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Noticing Ric at the door at Sonny’s and noticing she’s been “busted” and caught in a lie, Reese asks Ric why he’s there. He asks her why all the secrecy. Why did she leave the hospital without telling anybody where she went? And why did Sonny deny that he knew where she was? She replies that it should be very obvious.

Sonny goes to Jason’s and notices Carly there. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she is there to talk to Jason and inform him that Sonny has lost his mind by sleeping with a fed. Sonny tells her he knows what he’s doing in the way of what to say and when and how not to set himself up around Reese. Carly informs her soon-to-be-ex-husband that he is grieving and Reese is taking advantage of that. He tells her she should tell him the real reason she is there and why his involvement with Reese concerns her. She is jealous that he is with another woman. She tells him it has nothing to do with that. What he does is his business. But he has no right to throw away her future or Jason’s. He reminds her that Reese is no danger to him. She’s chosen to compromise and anything she has against him she can no longer use.

Alan goes outside his door to his patio. Suddenly out of nowhere, AJ appears with Michael. Alan is shocked by very happy to see his son and grandson. AJ tells his father that he needs to hide them and keep his secret from everybody, including his own family since everybody believes they are dead. Alan tells AJ no. This is going to end right now.

Sonny tells Carly that they have both decided that their marriage is over. But she indicates to him that she may still have possessive feelings for him. He tells her that the number one concern he has is about Michael. She tells him that she knows that Michael is alive. He cannot believe that and tells her that she cannot do that to him. But she protests that she has proof that their son is alive.

Alexis talks to Reese, telling her that she should seriously consider that Sonny had something to do with the car bomb and that he’d have motives. Reese says if Sonny wanted her dead, he would not have pulled her from the wreckage and saved her life. Alexis agrees that Sonny probably would not want her dead but whoever did had something to do with Sonny since everybody who comes in contact with Sonny is a target. Ric asks Reese if she believes instead that John Durant might have planted the car bomb. He reminds her that she left a phone message to talk to him about Durant right before the car bomb went off. She says she will talk to him about that in private. Ric tells her she may tell Alexis everything she’s told him. Reese tells them both that she could not prove that either Sonny or Jason was responsible for the Sandoval shootings. So Durant goes and coerces Maria Sanchez into giving false testimony. Ric tells her he knows about Durant setting Diego Sanchez up with the oregano. She also tells them that she caught Durant talking secretly to a confessional about wanting to go after Sonny. He later demanded that she hand over incriminating information to nail Sonny. She failed to do what he demanded. And only hours later, after leaving Sonny’s, her car blew up. Ric admits that he has observed that John Durant believes he is above the law. But Alexis does not buy that Durant had anything to do with that because he is a federal prosecutor and he’s too smart to resort to murder.

Meanwhile Durant is talking again to his contact about his plans against Sonny. He asks for the concealed guy’s identity. The guy tells him that “they” prefer to remain anonymous. Durant reminds him that they’ve given him money and resources and claim that they are on the same team. He asks why he cannot know who they are. The guy tells him a more important question should be whether they could get a conviction against Sonny Corinthos. Durant assures the guy that he can. The guy questions whether it’s just an empty promise.

AJ explains to his father that he rescued Michael from Faith. He and Michael were on their way to the Bahamas when their plane crashed and they were luckily rescued. He explains that he convinced Michael to live with him because Sonny and Carly don’t want him. He admits that it was tough on Michael at first. But now Michael has come to accept that Morgan is Sonny’s real son and Sonny wants a family without him. He tells Alan that now Michael is with his real father. He also reveals to his father that he’s gotten into some trouble. Alan asks his son exactly what happened. AJ explains unspecifically that he got into some trouble with some “bad guys”. But before he’s able to finish talking, he hears Monica. He instantly hides with Michael. Monica comes out and tells Alan that she heard some voices outside and wonders who he was talking to. AJ and Michael hide so that she cannot see them. Alan explains to Monica that he guesses he was just talking to himself. He’s been doing a lot of that recently. She tells him she just went out to see if he was ok, in regard to his chest pains. He tells her he appreciates her concern and asks if she still plans to sell the house. She informs him that she believes that would be the best thing for the family. He seems to agree and puts his arms around his wife. And he tells her it does not matter where they live and that she is the only home he’s ever needed. He suddenly appears more positive, telling her that he plans to stop drinking and dwelling in all the negativity and he apologizes for his previous behaviors. And he asks her to go and look at the flower garden with him, remembering that his mother’s roses are probably in bloom by now. Hearing that, AJ tells Michael that he should be very encouraged to know that his grandfather lied for them. But Michael tells AJ that he does not approve of what he is doing.

