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General Hospital Update Friday 4/1/05



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JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Stan tells Jason and Sam that the person who shot Faith was on the Sandovals payroll.  Jason is upset that the only lead to Michael's whereabouts is a dead-end. 

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ is pretending to talk to Sonny on the speaker phone (while one of AJ's men on the other end plays pre-recorded Sonny sound clips from a computer).  AJ acts like he is trying to convince Sonny to talk to Michael.  "Sonny" refuses.  Michael, who is listening from behind the couch, runs up to the speaker phone and desperately begs "Sonny" to talk to him.  "Sonny" doesn't give him an answer. 

METRO COURT: Ric and Alexis are still eating at Metro Court.  Ric is trying to convince Alexis not to go after sole custody of Kristina.  Alexis says that her preference is Sonny giving up the mob entirely, but he won't do that, so she has to go after custody.  Ric says he won't help her dig her own grave...she can go through the custody trial on her own. 

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Reese start to kiss.  They both pull back momentarily, and then go back to kissing again. 

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax are searching Courtney's loft for the place where Rachel may have hidden the weapon that she supposedly used to kill AJ (the weapon that she placed Court's finger-prints on).  Courtney gets very upset that they are even in this situation.  Jax assures her that he won't let anything happen to her.  Courtney notes that she's a mess right now and Jax says that she's a gorgeous mess.  She laughs that he's blinded by love.  They continue looking through Rachel's things.  Jax finds a document which makes them realize that Rachel probably left the murder weapon with her estate lawyer for safe-keeping in the event of her death. 

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven and Mac are discussing Rachel's situation outside of her room.  Mac notes that Rachel could be their only lead in the shooting at Metro Court.  Steven says there's no guarantee that Rachel will ever wake up.  Suddenly inside the room Rachel's eyelids flutter open.  She sees the two men talking outside her room and then looks toward the phone at her bedside. 

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ's henchman plays some of the Sonny voice clips saying things like, "I never want to see you again" to a very confused Michael.  Then the phone hangs up.  Michael is in shock. 

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is upset -- he says it is obviously time for him to face Michael's death instead of chasing after answers about Michael.  Sam tries to reassure him, saying that she knows that he still believes in the search for Michael. 

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are still kissing -- then Reese pulls away and says that she doesn't want Sonny enough to let him compromise her. 

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam encourages Jason to realize that all hope concerning Michael isn't lost.  She thinks that whoever sent them the picture of Michael "dead" wanted them to believe he had been killed.  But the picture itself isn't proof enough. 

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Rachel struggles to dial a number on the phone next to her bed.  As it rings, Steven comes into the room.  He is surprised to see her awake.  But she quickly faints, dropping the (still ringing) phone.  Steven is concerned about Rachel.  He picks the phone off of the floor, listens to the ringing and then hangs it up. 

LAWYER'S OFFICE: Jax and Courtney enter the darkened office and look around.  It belongs to a lawyer named Martin Roth, and he apparently manages Rachel's estate.  As they look around (Jax wants to check the safe) they hear someone at the door.  They are about to be caught. 

METRO COURT: Alexis asks Ric as his wife not to abandon her and Kristina.  Ric says he is only trying to save her -- he says that she will lose custody and that Sonny will come after her.  Alexis notes that she indeed may lose, but she won't be able to live with herself if she doesn't try.  She brings up the fact that Kristina was kidnapped from Sonny's house.  She says she needs Ric to sign the petition -- she needs his support.  Ric moves his chair closer to Alexis and says he wishes that they could take Kristina, strand themselves on a desert island and that he could love Alexis to distraction, to get her to relax.  But he knows she won't give up on getting sole custody of Kristina.  He remarks that he can't be party to this.  Alexis says that he can be sympathetic to Sonny, then -- she doesn't give a damn. 

GREYSTONE: Reese says that Sonny would end up seducing her and then would wear her around on his arm so everyone else would know it -- then any case she built against him wouldn't be credible in court.  She thinks he planned the whole evening to strip her of that credibility.  He replies that that might be true -- but what is her excuse? 

LAWYER'S OFFICE: The lawyer, Martin Roth, enters the office -- Jax and Courtney have hidden themselves in the closet.  Martin goes about his business and then leaves the room again.  Courtney giggles and Jax kisses her.  They come out of the closet and are about to check the safe when Steven calls Courtney's cell phone and informs her that Rachel has come out of the coma. 

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam agree to go back to where they started to prove that Michael is not dead. 

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: Michael, visibly upset about the conversation with "Sonny" he believes he just had, demands that AJ get him in touch with his mom, Carly, right away.  AJ sighs and reluctantly shows Michael some pictures that one of his men took just a week ago.  The pictures are of Carly, Sonny and Morgan happily smiling and posing for the camera at the park.  In one picture Carly is hugging Morgan.  (The pictures were taken at the ceremony dedicating the park in Michael's honor, but of course Michael doesn't know this.)  Michael is saddened to see that it looks like his parents have moved on. 

METRO COURT: Ric has gone and Alexis is meeting with the court-appointed psychiatrist who is going to be evaluating both her and Sonny -- Dr. Winters.  Alexis says that she wants to get the process going as soon as possible for Kristina's safety. 

