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Courtney tells Jax that she must beat the charges of murdering AJ. Even Mac believes her, she notices. He tells her he will call Justus to represent her. But right at that moment, their spirit is dampened when Alan Quartermaine walks into the restaurant and calls her a killer. Jax tells him to back off. Carly also comes to Courtney’s defense and tells Alan Courtney is not a killer and he needs to leave Courtney alone.

Steven looks at unconscious Rachel while she is in her hospital room. But she appears to be having a dream of hooking up with AJ and appearing very happy with him in his home. Steven looks at her and asks if she will ever be able to tell him the truth

Before the meeting in court, Alexis tells Ric that she hopes that Dr. Winter observed Sonny’s temper tantrum at the restaurant and knows how emotionally unstable he is and that he poses a threat to Christina. But Ric tells her that her best shot in court is in proving herself fit to provide a safe and loving home for Christina, and not so much in discrediting Sonny. He reminds her that Sonny can fight back and that she has no solid evidence to prove that he is a threat to Christina. At that moment, Sonny appears and says the judge is in chambers with an important witness. She asks Sonny just who, besides the two of them, would have anything to say about this? At that moment, Reese appears.

Steven asks unconscious Rachel how this happened. She had brains, beauty and a whole life ahead of her. And no matter how bitter or angry she could have been, he cannot believe that she would murder anybody or arrange to have him murdered. He asks her how it came to that.

While unconscious, she seems to be dreaming about her enjoyable romantic involvement with AJ when they just suddenly and coincidentally met at the Bahamas. AJ asked her why a beautiful woman like her would not already have another man in her life.

Steven pleads with unconscious Rachel that she wakes up so that she can talk to him and they can make things right. Right at that moment, she moves her hand.

Hearing Alan berating Courtney, Carly stands up and tells him how dare he attack Courtney. And who does he think he is to be acting like the devoted father to his son? She reminds him she was there when he put AJ down and disowned him. He tells her that he loved AJ, just like she will love Morgan, even if he turns out to be like his father or his murderous aunt. He turns to Courtney and tells her she hated AJ. Courtney protests that she did not murder AJ. Alan tells her that her prints are all over the murder weapon. He tells her she’s going to prison and neither Carly, nor Sonny nor Jax can save her this time. He leaves and Carly asks Courtney and Jax if Rachel has come out of her coma by now. They inform her not yet. She informs them that Alexis is going after Sonny in court again.

It finally looks like Michael and AJ are bonding. They’ve just gone for a cruise on AJ’s boat and are ready to eat some subs. But right when AJ leaves Michael alone, Michael goes through his desk and finds some stationery to write his mom a letter. He informs her that he called his dad and he told him he did not want to see him again, and asks her what is going on. He asks her why they stopped loving him and tells her he has not stopped loving them. At that moment, AJ calls to Michael that lunch is ready. Michael tries to hide his letter and make AJ think he needs to finish a video game instead while he puts it away to hide it.

Durant goes to find Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn and Diego cleaning the park that will be used as the Michael foundation, by picking up trash and gathering leaves. He thanks them for their efforts on behalf of his grandson and tells them that he really appreciates good young people like themselves that care about the world and he knows that Michael would appreciate it. He tells them he’s very proud of them. They seem happy. But right at that moment, the cops come and instantly bust Diego for possession of marijuana even though he protests he hasn’t a clue where the stash came from.

Alexis tells Reese that she must realize that Sonny is unstable and was probably involved in the Sandoval shooting. Reese tells Alexis that she told the judge that there is no substantiated evidence that Sonny was involved in the shooting, he has an alibi and they have no just cause to convict him of anything.

Jax tells Carly that Alan will do anything in order to incriminate Courtney. Carly says that is outrageous. He tells her that Alan will not consider that Rachel set Courtney up. Courtney admits that she had means, motive, opportunity and a murder weapon. At that moment, Justus enters and informs them that the cops tried but failed to find a shred of evidence that Rachel blackmailed Courtney.

Steven is still talking to unconscious Rachel in her hospital room. He asks her to go back to the beginning when they first met. He asks her to think of all the fun they used to have together after the end of their shifts at the hospital; all the long walks and good times they had together. At that moment, he is distracted by a nurse informing him that a patient needs his immediate attention. He departs.

Rachel is still unconscious, dreaming about how she informed AJ of her involvement with somebody that ended up badly. She told AJ that it feels so right to be with him and like they’ve known each other a long time. But AJ was able to sense that this man must have really hurt her and encouraged her to open up and talk about it

Diego’s three friends protest to the cops that he did not carry the marijuana and somebody has set him up. Dillon asks why they’ve singled Diego out. Is it because he’s Hispanic? Diego says that somebody must have planted the drugs in his bag. Dillon inquires why they are not questioning that person instead of Diego. Brook Lynn protests that she is his girlfriend and knows him. Officer Murphy tells Brook Lynn that she may not know her boyfriend as well as she thinks she does, asks her to back off and takes Diego with him.

