GH Update Thursday 3/31/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/31/05



By Ali
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JASON AND SAM'S DATE: It's raining outside...Jason and Sam are kissing as they dance, while the rain falls around them and a song plays on the radio.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax has chased Courtney back to her loft. She wants him to leave, but he demands to know the truth -- did she kill AJ?

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ and Michael are at AJ's house on some island. AJ is excited about the prospect of spending time with his son. But Michael says he's not staying -- he wants to be returned to his family back in Port Charles.

GREYSTONE: Ric has come to see Sonny. He tells Sonny that Alexis is considering going after sole custody of Kristina...and this time, she could win. He wants Sonny to stay away from Kristina to give time for Alexis to calm down.

METRO COURT: Alexis is eating with Dara...they are discussing possibilities for Alexis to get sole custody of Kristina. Alexis tells Dara she'll do anything -- Dara just has to make it count. Dara notes that Sonny will not give up Kristina without a fight. Alexis says that Kristina's life is at risk. Dara says that Alexis just has to appear reasonable before the court. Alexis says Dara needs to make the judge realize how scared Alexis is for her daughter's safety. Dara says she'll file a motion right away. But there's a catch -- Ric needs to sign the petition as'll make a stronger statement if he does.

GREYSTONE: Sonny pours himself a drink, appearing bored with what Ric is saying. Ric explains that things are different now that the Sandovals are dead -- the police will blame him. Ric says if he has to he will side with Alexis, but he really wants them all to reach a compromise. Sonny replies that after losing Michael he's realized how precious the time he has with his kids is. He can't compromise that.

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ is trying to distract Michael by talking about the cool things there are here on the island. But Michael just wants to go home to be with Sonny and Carly. AJ brings up the fact that the pilot talked to Sonny himself -- Sonny doesn't want Michael back. Michael replies that he heard, but that he thinks the pilot got it wrong, or Sonny doesn't understand the situation. He wants to speak to Sonny himself. With that, he runs out of the room.

JASON AND SAM'S DATE: Sam and Jason stop kissing -- Sam is worried about the food being ruined by the rain. She says she got the restaurant to prepare it just the way Jason likes his pasta. Jason says he appreciates it, but how often do they get to kiss in the rain? Sam explains she just wanted it to be magical. Jason cuts her off by kissing her. She then agrees that it's also good to be spontaneous. Jason picks her up into his arms and they leave.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax tells Courtney that he has to assume that she is hiding something horrible from him, after she's lied about Rachel. He promises her that he'll stand by her no matter what, but that she has to trust him. She tearfully, finally admits that she will tell him everything.

METRO COURT: Alexis tells Dara she is sure that Ric will agree that she deserves full custody of Kristina. Just then, Ric walks in and comes over to their table. He tells them that it doesn't matter what he believes -- Sonny is not going to give up his daughter.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason carries Sam into his penthouse; but they are shocked to see Sonny waiting their for Jason. Sam goes upstairs so Sonny and Jason can talk. Sonny asks what happened at the station and Jason tells him that Maria Sanchez was a witness for the line-up -- and that Maria did see him at Metro Court. But apparently Maria lied to Reese and said Jason isn't the man she saw. Jason and Sonny know that Reese will not let this go.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese and Mac are discussing their options in getting Maria to confess that Jason is the one that she saw running into Metro Court. But it looks like a dead-end. Mac notes that Reese is in with Sonny...she could be the key to solving this thing.