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny discuss their motives behind attempting to seduce one another.  Reese says that maybe she wanted to get his secrets out of him.  Sonny thinks that she really does want him and that she should just own it.  Sonny thinks they've made progress -- he feels close to her.  Just before they start to kiss again, Dara comes in.  Reese leaves.  Dara and Sonny talk and Dara informs him that she's representing Alexis, who wants sole custody of Kristina. 

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax, Courtney, Mac and Steven are in the hallway outside of Rachel's hospital room.  Steven tells them that Rachel was trying to make a phone call when she fainted.  Mac tells Jax and Courtney that he thinks Rachel might have some kind of connection to the Sandoval shootings.  Mac leaves and Courtney (after thanking Steven for alerting her about Rachel's condition) and Jax go into Rachel's room.  Jax thinks that maybe Rachel was trying to call her lawyer to make sure that the weapon would not be sent to the authorities after all.  Courtney thinks that if this is true, the call never went through and she could still be arrested if the lawyer sends the weapon to the police. 

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: Michael is sad about the pictures, but AJ tries to talk to him about it.  He says that the pictures prove that Carly is all about Sonny and Sonny is all about kids of his own -- now that Michael is gone they have their own perfect little family.  He apologizes to Michael who orders him to leave the room.  AJ does so.  Michael, left alone, tears the pictures in half. 

GREYSTONE: Sonny is furious at hearing the news that Alexis is going to go after sole custody of Kristina.  He rants to Dara, who tells him that Alexis can make a case considering that Kristina was kidnapped from Sonny's home and that Michael was killed by his enemies.  Sonny tells her not to talk about Michael, but Dara says that the judge certainly will take Michael's death into consideration.  She also tells him that his contact with Kristina has been suspended for now.  Sonny tells her to leave and Dara notes before she goes that he and Alexis both have to undergo court-ordered psychological evaluations before the trial.  She exits. 

Sonny picks up the phone and orders one of his men to track down Alexis immediately.  At that point, Ric enters.  He and Sonny discuss the situation.  Ric says that he knows Kristina needs Sonny in her life.  Sonny rants some more about Alexis and Ric pleads with him not to make things worse than they are now.  The phone rings -- apparently Alexis has been found.  Sonny leaves to go talk to her.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax and Courtney go back out into the hallway outside of Rachel's room.  Courtney isn't so sure that Rachel has changed her mind about not wanting Courtney to take the rap for AJ's murder.  Jax wonders if Rachel was going to try to confess to the police?  They leave to go check the loft for clues again.

Steven, meanwhile, goes into Rachel's room to check on her.  As she sleeps, he tells her that she was right and that he was a coward for letting her take the fall for the screwup when they were residents.  He wonders aloud why she never gave him up -- does she have some other plan for him?  And how does Courtney fit in?

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: Michael is by himself, looking sadly at an antique-looking globe in the room.  AJ comes in and asks if he can stay with Michael for a bit.  Michael doesn't really answer.  AJ sees the torn bits of pictures on the floor and then starts to open up to Michael about his childhood in the Quartermaine he felt the same way then the way Michael feels now -- that the Quartermaines didn't care about him, that they only cared about Jason.  AJ thinks his family would have been happier if he (AJ) had never been born.  Michael turns away from AJ and goes to sit on the couch.  AJ follows him and sits next to him.  He talks to Michael about how he would always go sit by himself in the boathouse on the mansion grounds -- just to get away from it all.  He just wants Michael to know that he's here for him.  He starts to leave...but suddenly Michael speaks up for the first time: "Wait.  Don't go."  AJ, looking honestly surprised at the sentiment, sits down on the couch again.  Michael tentatively rests his head on AJ's shoulder.  It's almost impossible to describe the look that comes over AJ's if his life has been leading up to this one moment when his son might actually look to him for comfort -- as if he can hardly believe this is really real.  He slowly puts his arm around Michael's shoulders and pulls him closer to him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are looking at the picture of "dead" Michael on Jason's lap-top.  They discuss Michael's eyes and how they might be able to tell them something.  Jason zooms in closer and he and Sam see that Michael's eyes are not all the way closed -- Jason goes on to note that Michael's pupils aren't dilated.  This must mean that Michael is still alive.

METRO COURT: Sonny confronts Alexis at Metro Court.  He gets angry at her, saying that he will not be cut out of Kristina's life.  Alexis says that that's for a judge to decide.  Sonny explodes, "Don't threaten me, bitch."  He goes on to rant that Alexis is just upset that Sonny chose Carly over her after their one-night stand and that she is now trying to use Kristina against him.  He also notes that he will not let Alexis smother Kristina with her over-protective crap -- that he lost a son to one lunatic and he will not lose his daughter to another.  At that point, Dr. Winters comes up from behind Sonny and Alexis introduces them -- Dr. Winters is going to be the one to evaluate them for the court.

RACHEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese has arrived -- she is excited because Rachel might be able to implicate Sonny in the Sandoval shooting.  Steven is in the room when suddenly Rachel flat-lines.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax are about to start going through all of Rachel's things for the second time.  Jax thinks that Rachel would have hidden something important in a place no one would ever think to look.  Just then, they find that Rachel has placed a spare cell phone in one of her boots.  Curious, Courtney checks it and finds that it holds only the same number over and over.  She calls it and is shocked when she hears AJ on the other end, saying, "Hello?"  Courtney doesn't have time to respond, and she holds onto the phone as Mac comes knocking at the door, asking her to open up.

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