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Alexis is at Kelly’s with Christina, asking her daughter if she remembers when they went to the circus together. At that moment, Ric enters and asks how his two favorite ladies are. Alexis informs him that she’s arranged for the four of them to go to the circus and that he will get them all ringside seats. She informs him that she has read the headlines in the papers and knows all about the B-O-M-B at S-O-N-N-Y’s home last night, spelling out the two words so her daughter cannot hear her say “bomb” or Sonny”.

Courtney goes to Rachel’s room and asks her how she’s feeling. Rachel replies that she’d be feeling a lot better if somebody believed her. Courtney asks her if what she means is her allegation that AJ is still alive and that the two of them faked his death. Is that what she means? Rachel tells her it’s true. Courtney says on the outside chance that she’s telling the truth, then where is AJ now?

Sam tells Jason that perhaps they can go back to the Bahamas and find more information about Faith and about Michael. She reminds him that they were there for such a short time and very possibly there is something they missed. At that moment, Carly enters and tells Jason she needs him.

Emily is sleeping on her couch. Lucky comes downstairs and notices her resting. He puts a blanket over her. While she sleeps, she again relives being raped by Connor. She awakens, startled again.

Alexis asks Ric just what his ideas are about when and how to explain to Christina that her father is a dangerous criminal. He tells her they’ve been through this a million times and he believes it’s possible that Christina will not see Sonny that way. Alexis tells Ric that Christina is a very smart little girl. She’s getting smarter every day. And one day, she’s going to walk into some place somewhere and notice a television, radio or newspaper or anybody’s conversation about her father’s mob involvement. He asks if she’s called Sonny or taken any action to confront him. She tells him she’s restrained herself from doing that but admits that she is, instead, getting therapy in order to release her feelings about that situation. He tells her how proud he is of her and kisses her.

Carly tells Jason she’d like to talk to him alone. Jason tells Carly that anything she has to say, she can see in front of Sam. Carly says it’s about Michael. Jason informs Carly that Sam is the one who helped him uncover information about Michael. Carly says this is not only about Michael, but about a conversation she had with Lorenzo and it’s nothing personal against Sam. She’d just be more comfortable talking to her best friend alone. Sam volunteers to leave and let them talk privately. Carly tells Jason that she talked to Lorenzo, confirmed he could not have taken Michael, and they are right back to square one about the kidnapping.

Rachel tells Courtney that as far as she knows, AJ is still back at the Bahamas. She tells her that he lives in a little villa where he always took the speedboat to get to. Courtney asks for the address to the villa. Rachel tells her there are no street signs or house numbers. Courtney tells Rachel that is a likely story. Rachel urges Courtney to believe that she is telling the truth, she can draw a map and she knows she could find AJ’s home if she had a chance. Jax enters and asks Rachel if she’s sending them on another wild goose chase. Rachel tells him that she can find AJ’s number and call him.

Lucky tells Emily that he could tell how uneasy she looked while sleeping. Again, she says nothing about her nightmares, but explains that she got a little stressed studying all night. He tells her that it must have been tiring for her to watch Cameron. She tells him she’s fine and enjoys being with him. He asks her if she remembers herself, Nikolas, himself and Emily together. She tells him she is really happy for him and Elizabeth but indicates that her relationship with Nikolas has changed. He assures her that she and Nikolas will be together again and that his father will catch Helena and get Nickolas out of prison. Hearing that, she interrupts him and tells him she has a lot of studying and work to do.

Carly tells Jason that she tried to entrap Lorenzo into admitting that he kidnapped Michael and he confirmed that he did not. Jason tells her she must not be so certain that she can believe Lorenzo. She protests that she knows Lorenzo was once obsessed about her, but he’s changed. She does not believe for a minute that he would hurt a child for any reason. He lost his niece not long ago. He is not a suspect. Jason then tells her he will trust her instincts and look for other suspects. She tells him that she and he and Sam must all go back and look for Michael and not give up until they find him because she knows he’s out there somewhere.

In Rachel’s room, Courtney calls the number Rachel gives her for AJ. She gets a recording that the number has been disconnected. Rachel urges Courtney and Jax to believe that she cannot understand how that that number could be disconnected. She knows that AJ must be there. There must be some sort of mistake. They walk away not buying a word she says. But as they get into the hallway, Courtney tells Jax that she could tell by how devastated Rachel sounded that perhaps she is telling the truth.

