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Sonny notices Reese leaving his home. He sees her walking outside the gates and follows her to the street. She walks toward her car but as soon as she opens the car door, it blows up.

At the hospital, Carly tells Lorenzo that maybe grief counseling is the best way to go. She then asks him if when he told her that he believed her that Michael was still alive, was he really trying to be supportive or was he just telling her that Michael is alive because he though it’s what she wanted to hear? He replies that he knows that Michael is alive and he believes it because he knows she believes it so strongly.

AJ brings an Atlas to Michael and asks him to pick a destination. Michael asks him why. AJ says he wants to take him on a trip around the world, just the two of them. He tells Michael he can make a reservation on line, they can choose where to go and hit the road. Michael asks AJ how long they can be gone. AJ says as long as they want. There is no one to miss them. It’s just the two of them and they are the only family they’ve got now. Saying that, AJ sounds happy. But Michael does not appear that way.

After Reese has been knocked to the ground after the explosion, Sonny tries to help her. She is unconscious and unable to move.

At Kelly’s Tracy asks Dillon what on earth he was thinking. Why did he tell Emily about Alan’s hit and run? Dillon replies that Alan is Emily’s father and she deserved to know. Tracy asks her son if he wanted Emily to inflict her self-righteous pious right-and-wrong attitude from knowing that. Dillon replies that at least, Emily knows the difference, which is more than some people do. Tracy asks her son if he is implying that about her. She tells him that all she did was ask him to see Alan through a difficult time. He angrily tells her that Alan almost pushed Ric and Alexis off a cliff and killed them. She tells him that families stick together in times of crises or didn’t Emily explain that to him? He tells her that he knew that what Alan did was wrong. She tells him that guilt is only for other people and not for her. He asks her if she really knows what a bad influence she is on him. She asks him if Emily has convinced him that she is the enemy. He tells his mother that this has nothing to do with Emily. She tells him that she should have seen this coming; she has been way too lenient to him and has been giving into his every whim. He tells her that he wishes that just once they could have a conversation about his feelings instead of about her. She tells him she has no interest in hearing him talk about how she’s ruined his life. And if he really believes she is such a terrible mother, then maybe he should have Emily pay for his film school. She tells him he is trying to attack her and she will not stand for it. She tells him he is a selfish, obnoxious brat who has never appreciated a thing she has done for him. Just then, Georgie steps in and tells Tracy she is the mother from hell.

Lucky goes to see Elizabeth at the hospital and tells her that he has big plans to be with her. She tells him she wants to go home and be with her baby. But he tells her she must be able to find somebody to watch Cameron. She admits that she wants to be with him. So Emily offers to watch Cameron so they can be together.

AJ tells Michael that they can start the around-the-world trip in England. He suggests that they sleep in a castle. Michael suggests Spain. AJ talks about Italy. Hearing that, Michael tells him about Jason reading to him about a town in Italy. He tells him that he wrote a book report on the book Jason showed him and he got an A+ and was so proud. He makes it clear that he has so many memories that he cannot forget. AJ tells Michael that it is good that he has his memories even if they don’t work out the way he expected. He tells him he should always hang onto his memories. Michael admits to AJ that he wishes he could forget all about his memories.

At the hospital, Carly keeps working on Lorenzo by asking him if he is just telling her what she wants to hear. He tells her that is not the case. She then asks him how he would know if she is not losing it. She says that Sonny believes that Michael is gone and asks why she can’t. He tells her she just needs proof one way or another. She tells him in that case, then maybe there’s something they overlooked. She asks him if he has any information or proof or if he can lead her to finding out anything about Michael. She asks if he knows anything that he is not telling her. Hearing that, Lorenzo tells her that is enough. He says he knows that she is accusing him of kidnapping her son and they are right back where they started. She admits to him that she knows that he would never hurt her children. But he tells her that she believes that he would plan this whole thing so he can bring Michael back to play the hero and win her love.

Sonny tells unconscious Reese that if she dies, the enemies will win and so he will not let her die.

Georgie tells Tracy that Dillon loves her in spite of her many faults but she is totally wrapped up in herself and has no consideration for her son. Tracy tells Georgie she is not interested in her opinion. Georgie tells her she’s going to hear it anyway. She says Dillon told Emily about Alan’s accident because it was the right thing to do. Tracy tells Georgie that her son distrusted her. Georgie replies to Tracy that she does not deserve to be trusted. She tells Tracy she had no right to ask Dillon to cover for a crime that could have gotten him in trouble. Tracy says all she did was ask her son to do a favor for her and clearly he has no consideration for his mother. And so she does not believe that she should waste any of her money on that ridiculously expensive film school Dillon wants to attend. Georgie tells Tracy that if she does not want to pay for Dillon’s school, then he will find somebody else who will. She will even help him herself if need be. Tracy leaves and Georgie apologizes to Dillon but tells him she could not help it. She tells him it’s not enough that his mother would ask him to do something so unreasonable. But she has to threaten his future. Dillon tells his girlfriend that does not matter because he no longer wants to go to the film school anyway.