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ says that he agrees that Michael should get to talk to Sonny. But he wants Michael to understand that Sonny, while he may have loved Michael at one point, now has the family he wants with Carly and Morgan. Michael gets that, but he still wants to call Sonny. AJ agrees and picks up the phone, getting ready to dial. Just before he does, though, he tells Michael he thinks he should talk to Sonny first, to try to reason with him. Michael wants AJ to call Sonny right now. AJ thinks that they should take some time to rest after being stranded on the deserted island...maybe shower and get some food. Michael asks if AJ promises to call right after and AJ agrees, saying he only wants Michael to be happy.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney explains to Jax exactly what went down the night of AJ's supposed murder...she goes over the argument she had with AJ, and the fact that she only met Rachel the night that she returned on the plane to Port Charles. She says that she vented to Rachel, saying she wished AJ was dead. And that Rachel actually killed AJ for her. Jax is shocked. Courtney goes onto say that Rachel wanted her (Courtney) to kill Steven Webber as payback. Courtney also notes that Rachel has arranged to have the murder weapon (with Courtney's finger-prints) sent to the police in the event of her death. Courtney finishes up by saying that she knows now that she should have come clean to Jax about this from the beginning. Jax agrees, but wants to know why she didn't? Courtney says that she just couldn't take the risk. Jax thinks that this must be because she's still not sure she can depend on him. He is angry that she still wants to handle everything on her own. Courtney explains that Rachel threatened his life if Courtney told him anything -- and then admits that it was Rachel who poisoned Jax the other day.

METRO COURT: Emily sits down to eat with Alan. She is confronting him about the fact that he caused the hit-and-run that hurt Ric and Alexis. He says that he wanted to confess, but Tracy told him not to. Emily doesn't think that Alan handled the situation correctly; she doesn't think he should have let Tracy have any input. She thinks Alan should take responsibility for his own actions -- at least he'll know that he did the right thing. Alan comments that right now Emily reminds him of Lila.

A few tables away, Dara has gone and Ric is now sitting in her place at the table with Alexis. Alexis wants Ric to sign the papers asking for sole custody of Kristina. Ric says he can't.

THE POLICE STATION: Mac says that because Reese and Sonny bonded when Sonny lost Michael, Sonny might open up to her. He thinks that Reese (a beautiful woman) could distract him into making a mistake. Reese agrees with him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Jason that Reese got it into her head that she could rehabilitate him -- and that when he moved against the Sandovals, she took it personally. He notes that that makes her dangerous.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese tells Mac that she just wanted to comfort Sonny; but while he was grieving for Michael, he was planning an attack on his enemies...and then when she offered him a way out, he refused to take it.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason notes to Sonny that they will have to handle Reese.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese tells Mac that she will take care of Sonny.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: And, at the same time, Sonny tells Jason that he will take care of Reese.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney tells Jax that she was scared that Rachel would give Jax a higher dose of the poison if she tried to go to the police about Rachel killing AJ. Jax thinks that Rachel was only bluffing; but Courtney counters that she was scared...she wanted to save Jax's life. Jax calms down a bit and says that he can sympathize with her need to always want to fix things. He goes onto say that trusting someone can sometimes make you stronger -- and that's what they are, together. They hug.

METRO COURT: Ric and Alexis start to argue. Ric says that if they push Sonny, he will push back harder. Alexis does not want to let this go just for the sake of keeping Sonny happy. Alexis cannot believe that Ric is siding with his brother. She brings up all of the things that have happened lately -- the kids being kidnapped, and the hit and run. Just then, Alan comes over to them and says that he has to talk to them about the accident...he was the one who caused it.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is gone and Sam is back downstairs in a fresh-change of clothes. She and Jason discuss what happened at the police station before their date. Jason tells Sam that Sonny thinks that Reese is going to be a problem. Sam agrees, pointing out that Reese is going to come after Sonny because she's hurt that he didn't take her advice and get out of the mob when she offered him an out.

