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General Hospital Update Thursday 4/21/05



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THE CHURCH: John argues with the man in the confessional booth about the details of their plan to take Sonny down. Just as he is about to look into the booth to see who it is he's talking to, Ric comes into the church and asks John what he's doing there?

GREYSTONE: Reese comes into the main room of the estate and alerts Sonny that the FBI has uncovered evidence that points to the fact that AJ has been messing with Michael's head this whole time.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: AJ is hiding in the attic while Jason roams about, looking for clues about Michael. Jason finds a newspaper clipping concerning the memorial service at the playground. He looks at it as Emily comes in. They talk a bit and then leave. AJ comes out of his hiding place.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly, crying with relief, is so happy to see Michael alive and in front of her (Lorenzo is standing nearby) -- but as she comes closer, Michael snarls for her not to touch him. Carly is stunned.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Emily and Jason discuss the fact that Michael is possibly being hidden by AJ somewhere on the grounds. Emily is disgusted with AJ's actions. Jason asks her how she's been doing, and Emily replies that some days are better than others. They talk about Alan -- Emily is going to keep an eye on him for Jason.

Jason and Emily go into another room in the mansion and find Skye looking around the desk there. Skye is nervous. She makes an excuse and quickly leaves. Emily and Jason discuss Skye and Emily notes that Skye will feel a lot better about her prior involvement in busting Faith out of prison once they know that Michael is alive. Jason seems to be getting an idea about Skye, but says nothing.

THE CHURCH: Ric is accusing John of having set the car bomb that almost took out Reese. John changes the subject, wondering when Ric started to protect Sonny? Ric replies that his job is to uphold the law, and if John keeps breaking it, he'll break John. John walks off to light a candle for Michael.

GREYSTONE: Reese lets Sonny listen to the audio tape that AJ played for Michael to make him think that Sonny no longer wanted him. Sonny can't believe it. He doesn't think Michael would ever buy into AJ's scam.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly tries to get through to Michael, who insists that she's a liar and only wants Morgan in her life. Carly disagrees and tells him that they thought that he was dead. She wants to take him to Sonny. Michael tells her that he talked to Sonny on the phone and Sonny said he didn't want him back. Carly replies that that was a trick AJ came up with. Michael calls her a liar again and runs off. Carly is about to start after him, when AJ suddenly comes out of the bushes and points a gun at her, warning her to leave Michael alone.

When the scene returns from commercial, AJ is pointing the gun at both Lorenzo and Carly. AJ and Carly start shouting at each other, arguing over which one of them Michael loves more. Carly is about to lunge at AJ when Lorenzo pulls her away and urges her to let AJ go, that AJ won't pay for this. AJ leaves.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily shows up at the hospital to talk to Monica. She asks Monica if she thinks that Alan could be helping AJ. They discuss the possibility -- Monica thinks it could be true. Emily can't believe that Alan would do such a thing. Monica explains that Alan spent most of his life trying to get the approval of his father, Edward. Alan understands now what AJ went through when the family pitted him against Jason when they were only boys. Monica thinks that Alan is trying to take this chance to redeem himself, to be a good father to AJ.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Reese discuss Michael -- Reese tries to explain to Sonny that AJ managed to turn Michael against Sonny and Carly. Sonny refuses to believe that Michael would ever think that they wouldn't want him. He keeps saying over and over that Michael was getting over all of Sonny and Carly's drama following their decision to divorce. Reese says that she just wants Sonny to know that the Michael that comes home will be very different from the Michael that went away. Carly suddenly runs into the room and tells Sonny that she saw Michael at the playground. (As Carly comes in, Reese exits to give them time alone.) Carly explains to Sonny that Michael thinks they don't love him anymore.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: AJ comes into the mansion -- Alan is surprised to see him. He can't believe that AJ left the attic and that AJ and Michael are now seperated. Alan gets upset and orders AJ into the attic. AJ and Alan argue a bit and then, suddenly, Monica comes in. She is shocked to see that it's true, that AJ is really alive. She runs to him and hugs him tenderly.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven is about to go off on another round when he runs into Rachel. Steven tells her that an investigation has proven that AJ is still alive. Rachel is happy because now everyone knows that she didn't murder AJ. Steven reminds her that she is still in a lot of trouble -- and now if it's true that AJ had Michael, Rachel could be tried as an accomplice to a kidnapping. Rachel swears she didn't know anything about AJ's plan to take Michael. Steven tells her that he believes her. Rachel wants Steven to know how much AJ played her. She is stunned to realize that AJ's plan all along was just to kidnap Michael from Sonny and Carly.

SKYE'S COTTAGE: Skye returns to her house -- and is met by Jason, who is very angry at her. He knows that she's been helping AJ. Jason tells Skye that AJ actually has Michael, who is alive. Skye is stunned to hear that...she had no idea that AJ had Michael.