Dillon tells Georgie that he still has a problem with the fact that Michael does not have the chance that he has. She tells him that he needs to realize the good he’s done for so many people. He really helped Brook Lynn when she was having problems with her parents. He was a great friend to Sage when nobody else was there for her. And taught her how to love and trust and care for someone else as much as she cares for herself. He tells her she is the best thing in his life. She tells him he also has his passion to make films. But he tells her he just cannot go through with that knowing that Michael is lying in a swamp somewhere. But she urges him to know he must get past that and never give up on his dream. He asks her why she is so invested in this. She tells him that when you love somebody, their dreams are your dreams. And she convinces him to see that he is not honoring Michael’s life by giving up on his own life.

Reese tells Alexis that she realizes that Durant’s wanting to kill her is hard to believe. But he has motives. Ric confirms that Durant is clearly obsessed about going after Sonny and that could lead to bad judgment. Alexis suggests that Reese might have many enemies that she’s put in prison that could have done it. Reese admits that anything is possible and that is why she must protect herself by hiding out at Sonny’s. Hearing that, they both agree to protect Reese and keep the secret about where she is staying.

Sonny tells Carly that she and Jason and anybody who believes Michael is alive needs to stop clinging to false hopes. He asks her why they would even torture themselves looking at a photo of Michael after he was killed. She protests that Michael’s pupils were not dilated and when Jason enlarged the photo, it looked very clear that Michael was alive and that it was a digitally altered photo made to look like he was dead. He tells her that Jason saw what he wanted to see and tells her she must forget the picture and the premonition that she believes in and forget the bitch that killed Michael. Carly urges him to hear her out. But he tells her he cannot keep listening to her false hopes and allow her to break her own heart all over again. They must focus on the reality that their son is dead. But she tells him she is just asking him to risk his own heart and hear what she says and what she knows. Hearing that, he asks her to tell him what she knows.

At Kelly’s, Alexis privately tells Ric that she does not believe for a moment that Reese really believes that Durant tried to kill her. Ric tells her that Reese seemed convinced to him. She tells him that Reese is refusing to consider Sonny as a suspect because she is emotionally involved with him. And she suggests that her D.A. husband talks to Reese’s superiors if she will not get herself removed from this case and replaced by somebody with more objectivity. He tells her that he cannot prove anything about Reese failing to do her job. Right then, Durant enters and asks them what their conversation involving Reese Marshall is about.

Back at Sonny’s, Morgan is freaking out. Max tells Reese she must help him. It’s his nanny’s night off. Right when Max gives the baby to Reese, she flinches as though it’s too painful to even try to bond with a child again.

Dillon and Georgie go to the Quartermaine house to look for his letter of intent for film school. He, then, remembers that Alice must have taken it up to the attic after he put it in a box for safekeeping. He suggests they go up there and have an intimate and discreet encounter. They go up to the attic. But unknown to them, they are seen and heard by AJ and Michael. Michael asks AJ why he is keeping all these secrets and hiding out. AJ explains to his biological son that “bad people” can’t know where they are. Michael suggests that they just make the bad people scared so they leave them alone. AJ tells him he knows that that is what Sonny would do, right? And he concludes to Michael that he wants to keep him away from Sonny’s type of environment. He says he is really sorry that Michael had to grow up in Sonny’s world but promises to make it all up to him. Right at that moment, Alan enters and tells AJ he wants to talk to him. Although AJ asks him to wait, Alan demands that they talk right now because AJ needs to answer some questions.

Carly explains to Sonny that something else he needs to know is that AJ is alive. Jason traced Faith’s credit card activity to a hotel in the Bahamas. Jason and Sam went there and met a guy who was with Faith and overheard her talking on the phone to a rich guy from Port Charles with whom she was doing “business”. That was right at the same place where Rachel met AJ. Rachel now admits that she helped AJ fake his death and Faith faked Michael’s death. AJ hired Faith to kidnap Sonny’s children and she lied about Michael’s death. If AJ were legally dead, then nobody would suspect him. If Michael was presumed dead, then nobody would be looking for him nor be able to catch AJ for kidnapping him. She also informs Sonny that Jason and Sam are presently at AJ’s home but have yet to find him or Michael. Hearing that, Sonny considers the possibility that his son is alive. Carly cries happily and he hugs her.

After being questioned by Durant about their conversation involving Reese, Ric tells Durant that they were just discussing Agent Marshall’s disappearance from the hospital. And he asks Durant if he might have any clue about her whereabouts. Durant admits he does not and leaves. Alone with her husband, Alexis admits that she is doing everything she can to restrain herself from doing what she wants to do, which is implicate Sonny. She also admits that she needs to talk to Dr. Winters. She goes to schedule her next appointment.

