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At Courtney’s, Mac Scorpio bangs on Courtney’s door and tells her he has a warrant for her arrest. She and Jax go to the station with him, and he informs them that they have a murder weapon with Courtney’s fingerprints on it, and AJ’s blood. Unknown to them, AJ has just heard what has happened from his phone, since Courtney has made a call from Rachel’s cell phone to a number Rachel listed, although Courtney had no clue whom she was calling. AJ knows he has been successful in looking like he’s been murdered, in protecting Rachel from the charges, and in framing Courtney.

Courtney tells Mac that she did not murder AJ and that Rachel did. He tells her she had means, motive and opportunity, and now they have a murder weapon. Jax protests that Courtney is not a murderer and asks Mac if this evidence wouldn't be a little too convenient.  Courtney explains to Mac that Rachel murdered AJ and threatened to frame her for the murder if she did not murder Dr. Steven Webber for Rachel.

In the hospital, Rachel is critical. Steven tells Elizabeth that regardless of his personal history with Rachel, he is the only doctor in the hospital qualified to save her life.   He adds that all the time they spend arguing is time that Rachel does not have, and she could die if he doesn’t move fast.

Carly tells Jason that she misses Michael so much, and she asks him to take her and Morgan to the construction site the following day. She admits that she is just trying to get used to living in this world without Michael, and she knows he loves Michael, also.

Sonny goes to confront Alexis after finding out she’s going for sole custody of Christina. He notices that she is meeting with the court-appointed psychiatrist. He tells Alexis that he plans to keep Christina safe, from her and her paranoia. He also tells the shrink that he’s going to fight and nobody is going to keep him from his daughter. The shrink tells him she is not a judge.

Courtney explains to Mac that the first time she met Rachel, it was on the plane back from the Bahamas. He tells her he knows it was the very same day that AJ was murdered. Courtney explains that she and Rachel were total strangers and she was just venting her anger toward AJ. She tells him that Rachel followed her back to Port Charles, gathered damaging evidence that put Courtney at the crime seen, told Courtney she’d better pretend they are old friends and not admit to what she knew about Rachel murdering AJ or she’d kill Jax and have Courtney framed for murdering AJ. Mac says he wishes he could believe Courtney. He admits to her that she’s done a lot of good for the community and he doesn’t want to arrest her. But he tells her he might not have a choice.

AJ works on Michael, not only to convince him that Sonny doesn’t want him, but also he tells him about Jason. Revealing that he is jealous of Jason’s being loved by the Quartermaines, he tells Michael that Jason did not love him and took care of him only out of obligation and because people believed that Jason deserved some sort of “prize” that they did not think AJ was worthy of.

Sonny informs Ric that he just found out what Alexis is presently up to. He tells Ric that he will fight with everything he has to get sole custody of Christina. And when he does, Alexis will never see her again.

Carly meets with Lorenzo. She tells him that she’s been having many visions that Michael is still alive. And she realizes that her heart will not accept that he is gone. He tells her that she needs to give it some time. She tells Lorenzo that she has wanted to reveal what she is feeling to Jason, but realized that would not be a good idea. Michael was like a son to Jason and she didn’t want to bring any more pain upon Jason. When she gets up, she is able to overhear Alexis’ conversation with the shrink about Sonny’s unstable and unsafe life and how Christina’s well being is jeopardized.

Steven starts surgery on Rachel. But at that moment, he sees her on the other side of the surgery table, as a doctor. The other medical staff seem to know that he is lost in thought.

AJ asks Michael to imagine living at home and having his mother taking away all his toys and giving them to Morgan and telling him that she loves Morgan more, that he’s better and smarter and can take everything from him. He asks Michael if he’d let Morgan win if that happened. Because that is what Jason did to him, he tells Michael. He tells him Jason took everything; his money, his family, everything. And that is why he cannot let Jason win. Michael listens and says nothing.

At the restaurant, after discovering Alexis’ plans, Carly tells Lorenzo that Alexis is a selfish witch who only wants to hurt Sonny. She goes over to Alexis and tells her she cannot go through with her custody battle to have sole custody of Christina.

Ric protests to Sonny that they have been through a lot as brothers, have finally reconciled their differences and are now getting along. And all that could be ruined if Sonny fights Alexis. Ric tells Sonny he must side with his wife. At that moment, Reese enters. Sonny tells her that his brother was just leaving. Ric tells Sonny, again, that he believes the custody agreement should be the same and Sonny must not fight with Alexis. When Ric leaves, Reese asks Sonny what that was all about. He tells her that she will now get to decide whether or not he can keep his daughter.