Emily goes to Jason’s. Sam informs her that Jason is presently not there but she is welcome to stay and wait for him. Emily tells Sam that it would seem likely that Jason is helping Carly and Carly has this history of always depending upon Jason to clean up her messes. Sam says that Carly has suffered a devastating loss with Michael’s death. But she admits to Emily that she notices Carly’s dependence on Jason. She confides in Emily that this morning, Carly demanded talking to Jason alone and dismissed her as if she was hired help. Emily tells Sam that if she’d like advice, she needs to put her foot down and not let Carly push her around and manipulate Jason.

Carly goes to see Lorenzo and informs him that she told Jason that she does not believe for a minute that he had anything to do with kidnapping Michael. Lorenzo thanks her for her vote of confidence but tells her that Jason probably does not believe it. She assures him that Jason does. She also informs him of a lead he got about Faith knowing a rich guy in Port Charles and that is why Jason suspected him. She suggests it could have been Jax, Edward, Alan or Ric but indicates she doubts that any of them would do such a despicable thing. Lorenzo tells Carly that there is one more suspect who fits the criteria; her father.

Alexis tells her therapist that Sonny’s first wife was killed by a car bomb when she was pregnant. She admits that although she was aware of that, she still looked at it like it was a tragic loss for him and a scar on his soul. But she could not see it for what it really was; a warning sign, danger. She did not believe that it could happen to her or her sister or her child. She says she noticed how clever Sonny has always been in manipulating the legal system. She admits that she was appalled by it but there was another part of her that was impressed. She says right now she’d give her law degree or her left kidney or anything to protect her daughter’s life. She wants Sonny put away for his horrible crimes so that Christina could be safe.

Courtney tells Jax that very possibly Rachel is telling the truth. Possibly, AJ seduced her and asked her to help him fake his own death. He tells her a more relevant question is why she’d remotely believe that AJ is still alive. She says she does not. He asks her why she would believe a word of a woman who did to her what Rachel did. He also tells her that there was an autopsy, where Alan himself, identified his own son. Jason enters and informs them that Agent Marshall’s car blew up and she got injured. Noticing they are outside of Rachel’s room, Jason asks Courtney if that is her “friend who got shot” during the Sandoval shooting. Courtney replies to Jason that Rachel is not her friend. It’s all been a setup.

At Lorenzo’s, Carly tells him that she had the same suspicion of her father when the boys were found kidnapped. She admits that noticing the way he was knocked out while staying with them in her home, that it was questionable at first. But she was there and still does not believe that her father had anything to do with it. Lorenzo tells her that he realizes he is asking her to apply a double standard by trusting him but not trusting her own father. And he tells her he is not entirely certain that Durant took Michael. But he has money, could have tracked down Faith, has motive to want to make Sonny look bad. She tells Lorenzo that she knows what her father is capable of but she still does not believe that he is a killer.

Elizabeth finds Lucky and tells him how much fun she had the previous night dancing with him. She admits that when she woke up, it felt as though their date was not real and that she dreamed it. He kisses her and asks if that is real to her. She says she does not know and is not yet convinced. He kisses her again and they lay down on the couch. But right then they come across a mysterious legal document underneath Emily’s couch. Elizabeth notices that it’s Emily’s divorce petition.

While waiting for Jason, Emily tells Sam that Carly is possessive on a good day. But she tells Sam that she should realize the obvious that Jason loves her. Sam acknowledges that Jason accepts her. And that’s asking a lot because she knows she has flaws. Emily tells Sam that her brother also has enough flaws. She tells Sam that many people get frustrated, give up and pull away from Jason. And she urges Sam not to do that because she knows that Jason really needs her. Sam assures Emily that she does not plan to leave Jason. She says she plans to hold on and refuse to give up. Sam also reflects that that is the key to any successful relationship. There will always be problems. But you need to hold on. Hearing that, Emily admits that that does not work for everybody.

Courtney tells Jason that she’s concerned about Carly and that Carly told her that she believes she sees Michael. Jason says he knows and does not admit to Courtney that he too believes that Michael is alive. Courtney tells Jason that she wants to be there for Carly. But right at that moment, Durant enters and confronts Jason that he is a prime suspect in the attempted murder of Agent Marshall.

Courtney and Jax return home and he talks about planning her wedding. But she admits that she is not ready to think about getting married so soon. After what Carly is going through, it may not be the right time to ask her to be her maid of honor or asking her dad to give her away after what he’s been through. She assures him she is not just making excuses. He tells her he has no problem waiting until she is comfortable and then they can have the wedding they both want. But she also tells him that Michael would not want her to wait so she says why not plan their wedding soon.

