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Rachel confesses to Courtney and Jax, from her hospital room that AJ is alive. Jax asks how that could be possible. Rachel admits that she realized she went too far and couldn’t let Courtney go to jail for a crime that never even happened. Courtney says she does not buy that. She tells Rachel she is lying to save her own ass because she murdered AJ and knows she will get in trouble and it will not work.

Sam convinces Carly that it is a fact that Michael is alive and Carly is not crazy to have this belief that he is. She tells her that she and Jason have real proof that whoever told them Michael is dead is lying. She tells her the photograph taken of Michael in the swamp was staged.

Right when he believes that Michael is gone, AJ gets on the phone to demand that his contact does not take Michael to the airport, no matter what Michael says. The contact informs AJ that Michael never arrived and he never saw him leaving AJ’s home. At that moment, Michael returns and admits to AJ that he realizes that his mom and dad don’t want him and he has nowhere to go.

Sonny tells Jason he must beware of Agent Marshall. It does not matter that she has a common experience of losing a child. She is a fed. He tells Jason that with all the time and effort Reese had gone through to get where she is, she’s not just going to throw it all away especially when she has evidence against him. But Jason tells Sonny that Reese has had many opportunities to nail him and has not gone through with it. And he says that might mean something.

Right when Durant goes to his private “confessional” booth to talk to his contact about his need to put Sonny Corinthos away, he is overheard by Reese. Noticing her eavesdropping upon his conversation, he demands to know why she’s there and why she followed him. She replies that she is there because of Sonny Corinthos. He tells her that he thinks she’s making a good decision to use whatever evidence she has against Sonny. He remarks that he is proud of her. But she tells him there is no evidence against Sonny. She says the Sandoval shooting has no link back to Sonny. She says if Sonny had ordered the shootings, he’d have known to thoroughly cover his tracks. And she tells Durant that he is behaving in a reprehensible manner to go after a grieving father who has lost his son, the son who also just happens to be Durant’s grandson. She tells him maybe he should take a few minutes to stop harassing Sonny, and instead deal with his own pain. Durant tells her how dare she judge him or tell him how to feel about his grandson. He tells her she knows nothing about his situation until she walks in his shoes. She tells him he knows nothing about her. He tells her he’s onto her and knows she’s spying on him. She tells him she doesn’t care what he knows and walks off.

Sonny tells Jason that it’s more than coincidental that of all the FBI agents to be assigned to his case, it would have to be Agent Marshall. Everybody knows that he is vulnerable to beautiful women. And he says it’s very odd and not credible that Agent Marshall is going after Jason for the Sandoval shooting instead of going after Sonny directly. He admits that he cannot figure out whether she can be trusted or not. She may be telling him the truth. Then again, she may be warming up to him and lying to him. He tells Jason that he cannot afford to have another mistake. So he tells Jason that until he can find out whether Resse is going to turn on him or not, Jason needs to go away where she cannot find him. He tells Jason he is no good to him if he’s going to be arrested for murder, so Sonny needs Jason to leave the country tonight.

AJ tells Michael that it’s not very complicated. Sonny and Carly have not wanted him throughout his life. They only wanted him to believe that in order to hurt AJ. They lied to Michael by leading him to believe that he was wanted when it was false. But he assures Michael that he is wanted by him. He believes Michael is the best kid on the planet and he wants Michael to be with him forever. Michael hugs AJ.

Rachel admits to Jax and Courtney the truth about how she met AJ in the Bahamas. AJ informed her that he was from Port Charles. She remembered that Steven was also from there. And she used AJ to help her attempt to kill Steven, stage his own death and set Courtney up to take the rap for murdering him. She admits that she was reckless and angry enough with Steven to do it. She says she went to the metro court in order to tell Courtney. But then she got shot and it was too late. Courtney and Jax still do not buy her story and believe it’s too convenient.

Ric goes to Sonny’s. Sonny tells his brother that if he is there to sugarcoat another threat from Alexis, he does not want to hear it. But Ric tells his brother he is not there for that reason. In fact, Alexis has decided to back off. Sonny asks what would cause Alexis to have this sudden change of heart. Ric tells Sonny that Alexis is going to therapy and has realized that it would not be beneficial for Christina to have her mother and father going for each other’s throats. Ric also tells his brother that he should just stay away from violent situations for a while, just to put Alexis’ mind at ease and get along with both of them. Sonny tells Ric that he’d like very much to make peace with his brother and sister in law. But he does not believe that that is possible.

Reese calls Ric, gets his recording and leaves a message, telling him she needs to talk to him very soon. She tells him she needs to talk to him about John Durant.

Mac and Justus come to Rachel’s room. Justus informs Courtney that he has found several witnesses that can confirm that she could not have killed AJ and they are willing to testify on Courtney’s behalf. Hearing that, Courtney is very happy that this nightmare is finally over. Mac confirms that he is ready to drop the charges against Courtney but tells Rachel that it all points to her.

