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Alexis is on the phone scheduling an urgent appointment with a therapist. Ric comes out and finds out that she is seeing a psychiatrist and asks if it’s anybody he knows. She does not tell him who it is but gives him Dr. Winter’s business card. He remembers that she was the court appointed psychiatrist who interviewed Alexis and Sonny in court and believed Sonny is pretty messed up. Although Alexis tells him she is seeing the shrink for herself and needs to start healing, Ric seems to know that she has ulterior motive in going after Sonny.

Carly goes to the park and sees a vision of Michael on the swing. He tells her he never stopped loving her and asked her why she and his dad stopped loving him. Reese notices her there and seems to know exactly what she is going through. She informs Carly that she lost her little boy and went through a very same thing. Hearing that, Carly is very surprised. Reese informs Carly that her little boy was kidnapped and murdered

Courtney asks Jax what if AJ was the guy who Rachel was seeing after she broke up with Steven? What if they worked together to set her up? What if it’s no coincidence that Rachel sat by her on her flight back from seeing AJ? What if she knew that Courtney was flying down there beforehand and new about her marriage and problems with AJ?

Jason returns to Sam and asks her if she is ready to take a trip to the Bahamas.

At the hospital, Elizabeth notices Emily and Lucky entering together. Emily sounds happy knowing that her best friend is getting closer to Lucky. Elizabeth tells Emily that she understands it may make her uncomfortable. But Emily tells her that they are two of her closest friends and she is very happy for them.

Ric tells Alexis he wishes she would stop lying to him and admit she is going behind Sonny’s back to see Dr. Winters and get her to prove that he is emotionally unfit to have any visitation with Christina. Ric tells her that the world may not see things the way Alexis Davis does. But she tells him she has to do what she has to do which is filing the petition for appeal as soon as she can. She tells her husband that she is in love with him and devoted to him and to having his baby. But she’s been dealt a lousy set of circumstances. And she needs to do things her way. She tells him she wants him to believe her because she says so and because she loves him.

Noticing Jason booking a flight to the Bahamas, Sam makes a comment about packing her bikini, lulling on the beach, drinking Pina Coladas and the two of them having a romantic getaway, although she knows that he is planning a trip for the sole purpose of investigating what Faith was doing and finding Michael. He tells her that he’s discovered that Faith made several charges on her credit card there and he must retrace her steps. She asks if he is going to tell Sonny and Carly about his plans. He admits not yet. She says she understands that he believes that as long as Faith’s accomplice believes that they believe Michael is dead, he will be safe.

Courtney says to Jax, what if Rachel and AJ knew each other long ago, before he called her, and had an affair? He says that’s entirely possible. But she says she knows that AJ doesn’t have affairs. He only has agendas. Jax suggests that maybe Rachel found out what kind of guy AJ was but they agree it seems unrealistic that she’d be motivated to kill him because of that. Courtney suggests that perhaps Rachel murdered AJ because he dumped her. Jax suggests that it might have been related to money. They may have been business partners and planned to split the profits. AJ may have refused to pay his share and she killed him. But Courtney still wonders if Rachel really believed that she would murder Steven for her. Jax says he will get on the phone and find out if Rachel and AJ have ever met.

Reese explains to Carly that she was a successful attorney, extremely wrapped up in her career with no time for anything while always working. But then her son was born. And she realized she had to change many things. She started working part-time but had no husband and knew she had to raise her son, Jamie on her own. She tells Carly it was summer and it was kids’ day at the park. She said she thought the place was safe. But it was extremely crowded. She says she got some money when her son asked for cotton candy. And she let go of his hand for about 60 seconds and he was gone. Carly inquires if Reese ever found her son. She says that the police found his body. Carly asks her why she never said anything about that before. Reese explains that she does not like to bring Jamie into her work. But after what happened to Michael, it brought back memories for her, about hearing and seeing Jamie everywhere. They talk happily about how they both see their deceased children. Carly asks if Reese heard Jamie speak to her. She admits no. But she could still hear him laugh and see him. She admits that she can no longer picture Jamie’s face any more, meaning he must be dead, unlike Michael. She says that after she stopped grieving, he faded away. Carly tells her that if she could not picture her little boy, she would not be able to live. Reese tells Carly that her experience was very different than Carly’s. Carly asks her if that was the reason why she joined the FBI. Reese tells her that it was a way for her to keep living. But she says she would still give anything to see her little guy’s face. Carly thanks her for telling her about this and apologizes if she’s said anything awful. Reese says it’s ok and that she understands. Carly leaves and Reese cries. At that moment, Maria enters and calls out to Agent Marshall, admitting that she lied to her before. She says she saw Jason Morgan running up the stairs at the metro court and heard him giving orders to the men who did the shooting.

Maria goes to the station and gives a formal statement to Reese about what she saw. She remembered Jason asking the shooters to make certain that none of the restaurant customers were killed regardless of what Sonny told them because he knew that Sonny’s sister, Courtney, was there. Reese asks her why she did not come forward before and said she could not identify Jason in the line-up previously. Remembering what Durant told her, she tells Reese it was for her son. Reese asks if somebody threatened Diego. Maria admits no but says she cannot expect Diego to have courage if she does not have it.

When Diego is at the station being interrogated by Durant and the cops, Lorenzo comes to bail his son out and asks Durant many questions, knowing that the charges did not add up and that Durant set his son up by planting the drugs.