Durant tells Jason that he is not there to arrest him. He’s only asking some questions. And Jason’s refusal to answer any questions could look suspicious. He says Jason must hope that his daughter can back his story. He goes on about how Jason is really efficient except for the sloppiness involved in the Sandoval shooting. He also tells Jason that it’s a little coincidental that Reese was ready to nail him and Sonny for the Sandoval shooting and her car just happened to blow up when she left Sonny’s last night. He asks Jason if he’s certain that if he calls Carly, that she would back his story. He also tells Jason if Sonny ordered the hit on Agent Marshall, then Sonny should take the fall. Durant also informs Jason that if he implicates Sonny, he can offer Jason immunity and other benefits. Jason walks away and refuses to talk. Durant tells him that is just the answer he expected from him.

Alexis meets Ric after her therapy session. She admits that she told her therapist about Sonny and car bombs and she admitted to her own paranoia and realized that Sonny may have had no involvement with what happened to Reese. Ric says he believes that with Reese’s involvement in kidnapping cases, one of her enemies might have found her and Sonny would have no motive to harm her. She tells him she will let him do his job, knowing that he is the DA and she is just a private practice attorney who has nothing to do with the case, except that her daughter has visitation with a man who has car bombs go off in his home. Right then, Jason enters. Ric tells him he needs to speak to him about his whereabouts when Reese’s care exploded. Jason tells Ric he will tell him the same story that he just told Durant, assuming that they are working together. Ric surprises Jason, however, in revealing to him that he did not know that Durant just questioned him about that and that he is by no means working with Durant, in fact the opposite. He informs Jason that Agent Marshall left a message for him asking him to discuss something about John Durant. And a half hour later, her car exploded. Hearing that, Jason appears to know something new.

Carly tells Lorenzo with what has happened to Royal, with Faith getting assassinated, with everything going on, she does not see John Durant taking that kind of a risk. He’d be convicted of the very crimes that he prosecutes. Lorenzo suggests that because of that, Durant might be arrogant enough to believe he could get away with it. But she tells him that Durant would be risking a murder conviction, along with kidnapping children and be charged with a federal offense. She tells Lorenzo that she believes her father is too smart to put himself at such a risk. She realizes he wants her love and is capable of doing crazy things. But she does not believe he kidnapped Michael. She also tells Lorenzo that she trusts him and wants him in her life. But she needs to get Michael home first. That is the most important thing. She needs to hold him and know that he’s safe. And once she has that, she hopes that Lorenzo will be there for her. He tells her he will be. He tells her he’ll do whatever she needs. They kiss.

Jax asks Courtney what she thinks about Christina being a flower girl? Courtney says she loves it but what about Alexis? He asks if she wants to invite Alexis. She says that Alexis is his friend so she should come. Skye too. She’s been really wonderful to both of them. He asks about Carly, knowing she doesn’t much care for him. Courtney tells him that Carly is her friend and wants her happiness but admits it might be too soon after her losing Michael to ask Carly to be her matron of honor so she asks if it’s ok to not have those kinds of formalities. He says that is fine. And they talk about where to have the wedding.

Emily enters her home to see Lucky and Elizabeth together, knowing they might want to talk about something she doesn’t want to hear. They inform her that they found her divorce papers. She tells them she did not want them to see it and didn’t tell them about it because she was not certain. Lucky suggests that if she is not certain, why not rip up her divorce papers. She says that she has to end her marriage and she wants them to accept her decision, stop judging her and stay out of her business. Elizabeth asks if she is divorcing Nikolas because of the rape. She says it’s because things have changed. Lucky asks if Nikolas has any say in this.

Lorenzo goes to find Durant outside of Sonny’s home, tells him he knows what he did and that he is onto him.

Carly goes to the hospital and overhears Alexis making a monetary transaction on the phone. She tells Alexis that no matter how much money she spends, she will not drive Sonny out of Christina’s life.

Ric tells Jason that he knows enough about Sonny’s history to confirm that he’d never use a car bomb to kill, especially if the victim was a woman. So, he says that leaves John Durant. He informs Jason that he knows that Durant was pressuring Reese to go after him and Sonny and when she did not cooperate, that was when Durant got desperate. He assures Jason that he does not see him as a suspect but he could be a witness. So he asks Jason to tell him anything he knows. Jason asks Ric if he wants to convict Sonny. Ric admits to Jason that he has conflicting feelings about what to do with Sonny. But he admits to Jason that he cannot wait to convict him and he walks away. Sam finds Jason. He informs her that Ric suspects John Durant of putting the bomb in Reese’s car. But he’s more concerned about finding Michael. He tells her that Carly says there’s no way it could be Lorenzo Alcazar. She asks in that case who would this “rich guy” be, whom Faith knew from Port Charles?.

From her hospital room, Rachel gets on her cell phone, calls AJ and informs him that Courtney got arrested for his murder.

Jason tells Sam that whoever took Michael would have to be somebody who wants to hurt Sonny and Carly and himself.

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