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General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/20/05



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As Lucky and Elizabeth get off the elevator in the hospital, he is carrying her. She asks him to put her down and tells him this is unprofessional. He tells her he’s feeling better, no longer needs to feel like an invalid and he kisses her. Right then, Emily enters and notices them. Knowing that she can see that Lucky is getting better, they realize that that might motivate Emily to ask him to leave her home and keep herself in more denial about the rape.

In the Quartermaine attic, Michael finds a music box and plays it. AJ enters and tells his biological son that someone might hear him. He tells Michael that they need to stay hidden there and that he’s gone downstairs to get them some breakfast but couldn’t manage to go to the kitchen and remain unseen.

Carly goes to Jason and Sam’s and asks them what the word is about Michael. Jason tells her he believes that he is somewhere in Port Charles. He tells her he believes AJ is with him. But he will make certain that AJ does not leave with him. Jason informs Carly that he and Sam just missed AJ and thought they might have flown to Sienna. Sam tells Carly that they found a guy whom they cornered to tell them that AJ took Michael to Port Charles. Jason tells Carly he assumes they are at the Quartermaines. He says probably Alan would help them. Carly confirms most likely Monica would not. Jason concludes that that is why he needs to go and find Monica and tell her all about what he’s discovered.

AJ tells Mcihael that they can travel the world. Michael talks about carnivals he’s remembered. AJ tells him he can take him to all the carnivals he wants all over the world. Michael asks if they plan to come back to Port Charles. AJ asks why he would want to. AJ then tells Michael he will go downstairs again and attempt to get them breakfast without being seen. Before AJ leaves, he tells Michael he could “lock” him up there. But he does not want him to feel like a prisoner. He tells him he trusts him. It’s the two of them, father and son. Michael agrees but looks like he is not entirely with AJ on that. When he’s alone, he goes to the door but then walks back. He again opens the music box.

Dillon, Georgie and Brook Lynn go to talk to Edward. He tells them that he believes that they cannot sell the house regardless of what Monica and Alan want. The three of them leave. He tells them he doesn’t want them coming back until they talk to Emily. Brook Lynn questions why he believes that Emily would listen to them if they did try to convince her to persuade Monica not to sell the houses. Edward asks Dillon where his mother would go if Monica decided to sell the house. Hearing that, Dillon admits that he does not know. Edward motivates his grandson by reminding him that since he is a minor, his mother could make him stay stuck wherever she wants him. At that point, Dillon and Georgie tell him they will go and find Emily and resolve everything for him. Brook Lynn goes with them.

Noticing Lucky is with Elizabeth and feeling better, Emily tells him that since he is getting better, he no longer needs to stay with her and baby-sit her. She tells them both that she is fine and nobody can undo what Connor did. Elizabeth asks her why she is hiding out at Windermere. Emily tells her it’s a great place to study. Elizabeth asks Emily about her divorce papers. She tells both of them that she really appreciates all of their support but she wants them to stop worrying about her. When she leaves them alone, they are at least relieved to know that she is not angry at them for what they know about her business.

Monica runs into Dr. Winters who has just come back from her vacation in Hawaii. They seem to be really chummy. Dr. Winters encourages Monica to take Alan and go on a vacation. Monica says she needs not bring her husband and admits that he’s been driving her nuts. Ric approaches Dr. Winters. She asks him about Christina. He tells her she’s doing fine. Dr. Winters asks Ric how Alexis is doing and admits that she has been away for the last few weeks and that Alexis has not called her. She assumes that Alexis must be seeing another therapist, although Ric knows his wife has been lying and telling him she’s been seeing her.

Georgie tells Dillon that the gardens in this house are so beautiful. He tells her that they hide all the dirty secrets. She encourages him to make a film about how he sees that. But he tells her again that he does not plan to be making any films any time soon. At that moment, Brook Lynn enters with Emily. She asks them if they are ok. They all seem happy. She asks them if they are on drugs. Dillon asks her why they’d need to be on drugs in order to be happy. She tells them she just wants them to tell her what they need. Edward enters. And they inform Emily that Monica wants to sell the house and they want her to talk Monica out of it. Emily tells her grandfather that if he wants her to move back in, why does he not just ask her himself? He replies because he’s afraid that she would not do what he asks. Edward tells his granddaughter that the Quartermaines need another chance. And she is the only person who can give them that chance.

