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Right when Alan Quartermaine is on the hospital roof, Courtney and Jax enter and inform him that AJ is alive. At first, he does not believe that and tells Courtney that perhaps she is just saying that so that he will drop the murder charges against her. But she urges him to realize that she is telling the truth. She heard AJ’s voice on the phone just hours ago and she knows AJ’s voice as well as he does.

Jason and Sam find AJ’s home in the Bahamas and search for Michael. They both call out to him but hear nothing. They search the bedrooms. Jason discovers Michael’s video games. Right then, they know he’s not far away but wonder what AJ has done with him. AJ and Michael are right outside the door. AJ instructs Michael to stay outside the door, knowing that somebody not far away might be hot on their trail and that they might be seen. He looks in the window and notices Jason and Sam. They don’t see him or Michael but suspect that they might not be far away.

While Sonny and Reese are upstairs in his bed, going at it, Carly walks in and sees them. They do not see her. She rushes down the stairs.

Alan asks Courtney and Jax where his son is. Courtney admits that she does not know but confirms that she heard his voice on the phone. She admits that all she heard from AJ was his saying Rachel, but Rachel has been insisting for a long time that he is alive. And she tells Alan that she knows AJ’s voice. Jax tells Alan that maybe he needs to get himself checked out since they noticed him gasping for air on the rooftop. Alan tells them that it is fate. He could be dead right now. Just before they found him, he was ready to take his own life and could not take it anymore. But now he has another chance and he says he swears he will make it right this time.

After noticing Jason and Sam in his home, AJ asks Michael to put everything down and get away from the window. He tells Michael that some bad people are looking for them.

Lorenzo enters Kelly’s. Outside, Durant is sitting. He asks Lorenzo if he’s heard from Maria Sanchez. Lorenzo replies he has not. Durant tells Lorenzo that that was the wrong answer. Lorenzo tells Durant that Maria is a grown woman and does not tell him about her whereabouts. Durant reminds Lorenzo that Maria is a key witness who can identify Jason Morgan in the Sandoval shooting. He tells Lorenzo it’s a little too coincidental that Maria has suddenly and so conveniently vanished into thin air. So he finds it a little difficult to believe that Lorenzo has no clue where she is. Lorenzo tells Durant that what he believes is of no concern to him. Lorenzo tells Durant that if there was any reason for Maria to flee it was because of Durant and his obsessive need to stoop to any level in order to go after Sonny Corinthos. And he makes it clear to Durant that he has no intention of leading him to Maria. Durant tells Lorenzo that that sounds just like obstruction of justice. Lorenzo tells Durant that he happens to know that Durant framed Diego for drugs in order to coerce his mother into giving false testimony. He tells Durant that he knows that that is intimidation and not the right behavior for someone who is supposed to serve and protect. Durant tells Lorenzo he could care less about his moral judgment. He tells Lorenzo that his job is to prosecute criminals, which he reminds Lorenzo he is one of. Lorenzo ignores him and walks into Kelly’s. Ric follows him and asks if he may tell him what that was all about. Lorenzo informs Ric that their federal prosecutor is out of control. Ric admits that he tends to agree. And he tells Lorenzo that if he has anything he can prove against Durant, he’d like to hear it.

After the big shock, Carly walks silently downstairs. She observes a picture of their family; herself, Sonny and the two boys. She then goes out the door and accidentally sets off the alarm. Hearing the alarm from the bedroom, Sonny wonders what that was.

Courtney and Jax go back to the hospital floor with Alan and urge him to get some medical care because they can tell that he is stressed. He tells them he knows whether or not he is sick because he is a doctor. And the only thing that will make him feel better right now is to find out, from Rachel where AJ is. Jax reminds Alan that when they found him he was gasping for air, clutching at his chest, and he asks Alan to excuse him for saying this, but Alan is not as young as he used to be. At that moment, Monica enters and asks what she just heard about chest pains. Her husband says nothing and asks her to forget it. Jax informs Monica that he and Courtney found Alan on the roof gasping for air. Hearing that, Monica demands to know what Alan was doing on the roof, then figures out that he was going to jump. She tells him this has been going on for way too long. She tells him grieving is one thing, destroying ones’ life is another. She tells him he’s given her no choice. She then calls the nurse and asks her to have Alan admitted to the psyche ward for observation. But Alan urges his wife to listen to what he has to say. He tells her that AJ is alive. Hearing that, she says they may now add denial into the mix and asks him if he can hear himself. She tells him he needs help; serious help. Courtney tells Monica, that as crazy as this sounds, she also knows that AJ is alive.

