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NOTE: This is Tamara Braun (Carly's) last day on the show.

KELLY'S: Carly and John are talking about Michael outside of Kelly's. Carly wants to know if John kidnapped Michael. John says he didn't and that Michael isn't missing, he's dead because of Sonny. He reminds her that he would do anything to keep her safe from Sonny. Carly asks him if he would go so far as to kill Sonny?

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Reese are kissing. Sonny asks her to tell him about her son.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason hugs Sam and tells her that she was great, just now. She tells him that she misses her little girl so much -- that being pregnant changed her. When she was pregnant she knew real love. He asks her if she wants that again and she says yes, more than anything. She knows they are focused on Michael right now, but she wonders if maybe they could try to have a baby after he comes home. Jason promises and hugs her again. Sam says she can't imagine a family of their own. Jason says it would be great. Suddenly Ric comes over to them and tells them that Reese is missing...he thinks Jason has something to do with it.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Rachel's cell phone rings. Rachel says that it's AJ. Courtney answers it and hears AJ say, "Rachel?" Courtney, realizing that AJ is actually alive, explodes, asking him questions and demanding to know how he could pull such a stunt -- faking his own death. AJ, flustered, hangs up the phone without answering Courtney. Courtney turns to Jax and says that AJ is still alive. Jax is skeptical, but Courtney says that she knows his voice. Jax still can't believe it. He thinks it's a scam Rachel set up. Rachel denies it. Courtney believes her. Rachel says AJ is hiding out to keep his family from getting his money. Mac comes in and wants to know what's going on. Courtney tells him that AJ's alive. Mac, like Jax, doesn't really believe it could be true.

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ searches the grounds for Michael. The maid tells him that Michael is playing with a girl who lives nearby. AJ is frantic -- he says that they are going to have to leave the island tonight.

KELLY'S: John says he would never break the law by killing Sonny, unless Sonny went after Carly and Carly needed to be protected. Carly doesn't think that would ever happen, but John tells her that she can't see the damage Sonny has already done to her life. Then he says that it doesn't matter and it will all be over really soon. Carly wants to know how, and John replies that Sonny's world is crumbling right now. John rants about how Sonny's life has cost Carly so much, and how Sonny can't leave the mob because he isn't willing to give up the power. Carly tries to defend Sonny, but it becomes harder and harder as John's points grow more valid. He asks her when she lost her fire and lost her ability to speak for herself -- when she learned to leave a room with just a look from Sonny? Carly complains that John will never understand her relationship with Sonny, and that he needs to understand that if he hurts Sonny, she will take care of him. John asks her if she would really kill her own father for a man who doesn't even love her?

THE HOSPITAL: Ric argues a bit with Jason and Sam, who think John is the one responsible for Reese disappearing. Ric leaves. After he's gone, Sam turns to Jason and asks him if he knows where Reese is?

GREYSTONE: Reese tells Sonny that she lost her son when she let go of his hand for a second to check her purse for money. She describes how she got pregnant by another law student, who ended up leaving her -- she never told him that she was pregnant. She loved Jamie, her son, a great deal and cherished the four years she had with him. She says that she joined the FBI to try to find the kidnapper. She searched so hard for Michael because she doesn't want to lose Jamie again...she doesn't want to feel alone.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Courtney tells Jax and Mac that she knows AJ's voice and she knows it was him on the phone. Mac agrees to try to get a tap on the line. Rachel points out that AJ will never call back, but Mac says that it's their best choice. Mac leaves. Courtney wishes Jax could believe her about AJ being on the phone.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: It's a Quartermaine family meeting. Alan is drinking. Tracy, Justus, Ned, Dillon, Edward and Emily are in attendence. Justus and Ned discuss the case against Rachel for killing AJ. Monica shows up and tells them that she has decided to put the house on the market. Everyone is shocked. Tracy wants to know what will happen to them, and Monica replies that she thinks they stopped being a family a long time ago.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason tells Sam that they got Reese out of the hospital before Ric showed up. They talk about John again and Jason says that they just need to focus on finding Michael.

KELLY'S: Carly and John are still talking when Ric shows up and asks John if he knows where Reese is. Carly leaves and Ric continues to question John. John tells him that Sonny must have Reese in his custody, and if he hasn't killed her already he will soon.