GREYSTONE: Reese has arrived -- apparently, Sonny called her for a meeting. She is stunned to see that he has set up a candle-lit dinner in the main room of the mansion. Sonny thinks that she's been working so hard to bust him that she could use a nice meal. Reese is upset...she says that there's nothing that he can do or say that will get her to stop coming after him. Sonny says that she can prove that to him by staying for dinner.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax brings Courtney a cup of coffee. He wants her to open up about what she was feeling during what she went through with Rachel. She says she was scared and miserable. And now? he asks. She says that now she feels safe and free. She says that she knows that she handled it badly, but she wants him to realize that she loves him. He says that he knows and he wants her to forgive him for thinking the worst. Court says she would forgive him for anything, except walking out on her. He says that that would never happen because he could not live without her. She agrees and says they'll be together forever. They kiss.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are eating Chinese food. She jokes that if her romantic plans keep falling apart he'll get to try everything on the Golden Dragon take out menu. She wonders why everything she plans for them turns out to be a disaster. He assures her that tonight was anything but a disaster. He says it was nice being with her, looking at her face. She laughs that she looked like a drowned rat. He says that, no, she looked beautiful. They kiss.

METRO COURT: Alan explains to Ric and Alexis that he was the one who casued the hit and run -- he says that he's very sorry, and that he's going to go to the police to tell them what happened. He hopes that someday he'll be able to make it up to them both. With that, he goes back to sit at the table with Emily. She asks how they took it and he says not well, but he's glad that he did it. He notes that he thought when Lila died the last bit of morality in the Quartermaine family died with her. But he says he was wrong, because Emily makes up for it. He says he couldn't have told the truth without her. Lying to the world is one thing, but lying to one's self means there's no turning back.

Back at Ric and Alexis' table, they talk about Alan's revelation. Alexis says that even if Sonny's enemies didn't cause the hit-and-run, there is enough evidence to prove in court that he is not a fit parent.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Reese are having dinner. Reese doesn't believe that he really cooked it, but he shocks her by knowing all of the ingredients. He is really turning on the charm. Reese asks him where he learned to cook and he tells her that he picked it up in Brooklyn, an Italian neighborhood. He tells her a story about how a neighbor, Mrs. Cerullo, once made a big pot of forghetti (a delicacy) for some of the neighborhood kids who were helping repair her and her husband's roof. Reese laughs and says that tonight has been a nice surprise. He asks if she means the food and she says, "That, too."

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ sits at his desk and picks up the phone. He is aware that Michael is listening from behind the couch. He asks whoever picks up to let him speak to Sonny Corinthos. Michael listens intently.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax and Courtney now discuss what to do about Rachel. Courtney reminds him that if Rachel dies, the weapon with her fingerprints will be sent to the police. Jax says they'll act before that happens, go the police themselves. But Courtney says no.

METRO COURT: Ric is upset that Alexis can't enjoy the life they have now -- that she wants to fight with Sonny. He asks why she is going after Sonny again in the same way she did before? Alexis says that she is never going to stop trying to keep Kristina safe. Ric notes that she was told to avoid stress, but she is bringing it on herself. Alexis wants to depend on him, and he replies that she can, but this will blow up in her face. He argues that Sonny is going to come after her -- and Alexis will look vindictive if she tries to take Kristina away after Sonny offered her a compromise the first time around. And then she could lose Kristina, and possibly the child she is carrying; and in effect destroy their marriage. He wants to know if she is willing to risk that just to fight with Sonny?

AJ'S ISLAND HOUSE: AJ is pretending to call Sonny, when in reality one of his men is on the other end of the line, feeding pre-recorded sound-bytes of Sonny saying things such as Michael is AJ's problem now and he doesn't want to deal with it anymore. AJ has the whole thing on speaker phone. Michael, listening behind the couch, becomes fed-up, rushes to the phone and hollars to his "dad" that he wants to come home.

GREYSTONE: Reese talks about how Sonny is showing her a different side to himself. But she says that all of the charm and food will not make her give up this case against him. He notes that she was also trying to make it seem like she saw the real him -- to get him to slip up and say something incriminating. They banter back and forth a bit...their faces drawing looks like they are about to kiss....

And then, ABC News interrupts for a news report. The rest of the broadcast for today is cut short.

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