GH Update Tuesday 3/29/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/29/05



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 Ric goes to the crime scene after the shoot-out to talk to Office Murphy and discovers that Alexis is there, obsessively taking photos. She tells him that she is bound and determined to find a way for the court to prevent Sonny from having any more rights to see Christina after what happened. He urges her to get some rest and that this is not a stress reliever.

Reese tells Sonny that no matter how confident he seems, he might be in big trouble. There's got to be a witness somewhere, and she wishes he'd listened to her.

In the stairwell of the restaurant, Maria informs Lorenzo that right before the shooting she saw a man running up the stairwell and a conversation among a few people about Mr. Corinthos asking for somebody to make certain their were no witnesses. She also overheard somebody realizing that Sonny's sister would be in the restaurant at the time. And she admits that she saw Jason Morgan.

 They believe that they are having a private conversation, but Carly is overhearing them. She later asks Lorenzo what he plans to do with this information. Will he use it against Sonny and Jason, she asks? He tells her that if he does that, then Maria, his son's mother, is in danger. So he tells her he wants to keep it quiet as much as she does.

AJ is ready to take Michael to a doctor but later realizes if he does, they will ask questions, call Sonny and Carly, and ruin his chances of bonding with his son. So he tells his contact he needs to keep Michael there.

Sam seems to realize what Jason is up to and that he would need to rely on Courtney for an alibi. Jason and Sonny are very glad to know she did.

Michael regains consciousness from his insect bite and tells AJ he wants to go home.

When Diego finds out the shooting took place at his mother's new place of employment, he gives her some money. She tells her son she refuses to take it.   He tells her she should at least let Lorenzo take care of her financially.

Although Courtney is not hurt from the shooting, Rachel is unconscious and taken to the hospital. Elizabeth asks Steven what his big secret with Elizabeth is, in regard to their relationship. Steven doesn't answer but knows it would be a conflict of interests to treat her after the shooting. She is still unconscious and not talking.

Reese is ready to interrogate Maria to find out what she knows about the shooting. But Maria knows she mustn't say anything. Reese knows she's lying.

Sam discovers that Jason is still not convinced that Michael is dead. However, she tells him they must not inform Sonny because he is devastated by the loss of Michael. They also know they need to keep it quiet about what happened at the restaurant. 

 Sam is looking at the picture on the computer with Stan when Sonny comes charging in.  He throws Stan out and starts yelling at Sam.  Jason arrives, so Sam lets them work it out.  Jason tells Sonny that he has to figure out what really happened to Michael because it is his way to grieve.  Sonny thinks he should just move on and remember Michael as he was when he was happy, not how he was in the picture.

Knowing that Ric is not going to help her get sole custody of Christina, Alexis contacts her friend from the DA's office, Dara. Dara seems to want to help Alexis and agrees that Christina is not safe anywhere near Sonny Corinthos.

At GH, Ric tells Elizabeth about his conflict with and fears for Alexis.  Alexis comes up just as Elizabeth is expressing her opinion that every child needs a father.  The three of them argue.  Alexis goes to take pictures of the elevator where one of the mobsters was killed.  Elizabeth fears she made things worse, but Ric assures her that she didn't.

Sonny finds Carly on the swings at the playground.  She wonders if they should really tear them down, since Michael loved them so much.  She tells Sonny about the vision she had of Michael the day of the dedication.  She wonders if she was wrong to tell Sonny they should move on, but he thinks they have to or they won't be able to live.

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