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THE HOSPITAL: (Note -- my broadcast picked up just after this scene started.) Skye, Jax and Courtney are talking about what AJ said to Skye in the time before his "death." At that moment, Mac shows up and Courtney urges Skye to tell Mac everything that AJ told her.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly tells Lorenzo that she knows Michael doesn't want her to let him go. She says the things he says and the way he looks makes her think that she's alive and trying to tell her where she is.

THE ISLAND: Jason and Sam are searching for clues as to where Michael might be -- asking people on the island. But they don't realize that Michael and AJ are right under their one point the father and son rush past Jason and Sam, discussing going down to the water at night and then getting something to eat.

JAKE'S: Reese and Alan are arguing. He blames Sonny for the death of Michael and Reese takes offense. Alan tells her that she doesn't care about Michael because she's too busy in Sonny's bed. She slaps him and Alan slaps her right back. Sonny comes running in and threatens Alan. But Reese says that Alan's words are true. Sonny is still upset and now he and Alan get into it. Alan leaves and Sonny turns to comfort Reese. But Reese doesn't want to talk to him. He decides to just pull her out of the bar instead.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly talks to Lorenzo about her visions of Michael. She thinks that it's different then the way it was with Reese -- that Reese used to see visions of her dead son, but the ones Carly is seeing of Michael are different somehow.

THE ISLAND: Sam and Jason are talking about following up leads on the island. Jason leaves Sam to go question some more people, urging her to rest up and enjoy their vacation. Sam sits by herself, but she is soon joined by a handsome man named Cristoff, who tries to flirt with her. Sam, eager for information, flirts back, and asks him to tell her about Faith's stay on the island. She offers to get to know him better in exchange for the info.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye tells Mac all about what AJ told Courtney about still being in love with her. Mac thinks that unless Rachel wakes up, Courtney will have to be charged with murder, as all the facts in the case point to her. Mac leaves. Courtney is worried, saying that if they can't find a connection in this case, she doesn't stand a chance. Skye reassures them and then takes her leave. Courtney and Jax discuss the case...Jax says that AJ's death doesn't make sense.

THE ISLAND: Cristoff has just told Sam about the last time he saw Faith. She thanks him and he continues to flirt with her -- he wants to take her to dinner. As he flirts and rubs her shoulders, Jason appears out of the blue and hauls Cristoff off of Sam. Cristoff leaves and Sam tells Jason that she just got a wealth of information on Faith.

THE PLAYGROUND: Lorenzo tells Carly that he is a fatalist -- he believes in what he can see and what he can touch. Carly asks him not to humor her and he replies that when she tells him that she thinks Michael is alive...he does trust that it's real. He says that Carly is capable of the deepest love he's ever seen. Carly says she's going to find Michael no matter what. He notes that she has a very determined look on her face. Carly says that that look usually annoys most people, but Lorenzo smiles and reminds her that she is not most people. He has no interest in trying to control Carly's spirit because to control it would be to break it. Carly leans forward and they tentaively kiss. The kiss quickly grows deeper.

GREYSTONE: Sonny has brought a furious Reese back to his mansion. He wants to know why she was at the bar, getting drunk and getting in Alan's face. He brings up the fact that she is still mourning her dead son and she snaps and tells her that her orders are now to arrest both him and Jason.

THE ISLAND: Sam tells Jason that Cristoff spent some time with Faith and that he happened to hear a conversation she had with some "rich guy" from Port Charles. (During this time we see flashbacks...Faith/Cristoff making out; Faith's cell phone ringing and Faith answering it to find AJ on the other end; Faith offering to meet AJ somewhere to iron out the details of their plan, but AJ -- turning to look at Rachel, asleep on the couch in his house -- declines and simply says he'll wire her the money she's earning for the job; Faith hangs up and tells Cristoff that she was just on the phone with some rich guy from Port Charles.) Jason wonders who the rich guy is?