After Jason has gone off, Carly asks Sam what she knows about Michael’s state. Sam replies as far as she knows Michael is alive and well, but AJ has made Michael believe that Carly and Sonny don’t want him. Hearing that, Carly gets up and is ready to leave. But Sam reminds her that Jason asked them both to stay there and wait for him. Sam reveals to Carly that she knows that Jason has this whole thing covered and knows what types of stunts AJ has pulled with his brother and probably what he is now pulling with Michael. And that is why Jason now needs Monica’s help. Carly inquires if Jason really told her about AJ’s history. Sam asks why he would not. Carly tells Sam, in a sarcastic way that she really is the “expert” about Jason. Sam tells Carly she would not expect her to understand about her relationship with Jason. Carly tells Sam she has a plan. Sam tells Carly she must please not drag Lorenzo Alcazar into this. Carly says to Sam that she is the one who does not understand and if Lorenzo wants to help her find her son, why shouldn’t she let him? Carly goes out the door.

AJ tells Michael that all the stuff in this attic, including the music box, belonged to his great grandma Lily. He asks Michael if he remembers her. Michael admits he does and that she was nice. Michael tells AJ that when grandpa Alan told him that AJ died, he knows Alan was very upset. AJ says he knows his father felt bad about the way he treated him. Michael also tells AJ that he observed that Alan was happy to see him last night. Michael asks AJ why everybody except him and Alan believe he died. AJ tells Michael they’ve already gone through this. Sonny and Carly had to tell everybody that so that they would not know that they gave him up. Michael still inquires why they cannot tell anybody that he is alive and well. Why can’t they at least tell Jason?

Jason finds Monica and tells her he knows that Michael is alive. He shows her the letter that Michael wrote to him about Sonny not wanting him. Monica is shocked that Michael would believe that about Sonny. Jason informs his mother that AJ is working on Michael. He tells her he discovered a digitally mastered phone recording AJ had of Sonny saying he didn’t want Michael. She protests that she cannot believe that even AJ could be so heartless to his child. Alan hears their conversation and asks if there is a problem. Jason replies yes there is. He tells his father that when he finds AJ, he will not let him get away with what he did to Michael.

Lucky and Elizabeth are moving to his new less-than-luxurious new place and getting it on.

Carly goes to inform Lorenzo of the latest news about Michael and AJ. She tells him that she feels she cannot confide in anyone else except him. She admits to him she’s been such a jerk and wonders why he bothers. He tells her it’s simple. He’s crazy about her.

Alan asks Jason why he suspects AJ of lying about being dead and keeping Michael. Jason says he knows AJ is capable of that kind of behavior and has motives to lie and steal Michael from Sonny and Carly. Alan denies that he has any clue what Jason is talking about. Jason tells Alan that if he’s done anything to help AJ, he will stop them both. When Jason leaves, Alan asks Monica if she believes Jason. Monica asks Alan where the hell Michael is.

In the attic, Michael looks at an album with pictures of himself and his biological family, the Quartermaines. He also notices a newspaper clipping. It’s the recent project for the Michael foundation, set up by Sonny and Carly as a memorial since they believe he’s dead. At that point, he must now know that AJ is lying to him about his parents not wanting him.

Skye is alone in the park. Out of nowhere AJ appears and says “surprise”. She is shocked and startled to see him.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she has many fears about where Michael might be. She’s worried and has Leticia sitting by the phone. Lorenzo tells Carly that he’s glad that she came to him for help. He asks if she is starting to trust him. He admits that he did not deserve her trust at first and did not earn it. He asks her to make him a better man. He then tells her he’s going to get started on the search for Michael and asks her if she wants to come along. She declines and tells him there’s somewhere she needs to be.

