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Durant makes his speech about his remembrance of Michael at the playground ceremony. Sonny, Carly, Morgan, their families, along with Ric, Alexis and Christina, Jason, Sam, Lorenzo and other friends are all there. Reese is watching over everything also. There are cameras and reporters. At this time, Jason has gone off to find Courtney, knowing she is at Jax’s new restaurant and in danger. At that time, there is a massive shooting at the restaurant, outside and in the hospital, people are getting shot, strangled and killed. Jason arrives at the restaurant to see Courtney on the ground after the shooting. At that time, Durant talks about how the crime in Port Charles has to end and the criminals have to be caught and locked up in order to make it safe for the children. At that moment, Carly stares at the swing set and sees Michael as if he was there, swinging. She gets up and walks toward the swing, believing her son is there.

At the restaurant Jason and Jax help Courtney, not sure she is still alive. Jax tells Jason this is his fault.

Sonny asks Carly if she is ok, noticing her getting up and walking to the empty swing set. She admits that she could have sworn she saw Michael. He tells her that if she is not feeling well, he will have Bobbie take her home. But she tells him she wants to stay at this momentous occasion for her son.

Stranded and alone with Michael, AJ calls his medical contact to come and take care of Michael after he’s passed out. But they ask too many questions of him. He tells them that he pays them to do as he says. He gets off the phone and tries to take care of Michael who is still unconscious.

At the playground ceremony, Carly gives a speech. Then another woman does. Then Reese’s, Ric’s and Durants’s cell phones all ring and they get the notification about the shooting. Nobody else seems to have a clue what has just happened at Jax’s restaurant. After the woman makes her speech Sonny and Carly go up to her and thank her. She tells them her prayers are with her at her time of loss. Durant asks Reese what she knows about the shooting. She tells him what she knows. He tells her that Sonny may have prevented the Sandovals from messing with him and it may have been a gutsy move on his part but he could be getting into more trouble. Bobbie takes Morgan with her. Lorenzo approaches Carly, not certain he’s welcome. She assures him that he is her friend and has every right to be there. He admits to Carly that he noticed her getting up and walking toward the swings in the middle of the ceremony and he asks her why. She admits to him that she thought she saw Michael on the swing and she walked toward him.

After Courtney has been shot at and has fallen down at the restaurant, Jax helps her up. She is ok although she’s bleeding somewhat. They notice Rachel down and looking like she‘s been hurt worse. Officer Murphy comes and asks Courtney and Jax what they’ve seen. They report the elevator opening and the gunmen opening fire and they admit they knew nothing and the shooting was very sudden. But Jax notices Jason there and assumes he had something to do with it. Officer Murphy asks Jax if he saw Mr. Morgan shoot or carry a gun. Jax admits he did not. Jason informs Officer Murphy that he knew what would probably happen and he came to get Courtney. The other cop finds IDs from the unconscious shooting victims identifying them as friends and employees of the Sandolvals after they’ve been shot down. Office Murphy tells Jason that it’s very coincidental that this shootout would occur and cause many of the Sandovals to get shot right after Sonny lost his son and has been threatening “pay back”

Reese informs Sam that nine men are dead who resemble the men who attacked her and put Mike in the hospital. She tells Sam that it’s a big coincidence that Jason, who would have the biggest motive for revenge upon these individuals just happened to be at the restaurant at the time of the shooting. She tells Sam it’s an incredible coincidence and Jason might be in big trouble.

Durant tells Sonny’s he’s really done it this time. He wanted to kill the Sandovals but ended up killing innocent people including his own sister. And this is not a safe environment for any child or person or for the memory of Michael.

When Rachel is rushed to the hospital after the shooting, Elizabeth reveals to Dr. Monica that Steven had a history with Rachel. Steven confronts his sister about how she was way out of line to divulge this information to the wife of the chief of staff. But Elizabeth tells her brother she just doesn’t understand. She says Rachel seems like a really nice girl and she doesn’t understand what his problem is. He gets a call on his cell phone from the PCPD and has to leave.

At the restaurant, noticing that Courtney is ok, Jax tells her he loves her and was so afraid that he might have lost her.

Durant taunts Sonny and asks if murdering his sister was part of his plan. Ric gets off the phone and informs them that Courtney Matthews is alive and well. He seems to back his brother and tells Durant that he is making assumptions without facts. Durant makes a comment to Ric about whether he has a new job in his brother’s illegal business in addition to his job as the DA. Ric tells Durant he resents that and if he finds out that Sonny had anything to do with what happened today, he will prosecute him with a smile on his face.

Reese asks Lorenzo if he knows anything about the Sandovols getting shot today. He tells her he does not. She seems to doubt his word and tells Carly that she knows that Sonny had something to do with the shooting at the restaurant. She says that the ceremony must have been a pre-arranged alibi for Sonny while he eliminated his rivals. She asks Carly if she is happy that her son’s memory was exploited in this way. Carly tells her she has no clue what happened and does not believe Sonny does either. Reese tells Carly that she tried to prevent Sonny from getting into trouble but realizes he had no reason to listen to her since she is another FED; the enemy. But she tells Carly that since Sonny might have listened to her, she should have done or said something to protect Sonny form himself. Durant tells Carly that this needs to be a message for her to get away from Sonny. Her best friend and Sonny’s sister could have been killed. Dr. Rachel might already be dead. Morgan is in danger. Michael has already been killed. He tells her she needs to walk away now.