Lorenzo asks Ric if he is aware that Durant recently got his son arrested. Ric admits he remembers the bag of oregano and that he knows that Durant must have set that up. And it probably had something to do with Maria Sanchez identifying Jason Morgan at the Sandoval shooting. Hearing that, Lorenzo tells Ric there’s no “probably” about it. He tells him Durant threatened to frame Diego for the drug possession and lock him up unless Maria went straight to Agent Marshall to identify Jason and implicate Sonny. Hearing that, Ric tells Lorenzo he’s very surprised at what he’s heard and tells Lorenzo he must know that undermining Durant ultimately helps Sonny. Lorenzo admits that that is something he has no desire to do. But Lorenzo informs Ric that Carly is a fact of his life and he realizes Sonny is a fact of hers’. And Lorenzo says, if at all possible, he’d like to live a peaceful coexistence. Besides, he says, he does not want to see Durant running amuck. He tells Ric somebody has to get Durant and maybe that person is Ric. Ric asks Lorenzo if he’s mentioned any of this to Carly and asks if she knows how far her father is willing to go to keep Sonny out of her life.

After hearing the alarm go off, Sonny goes downstairs and asks Max what happened. Max assures him there were probably no intruders but he did see Carly. Sonny goes upstairs to his bedroom and notices Reese getting dressed and ready to leave.

At the hospital, Courtney tells Monica about how Rachel set her up by putting her fingerprints on the murder weapon, and then drawing AJ’s blood, and then Rachel got Courtney charged with murder. Hearing that, Moncia tells them that they have official confirmation of AJ’s death. Jax suggests that money can be used to falsify anything. Monica tells them that Courtney’s belief that she heard AJ on the phone could very well have been a recording. She tells them that it’s cruel to suggest that their dead son is alive. She tells them that it’s a likely story for Rachel to want people to believe he’s alive so she cannot get charged with murder. Alan admits that although he believed he saw AJ’s body in the morgue, he did not touch him or look carefully enough at his supposedly murdered son to really confirm that he was dead. Monica says she cannot believe that her own son would do anything so terrible as to have everybody believing he was dead and grieving his loss when all along, he was alive.

At AJ’s, Sam finds a letter and reads it. Michael writes to Jason that AJ has confirmed that his parents no longer want him. And Michael admits that he has been lead to believe that Sonny has rejected him. Noticing that, Sam asks Jason how cruel and despicable it is of AJ to have Michael believing that his parents do not want him. And what kind of a monster would do that, she asks? Jason confirms to her that he knows that AJ is a sick, lying bastard. And he tells her that with enough time, there’s no telling what AJ’s going to do to Michael.

Carly meets Lorenzo at Kelly’s and informs him that she is going to start searching for Michael. He tells her that he previously remembers her deciding to lay low and not do anything that could cause more trouble. She tells him she will no longer be passive. He asks how he can help. She says she needs his brainpower and his resources. And in return she will use caution, common sense, and not get him in trouble. Sensing there is something on her mind, he asks her what has happened to get her so upset, knowing that something is going on that has nothing to do with Michael. He tells her he knows her too well. She informs him that she went to Sonny to inform him that Michael was alive. He says he takes it that Sonny did not respond well. She then spills to him that when she attempted to talk to Sonny, he was too busy having sex with Agent Marshall.

At Sonny’s, Reese discovers it’s very possible that Carly came by, went to see him, then saw them and that is why she ran off. Reese reminds him that he got caught by his wife (although soon to be his ex), knows she walked into his room and saw them two heartbeats away from making love. He tells her that that does not bother him. She calls him a liar.

Jax tells Monica that the reason why AJ would do such a terrible thing is not quite as complicated as she may think. He tells her that maybe AJ’s monetary endeavors were not so unsuccessful. And faking his death could prevent a paper trail that could get him charged with a serious crime and go to prison for a long time. He also reminds Monica that if AJ were legally dead, he could take on a new identity and live whatever life he chose. Monica admits that she’s never been blinded by her son’s faults. But he’d never do something so cruel to his family just for money. Alan reminds her that AJ knows that he would be in big trouble if he ever messed with their money. But Monica says she doesn’t even want to think of the possibility that any son of hers’ could do anything so sick and twisted as to fake his own death. He asks her if she would prefer it if AJ were dead. He tells his wife that if he were, then she would not have to admit that she and the rest of the family drove AJ to such drastic measures.

Jason tells Sam that Michael could only have known AJ a short time, but he’s known Sonny throughout his life. He tells her that Michael would have to know that AJ is a no good liar and he asks how this could happen. Sam reminds Jason that Michael is a little boy and no match for AJ and AJ probably had some real clever trick up his sleeve, which he planned before Michael even walked into his door. And she tells Jason they must not get upset now and instead focus on finding Michael. When Jason goes to get ready to go on their mission, Sam observes pictures of AJ with Michael

Carly tells Lorenzo that she wants to make it clear that she could care less whom Sonny sleeps with, even if it is a federal agent who can put him away for 20 to life. And if her soon-to-be ex-husband cannot keep his mind out of his pants long enough to show some discretion, then he deserves what he gets. She tells him her primary goal is to focus on getting her little boy back. And once she does that, and Michael is safe, she promises to shift her focus to her own happiness. And she tells Lorenzo she would like to have a future with him. Hearing that, he sounds less than encouraged and reminds her it sounds like déjà vu, remembering the last time she turned to him was when she wanted to pay Sonny back for being with another woman. And that ended up in disaster all the way around. He tells her he’s not going down that path again. He tells her that if she wants a future with him, it has to be because she wants him and not because she wants revenge upon Sonny.

