GH Update Thursday 4/7/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/7/05



By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

John Durant is in a church confessional, but the man on the other side is not a priest.  He sounds like a shady character of some sort, and he tells John that he will support him in his quest against Sonny.  He tells John that Sonny must be disposed of.  John leaves, and so does the man.  John goes to GH to see if Rachel is awake yet.  Mac comes up, and they start arguing about Sonny.  Mac feels that John has been twisting the law too much lately when he tries to bring down Sonny.  John feels that Mac and the other people in Port Charles have convinced themselves that Sonny is undefeatable.  Mac explains that the reason Sonny has never been caught is that he has very loyal people working for him.  No one wants to testify against Sonny and risk their life, either.  John thinks that everyone can be had for a price.

Jax and Courtney go to GH to ask Elizabeth if they can look through the files that the hospital has on Rachel, in order to see if there is any proof that she knew A.J. in the Bahamas.  (Why does Elizabeth have access to personnel files, and why would hospital files say anything about her love life?  I have no idea...)  Alan comes up and hears them asking, so he starts tearing into Courtney again about how she murdered A.J.  He tells Elizabeth not to give them the files and accuses them of trying to pin A.J.'s murder on Rachel.  They deny it, of course, but Alan won't believe anything they say.  Jax and Courtney try to reason with Alan, suggesting that he be present while they look at the files, but he doesn't listen.  They argue a while, and then Monica shows up.  Alan tells her what is going and then brings up Courtney's past as a stripper.  He continues to insult Courtney, and Monica tries to stop him.  There is more arguing and then finally, Monica is able to take Alan aside. She yells at him for his behavior.  They argue.  Monica believes Courtney's story about Rachel being the killer, which doesn't make Alan happy.  She orders Alan to go to an AA Meeting, implying that she would tell everyone at the hospital how he's been acting, otherwise.  Alan storms off, so Monica apologizes to Jax and Courtney.  They tell her about the files, so she agrees to let them see the files and asks Elizabeth to give them full access. 

Jax and Courtney read the files, but they don't find anything.  When Courtney finds letters from children praising Rachel for her work at a children's hospital, she gets very discouraged.  She feels her situation is hopeless because Rachel looks so good on paper, being a doctor and helping children, whereas she is the sister of a mobster and was married to his enforcer.  Jax disagrees as Courtney continues to worry about how things look.  He reminds her that she saved an old woman and her dog from a fire and then took the money she gave her to start a children's foundation.  He praises all of her good qualities and tells her how people will believe in her like he does.  He kisses her to make her feel better.  Jax is very optimistic and supports Courtney.  Later, they meet with Skye, who has arrived at their request.  Jax and Courtney explain her theory about how A.J. and Rachel might have had a relationship.  They need proof of that, so they ask Skye if A.J. ever said anything about a relationship with Rachel.  Skye is sorry to disappoint them when she says that A.J. seemed to still be in love with Courtney.  She feels this is why he faked the divorce.  Courtney is stunned and more disheartened about her chances.  Skye is quick to assure her that she no longer believes that Courtney killed A.J.  Jax asks if Skye has mentioned this to the police, and she replies that she hasn't, and she won't.  Mac comes up from behind and asks what Skye is hiding from the police.

Lorenzo and Carly chat in the park.  Carly feels that the reason she is seeing Michael is because he needs something from her.  They discuss why Carly is seeing him or what he might want, even though Lorenzo doesn't believe that she's really seeing Michael.  Lorenzo wonders if maybe Michael wants her to protect Morgan.  Carly talks about how protective Michael was of Morgan and how sad it is that Morgan will never remember his brother.  Lorenzo wonders if maybe he is telling Carly that she needs to let go.  Carly refuses to do that.  Lorenzo is worried about Carly, but she assures him that he can leave; she will be safe there.  He leaves, reluctantly.  Carly looks at the swings, hoping to see Michael again.  She begs him to let her see him again.

In the Bahamas, A.J. tries to get Michael to go for a boat ride.  Michael is down in the dumps, missing his parents, and doesn't want to go.  A.J. assures him that he will feel better in time.  Michael asks him if he can leave him alone.  A.J. says that in 20 minutes it will be time to go out on the boat.  After A.J. leaves, Michael takes out the torn picture of Carly and stares at it.  He talks to her picture, saying that he misses her and wants to come home.

Back at the park, Carly hears Michael say that he misses her and wants to come home (oh, geez, I hate psychic crap on soaps!).  The swing moves in the wind.