Carly goes to Courtney’s in an emotionally fragile state. She cries and asks Courtney if she was a good mother to Michael. Courtney tells her of course she was. She confides to Courtney that she must sound crazy but she keeps seeing and hearing Michael reaching out to her and she knows he’s really there.

At the hospital, Elizabeth finds Lucky and reveals that it’s clear to both of them that Emily wants them to believe she is happy for them and up to her old people-pleasing behaviors, and covering what is really going on with her.

Alexis tells Dr. Winters that she feels just like Cassandra, the Greek goddess who had the gift of prophesy and the curse of knowing that all her warnings about impending doom will be ignored. She says she loves her husband and knows that he loves her and their new baby as well as Christina. But she says that Ric wants her to act as though it’s normal for children to be surrounded by bodyguards and it’s ok for fathers to keep guns in their pockets and live as Sonny lives. Ric wants her to pretend that Sonny is really a coffee importer, that her sister did not die because of him and Christina is not in danger around him. Christina was kidnapped from his home and her brother was murdered. An entire family was murdered in cold blood in a restaurant because of Sonny and she cannot get anybody to care. She asks why won’t anybody hear her. She says if she protests, they act as if she is crazy. They want her to make it ok but it is not ok. And that is why she is here. She admits that she needs help and she needs it now

Obviously after Durant has discovered Maria’s confession about Jason, the cops come to reveal that the alleged marijuana they found in Diego’s possession was actually oregano. But Lorenzo seems to know what Durant is up to. Lorenzo tells Durant he owes his son an apology. Durant says mistakes happen all the time. He tries to sound gracious to Diego, removes the handcuffs, tells him he’s free to go and apologizes. But Lorenzo tells Durant that he knows that he set Diego up in order to coerce his mother into making a statement about the Sandoval murders. Right at that moment, Reese enters after leaving the interrogation room where she heard Maria’s statement, and hears their conversation. Lorenzo reveals to Durant that he is not stupid, in fact more educated than your average drug lord, has many connections, won’t hesitate to use them and will not be fooled or intimidated. Lorenzo leaves with his son. Ric tells Durant that was a cheap stunt, even for him. He tells Durant that he is harassing an innocent kid. Durant protests that Ric’s brother had many people killed in a public restaurant. Ric tells Durant that if Maria Sanchez ever changes her story, any good defense attorney will have her “coerced” statement thrown out of court. Durant tells Ric than any good district attorney will make the charges stick. Reese comes out and tells Durant that what she just observed did not look too promising.

Alone with his son, Lorenzo tells Diego that he knows he was framed and Durant must have coerced Maria to testify. He assures him that he will handle it and just needs Diego to stay out of trouble and lay low for a while.

Carly cries on Courtney’s shoulder about the fact that she’s thinking of Michael all the time and her heart does not want to accept that Michael is gone. She says she could hear him. He asked his mommy why she stopped loving him. And she tells Courtney that she sees him there like he is really there. It’s not just some image or fantasy. She says she could hear him as vividly as they can hear each other right now. She cries and says she feels guilty every single day. Every day she thinks about how she could have done something differently. She says she feels as though she let Michael down and senses that he needs something from her and she wishes she knows what it is.

Reese goes to talk to Jason and tells him that he may have lost his touch as Sonny’s enforcer. She asks Jason if he is just bored with his job. She tells him that Sonny trusts him with his life and look what has happened now. Did Michael’s death make him ineffectual at what he does? He demands she starts making sense or leave. She asks him why, when he ordered the hits on the Sandovals, did he get caught?

Alexis returns from therapy and Ric notices she’s in a much better state than she was before she left.

Lorenzo sees Carly in the park, noticing she is in an emotional state. She admits that she is sitting on the swings in order to see Michael again.

Alexis and Ric seem happy again in their home. But at that moment, the phone rings and he tells her he must get it because he’s the boss. It’s Durant who seems to want to push the fake drug bust. Ric tells Durant it’s ridiculous and there’s no case. He hangs up and informs Alexis about the situation.

Durant goes to talk to somebody secretly and hears them tell him that they support his efforts to help them take down Sonny Corinthos and they must take him down once and for all.

Carly admits to Lorenzo that she had such bad post-partum depression when Michael was born that she left him with Jason and she could not take care of him. She admits that she now must stay calm and be patient. Lorenzo asks Carly if Michael was crying when she saw him. She answers no but she noticed he was so sad and his heart was broken and he asked her why she stopped loving him. And she tells Lorenzo that she believes that if she stays calm for as long as it takes, Michael will come to her and tell her what he needs.

Courtney tells Jax that Carly is dealing with something and she does not know how to help her. She tells him that Carly sees Michael and he asks her why she stopped loving him. She says she does not know what to do. He tells her she needs to be a friend to Carly and help her see reality. She says what they need is an investigator. They then get back to investigating the mystery involving Rachel and AJ.

Reese tells Jason that she should arrest him, not only for killing these men, but also for being sloppy. She asks him why he let himself be seen and why he left a trail of evidence that goes back to Sonny. She tells him that Sonny is overcome with grief and wasn’t thinking straight. Yet he helped him go after the Sandovals without talking him out of it. She asks why didn’t he just stay at the playground. Why did he let himself be seen running up the stairs before the shooting? She says she believes it was because he needed to protect his ex-wife. Because Courtney wasn’t supposed to be at the restaurant at the time when there were not supposed to be any witnesses She says he was the only one to protect Sonny from himself. But he failed to do that. And now it is all on her. He tells her that if she thinks she has a case, why doesn’t she just go and arrest Sonny? She tells him she cannot.

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