Noticing AJ, Skye lashes out at him. She asks if he knows the damage he’s done having everybody believing he’s dead. Alan has started to drink again. She knows that Rachel is a nut job, almost got Courtney framed for a murder that didn’t even happen and must be working with him. He tells her he thought she’d be happy to see him. He tells her he got into some trouble, needs some money and a place to live. She tells him she cannot help him. He reveals to her that Alan knows he is alive and is keeping the secret for him. She then asks him what he needs.

Alan tells Monica that her beloved Jason believes that he knows where AJ is. She tells him he needs to tell her that AJ is not hiding in their house. She tells him that he must be and that is why Alan was suddenly so happy yesterday. Alan protests that Jason stabbed AJ in the back. She tells him that she saw the letter Michael wrote to Jason with the belief that Sonny did not want him and knows the only source he’d have heard that from is AJ. She admits that it may not be fair that Sonny and Carly have Michael. But what AJ did was unforgivable.

Emily tells Edward that maybe there is no way to fix their problems. There might be no such thing as family and they might be all alone. He tells her he’s glad that her grandmother did not hear her. She tells him that she is no saint and has her own problems to deal with. He asks her to please reconsider. But she tells him she cannot. When Emily is alone, Jason sneaks in and tells her he needs a favor from her. He tells her that AJ is alive and he has Michael.

Lucky and Elizabeth admit that his new place leaves much to be desired. He talks about how he’s not financial well off. Even if he gets reinstated in the police department, he’d be living on a rookie cop’s salary and has tons of medical bills. She admits she is not rich either. But she wants stability for her and her baby. Hearing that, he is very disappointed that she does not want to live with him.

Ric returns home and discovers that Alexis has “missed” her appointment with Dr. Winters. Knowing that he knows she is not where she said she’d be, she tells her husband she must have forgotten. He asks her how many times she’s seen Dr. Winters in the recent past. Alexis tells him a few times and asks him if there is a problem. He informs her that he knows that Dr. Witners is in Hawaii, that she told him that Alexis has not had any appointments with her, and he wonders whom she has been talking to.

Alone, Sam opens a box with jewelry and remembers having a romantic dinner with Jason on the roof before getting Michael back. She admitted to him that she’s so used to being alone throughout her life. And she told him that she just wants to be with him. She takes the necklace with the star out of the box remembering that happy event.

Carly goes to the park, right where she used to go to see Michael. But she does not see her “vision” of him. Michael is not far away, however. He is able to notice is gravestone.

AJ returns to the attic looking for Michael and notices he is gone. Just then he hears somebody attempting to unlock the door and get inside. It’s Jason.

Lucky admits to Elizabeth that she does have a nice place to live right now, although he is really disappointed that she does not want to live with him.

Hearing Ric admitting he’s caught her in a lie, Alexis tells him she does not appreciate being put on trial. He asks her why she’s lied to him. She tells him she’s tried to tell him what’s going on but he does not understand. She tells him she loves him. She tells him she’s going to go pick up Christina and take her some place safe and quiet where she can think and asks him not to go after them. She leaves.

Emily goes to the Quartermaines to see her mother. While waiting, she remembers Jason telling her that he needs her to watch the Quartermaines, especially Alan because it may be the only way to find Michael. Monica comes down the stairs and asks her daughter why she needed to see her. Emily asks her mother if she can just hold off on selling the house for a little while longer. It seems she has another motive in order not to sell the house. She tells Monica that their family has lost so much. She does not want to lose the house. Monica asks Emily if this has something to do with AJ. Emily admits that her father believes AJ is alive But for reasons that have nothing to do with that, she’d like the house to be taken off the market. At that moment, Edward enters, looking like he’s been hearing everything and tells them how happy she is.

When Jason enters the Quartermaine attic, AJ hides and remains unseen. Jason looks around and notices the newspaper article about the Michael Foundation on the floor. He looks at it and knows there’s something going on.

Carly walks around the park. She sees Michael on the swing but questions if it’s another “vision”. Lorenzo enters and admits he sees him too. Michael turns his head to see his mother. Carly knows her son is real.

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