Carly goes to Jason’s. When he answers the door, she hugs him. He asks her what’s up. She tells him that she now has confirmed that Michael is alive, from her recent conversation with Sam. And now that they all know it, they must go and find him.

In Rachel’s hospital room, she urges Courtney and Jax to tell Mac and Justus what she just told them. Jax explains to them that she’s informed them that AJ is alive but he and Courtney don’t buy that. Mac and Justus believe that if anybody murdered AJ, it was not Courtney. Justus tells Rachel she will need a good lawyer because she will be in trouble. Courtney tells Jax that Rachel had perfect motive to murder AJ. She fell in love with him and he rejected her. Rachel found out that AJ was still married to her, so she killed him and tried to frame Courtney for the murder. Rachel protests that AJ is alive and she wants to make amends. But Courtney tells her to shut up and that she’s so sick of her and her lies.

Jason tells Carly that he went through all the evidence and concluded, with Sam, that Michael is alive and somebody wanted his family to believe he was dead but it was not true. He admits that he’s not entirely certain. He’s not a forensics expert. All he has is hope. He explains to her that he could not tell her that until he was certain because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. But she tells him that she has all the proof she needs. And she admits to him that she didn’t want to tell him of her “vision” of Michael, either, for that very reason. But she is so happy that her son is alive. And that’s all she wants and needs.

Courtney happily tells Jax that things are so much better now. They can get married and Rachel can go to prison for murdering Jax. She tells him that he stood by her and believed her. And she admits to her fiancé, for the first time, that she now realizes that asking for his help does not make her weak. It makes her stronger. She says what a piece of work Rachel is to murder AJ and threaten to pin it on Courtney if she did not murder Steven. She also inquires what would happen if the Quartermaines believe Rachel that AJ is alive and get their hopes up only to have their hearts broken again. He tells her that Rachel is Ric Lansing’s problem now. They reflect on their happiness and plan on where to go to celebrate.

Ric informs Sonny there is some good news. Courtney has been exonerated. Sonny says that is good. But there’s no cause for happiness or celebration as far as he’s concerned. Michael is dead. His death was tragic and brutal and senseless. He tells Ric that he and his friends can move on but he tells his brother that he cannot. Ric tells his brother that Michael would not want him to be doing this. He’d want his father to move on and live and be there for Morgan and Christina just like he was for him. But Sonny does not listen to Ric. He goes to the patio and Reese enters. He asks her if she is there to arrest him.

Jason tells Carly that whoever faked Michael’s death probably has no clue that they know he’s alive. And that will work to their advantage in finding him. But he warns her that they must all use caution because one false move from anybody, and they could take Michael where they could never find him or Michael could die. He says he does not wish to scare her but they must use caution because one mistake could ruin everything. He informs Carly that Sam talked to a hotel employee who knew Faith and Faith told him about a rich guy from Port Charles who helped her with her dirty deal. He admits to Carly that they could not place a name for this guy from Port Charles whom Sam’s contact spoke of but he assumes it would be Lorenzo Alcazar. Hearing that, Carly tells Jason he cannot do this and Lorenzo could not have been the one in question. But he asks her how many rich guys in Port Charles would be motivated to take Michael.

Sonny apologizes to Reese for being difficult but tells her he is suspicious because he realizes her job is to get people like himself off the streets. He says he realizes that she is very close to the situation and has the means to do just that. He tells her maybe she will and maybe she won’t. But he understands that when he was at his most vulnerable state after finding out his son had been kidnapped and killed, she could have easily taken advantage of that. But she did not. And he is very grateful for that. She admits that a better agent would go after him, exploit his every weakness, keep her personal feeling out of this and nail him. She admits to him that she is a specialist in finding kidnapped children. She could not find her own child. But she’s dedicated her life to helping parents not have to go through what she did. She admits that she allowed her judgment to be compromised in his case and she realizes she cannot do that any more. She tells him that when someone is assigned to a case like she was, they must remain objective. And she failed to do that. She tells him that she is emotionally involved with him. And she tells him that is why she is letting him go. She pulls out a pocket tape recorder/camcorder and shows it to him.

Jax covers Courtney’s eyes and takes her to a secret place. It’s dinner in a garden with live music. She tells Jax that this is the reason why most women envy her. She tells him she knows how lucky she is. But that is not why she decided to marry him. She tells him that it took her a long time to understand but now she knows that he is her safe place. She has finally discovered that he will be there for her. She wants to always be there for him. And she wants to spend the rest of her life loving him the way he loves her.

