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On the staircase of the Quartermaine house, Jason, Sam, Sonny and Carly arrive. AJ holds a gun on Jason. He taunts his brother telling Jason he bets he won’t pull the trigger. Jason says AJ may shoot him and says he is willing to die if it means that Michael will return to where he belongs and no longer be with him. He encourages AJ to shoot him. But right then AJ shoots and Jason attempts to pull the gun out of his hand and shots are fired at the ceiling. They wrestle with the gun at the top of the stairs until they both fall through the railing to the ground. They both lie at the bottom of the floor. Sonny holds Michael. Carly, Sam and Monica watch shocked. Monica and Sam help Jason. He looks to be ok. But Michael runs out the door. And AJ is lying on the ground and in need of medical care.

Upstairs, after Alan has been shot in the back by AJ, Emily tries frantically to revive her father. She yells for help. But nobody seems to hear.

While AJ is lying still on the floor, Monica tells him he cannot move, knowing he is seriously hurt. At that moment, the paramedics enter and inform Monica for the first time that her husband has been shot and that is what they are responding to. Monica rushes up with the medical team. Emily informs her mother that Alan got shot in the back by AJ, then had a pain in his chest, and then passed out. The paramedics discover that Alan has a pulse and is alive. Emily and Monica are very relieved.

Reese comes to see what has happened. She asks Jason what has happened. Sam interjects and tells her it’s obvious what happened. AJ shot his father in the back and tried to kill Jason. Reese says she’d like to hear it directly from Jason. Realizing that Jason probably assumes she blames him for everything, Reese informs Jason that he is not a suspect. He saved Michael from a kidnapper.

Outside, Sonny and Carly know where Michael is but do not know how to make him trust them. Sonny explains that Jason tried to get the gun away from Jason. Michael tells his father that he is a liar. He tells Sonny and Carly that Jason wanted to murder his real father and only took care of him after his birth because Sonny ordered him to.

At the hospital, Ric calls Courtney and Jax and informs them what happened. When Alan is rushed to the hospital, Monica informs him he will be fine. But Alan says he needs to talk to AJ.

While AJ is wheeled away in a stretcher, Reese reads him his rights and arrests him. Skye enters and asks him how he could do something so despicable. He tells her he trusted her and she betrayed him. But she tells him that there is no excuse for what he did and she does not know him.

Michael yells at his father that he hates him. He knows that Sonny assaulted AJ, locked him in a meat locker and kept him on a meat hook to die when they were fighting for custody of him, way back when. Sonny yells back to his son that he must listen and trust him. But Michael refuses to listen to Sonny or Carly. At that moment, Reese enters, introduces herself to Michael and asks him to go with her so that he can get medical care and talk to the authorities. Michael calmly and courteously agrees to go with Reese and listen to her but he says he refuses to listen to anything Sonny or Carly ask of him.

Reese takes Michael to the hospital. He goes with Dr. O’Donnell. Ric is there with her. Sonny and Carly are behind them. She explains to them that Michael is probably suffering from a psychological condition that commonly happens to kidnapped children who learn to “trust” their captors. She warns them that it might take a while for them to get Michael to believe in them and realize he was brainwashed by AJ. Jason and Sam arrive.

AJ asks the doctor to take him to be near his father. He apologizes to Alan. Alan asks his son why he shot him. AJ explains that he panicked. He tells his father he needs him and needs his help. He urges Alan to support his “story” that he acted in self-defense when Jason tried to kill him. But Alan tells his son no more lies, no more cover-ups. What he did was unforgivable.

Courtney tells Jax that she’s going to make AJ pay for everything he’s done not only to her, but to Michael and to everybody. But Jax tells her that AJ is in enough trouble already.

Reese tells Michael that as a federal agent it is her job to gather facts. She confirms with him that Faith Roscoe kidnapped him, Morgan and Christina. But she tells him that there is proof in the way of bank records and legal evidence that AJ paid Faith to kidnap them for him. She also shows him the tape that AJ used to make him believe that Sonny threw his son away. She plays it for Michael. Remembering hearing what sounded very much like his father’s voice rejecting him, he listens. Reese tells Michael that he must believe that it was a trick on AJ’s part. His father would never say anything like that. And he must realize that his mom and dad love him so much.

