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Lucky suggests going for a walk with Emily. At that moment, Elizabeth enters and surprises him by letting him know that she will be the massage therapist that was scheduled to come over. She jokes about having plenty of experience practicing on hospital dummies. Noticing this, it’s clear that Emily is jealous about Lucky’s time being taken from her and his being with Elizabeth.

Steven informs Courtney that Rachel has gotten through surgery. But he tells her she has not regained consciousness and there’s no guarantee she ever will.

Reese interrogates Maria. She tells her she must have seen something and urges her to talk.

Before Jason is ready to leave, Sam asks him if he can do her a favor. She tells him she is not asking anything extravagant. She does not expect any fancy dinners. She says she wants him to let her distract him because sometimes answers come when you are busy thinking about something else. She asks him to close his eyes. He asks what she’s going to do. She replies she will distract him. She kisses him. While they are kissing, somebody is pounding on the door and determined not to go away. It’s Officer Murphy and the police department. Officer Murphy informs Jason that Agent Marshall wants him at headquarters because they have some questions about the Sandoval shootings.

Reese tells Maria that she remembers her previously saying that she could identify the shooter and now she is changing her story. Maria says she is sorry that she misspoke. At that moment, Lorenzo enters and asks why Agent Marshall is interrogating Ms. Sanchez. Reese leaves them alone in the interrogation room. And Maria reveals to Lorenzo that Reese is really pressuring her. He tells her she should not let Agent Marshall rattle her. But she suggests to him that maybe she should just confess to what she saw.

Elizabeth and Lucky seem very amused by the awkwardness of his undressing for the professional massage she is about to give him.

Steven tells Courtney that maybe she should talk to Rachel even if she is unconscious. Jax enters and ask Courtney if she really thinks it’s a good idea to talk to Rachel after all that has happened. But she tells him that Rachel got shot because she was an innocent bystander. And it could just as easily have been either of them.

Lorenzo tells Maria that if Reese does not get a sworn statement from her, she cannot prove anything. He also urges her to see that those men deserved to die and even if she has to lie in order to protect who shot them, it doesn’t matter. He also informs her that their son could be in danger if she confesses to what she saw. Reese tells Jason that she knows he knew something and might have been involved.

Carly goes to talk to Jason. Sam informs her that he is at the PCPD. Carly expresses to Sam that she is worried about the cops questioning Jason and everybody else who’s come within a ten mile radius of the place and they may send Jason to prison. Carly tells Sam that she knows how to help Jason much better than she can. Sam tells Carly she may yell at her and call her every name in the book. But she better not go down there and cause trouble for Jason. Carly says that her instincts tell her that Jason is walking into a trap and she leaves.

At the hospital, Dillon runs into his mother. Tracy tells him that she knows he’s there to see Georgie. He tells her that is not true. She tells her son he is a lousy liar and if it is true that he is not there for that reason, then when their little “candy striper” appears, they can wave at her and say goodbye. She reminds him that Georgie’s father has forbidden him to see her. She reminds him that she knows that he and Alan both want to divulge Alan’s driving drunk and hitting Ric and Alexis. But she needs him to keep his mouth shut about Alan’s secret. If he does, then she will keep her mouth shut about his private meetings with Georgie. And she will also pay for his filming school.

Outside Rachel’s room, Steven explains to Jax that Rachel has some unfinished business with him and he wants to know what Courtney might have told Jax about her friendship with Rachel. Inside Rachel’s room, Courtney relieves all the threats Rachel has made to her. She tells unconscious Rachel she is so tired of living in fear of her and she wishes there was some way out. Jax comes in and asks what it is that she needs some way out of.

Lorenzo runs into Carly at the station. They know that Jason is going there to be in a line-up and Reese is about to ask Maria to identify the man she saw as the shooter. Jason lines up with three others and Reese asks Maria if the man she saw is in this line.

Instead of agreeing to his mother’s plan of blackmail, Dillon says nothing and tells her that he’s just not into things like this. She tells him that everybody operates this way. She tells him that it’s a very easy choice for him to do as she says and she will make sure he can see Georgie and is not stuck in some worthless community college. He tells her that she is holding his romantic and artistic future hostage. He asks her what is wrong with telling the truth. She tells him that honesty complicates life. And his life is complicated enough. And that is why she has promised that he will not breath a word about Alan’s secret. He tells her that he does not appreciate her scheming with everything in order to have leverage. But she tells him he will thank her one-day and encourages him to have fun with Georgie. Emily approaches Dillon and asks him what that was all about. He tells her he cannot talk about it because he’s been sworn to secrecy for the rest of his life. And if there’s an afterlife, he will be bound for the next life. She tells him she knows how complicated life is so many times.

