells him he may call the time of death. Ric appears outside the door and does not seem unhappy or ready to prosecute whoever might have killed him. Durant is right behind Ric. Monica asks them to let her be alone with her son. Alone with AJ, she cries and holds her deceased son. She asks him when it started. When did he convince himself that he was not good enough? She tells him that in order to get his family’s attention, he had to do all the bad things. She tells him that if she could go back, she would have done anything to get him to know how worthwhile he is. She would teach him to like himself. And she knows that he could not because he hurt so much. He hurt so many other people along the way. She takes his hand and tells him how sorry she is that he never knew how much she loved him. She breaks down and cries.

Assuming that AJ is still alive and still a threat, Jason tells Sam that he always knew that with all the pain that AJ inflicted upon everybody, that sooner or later it would come back to haunt him. Emily enters and informs them that AJ is dead.

Ric informs Sonny that AJ died. Courtney and Jax are also aware. Courtney admits to Jax that she is glad. He asks if AJ threatened her. She says yes. Yesterday, when she saw him in the ER, he said as long as he lives, he would make her life miserable. Jax admits to Courtney that it would be ok if she wants to talk to Jason about AJ’s death since they are family.

Steven enters AJ’s room and tells Monica that he’d like to do an autopsy. But she refuses, telling Steven that she knows the cause of death. Her son fell. And she’d like him to die in peace. Steven asks Monica if there is something she is not telling him. She tells him that she does not want her son’s body to be mutilated. He suffered enough in his life. She wants his death to have more dignity and peace. He tells her that he has to follow proper medical procedures. Knowing she is a doctor with much more experience than himself, he wonders why she does not understand what needs to be done in cases where sudden death is as suspicious as this. She tells Steven she will sign whatever she needs to prevent an autopsy.

After Jason and Sam find out that AJ died, Sam tells Jason that she knows he must have some feelings about AJ’s death since they were brothers and she encourages him to talk about it. He tells her that he has loved his brother and felt sorry for him in the past. But not any more after what he did not Michael.

Alan awakens with Emily sitting by him. She does not know how to tell her father that AJ died. He tells her that he wants to get all the specialists they can find in order to save AJ. He seems to want his son to come through. Emily does not know what to tell him.

Carly tells Sonny that she realizes that AJ was Michael’s biological father and she made the choice she made with him to conceive Michael with him. But she is happy to see that AJ died. She admits that the thought of AJ recovering, pleading insanity and getting away with what he did is something she could not bare. Ric comes and informs them that there will be an investigation into AJ’s death. They protest that nobody should care about a piece of trash like AJ. Why shouldn’t he just be buried in the ground like all the other trash that nobody cares about? Ric privately tells Sonny that he wishes he could prove that AJ died of natural causes. But he realizes it probably didn’t happen.

Courtney finds Jason and tells him she needed to talk to him. She confesses that in the past, she cared for AJ and ignored all the signs about what he was. She tells Jason that were it not for him, she might have stayed with AJ. She tells Jason she wants to thank him for helping her get her life back.

Carly walks around the hospital looking suspicious. Durant seems to be watching her. She goes into the hospital chapel. He enters and sits down next to her and tells her he has a feeling that maybe she could use some help from her father. Carly tells her father that she is there to pray for her son. She is not asking for his advice. She is here to talk to a higher power. Durant informs his daughter that he is not there to tell her what to do with her son. He is just there to tell her that he loves her. He tells her he is just there to help his daughter and she must realize she is not alone. He tells her she has him and he will do anything he can for her. She gets up and leaves, telling him she needs to be with her son.

After finding out that AJ died, Alan tells Emily that AJ had his whole life ahead of him. She tells her father that AJ made his own choices. But he tells her he could have done better and let his son know that he loved him. Emily assures her father that AJ knew that he loved him. Monica joins them and tells them that AJ had such a painful life and he now needs some peace. She tells them that when it was all over, she was alone with him. She says she looked at his face and for the first time in years all his pain and anger was gone. She kissed him goodnight and was able to see him as their beautiful boy once again. And that is the way she wants to remember him. She cries and Emily puts her arms around her mother.

Ric tells Elizabeth that he must investigate the cause of AJ’s death, even if he really personally wants him dead. She admits to him that she gave AJ a sedative he did not want. He confirms with her that it was under doctor’s orders. She replies yes. But she considers the possibility that something went wrong with it and she may have caused his death. She encourages Ric to go and get some rest and be with Alexis and Christina. Ric gets on the phone and discovers that Alexis never checked into the hotel where she said she would be.

Sonny goes to inform Michael that AJ is dead. He tells his son that AJ was a very troubled man. He made a lot of mistakes. He lied to Michael. But it’s now all over. AJ is gone. Michael has his head down on a pillow. He says nothing. But he cries. From outside, Reese watches through the window.

Carly goes to talk to Jason. She gets into an argument with Sam. Sam leaves. Carly informs Jason that she just did something that he is not going to like.

Sonny tells Michael that he knows it’s always hard when somebody dies. But he tells him that when they get him home, it will be ok because he will start feeling like himself again. Michael still says nothing. Sonny then tells his son he will be outside if Michael needs him for anything. He informs Reese that he told him that AJ is dead and he’s just hanging onto his pillow. She tells him that Michael is withdrawn and doesn’t know whom he can trust. He tells her that AJ took that away from him. She tells him that he needs to be patient and put himself in Michael’s place. Sonny admits that he’s never been in Michael’s place. He informs her that he remembers his stepfather getting drunk, locking him in a closet and beating him. Hearing that, she concludes that Sonny does know what it’s like to be an abused child. He tells her that he cannot imagine what it was like for Michael to be betrayed by AJ. But it’s over. AJ can never hurt his son again. At that moment, her beeper goes off. And she tells Sonny that she got a call about the cause of AJ’s death.

Sam goes to the front desk and talks to Elizabeth about getting Jason out of the hospital as soon as possible. At that moment, Emily, Monica, Sonny, Carly, Reese, Courtney and Jax all gather around. Steven enters and gives them the report of findings in regard to AJ’s death. He informs Monica that AJ did not die from a fall. He was murdered.

Privately, Jason asks Carly if AJ was still breathing when she left his room. She replies absolutely. She tells him that she left when Elizabeth came to give him a sedative. He was awake and talking at that time. And she got out after Elizabeth came. But he seems to know that after Carly knew that AJ was sedated, she must have returned to his room. She admits that she did. He asks her what she did.

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