Emily arranges to stay with Cameron for Elizabeth while she goes and has a good time with Lucky. She assures Elizabeth that she loves spending time with Cameron and is very happy that Elizabeth and Lucky are back together.

AJ tells Michael that his memories won’t always hurt like they do now. In time, they might just be like something somebody puts away in an old scrapbook that you forget after time goes by. He tells him it’s much the same as how a cut heals after one hurts oneself. He says that at first, it seems like memories will never get out of your head. But not long thereafter, they become so much less important. He tells Michael that he knows how to help things go better. He just needs to think of the future and new people who he knows cares about him and will be there for him. Michael asks if he means himself. AJ tells Michael that ever since he knew that Michael was his son, he wanted to make him very special in his life. Michael reminds him that that is the very same thing that Sonny told him.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he has done everything he can to support her. He tried to find Michael on his own. He flew down to Louisiana to be there for her. And she still believes that he would kidnap her son. She reminds him this would not be the first time that he’d take drastic measures in order to have her. He admits that he’s lied for her and he’s killed for her. But he would never hurt a child for any reason. And he tells her for the last time that he did not kidnap Michael, he has no clue where Michael is or even if he is alive. He believed what she told him. But he tells her there is not enough time or support or love in this world for her to believe in him. He tells her that throughout all this time, he wanted to be with her and believed that they could be so good together. But now he knows that that time will never come. He pushes the button for the elevator and turns his back on her to leave. She urges him to stay and listen to her. But he tells her he is finished. He gets in the elevator and departs.

The cops and paramedics take Reese off and ask Sonny what happened. He tells them the whole story. They take Reese to the hospital.

Skye comes by and notices Emily with Cameron. She encourages Emily to believe that soon Nikolas will be acquitted and she will be with her husband and able to have kids.

Georgie assures Dillon that even if his mother will not pay for film school, he must not give up on his dreams. But he asks her what good is a dream when a little boy like Michael died before being able to achieve his dreams? She asks if what he’s trying to say is that he cannot be happy because of what happened to Michael. He admits that that is true. He tells her that because of himself and Luke and Skye, Michael is dead. She tells him that Michael’s death was not his fault. It was the fault of Faith Roscoe. But he reminds her that he let Faith back on the streets and asks if he is supposed to ignore that. She protests that he is not helping anybody by giving up on his dream because of Michael. He gets into a tirade, knowing he’s attracting an audience at Kelly’s and tells people that he’s going to produce a film about the selfish guy who let a little boy die. He says so what if Michael is lying dead in a ditch as long as he can achieve his dreams, because all he cares about is himself. He tells announces that the name of his first film will be “dead boys don’t have dreams”. He then leaves.

Lorenzo notices Diego at his home. Diego asks his father why his mother left town, where she went and what he knows about it. Lorenzo doesn’t know exactly what to tell him but says that she did it for him.

The medical team wheels Reese into the hospital. Steven and Monica treat her and Monica tells Sonny he must wait outside. Carly runs into Sonny and assumes that something has happened to Morgan. He assures her this has nothing to do with Morgan. It was Agent Marshall that got hurt. He tells her about the car bomb.

Skye encourages Emily to know that she and Nikolas can have a future and not have to let one hateful person ruin things for them. Emily asks whom she is talking about. She replies Helena. Emily seems to want to avoid the conversation, tells Skye that it’s more complicated than that, but thanks her for the encouragement. She says she must get Cameron to bed. She gets on the elevator and private tells the baby that she will tell him a story before he falls asleep but it will not be a fairy tale because she no longer believes in them.

Alone, AJ has a vision of where he justifies himself for taking his son back because of what Sonny and Jason did to him. He then has a flashback of a past conversation of his father, Alan, telling his son he must take responsibility for what he has done or else things will never get any better. But he remembers telling his father that every time he reaches for what he wants, he crashes and burns and fails. And he’s giving up. He then gets up and hears Michael crying in his bed.