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ and Michael return to the house -- Michael is eating an ice cream cone (only he calls it "gelato") -- excitedly talking about the things they did out on the beach earlier. Michael starts to remember the times he spent on Sonny and Carly's island...making footprints in the sand with Sonny and getting shells for Carly. AJ asks Michael not to think about things that would upset him...and then adds that anything Michael wants, he'll give him, just name it. Michael says he wants to go home.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly tells Lorenzo that one day she is going to bring Michael to the playgound and she's going to tell him how much she believed in him and how much Lorenzo believed in her. She thanks him for that. Lorenzo offers to help her search for Michael, but she says that she has to go to Jason.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Reese to tell him the truth about why she is in Port Charles. She tells him about Durant being on her case about busting Sonny. She tells him that she was supposed to take advantage of him during the kidnapping, and then bust him. But she refused to do that. She says that she saw something familiar in Sonny and that was what made her throw away the evidence she had on his organization. Except now her higher-ups have forced her to stay here so she can bust Sonny...despite the fact that she doesn't want to bust him. Now, however, she has evidence that he did plan the Sandoval murders. Sonny wants to know why she hasn't taken the evidence to Durant yet and she says that it's her business. Sonny gets upset and accuses her of wearing a wire on him at this very moment. He yanks off her blouse -- no wire, but she is holding a gun and pointing it right at him. He puts his hands up in a gesture of surrender. She tells him that he needs to start listening to her for a change. She wants him to look at her and see another dimension the way she looked at him and saw layers. Reese says that she won't make the same mistake with him twice. She leaves in a huff.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly says that she has to trust Jason with this -- Lorenzo understands, and she thanks him for that, too. He points out that it's getting late but she says that she wants to stay...maybe to see Michael again. Lorenzo kisses her again and leaves. Carly sits on the bench by herself. She talks outloud, begging Michael to give her a sign as to where he is. Suddenly she gets a vision of Michael giggling near the swing-set. When she turns to see him, he backs slowly into the bushes and disappears. Carly is about to try to follow him when John Durant shows up. She blows up at John and warns him not to keep showing up at the park, as it will ruin it for her. She storms off angrily.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax offers to disappear with Courtney -- to somewhere on his private jet, and they'll live their lives in some exotic place. Courtney thinks that that would mean looking over their shoulders forever. She can't believe he would give up everything and he replies that she is everything that matters to him. But no, she says she can't run from a crime she's not guilty of. She also says that she can't let Jax do soemthing like that for her. Jax says that that's fine, they will fight it together. Just then, Steven comes to tell them that Rachel is waking up.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mac heads to Rachel's room and asks her point-blank if she killed AJ Quartermaine. Rachel, who has just now woken up, stares at him groggily. Steven comes into the room and tells her that he's glad to see her up. Courtney and Jax also enter. Mac asks Rachel again -- did she kill AJ? Rachel looks around at the people in the room and then admits that no, she did not.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes back to the penthouse to find Sonny waiting for him. Sonny wants Jason to leave the country with Sam. He says that Jason has to leave until it's safe because Reese has solid evidence that Sonny and Jason were behind the Sandoval shootings.

THE PLAYGROUND: Reese is walking through the playground when she spots Durant talking to someone on his phone. He warns the person on the other end not to call him again and then says that he'll meet up with him momentarily. He hangs up and heads out. Reese follows him.

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ and Michael argue...Michael wants to go home but AJ doesn't see any point in it. Michael says he wants to go back to the house that Sonny bought for him. AJ says that a real father would have searched for Michael following the kidnappings -- a real father would have cured Michael from the insect bite he had on the island -- a real father would have brought Michael to this paradise place where Michael could be happy. He tells Michael that he loves him and wants them to be a real father and son. But Michael still wants to go home. AJ says that he knows Michael won't like what he sees when he gets there.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mac fills Rachel in on all of the accusations Courtney has brought against her. Rachel admits again that she didn't kill AJ.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny fills Jason in on what happened with Reese at Greystone -- how he accused her of wearing a wire and then found out she wasn't. He thinks now maybe Reese was on his side all along and that he just threw it back in her face.

THE CHURCH: Reese has followed Durant to a church. He goes into a confessional and talks to the person on the other end of the box about getting rid of Sonny...and also about a financial transaction. Reese records the conversation on a small tape recorder. When Durant comes out of the confessional box, she is about to hide, but doesn't have time. He asks her what she's doing there.

THE PLAYGROUND: Sam runs into Carly at the playground. They talk a bit and Carly tells Sam she thinks Michael's alive. Sam tells Carly that she's not crazy and that she and Jason have actually come to the same conclusion.

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ has a bag packed for Michael...a car is waiting outside to take him to the airport, where there will be a ticket in his name back to Port Charles. He notes that he wishes that it could have worked out, but that Michael is a big boy who makes his own decisions. He just hopes that when Sonny and Carly slap Michael in the face that it won't hurt too much. He sits and a desk and turns his back to Michael. Michael tells him bye and leaves. Once he's gone, AJ looks deeply hurt, as if he's almost surprised that Michael's really and truly gone.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mac says that he'll get paperwork or something (didn't quite catch this part) for a statement. He leaves. Rachel asks if she can speak to Courtney and Jax alone, so Steven (reluctantly) leaves as well. Once the trio are alone, Rachel admits to Courtney the truth -- she did not kill AJ, because AJ's alive and well. Courtney looks shocked.

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