GH Update Thursday 4/14/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/14/05



By Ali
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Note: This update is going to be very scarce and different from my usual format because my tape didn't end up taping Thursday's basically I'm just reworking Thursday's transcript into an update.

JAX AND COURTNEY: Jax and Courtney are getting married in four weeks...but Courtney -- much to Jax's surprise -- wants to abstain from sex until then. Jax is amused, and says that Courtney can abstain all she wants, but he is going to have sex anyway. He says he has needs he has to take care of, after all. Finally, though he agrees with Courtney that if they abstain, the wedding night will be even better. He and Courtney tease one another for a bit.

RACHEL CONTACTS AJ: Rachel gets in touch with AJ and tries to get him to tell her where he is. AJ admits to her that he has someone with him, but doesn't tell her that the person he's with is Michael. When Rachel continues to question him, AJ hangs up on her. Later, Rachel tries to get Mac to believe that she has made contact with AJ, but Mac doesn't believe her. He tells her that she will soon be booked for murder.

AJ AND MICHAEL: Michael admits to AJ that he misses Jason a lot. He thinks he could go back and live with Jason, even if he never gets to see Sonny and Carly again. AJ points out that Jason would never put himself between Sonny and Michael like that -- that Jason works for Sonny and Sonny clearly doesn't want Michael back. AJ distracts Michael by talking to him about what kind of school he can go to when they get back from their trip around the world. AJ wonders if Carly will give him Michael's medical records and Michael says he thinks she will give him anything AJ wants, just as long as she never has to see him (Michael) again. Michael starts to fill out forms for school and puts AJ's name as his father.

LORENZO CONFRONTS JOHN: Lorenzo accuses John Durant of having Michael. He thinks John might have "kidnapped" Michael to prove to Carly once and for all that that Sonny's life is too dangerous for her and her children. John denies it, but Lorenzo notes that John is on the defensive, which means that he must be guilty of something.

CARLY CONFRONTS ALEXIS: Carly comes upon Alexis making a deal about money with someone on the phone. She believes that Alexis is paying someone to try to help her in her fight to win custody from Sonny. Carly wants Alexis to explain what the money is for and Alexis comes up with a series of excuses. Carly thinks that Alexis is going to attempt to buy off the judge at the custody trial. The two women start to argue, and they are interrupted by Ric, who comes to Alexis' defense.

SONNY AND REESE VS JOHN: Sonny talks to Reese, who is asleep in her hospital bed, until she finally wakes up. Steven comes into check her out. He says that she'll be fine, but she needs to stay in the hospital for awhile. Steven also mentions that Sonny is the one who pulled Rachel from the wreckage of the car bomb. Steven leaves and Sonny and Reese discuss the car bombing. Reese tells Sonny about overhearing John talking to someone in the church about wanting to convict Sonny. She wonders if John planted the car bomb. Just then John comes in to see Reese. John suggests that Sonny had something to do with the bombing, but Reese doesn't buy it. John leaves and Sonny promises Reese that she won't have to worry about John.

JASON, SAM, CARLY AND SONNY: Jason and Sam are discuss possibilities for who could be hiding Michael. Carly comes over to them and they talk about the car bombing. Carly then says that she wants to tell Sonny about Michael being alive -- she wants to find her little boy as soon as possible. Jason and Sam don't think they should go to Sonny with the news until they are more certain that Michael's alive. Sonny shows up and over-hears the tail end of their conversation. He thinks that Carly isn't grieving for Michael the correct way...that she shouldn't keep thinking to herself that Michael is alive when he's really not. Sonny goes to talk to Jason for a bit about Reese, and Carly answers her cell phone when it rings. It's Lorenzo -- he needs to talk to her.

THE PLAN TO PROTECT REESE: Sonny and Jason talk about how important it is to keep Reese safe from John Durant. Later, John shows up in Reese's hospital room to find that she has vanished. Jason confronts him and asks him if he has come to try to finish the job where Reese is concerned. John accuses Jason of having had Reese moved from the hospital. He says that he isn't going to rest until Sonny is out of Carly's life. Jason thinks that John needs to stay away from Carly for good.

CARLY AND LORENZO: Carly meets up with Lorenzo and he tells her that he thinks that her father might have Michael. Carly doesn't think that it's possible that John would go so far. Lorenzo points out that John will do anything to keep Carly in his life, and that he feels threatened by Sonny. Carly thinks that there's just one way to find out if Lorenzo's right.

DILLON AND GEORGIE: Dillon comes upon Georgie reading her favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird. They talk about the book for a bit and then Dillon apologizes to her for being a selfish jerk earlier. Georgie says it's all right, but Dillon is angry with himself for taking his fury at Michael's death out on her. Georgie tells him that she loves him.

SONNY AND REESE AT GREYSTONE: Reese has been brought to Greystone under Sonny's protection -- he and his bodyguards are taking care of her. Reese wants to know why he is protecting her. Sonny admits to her that he is doing this because he is grateful to her, and because he's not ready to let her out of his life yet.

RIC AND ALEXIS: Ric and Alexis discuss Alexis' pregnancy...apparently everything is fine at the moment. Alexis says that she loves the baby, their family, and Ric. Ric shows her that he has a surprise for her -- suckers. They "toast" the suckers.

JASON AND SAM: Sam is making reservations at a restaurant for her and for Jason when a woman at the hospital comes up to her -- the woman is with her little baby...the woman and Sam knew one another when they were both pregnant. Sam sadly tells the woman that her daughter ended up being stillborn. The woman says that she's sorry. Sam talks a bit to the woman's baby, and then the woman and her daughter leave. Jason comes over to Sam and tells her that she was really great at that moment. He knows that she wants to try to have another baby, and he promises that they'll try as soon as Michael comes home.

JOHN AND CARLY: Carly confronts John outside of Kelly's and asks him if he is the one who stole Michael.

RIC AND MAC: Ric and Mac are annoyed to learn that Reese has left the hospital. Ric wonders if whoever took Reese might have taken her against her will.

RACHEL, JAX AND COURTNEY: Rachel, left with nowhere to turn, contacts Jax and tells him that she needs his help. Jax gets upset and accuses her of lying again. He hangs up on her. Courtney wonders aloud why Rachel would stick with her story unless it was true? Courtney thinks there's a very good chance that Rachel is telling the truth about AJ being alive. Courtney and Jax end up going to see Rachel at the hospital. Courtney tells Rachel that they need proof that her story is true. Rachel's phone rings and Courtney answers it. She hears AJ on the other end of the line.

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