At the hospital, Mac informs Ric that he’s a little perplexed and confused because Rachel not only denies murdering AJ, but insists that AJ is not dead in the first place. He informs Ric that Rachel is alleging that AJ faked his own death. Ric goes in to inform Rachel that he knows she is now the prime suspect in a murder investigation. But she tells him that AJ was not murdered. He faked his own death so that he could frame Courtney. He somehow got word that he and Courtney were still married. He knew how to provoke Courtney and make her angry enough to be under suspicion for his alleged death and made certain that there would be a witness to incriminate her. He told Rachel about Courtney and arranged for her to sit on the plane with Courtney on the way back to Port Charles. She and Courtney got into talking about their respective “poisonous ex’s”, Courtney about AJ, and Rachel about Steven. She says that since she’s a doctor, she knew how to draw AJ’s blood and put Courtney’s prints on the murder weapon and frame her for murdering AJ. Ric tells her that that is quite a story but he has one question. What motive would AJ possibly have for staging his own death?

Carly tells Jason that he and Sonny would blame Lorenzo for global warming if they needed a scapegoat. But he tells her that Lorenzo has the inside information, means and motive to take her child. He tells her that he does not want to suspect Lorenzo any more than she does and realizes he is not the only suspect. But he believes that Lorenzo would want to have leverage with Sonny and look like the hero for Carly. Jason asks Carly if she told Lorenzo that she believed that Michael is alive. She admits that she did. He asks her how Lorenzo reacted to hearing that. She replies that Lorenzo encouraged her to follow her heart and he told her that he would do whatever he could to “help” her find Michael. Jason presents to her how “convenient” it would be for Lorenzo to “find” Michael for her, knowing all along that he is alive. Hearing that, Carly admits to Jason that if he is right that Lorenzo is behind this, she will go after Lorenzo and kill him. But she urges Jason not to breath a word of this to Sonny because if Sonny suspects Lorenzo, he will go insane. And they cannot afford any more violence.

Reese tells Sonny that her little tape-recorder camcorder is the only copy of a witness’ statement and the only proof linking him and Jason to the Sandoval shootings. She admits to Sonny that she has sufficient evidence to get him convicted. But she also informs him that Maria Sanchez was coerced into testifying against Jason because of a threat made against her son. She tells him that Maria has probably left the country and will not be a threat to him. She also tells Sonny that she trusts that he will not go after Maria and he could not want to hurt an innocent woman who was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. He asks her what is next. She replies that she will go away and request a transfer because she realizes she is too close to this case. She also tells Sonny that since they will never see each other again, she needs to tell him that she saw that he has a conscience, that he has a soul and is a good man. She tells him she’s had many thoughts of what would have happened if they had not met under these circumstances but admits there is no point in going there. She kisses her hand, touches his cheek and departs.

Courtney tells Jax that throughout her life, whenever she is frustrated, bogged down or disappointed, she wants him to remind her how lucky she is to have him. He tells her that he would stop at nothing at preventing her from going to prison for a false charge. And now that Rachel is on her way to prison, he suggests they set a wedding date. She tells him she will marry him whenever and however he wants. She says all she wants is to be his wife. That is all that matters.

Ric confirms with Rachel that she maintains that AJ Quartermaine is still alive and went to such painstaking efforts to make it look to his family and everybody that he died with no real motive. And she so conveniently came up with this startling revelation right when she knew that Courtney would be cleared and she would be a prime suspect for the murder. He tells her that there was a photo of AJ’s body at the crime scene, forensic evidence, and also there has been an autopsy confirmed by AJ’s own father, Dr. Alan Quartermaine, and perfectly sufficient evidence that AJ is dead. Although she tells him she is not lying, he asks Mac to arrest her. Right then, Mac comes out and arrests Rachel for the murder of AJ.

Outside the hospital hallway, Carly informs Lorenzo that she is there to see a psychiatrist. He asks her why. She tells him that she informed Courtney of her belief that Michael is still alive and Courtney told her that she needs professional help. And she tells Lorenzo that she, herself, believes that she is not thinking clearly. She tells Lorenzo that something has got to be wrong with her mind for seeing and hearing Michael everywhere. She then asks Lorenzo if on the night when she said she believed that Michael was alive and he told her he supported her, was he just saying that or did he really believe it? Lorenzo replies that he really knows that Michael is alive.

Jason tells Sam that he knows that they should all keep their premonition about Michael a secret. But he tells her that he might have to go away since Sonny has asked him to and he needs her to stay behind and help keep an eye on Agent Marshall to see if she does anything crazy to tip off whoever might have Michael. Sam agrees to let Jason go and stay back but admits that she is upset. Right then, Sonny calls and tells Jason he may unpack because Reese gave him the evidence that she could have used against him and told him she’d back off and she is now gone. Jason then, informs Sam that he doesn’t have to leave after all. And now they can focus their full energy on finding Michael.

Sonny goes out to the patio and sees Reese as she’s leaving. She is crying. She walks to her car. Sonny follows her out past the gate. But as soon as she opens the car door, the car blows up.

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