Alexis tells Dr. Winters that she believes that unsupervised visitation for Sonny with her daughter might be dangerous. She talks about how although Sonny may love his children, he puts their lives at risk every day he is with them. Christina as well as his other two children got kidnapped, Michael was killed, and after Sonny’s son’s death, he is a suspect in the Sandoval shooting. Dr. Winters asks Alexis about herself. Alexis says she is a successful attorney and a good mother but she is not perfect. She talks about being accused of stabbing Lorenzo’s brother, how she lost it, lost custody of Christina temporarily and had to get therapy. But she says she was exonerated and goes back to Sonny’s unstable history. She says that Sonny has never gotten professional help, as she has. And Sonny’s wife and all his friends keep his secrets covered up. At that moment, Sonny enters. Alexis leaves. Dr Winters informs him that Ms. Davis thinks he’s dangerous. Sonny surprisingly replies by saying she is right. He tells her he is devoted to his children and will do anything for his family. So when Alexis wanted to take Christina from him, he fought her with everything he could. He says if she wants to call that dangerous, she may. Dr. Winters asks him about his illegal business. He tells her he is a coffee importer. She asks him about bombs going off in his car and his children being kidnapped. He admits that Faith Roscoe kidnapped the three of them out of revenge toward himself, his brother and Alexis. So they are all to blame. Dr. Winters asks him about his relationship with Alexis. He admits they used to be friends, had a brief flirtation when he was estranged from his wife, slept together once and conceived Christina. She asks why Alexis kept from him that he was Christina’s father for three years. He tells her that perhaps Alexis was spiteful and bitter because he went back to his wife. He tells her what Alexis did was wrong. He tells her he’d do anything for his children. He says he’d lay down his life for his children. But she asks him if his children’s lives are in danger when they are with him.

Durant goes to find Maria. He asks her if it was true that although she was present in the restaurant during the shooting, that she could not make a positive ID of the shooter. She admits that she did not notice anything before the shooting and cannot identify Jason Morgan, like he’s hoping she can. Right then, her phone rings and Durant seems to know that she is getting a call about her son. Sure enough, that’s what it’s about and it reveals that Durant has planted the marijuana on Diego, to set him up in order to motivate Maria to implicate Jason.

While Steven, Courtney and Jax are watching over unconscious Rachel, Steven informs them that if and when she wakes up, she might not admit to ever setting eyes on AJ. And if that happens, there will be no way to prove that she killed him.

AJ discovers Michael’s letter to Carly. As soon as Michael discovers that he’s found it, he rushes to grab the letter and reveals he does not want AJ to know about it.

While Sonny and Alexis are talking to Dr. Winter, someone comes in and announces that the judge wants to talk to Mrs. Corinthos. Carly goes off and says she is ready to answer anything the judge wants to ask her.

Jax and Courtney ask Steven if he believes Courtney, hoping he does. Steven admits he does not know what to think. He still admits that he cannot believe that Rachel is a murderer. Courtney protests that Rachel is furious with him. He says he still does not believe she is a murderer. He tells them that he knows about the twisted logic of a criminal and knows that is not what Rachel is about. Jax suggests that maybe he is too close to the situation and does not really know Rachel. Steven then informs them that he ran into a mutual acquaintance of theirs’ who informed him that there’s a new guy in Rachel’s life. They suggest that maybe Rachel has put on a “front” to him and to their mutual friend about the new guy.

From her room, Rachel still seems to be dreaming about her relationship with AJ. She admitted to him that she was still trying to get past Steven, and AJ was telling her that perhaps being with him will be just revenge upon Steven. But she reveals that she wants to make Steven pay in a worse way than that.

AJ tells Michael that he thinks it’s great that he’s writing to his mom. But he reminds Michael that they both abandoned him and they owe him an explanation. But he goes and offers Michael some stamps to send the letter.

Maria tells Durant that she knows he’s set her son up with the marijuana in his backpack and her son does not do drugs. He tells her that with a father like Lorenzo Alcazar, that might be hard to prove. He tells her that she needs to tell the truth about seeing Jason Morgan. He tells her he knows she cares about her son. He tells her that the police have evidence and her son will be tried and convicted and go to prison. She looks like she’s ready to cry. She tells him her son is just a boy, has his whole future ahead of him, and he must drop the charges against him. He tells her he’d like nothing more than to do just that. All she needs to do is go to Agent Marshall and implicate Jason Morgan, and Diego will be exonerated of all charges.