Carly tells Sonny that she has been having visions that Michael is alive for a long time. She kept it to herself, not wanting to tell him or Jason. But she first heard confirmation when she ran into Sam at the park and Sam informed Carly that she and Jason believed he was alive and that they had proof. Carly then ran to Jason and he presented all the proof she needed. Hearing that, Sonny concludes that very possibly Faith would have motives to falsify Michael’s death. The fact that Michael was the oldest of the three kids could make him a credible witness against her. And then in exchange for AJ’s money, she helped him get his biological son. Although happy that she is finally connecting to the father of her child that Michael is alive, the mere thought of AJ having them believe that their son was shot and murdered, just overwhelms and horrifies Carly. Sonny tells her it’s done and there’s no point getting upset over it. He finally tells her that although they’ve had their problems and he, at first, thought she was crazy to believe that Michael is alive, he now wants to thank her for following her heart. And he tells her that they are going to find Michael and bring him home.

AJ tells Alan that everything he’s done recently has been for his son. He admits that he hired Faith to kidnap Michael, Morgan and Christina. He faked his own death and got Rachel to help him stage his own murder. Alan says he cannot believe what he is hearing and asks his son how he can hurt so many people. AJ says that Sonny, Carly and Jason hurt him just as badly and, he justifies, he made sure that Faith did not harm any of those children. Alan reminds his son that Faith almost got them adopted by another family. Alan also asks his son how he could get Courtney falsely accused of murder. AJ admits that he believes she deserves it because she dumped him for Jason. Alan is shocked. He tells AJ he is so glad that his grandmother is not alive to know what he’s done and asks if he has any idea how he has tortured this family. AJ tells his father he did not think anyone cared if he was alive or dead. Hearing that, Alan tells his son that he’s going to help him rebuild all that he’s lost. And he tells him the most important thing is that he’s alive. AJ tells his father there is one complication however; Jason. He knows Jason is onto him. And if Jason knows he’s alive, he will kill him for real. And that is why he needs his father to hide him. Alan asks what if Jason finds him there. AJ tells him the Quartermaine house is the last place where Jason would look. Alan asks if they should not at least inform his mother that he is alive. AJ says no. She will run straight to the “golden boy”. Alan asks what AJ’s plans are after he’s gotten his new identities for himself and Michael. AJ tells his father that he will do whatever he needs to do to have a new life. He asks his father to let him win for once. Alan hugs his son. AJ cries.

Meanwhile, Michael is in the Quartermaine attic where AJ plans for them to hide. Dillon and Georgie enter, looking for Dillon’s letter, not knowing he’s there. He overhears Dillon saying he has been so profoundly affected by Michael’s “death”. Georgie also reveals that Michael’s death has motivated her to live the best and fullest life she can. AJ appears outside the door and makes himself unseen, knowing that Michael has heard that they believe he is dead. He then knows he needs to explain to Michael why that is.

At Sonny’s, Reese decides she will hold Morgan. Max gives the baby to her and he stops crying. She gives Morgan his stuffed animal and asks if he wants her to tell him a story. She says she will tell him a very special bedtime story that she will make up just for him just like she used to do with her little boy.

Carly informs Sonny that Jason and Sam have found AJ’s home in the Bahamas but missed AJ and Michael. He asks her if Jason’s found out anything else. She says Jason told her that they only missed them by a few minutes and the good news is that they found a picture of AJ and Michael, which confirms that Michael is still alive. But it looks like AJ is going to take Michael out of the country, possibly to Italy. He tells her that he does not want to go playing “hide and go seek” all over the planet looking for his son. He tells her he has another plan.

Alone in his bedroom, Ric gets on the phone and discovers that Dr. Winters is on vacation and not able to see anybody at the time Alexis told him she’d scheduled her appointment. That confirms to him that Alexis has lied to him. She comes up to him and asks whom he was calling. He tells her he was just checking his messages. Not knowing that he’s discovered she’s lying about seeing Dr. Winters, she tells him she will have her appointment at 1 pm the next day.

Right then, Durant finds out that Agent Marshall is staying at Sonny Corinthos’ house.

Reese is presently telling Morgan a story. But she seems to know, right then, that she might be in danger. She seems to be telling him a story of a lonely princess, (possibly herself) meeting a lonely knight (possibly Sonny) who seemed to know just how she felt.

Realizing that Michael has just overheard Dillon and Georgie speaking about his death, AJ explains to his biological son that Sonny and Carly were ashamed to have anybody know that they did not want him. So they made up a story that he was dead. And that way everyone thinks he’s in heaven and they can now get on with their lives. He tells Michael that as soon as he can “shake these bad guys who are after him” (meaning getting money from his father), then he never wants to have to come back here again.

Monica tells Alan that she knows the only reason why he is suddenly so happy is because he believes that AJ and is alive. Alan admits to his wife that he knows that AJ is alive and he has a feeling they will see him very soon. Right at that moment, Sonny and Carly enter. Sonny tells them that their lying son faked his death, stole Michael and that they are there to bring their son back. Alan and Monica both stare at them, shocked.

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