Carly tells Sonny she does not care what Dr. O’Donnell says. They are Michael’s parents and only they should be explaining what really happened. Sonny tells her that AJ made Michael believe that they are thieves and liars and didn’t want him. Ric assures them that AJ will not get away with what he did.

Sam tells Jason that she observes that he might be in pain, have multiple concussions and nobody has even bothered to look at him. He assures her he is fine. But she tells him that when she saw him fall through that railing, her heart stopped, she freaked and was afraid she might lose him forever. He assures her he is not going anywhere. She tells him she loves him so much. Courtney comes to see if Jason is ok. He explains to her that he and AJ both went through the railing in a struggle and he is ok. Steven is nearby and reports to them that AJ might make a full recovery. Nobody is happy about that. Sonny informs Jason that the doctor told them that since AJ really brainwashed Michael and caused him serious psychological damage, they need to back off and let others talk to Michael. Jason reveals to Sonny that he is not happy that AJ will probably not die. Courtney goes in to see AJ. She expresses how she wishes he’d die. She tells him he is the same loser he’s always been, although he tells her that he has not lost this time, his son loves him and is on his side. He tells her he will fight the trumped up charges, then walk away and take his son away where nobody will ever find him. She tells him he will pay for what he did. Hopefully he will get the death sentence if there is any justice. And she tells him their divorce is final and she will marry the love of her life. She tells him that he is stuck in that hospital room and she is free to live in peace. But he tells her she will never live in peace. Wherever he is, as long as he is alive, he will find a way to make her life a living hell.

Reese tells Michael that his father is a wonderful man and a fantastic father and so is his mother. He looks like he wants to go to sleep on the waiting room couch. She tells him that she will let him get some sleep. He says thank you to her. She goes outside and sees Carly, who is determined to see her son. But Reese urges Carly not to push this. She tells Carly that AJ formed an emotional attachment to Michael. And although everybody knows it’s based on lies, Michael needs time. He needs to make his own conclusion and have some space. But Carly tells Reese that she will not lose one more minute with her son. AJ has already taken enough from her. AJ must be stopped or else he will do the whole thing all over again. She tells Reese that AJ will stop at nothing, not only to get the son whom he believes is rightfully his, but also to harm innocent children like Morgan and Christina. And she cannot sit by and let Michael believe AJ’s lies. From inside the room, Michael hears their conversation.

Ric goes into AJ’s room and asks him what the deal is. AJ tells Ric that Faith was unsuccessful in keeping Morgan and Christina away from their parents. But Sonny told him he did not want Michael and asked him to take him. Ric tells AJ that he can sell that line of crap to a nine year old. But nobody else believes it. He tells AJ that he knows AJ paid Faith Roscoe to kidnap three children so he could “camophlage” his own intention to kidnap Michael. AJ tells Ric that he and Faith met a few times but he never did any business with her. He tells Ric he did not kidnap his son. The only reason they came back to Port Charles was because Michael was homesick and because he also wanted to see his family. Then Jason tried to kill him. He says he did nothing wrong. Ric tells AJ that there’s no way he’s going to get a lighter sentence for what he did by pleading diminished capacity. He reminds AJ that he also helped kidnap Christina, Ric’s niece and stepdaughter. And Ric will not let him go without paying for that.

Ric goes outside AJ’s room and informs Sonny, Jason and Sam that he knows AJ is going to try to build an insanity defense and make himself look like a victim. Sam tells him that is such an obvious lie. But Ric warns them that AJ can hire a dream team of defense lawyers, talk about his life-long emotional problems, and might very well succeed in pulling it off. Reese comes out and informs Sonny that she talked to Michael and observes that he is still fragile and confused and will need some time to deal with what just happened. Sonny informs her that AJ is going to use the insanity defense. Ric tells her they need to prevent him from succeeding with that. She concludes that that will mean they will need Michael’s testimony. But Sonny says no to that; his son has been through enough pain.

Carly tells Courtney that Michael doesn’t need “time to process” no matter what Dr. O’Donnell says. He needs to know that his family would never abandon him. Courtney encourages Carly to trust in her maternal instincts and know what she needs to do. Hearing that, Carly rushes in to see her son, crying.