Georgie informs Brook Lynn that Dillon is blaming himself for what happened to Michael. Brook Lynn asks how that could be. Georgie explains that Dillon worked with Luke and Skye to spring Faith from prison. Brook Lynn protests that Dillon had no way of knowing that Faith would go after Michael. Georgie says she knows but Dillon believes he ignored the signs and went along with Luke in order to be cool. Brook Lynn tells Georgie she just needs to give it time and be patient. But Georgie reveals to her that it’s more than that. Dillon has given up on film school. Brook Lynn asks if she should go and talk to Dillon. Georgie says that it won’t hurt because he won’t listen to anything she says. Brook Lynn encourages Georgie to know that Dillon loves her more than anything. Georgie reveals that she feels as though she makes him happy when he feels he does not deserve it. He has this complex about anything good in his life being too good to be true and believes he does not deserve any type of happiness, because of what happened to Michael.

Lorenzo explains to Diego that Durant arranged for him to be arrested unless his mother could testify to seeing Jason Morgan at the metro court. He explains that Maria is the prime witness in the case to incriminate Sonny Corinthos. Diego asks if she left to avoid testifying and if Sonny would go after her. Lorenzo assures his son that he will not let that happen. He promises when this whole thing blows over, he will bring Maria back to Port Charles and they will all be a family. But Diego reminds his father that he knows Lorenzo does not love Maria because he is still in love with Carly.

At the hospital, Carly encourages Sonny that Reese will be ok. She asks him if Reese came to his home to say good-bye. He explains that she came by to give him evidence that could put Jason away for a long time. There was an eyewitness who testified to the whole thing on tape. And Reese gave him the tape. Steven comes out and tells them that Reese has suffered concussions, is still unconscious and it’s too soon to tell. Sonny says he will stay until he knows she is ok. Carly asks Sonny if he wants her to stay with him. He tells her he will be fine. She leaves. Durant suddenly enters, confronts Sonny, assuming that Carly was injured in the explosion. Durant tells Sonny that first his grandson is killed, then his daughter. Who will be next? Will it be Morgan? Sonny tells Durant that nothing happened to Carly. It was Agent Marshall that got hurt. Ric, then, intervenes and tells Durant that if he does not leave Sonny alone, he will charge him with harassment. He tells Durant that whoever did this would have to have motive to kill Reese and get Sonny framed for it. And who better than Durant himself? Durant tells Ric that if he goes and makes such accusations, he better know how to make them stick. Otherwise, his career is over.

Elizabeth goes to meet Lucky at Kelly’s. They wear elegant clothes and there are candles and lights and romantic music. They dance. She tells him she remembers the first time she met him. He tells her he regrets not knowing how amazing she was way back when they were teenagers. But she tells him that if they fell in love as teenagers, they would have never been able to have the connection they have now. And he’d have never been able to be the man who saved her and gave her a chance to change her life.

Carly goes to Lorenzo’s. His guard asks her to leave. But Lorenzo says he may let Carly in. She tells him he must let her explain. He tells her he does not want to hear it. She tells him she knows she hurt him and was out of line to accuse him of taking Michael. He asks her what changed so suddenly. He tells her she has confirmed that she does not trust him. But she admits that she was wrong and apologizes. But he tells her he is so tired of playing this game with her where he tries and fails to prove himself to her. But she tells him she wants to have a future with him and she cares about him. Right then, her cell phone rings. It’s AJ, who seems to either not know that he’s reached her or afraid to speak to her. She asks who is there. AJ does not reply and hangs up. Lorenzo asks Carly what happened. She tells him it was a hang-up, the number was blocked and it might be Michael. She cries and asks him if he is still willing to help her. He admits he is not sure. He tells her he wants to be there for her if he can look into her eyes and know that she trusts him. He tells her he does not want her to go through this alone. She puts her arms around him. And she sees Michael again.

After calling and getting Carly, AJ gets on the phone and says he needs to make travel arrangements right away.

Elizabeth and Lucky confirm that they are so much better admitting that they are more than just friends.

Durant goes to his private confessional hall to tell his “contact” behind the window what his goals are. The man asks him if he knows who planted the car bomb on Agent Marshall. Durant says he does not. But he says his main goal is to send Sonny Corinthos to prison.

Sonny and Ric watch as Reese is wheeled to the OR. Sonny informs his brother that Reese came by before leaving town to say good-bye and as soon as she opened her car door to leave, it exploded. Ric tells Sonny that he does not doubt his story, but it is his job to question him, remind him that he is a prime suspect and ask him to watch his back. Monica comes out and informs them that Reese is resting but in stable condition and if they want to go in and see her, they may. Sonny goes to see Reese. He tells her for the first time, that he does not want to lose her. He tells her she must pull through.

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