After completing surgery on Rachel, Steven tells Elizabeth that he did what he could and hopefully Rachel will be ok. He also confides in his sister that he remembers that he and Rachel both botched surgery once long ago. And when she was there, he saw her on the other side of the table. Elizabeth inquires if he was afraid he’d make the same mistake. Steven admits to his sister that after what Rachel suffered by having to take full blame for their mutual mistake, he feels as though he owes Rachel his career. At that moment, Courtney and Jax come to inquire what Rachel’s status is. Steven tells them that he just performed surgery and hopefully she will be ok. Courtney blurts out the Steven that Rachel wants to kill him.

Carly goes to tell Alexis that she believes it’s Alexis’ own insecurity and anger toward Sonny that makes her want to take Christina from him and not her concern for Christina. Alexis tells Carly that her daughter is unsafe around Sonny. She also tells Carly she must see that Morgan is in similar danger around Sonny. Carly is very frustrated. She returns to Lorenzo and tells him that Alexis is so certain that she is right and will not listen to reason.

Sonny asks Reese what she will say if the court asks her to testify in his custody battle. She tells him that she will say that he is a loving father and that in the eyes of the law he is innocent. He says thank you to her. She tells him that she would only be telling the truth and that he should try it some time.

Hearing Courtney’s revelation that Rachel wants to kill him, Steven remembers that all the times he’s questioned Courtney about Rachel, she never said anything. Jax tells Steven that that is the truth. He reminds him that he, himself passed out from poisoning by Rachel and that she seemed to know, by being a doctor, that it could never be traced. They explain to Steven and to Elizabeth that Rachel believed she could get away with murdering AJ because nobody would believe she’d have a motive. And in exchange she could make certain that Courtney could get away with murdering Steven, since nobody would believe that Courtney would have motive to kill him. Hearing that, Steven tells them he realizes Rachel has some problems but he cannot believe she is a murderer.

AJ is still working on Michael and seems to be making some progress.

Jason is still tracking what Faith was up to before the kidnapping and what might have really happened to Michael. Sam tells him that she believes he might very well be onto something. He tells her that it’s because of her and her encouragement of him to not give up, that he knows that Michael is still alive.

Alexis tells Reese that she is worried for her daughter’s safety and she hopes that Reese will testify as to what she knows about Sonny’s life-style in court. Reese protests to Alexis that there is no proof that Sonny had anything to do with the shooting or that Christina is unsafe with him. Alexis protests to Reese that Christina was taken away by a stranger, Reese saved her, and Reese must see how important that was. Reese reminds Alexis that since she’s been around Sonny, Christina has been safe and sound. Alexis tells Reese that she must realize that that will not last for long.

Carly goes to inform Sonny that Alexis is on the warpath to keep Christina away from him. She tells him that Alexis will stop at nothing. She even had the gall to bring Morgan into this. She tells Sonny she’d like to kill Alexis and he must realize how serious this is. He tells her she must calm down. But she tells her ex-husband that she overheard Alexis’ conversation with the shrink, how they plan to evaluate Sonny’s psychiatric state and that she needs to work with him to beat them at their own game.

Courtney and Jax return to her home. She reveals to him that she wants to take care of her own problem and not let him in. He reminds her that part of loving somebody is to let them in. He reminds her that she did not have anybody there to help her for a long time and now she does. And he knows that she would do the same thing for him.

Mac asks Steven if he believes that Rachel might have tainted the evidence in the Courtney Matthews murder investigation and if Rachel wanted him dead. Steven doesn’t answer but seems like he’s considering that possibility.

Jason discovers from this contact that Faith was making credit card charges from the Bahamas, which would conveniently link her to AJ.

Michael falls asleep on AJ’s couch and is revealing that he’s becoming more comfortable and trusting of his biological father. AJ tells his sleeping son that they will travel the world together.

Reese tells Alexis that she cannot take sides in a custody issue. Alexis tells Reese that she knows that Reese got close to Sonny and saw something in him; something she thought she could change. She informs Reese that she understands that all too well. But she tells Reese that Sonny will never leave the mob. He feeds on power and is driven by it. She admits to Reese that she did not fully understand that until she became a mother. And she assumes Reese has never been a mother and might understand much better if she was. Hearing that, Reese says something about how she was once a mother and gets up to excuse herself and leave.

Carly is busy coaching Sonny on how to say the right things to a shrink. But at that moment, she is interrupted in her train of thought when she sees Michael, very vividly and clearly, smiling at her.

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