Sonny goes into AJ’s room. He admits he’d like to murder him and send him to hell. AJ encourages Sonny to kill him. He tells him he should do that so that he will push Michael further away. And realizing that now Sonny is exiled from his son, AJ asks him how it feels. Sonny tells AJ that a little boy is upstairs, scared, confused and crying his eyes out. And he asks AJ if he is really proud of himself and believes he’s “beat” Sonny because of that. He asks if he thinks it’s really cool that he’s gotten to be a father by costing a child his trust and security. And he tells AJ he knows it doesn’t matter to him as long as he gets what he wants. AJ tells Sonny that Michael is his child and Sonny stole him. Sonny tells AJ he never stole Michael. He saved him. And he gets up closer to AJ and tells him he will never come near his son again; he says he promises that, on his mother’s soul.

Jason tells Sam that he just wishes he could talk to Michael. She offers to go and see how he is and attempt to talk to him. When Jason is alone, Monica approaches her son and admits that she realized when she saw both her sons go sailing off the railing that AJ’s whole reason for coming back to Port Charles was to kill Jason. She tells him it just breaks her heart that they’ve lost all these years because of his conflicts with AJ and because she and his father have admittedly failed. He assures her that they did the best they could. She thanks him for saying that. She realizes that AJ might never see it that way, but she wants Jason to know that she loves both her sons, always has and always will. Monica goes in to talk to AJ. He tells her he’s not interested in hearing what a disappointment he is to her. She tells her son that is not what she came to tell him. She wants him to know that she loves both her sons.

Emily asks Jason if he’s seen a doctor for his injuries. He tells her he’s fine but is worried about what has happened to Michael and that’s his primary concern. When AJ gets wheeled toward her, Emily screams at AJ telling him she will never forgive him and wishes he was dead. Monica comes and puts her arms around Emily and gets her to calm down.

Sonny and Carly “break the rules” and go to talk to Michael. He turns his back to them and says nothing. Sonny tells his son he knows he must be scared and confused. He says he realizes that when things get to you, it can be much safer and easier to go inside oneself. He tells him he knows all too well what that’s like and so does his mother. He tells his son that it is ok and assures him that they will both be there for him whenever he needs them. Courtney is outside the door looking at them through the window. Sam appears and asks how Michael is. Courtney says not good.

Rachel goes to see AJ. He asks her to tell the police that she helped him fake his own death. He offers to pay her. But she tells him she almost ruined her life because of him and she’s not about to do it again. He tells her she might want to reconsider. Otherwise he can name her as an accomplice and tell them she helped him kidnap the children. At that moment, Steven enters and tells AJ he must be immobile or he can become paralyzed. And he tells AJ he will not hesitate to strap him down for his own safety. Carly tells AJ that she is happy to know that he will live because she will now have the satisfaction of killing him herself. She tells him there is nothing lower on this earth than a child abuser. And that is what he is. He broke Michael’s spirit. AJ protests that he reunited with his son and did not hurt him. She tells him she will make certain that he will never see his son again. She tells him she will end it once and for all one night when he’s lying in his hospital room. She tells him that nobody will miss him, least of all Michael. At that moment, Elizabeth enters sounding like she has heard Carly threaten to murder AJ. She tells Carly she has to leave because AJ needs his medication. AJ tells Elizabeth that Carly just threatened his life. AJ refuses to take his sedative.

Elizabeth goes out and talks to Emily. But she is interrupted by her beeper. Courtney tells Jax that AJ is still gloating about what he has done. And he should be “put down” like a rabid dog. He offers to take her home. But she says she wants to stay and be there for Michael.

Sam returns to Jason. He asks her what happened. She tells him that she was able to see that Michael was totally withdrawn and it was devastating. She noticed Sonny and Carly there with him but he was just staring. He asks her if she can get him some water. It looks like he has a private plan.

Sonny tells Reese that he knows what it’s like to get trapped inside oneself by fear. She assures him that they will do everything they can to build a case against AJ and make sure he never gets to hurt Michael again.

In AJ’s room, when he is immobilized and unable to move his hands, he notices somebody coming in. Not concerned who it is or what they want he just tells them he has something to say. But at that moment, it looks like somebody is ready to smother him with a pillow.

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