Sonny tells Reese that he and Carly will always be connected because of their children. He tells her that Carly is a co-parent and a friend. But he says he does not feel as though he owes Carly fidelity nor expects that from her. He tells Reese he need not feel guilty. He is a man. She is a woman. But she tells him that this completely violates her professional code. She says she does not want to second-guess his motives or her own. She just doesn’t want either of them to look back on this night and wish it never happened. She tells him she cannot sleep with him tonight or ever again.

Courtney tells Jax that she was just thinking about how AJ must hate her. He asks her if she really cares what AJ Quartermaine thinks or feels. She tells him that she worries that somewhere in this world, there is a very bitter and sadistic man who has such strong and hateful feelings toward her. He tells her he remembers when she and AJ eloped, years ago. She admits that everybody tried to talk her out of it, but she did not listen. Jax tells her that AJ must have really thought he was something special to have a beautiful woman, Sonny’s sister no less, being so attached and devoted to him. Then he turned on her. She admits that she thought that AJ’s spiteful behavior was just because of his jealousy toward Jason. But now she knows there was more than that. She reflects that when she stopped helping and enabling AJ, she became the enemy and he turned on her. And she tells Jax that she is so happy she finally found the right man and that they will spend their lives together.

Jason discovers and shows Sam the “recording” that sounds like Sonny is telling AJ and Michael that he never wants to see Michael again. She asks where that could have come from. He informs her that there is a computer in AJ’s bedroom that has the means to digitally record Sonny’s voice. And Michael wrote the letter because he thought he heard his father reject him and say he did not want him. Hearing that, Sam says AJ must be inhuman to claim to love Michael and do something like that. Jason tells her that AJ does not love Michael. He tells her that AJ does not know or care about Michael or who he is. All Michael is to him is something to use against Sonny. She tells him they are at least on the right track, knowing beyond any doubt that Michael is alive. He tells her they must look for passports or travel documents.

Durant finds Ric and asks if he talked to Rachel about what she saw or heard in regard to the Sandoval shooting before she got shot. Ric confirms that Rachel does not say she knows anything significant about how it happened or whom might have been behind it. Ric, then tells Durant that his conversation with Rachel and her testimony about what she said she knew or didn’t know is a matter of public record. And if he finds out that Durant alleges that he heard something different from her, then he will report Durant to his superiors for attempting to obstruct justice and frame Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. Durant tells Ric that he does not make the best witness since he continually misuses his position as District Attorney in order to protect his brother. He tells Ric that his “little plan” might backfire and Ric, himself, might even get charged with RICO violations when he knows that Sonny is responsible for those shootings. Ric tells Durant that he needs real undisputable proof about who is behind the shootings, like the kind of proof that he’s certain that Agent Marshall must have had on him, right on the very same night when her car blew up. Durant asks Ric if he’s going to use this against him and make this accusation. Ric tells Durant it would not be the first time Durant obstructed justice. And this would be for the very same reason. Ric says he knows that Durant has many motives for wanting to kill Reese.

Carly admits to Lorenzo that it shocked her to see Sonny in bed with another woman but she says that it set her free once and for all. Hearing that, he admits that he is skeptical. But she assures him that this time it is different and if it takes time to get him to trust her, she will wait. He tells her she mustn’t make promises she cannot keep. She tells him she must contact Jason about finding Michael. He asks if her main concern is to find Michael or if it’s to inform Jason that Sonny is sleeping with a fed.

Sonny tells Reese that he knows of his history with Carly and her temper and what she’s capable of when it’s “payback” time. He tells her that he needs to contact Jason because when Carly goes off, Jason knows how to calm her and help her to see reason. He tells Reese that he is attracted to strong women and that’s what he sees in her. But remembering her refusal to sleep with him, he admits he’s a little disappointed.

Durant goes back to his confessional. His contact asks if he needs more money. Durant informs him that it’s getting harder to nail Sonny. He tells his contact he needs some names so he knows just whom he is in partnership with.

Ric goes to Sonny’s. He discovers Reese on the couch. She has no clue that he’s there and is startled to open the door and see him. He tells her he now knows that she is staying with his brother. At that moment, Sonny goes back to Jason’s and sees Carly there. She tells him she is there to warn Jason that Sonny has been sleeping with a fed. He asks her if she saw them together.

Courtney and Jax go to Kelly’s. She tells him that she really feels for both Alan and Monica for what they are dealing with; first losing AJ, then not knowing whether to believe he is alive or dead, then having to deal with the possibility that their own son is heartless enough to plan his own murder. He tells her that he knows that AJ covers his tracks so well, it may be very hard to prove that he is still alive. Hearing that, she remembers that she’s just discovered that until AJ is found, they cannot get married. He tells her not to worry. He has a solution for that.

Jason looks through AJ’s desk and discovers some of AJ’s travel plans and that he might be taking Michael to Italy. At that moment, he and Sam run out the door in search of AJ.

Alan pours another drink in his home. Then he goes outside the door. Suddenly, out of nowhere, AJ appears on the patio with Michael and greets his father.

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