The judge asks Carly about her relationship with Sonny. She admits that although she is in the process of divorcing Sonny and they have had their issues, she believes that he is an excellent father; she backs him, does not have the fears that Alexis has and believes he has been very fair to Alexis and an excellent father to Christina as well as to her children. The judge asks her if she believes that Sonny is emotionally unstable in a way that would endanger or jeopardize the children. She says no. He asks if she believes that her husband’s business would put his children in danger. She says no. The judge asks about the woman who murdered their son. Carly tells the judge that Faith Roscoe was insane. What happened to Michael does not reflect upon Sonny. Michael was only 9 years old and was amazing. He loved and admired and respected Sonny. Sonny taught Michael to believe in himself. Sonny was a wonderful father to Michael, as well as to Morgan and to Christina and they cannot be kept away from their father.

AJ goes off, unseen by Michael, burns his letter Michael wrote to his mom but tells him he sent the letter. He then initiates going out on the boat for some fun and tells Michael he’ll let him drive. Michael seems to want to spend the time with AJ and doesn’t even question trusting him with sending the letter.

Courtney and Jax return home. He tells her there must be a way to prove that she is innocent. She asks if this is his “don’t give up hope” speech. But they end up happily together ready to watch a movie and make love.

Dillon and Georgie go to the police station and protests to Mac that they believe that Diego is being framed just because he’s Latino. Dillon asks when there were four kids in the park, why did they not search the others as well as Diego? Was it because they were all white? He says if it were himself, they would be using kid gloves on him. Mac tells Dillon he must not push it and he must stay away from Georgie. When Diego comes into view, in handcuffs. Brook Lynn runs to put her arms around him. Maria rushes to see her son, tells him she believes him and promises to get him out of this mess.

Ric speaks up to the judge in Alexis’ behalf. He informs him that his wife has been through the horror of having her child being kidnapped. She spent weeks not knowing if Christina was alive or dead, if she was hurt or hungry or thirsty or afraid. They are now very fortunate that Christina is back safe and sound. But he informs him that Alexis is carrying another child. She needs to know that both of her children are safe. He says that his wife has no intent to keep Mr. Corinthos from his children. But until Sonny stops choosing this career of violence and racketeering, Christina is not safe around him. The judge thanks all of them for speaking and tells both Ric and Carly that they are dismissed. They go outside the door. Alone with Sonny and Alexis, he informs them that he has reached a decision.

Jax and Courtney are in bed together and he asks her what she is thinking. She says she is mulling over what Steven said, in regard to Rachel. She inquires how or why it could be that Rachel broke up with Steven while still madly in love with him and ready to put her career on the line for him, then got involved with another man so shortly thereafter, and still had this obsession for need to get revenge upon Steven. And then she so conveniently got a job in the same hospital as Steven. And she concludes that it is very odd that Rachel would murder a total stranger. He asks where she is going with this. She then says one possible explanation to that question was that AJ was not a stranger to Rachel. She inquires what if Rachel knew AJ and was having a thing with him?. And what if it was not a coincidence that she and Rachel were on the plane together and Rachel and AJ were working together.

In her flashback, after being with AJ, Rachel angrily tells AJ she’s leaving and nothing will stop her from doing what she wants to do, assuming this virtual stranger will not help her nor care. But AJ assures her that he understands all too well what it’s like to have the thirst for revenge upon somebody who has hurt one. And he urges her to listen to him because he has a plan. While dreaming about this interaction with AJ, she is still unconscious and Steven is holding her hand.

Maria tells her son that there is something she needs to do. She tells him he must trust her to help him. Otherwise he will go to prison. Brook Lynn finds Diego and asks him what is up. He tells her he’s worried about his mother. At that point, Maria approaches Mac and tells him she’d like to arrange a meeting with Agent Marshall.

Carly goes to the park and again sees the vision of Michael. He tells her he loves her and asks her why she abandoned him. She protests that she did not. But then he disappears and Reese awakens her to reality. She asks Carly if she is ok and tells her she has had very similar fantasies, herself about her own lost little boy.

The judge tells Alexis that he is very sensitive to her situation and admits as a parent, he might feel and behave very similarly as she is doing if his children were kidnapped. He tells Sonny of the many attempts there have been on his own life. And if he loves children so much, anyone could wonder why he would not choose another line of work or else voluntarily give the children up all together. He however, admits that the law is the law and he must uphold it in spite of his personal feelings. He tells Sonny he is a very successful alleged criminal and there is no substantiated evidence against him. He says that Ms. Davis has failed to present any proof that Christina is in any more danger at the present time than she was when the original petition was filed. So he denies Alexis’ new petition to keep Sonny away from Christina. He tells them, however, that if anything changes, in the near future, he will not hesitate to change the court order and grant Alexis’ petition. Alexis looks pretty confident that she will win, even if she did not get what she wanted in this round. Sonny tells her that if she keeps pushing him, he will take Christina away and she will never see her again.

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