Later, A.J. returns, so Michael hides the picture.  Michael tries to get out of the boat ride by saying he has an upset stomach.  A.J. can tell Michael is not being honest.  He tells Michael that life is not fair and that he has to deal with this fact by looking at what he has, rather than what he doesn't have.  He says Michael can feel sorry for himself, or he can go out and have a good time.  Michael decides to give it a try, so they leave to go out on the boat.

Reese continues to yell at Jason for being so sloppy as to let himself and Sonny get caught.  Sonny comes in just then, angry, and starts yelling at her.  They argue a bit, and Reese starts to say she knows how Sonny is feeling, but he cuts her off.  Sonny says that Reese doesn't know how he's feeling, that she doesn't feel the pain or emptiness.  She looks stricken.  He tells her to get out, so she leaves.  Jason wonders if that was a mistake.  He tells Sonny that she hinted about having proof to tie them to the Sandoval killings.  They both wonder why they haven't been arrested yet.  Sam walks in, talking about plane tickets.  She and Jason cover to Sonny about their plans.  Jason says vaguely that they are going "to the islands", and Sam lies that they are going because Jason needs rest, since he has been obsessed with the computer and finding info about Michael.  Sonny starts to protest, but Sam asks him not to get into another fight with Jason about this.  Sonny agrees and wishes them well on their vacation, then he leaves.

Sonny goes to the park, where he runs into Carly, who is sitting on the swings.  She knows he is there to be close to Michael.  She keeps hoping she will see Michael there.  Sonny yells that Michael wasn't there.  Carly doesn't agree but won't argue the point.  Sonny talks about how people are being sympathetic, but they don't know what it is to lose a child.  He mentions Reese, so Carly tells him about Reese having lost her son.  Sonny is shocked and feels bad about yelling at Reese now.  Carly tells him that Reese understands because she's been through it.  She tells Sonny that hearing Reese's story really made her feel better.  She knows she's not crazy now when she sees Michael.  She doesn't want to stop seeing him or remembering him.  Sonny urges her to accept it, but Carly refuses.  She thinks that maybe they can both encourage Michael to return there.  This is all clearly unnerving to Sonny, so he leaves, a bit angry.  Lorenzo returns a little later, worried about Carly.  She tells him that she thinks Michael doesn't want her to let him go.  She says that when she sees Michael and hears his voice, he seems alive.

On their way to the boat, A.J. and Michael stroll on the terrace of the Tropic Imperial Hotel.  A.J. tells Michael where they are and says that movie stars like to hang out there.  Michael seems impressed.  Just after they walk through, Sam and Jason show up.  This is the same hotel where Faith stayed.  Sam, wearing a sexy bikini, tells Jason that she thinks they should split up to ask questions.  She thinks if she speaks to the guys, she can flirt with them and get more information.  Jason doesn't approve of this idea, but she does it anyway.  She flirts with a drunk guy while Jason questions a man who works there, offering him money for more information.  The man recognizes Faith's name but doesn't know anything more.  Jason pleads with him to get more information from the other people who work there, as well as records.  The man is reluctant, but Jason tells him that he is looking for a missing little boy.  Just then, A.J. and MIchael cross the terrace again, right behind them.

Reese goes to Jake's; Coleman serves her when she orders bourbon.  She has Maria's tape with her on the bar, but she stares at a picture of her son.  Alan arrives and orders the same drink but sits at a table.  Coleman asks Reese about the tape, but she snaps that it's none of his business.  He asks her what dude broke her heart, but she doesn't say anything.  A little more loosened up, she tells Coleman that her problems are about her job.  She tells him that there are law enforcement professionals who have no morals or conscience, but she respects some people on the other side of the law.  She is caught in the middle and doesn't know what to do.  She keeps looking at the picture as she keeps drinking.  Sonny phones her and asks where she is, but she is still angry at him.  He wants to meet with her and tries to apologize, but she yells at him and hangs up.  Alan overhears the call.  Reese has more drinks, getting pretty drunk.  She talks to Coleman about how good guys in the old movies wore white hats, and bad guys wore black hats.  He tells her that whatever she says is just between them.  She describes first Sonny and then John Durant.  She wonders when she should put the bad guy in jail, when he's grieving for his murdered son.  Alan gets angry and yells at her that he will not stand by and listen to her make excuses for "that killer".  She tells him to go away, but he rants and raves about Sonny and Michael.  They scream at each other until Alan goes too far, saying that she is in Sonny's bed.  She slaps him, but then he slaps her back.  Sonny comes in just then, as Alan is saying that Reese is nothing but a whore with a badge.  Sonny has a disbelieving but angry look on his face.

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