At the hospital, Courtney informs Sam that while she was with Jax at the restaurant there was a shooting and people died and she believes that Jason knew and did nothing to stop it. She tells Sam that she needs to stop turning a blind eye to Jason and Sonny’s way of life and should have tried to stop them. Sam informs Courtney that Jason went to risk his life in order to protect her. Courtney tells Sam that regardless of that, she needs to wake up and wake Jason up before he gets sent to prison and she goes with him.

Not far away in the hospital, Tracy tells Alan that he will have to be lobotomized if he admits to driving the car that hit Ric and Alexis the other night. Alan tells his sister that he believes that Sonny killed many people in the restaurant and was probably ably assisted by his son Jason. But she tells her brother that he’s very foolish to lose his medical license and go to prison.

Jax asks Elizabeth if she knows the reason why Steven refused to treat Rachel. Elizabeth admits to him that they were romantically involved.

Jason goes to the hospital and Steven confronts him. He asks what could have gone through his mind. Why did he do this? Did he completely lose it? Was it the death of Michael Corinthos that made him snap? Hearing that, Jason tells Steven he’d better shut up.

Meanwhile, Michael is with AJ, still unconscious. AJ tells him he cannot die after he’s fought so hard to get him back. He admits that perhaps he should take him to a hospital, but if he does that then he might be recognized and it might give Sonny and Carly a chance to take Michael away from him again. Michael still does not wake up. But AJ assures Michael that he has a helicopter ready and waiting to take him to the hospital if necessary. And he tells him that for the first time in his miserable life, things have to work out.

Steven tells Reese what he heard about what happened at the restaurant. Jason appears and tells them that he was there for the sole purpose of getting Courtney out of harm’s way. Reese asks Officer Murphy if Ms. Matthews corroborates the story. He replies that Courtney neither confirmed nor denied that. Reese tells him he needs to ask Courtney why she believed Jason was there. And unless she tells the exact same story that Jason tells, Jason will get charged with murder.

Tracy tells Alan that if he admits to driving drunk and almost murdering Ric and Alexis, he will throw away his medical career and be in worse trouble than that. Alan tells his sister that he has to admit to wrongdoing. Monica comes in and asks what they are arguing about. Tracy replies that she wants to donate to the Michael foundation but Alan has a problem with that. Monica does not buy that and although she does not know that her husband drove drunk and caused the accident, she admits that she knows that there is something very serious going on whenever she hears Tracy preaching morality. Alan tells his wife if she wants to worry about somebody, she should worry about her precious Jason who shot and killed many people today.

At the hospital, Courtney admits to the cops that she asked Jason to pick her up at the restaurant and that was why he was there. Jax reminds her that she did not mention that. She tells hi that because he may have been paying too much attention to Rachel, she called Jason to get back at him.

Carly confronts her father. She tells him she does not buy for one minute that he cares about her or the children. He only wants to promote his career and his own selfish interests. She finds Sonny and tells him she hopes he knows what he is doing and asks why this had to happen. She asks him why now, the people she loves are more at risk than ever. He doesn’t have an answer. Alexis confronts Ric and tells him that he knew that Sonny was planning an altercation with the Sandovals and yet he put her daughter in danger by taking her to be with Sonny today. She tells him all he cares about is scoring points with his brother. He tells her he resents that and tells her he had no ulterior motive except to be there with the family and to help Alexis to negotiate custody of Christina with Sonny. Alexis tells Ric that she will not ever again “share” custody with Sonny after what just happened.

Jax tells Courtney that he realized there was “something going on” with her and Rachel but he could not believe that Courtney would be so threatened by Rachel that she would retaliate by calling Jason. He tells Courtney she has not been herself and asks why she is so afraid of Rachel. Monica comes out after treating Rachel. She informs them that she is critical but stable. Courtney asks if she can see her. Monica says sure. Courtney goes into Rachel’s room

Carly tells Lorenzo that she wanted this day to be special. She wanted it to be a day for Michael instead of a cover for a mob war. Lorenzo tells her that although he is no defender of Sonny, he believes this is a brilliant move on Sonny’s part and if he gets away with it, Carly, Morgan and Christina will be much safer. But she says she does not want to deal with this again and wants to build a future for her kids. And she’s very worried about her father going after Sonny. At that moment, Lorenzo gets a call and tells her he has to go and there is something he needs to take care of.

AJ urges Michael to wake up. It finally looks like Michael is moving his head and wants to talk. He opens his eyes and asks what happened. AJ explains to him that he was bit by something poisonous but he’s ok now. Michael tells AJ he wants and needs his real family and wants to go home.

Ric tells Sonny that with the type of dirty and corrupt business the Sandovals do, many people would say that Sonny deserves a medal if in fact he was responsible for their deaths. But he admits to his brother that if he finds out he is guilty, he will do his job and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Sonny asks Ric what he really wants. Ric tells him he is concerned about Alexis and Christina and their unborn child who is Sonny’s niece or nephew. Sonny tells Ric that they both know that Alexis hates that he has custody to see Christina and nothing will change that. And he will not lose Christina. And he whispers to Ric that what happened today will make Christina a lot safer. At that moment, Reese walks in and overhears their conversation. And she tells him that she’s just heard him admit that he’s ordered the hits.

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