THE PLAYGROUND: Ric meets up with Reese -- they discuss John's actions at the church. Reese tells Ric that she heard John and the man in the confessional booth discussing money to buy witnesses to put Sonny away. Ric thinks that John set the car bomb right after realizing that Reese heard him. He's going to get right on it, but is wary of Reese now since she herself is in bed with the mob.

GREYSTONE: Carly and Sonny talk about how everyone in town is out looking for Michael. Sonny has a momentary issue with Carly getting Lorenzo to help them but then admits he doesn't care who finds Michael as long as it's not AJ. Carly talks about how Michael believes they don't want him anymore. Sonny just wants to focus on the fact that Michael's alive.

Suddenly Leticia comes in with Morgan -- she wants to show them Morgan's new tooth. Everyone is happy that Michael is alive. Sonny and Carly gush over Morgan just in time for Michael (looking in the window) to see them. Michael gets upset. While all Sonny and Carly are doing is talking to Morgan about what Michael's homecoming will be like, Michael can't hear any of that. Morgan is distracted by movement outside, and Sonny goes to check. He calls out for Michael but can't find him anywhere. He comes back inside and promises Carly that they will find Michael.

THE PLAYGROUND: Ric is upset that Reese went to Sonny instead of going elsewhere to get help. Ric is upset that they have nothing on the Sandoval murders -- he says that as the DA it makes him look especially bad. He wants solid, clean eivdence that will hold up in court against Sonny. He needs to have a strong case that won't just look like the little brother getting even.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Monica wants to know where Michael is. She's upset to hear that they aren't quite sure where he's gone. She is also upset with AJ's plan to kidnap Michael. AJ and Monica start to argue about how he has spent his whole life living in Jason's shadow. AJ thinks that Monica loves Jason more than she loves him. He wants to have her support, and thinks that if he had it he and Michael would both be living in Port Charles. He points out that Jason will kill him when he finds him, and that he needs a place to hide. Monica is still worried about Michael but AJ says that Michael will be back. He continues to say that he knows Monica will never love him the way she loves Jason...but just this once she wants her to choose him, and let her leave the country.

SKYE'S COTTAGE: Jason shows Skye the letter they found that Michael wanted to send to Jason that proves that AJ told him that Sonny and Carly no longer wanted him. Skye is stunned that AJ would do such a thing. Jason wants to know where AJ is and Skye says she doesn't know, she just agreed to help him get money to leave the country. She says that she already made the transfer and that she was supposed to call AJ to let him know. Of course now, she says, she won't help AJ anymore. Jason tells her that she will.

THE PLAYGROUND: John meets up with Reese in the playground. She tells him that she knows he's been looking for her. Reese asks him if he set the car-bomb to scare her or to kill her? As she asks him this, we see that she is wearing a wire that is recording her conversation with John to a tape recorder that Ric is controlling in the back of a nearby van.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Monica tells AJ that if she could go back in time as a parent she would make different choices -- that she would spend more time with AJ. But now she can't make any of that right. She says that as bad a parent as he thinks she is, it doesn't justify what he is doing to Michael. AJ asks her what she's going to do -- call the police? He pleads to just let him get away with Michael, to stop Jason from killing him. Monica says again that she loves him with all her heart. She hugs him and leaves the room. Alan and AJ look at each other.

Monica goes out into the foyer and looks at the phone on the table. She seems to be contemplating making a call to the police. But before she can, Alan comes up behind her and starts dragging her away down to the basement.

GREYSTONE: Jason tells Sonny and Carly that Skye is going to help them by pretending to help AJ...she'll let them know where she's supposed to meet up with AJ later and they'll show up instead to get Michael.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Michael is sitting by himself up in the attic, looking at the newspaper clipping of the memorial service. AJ comes up and tells him that he scared him to death by leaving. Michael is upset, and tells AJ that AJ was right, that Sonny and Carly have Morgan and don't want him anymore.

THE PLAYGROUND: John wants to know why he would want Reese dead? Reese again tries to bait him into a confession by saying that she did hear John in the confessional booth with the mysterious accomplice. John replies that she is not fooling him, because he knows what she's up to.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan locks Monica in the basement freezer...he says that he will be back for her just as soon as Michael and AJ are safely out of the country.

Meanwhile, up in the attic, AJ asks Michael if he's sure that no one saw him. Michael says that he did see Carly but ran from her. AJ says he knows that it hurts, but he hopes Michael understands that he would never give him away because he loves him. Michael smiles and says that he's glad that AJ is his real dad. AJ says he's glad too. They hug. Just then AJ gets a call on his phone from Skye, who tells him that the passports are ready and they can now leave the country. AJ relays all of that information to Michael, who looks uncertain when AJ notes that they'll never have to come back to Port Charles again.

GREYSTONE: Jason gets a call from Skye telling him that they are to meet AJ on the tramac at the Port Charles Airport in half an hour. Jason tells Sonny and Carly this. Sonny smiles.

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