Elizabeth and Lucky talk about Emily and how they are supposed to help her get through her recovery. He asks Elizabeth about her own recovery and what helped her get through the best. She says that he was the best thing she had. He helped her by encouraging her to talk when she needed to talk, by letting her be quiet when she needed to, by encouraging her to laugh and be herself and heal in her own time. He admits that he did that because he was in love with her.

At the station, during the line-up, Reese asks Maria if she’s seen Jason before. Maria admits she has. She says she’s seen him at the park and around town. Reese asks Maria if she saw him run up the stairs before the shooting. Maria denies it. While outside, Lorenzo tells Carly that she must not worry about Jason. Maria will do the right thing. Right when Jason is leaving and free to go, Reese asks him why he ruined everything and did not try to prevent Sonny from going ahead with this dastardly deed. He gives no response to what she says and just asks if he is free to go.

Emily tells Dillon that she can tell that he is not comfortable with the secret he is keeping. He tells her that when his mother asks for something, she does not ask, she twists your arm and blackmails and schemes and does things that are not very cool. He also tells her that he blames himself for helping Luke and Skye break Faith out of prison. He tells her that when you do wrong, you can’t always get away with it. She tells him he must not blame himself for what happened to Michael. But he urges her not to let him off the hook. He tells her that he told himself, after Michael’s death that he would not cover for a wrong doing again. She asks him specifically what is on his mind. He blurts out to her that her father was driving drunk and hit Ric and Alexis when they were driving out to inspiration point.

Elizabeth and Lucky relive their romantic history. He tells her sometimes he wishes he could roll back the clock just so he could be with her. She says she wishes that too. But the only thing she would not give up would be her baby. Although they talk about their relationship in past tense, they both agree that they do not feel as though it’s really over.

Carly and Lorenzo go outside and run into Jason. She is so relieved that he’s gotten out of the station. She tells him she was worried that he was in a line-up and she was ready to go ballistic. But she tells him Lorenzo told her that would not be a good idea. She also informs him that the witness whom Reese called to identify him was Maria, the mother of Lorenzo’s son. Jason indirectly realizes that Lorenzo is not out to get him in trouble and is encouraging Maria not to do so either. Jason leaves and Carly thanks Lorenzo for his discretion and his help.

Jax asks Courtney what her big secret with Rachel is. Courtney suddenly divulges to him that Rachel is not an old friend, like they have both told him. She was a total stranger that she met when she flew back from seeing AJ in the Bahamas. He reminds her that she’s lied to him for weeks and asks what type of hold Rachel has over her. She cannot answer and walks away. He calls out to her. But she will not talk.

Emily finds Tracy and tells her that she remembers that Tracy came crawling back to the Quartermaines without a dime in her pockets after years of being away. She tells Tracy she used to feel sorry for her. But now she believes that Tracy is a despicable piece of trash beyond pity. She tells Tracy that Lila loved her because her grandmother was a kindhearted person. She demands that Tracy stops blackmailing Dillon for the hit and run. Or else she will run Tracy out of the Quartermaine house and out of the family.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she was always in love with him and that never changed even after he changed his feelings for her. He tells her he never lost his feelings for her either, although many things happened in his life. And he asks her officially if she will give him another chance. He also tells her that if she wants him to wait, he will wait as long as is needed. At that moment, he kisses her. It looks like they are ready to take off their clothes and make love.

Reese asks Maria why she did not ID Jason Morgan. Maria replies that she did not see him run up the stairs. Reese tells Maria that if she is lying, she could have her arrested for aiding and abetting a murder. Maria asks Reese why she keeps interrogating her and tells her that if she is “under the influence” of a mobster, she must know what it’s like.

Carly tells Lorenzo that he msut know about her long history with Jason. He’s done so much for her throughout their lives. She admits that she loves Jason probably more than anybody else she’s ever known in her life except for her children. He admits that he is envious and wishes she felt that way about him.

When Jason returns home, Sam has a surprise for him. She has candles and flowers and a romantic dinner waiting for him. He kisses her.

After Lukcy and Elizabeth have their romantic encounter and confirm their love and happiness to be together, Emily enters and reveals that she is devastated.

Lorenzo and Carly go to the restaurant. She asks if he really wants to be with her after she’s told him of her love for Jason. At that moment, Maria motions for Lorenzo to come here. She informs him that she took his advice and told Reese that she did not see anyone in the line-up. He tells her he’s glad she did the right thing. She tells him that Agent Marshall knew that she saw Jason Morgan. He assures her she has nothing to fear and returns to Carly. Carly asks him if his old love, Maria, is the same. Carly tells him that she observes that Maria is attractive. He asks if Carly is asking if he might be interested in Maria again. He tells Carly that she has no competition at that moment.

Jax finds Courtney and asks what the big secret is that Rachel is holding over her head. Is it that Courtney killed AJ, he asks?

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