GREYSTONE: Reese says that she shouldn't even be at Sonny's mansion -- he replies that she needs to rest. Sonny asks her if she thinks that he's the bad guy and she says yes. She's upset that she was spirited out of the hospital by the people she's supposed to be arresting. Sonny wants to get her something to eat, but Reese is too upset for that. She says that she's a good agent and she can put together a clean case against him. Sonny smiles and says he's sure she can. Reese calls him out on his smiling all the time and says that he's never been convicted because bad guys can't have dimples like his. Reese wants to go back to the hospital because Sonny is dangerous. Sonny tells her John's after her and she says that John's not the only one. They start to kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly shows up at the hospital and tracks down Jason and Sam. Courtney joins them and tells them that AJ is alive. Jax shows up and

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: Michael is back with AJ. AJ says it's time to leave on their trip. Michael doesn't want to go because he has a friend on the island now -- the girl he was playing with earlier. AJ protests that they have the whole trip planned out, but Michael doesn't want to go.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax shows back up in Rachel's room. He has come to ask her not to manipulate Courtney any longer. Rachel insists that she's telling the truth about AJ being alive. Jax and Rachel argue -- Rachel says that Jax can't understand why she did what she did to get back at Steven because he's never been dumped before. Jax says she knows nothing about him and they will leave it at that.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Monica says that their house isn't really a home because their family has basically fallen apart completely in the time since Lila's death. She points out that Emily, in the time since Nikolas' imprisonment, should be seeking refuge at the Quartermaine mansion, and instead she's still living at Wyndemere. Monica continues, pointing out that Dillon lives on the Haunted Star, and that Ned, Lois and Brook Lynn treat the house more like an apartment complex with servants. Edward demands to know where they'll go -- what about the family? Monica says they stopped being a family a long time ago. Alan thinks it's a fine idea. He says he'll go and pack. He leaves and Monica stops Emily from following after him. Out in the hallway, Alan leans against the wall...he looks lost and devestated.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Reese's make-out session has progressed to the point where they are taking off each other's clothes. They are interrupted by knocking on the door. It's John and Ric -- they've come to see Sonny. Sonny and Reese look worried.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Dillon is in the library by himself when Brook Lynn comes in. He tells her about Monica's plan to sell the house. Brook is somewhat saddened by the news -- which she says surprises her, since she usually complains about having to live there. Dillon notes that Monica is upset about AJ's death...and that if Monica thinks moving to a new house will help ease her pain over losing AJ, she's mistaken.

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: Michael doesn't get why they have to leave. He wants to know if they're ever coming back to this island, and AJ admits to him that they won't ever come back. Michael asks AJ who he's running from.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly, Jason and Sam arrive at Rachel's room. They question her about AJ and she tells them that he has a villa in the Bahamas. She describes the place for them and Jason and Sam take off to try to find it.

GREYSTONE: John and Ric come in -- they believe that Sonny is hiding Reese somewhere. Sonny says that she's not with him. John thinks that Sonny killed her and Sonny denies it, though he thinks whoever did get rid of her deserves a medal, since she was a cold-blooded bitch who deserves whatever she gets. Reese can be seen hiding in the doorway of one of the other rooms, listening to every word. John and Ric give up and leave. Sonny informs his bodyguard that he doesn't want to be disturbed no matter what. The bodyguard leaves, closing the door behind him. Reese comes out and asks if he really wants her to get what she deserves? Sonny says yes and they start to kiss again.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Emily and Monica talk about Lila. Emily says that Lila would never want them to sell the house. Emily reminds Monica that the house will be gone forever -- and so will the memories of all the fun they've had there over the years? Monica and Emily then discuss how much Alan has changed. Emily thinks that the family should pretend that everything is all right for as long as they can. She needs the Quartermaine family even more now that Nikolas is in jail. Monica thinks that the family might learn to stand on its own two feet if they are forced to. But Emily disagrees, saying that they need to lean on one another right now for support.

THE HOSPITAL ROOF: Courtney and Jax are up on the hospital roof -- they see Alan leaning over the side. Alan wants to be left alone, but of course Jax and Courtney don't want to do that. They're worried he might be planning to jump. Courtney blurts out that AJ is alive. Alan turns to look at her in surprise.

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ tells Michael that some old business associates might be coming after them soon. Michael asks if they can please wait until tomorrow to leave and AJ agrees.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny have a love scene in Sonny's bedroom. Meanwhile, Carly arrives at the mansion -- despite the protests of the body guard, she runs upstairs -- straight to Sonny's bedroom.

THE HOSPITAL ROOF: Alan is in a severe state of shock hearing that AJ is alive. Courtney assures him that she talked to AJ on the phone and that AJ sounded good. Jax and Courtney want to get Alan some help but all he can do is ask again, "My son is alive?"

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: Sam and Jason arrive at the island house -- but the place is all dark. They go inside and look around. They go into a room and find one of Michael's video games laying on a piece of furniture. Meanwhile, AJ and Michael are about to come back to the house...they are out on the patio. AJ and Michael talk about how they will miss the place...AJ looks in the window and (apparently seeing Jason and Sam in one of the rooms) widens his eyes in shock.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are kissing on his bed. Carly walks through the hallway, approaching the door to Sonny's bedroom. She goes inside and sees Sonny and Reese together. She looks very surprised.

NOTE: This is Tamara Braun (Carly's) last day on the show.

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