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GREYSTONE: Sonny is staring out the window at Greystone when Jason comes in and tells him that they are now ready to take out Sandoval and his captains. Jason says he'll handle it himself. Sonny says no, he won't.

METRO COURT: As the Sandoval men eat dinner, a few tables away Jax and Courtney are also dining. Jax wants to know what's really going on with Courtney and Rachel?

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly denies that there is anyway that Sonny would use the memorial for an alibi.

ABANDONED CABIN: Michael and AJ are in the cabin. Michael wants him to think of this as a camping trip. AJ is going to get a fire started and he asks Michael for help. As Michael lifts firewood, he drops a piece of wood in alarm. AJ quickly asks what's wrong and Michael says that something bit him.

METRO COURT: Courtney doesn't understand why Jax is so obsessed with finding out what Rachel is hiding. Jax says that he isn't getting anywhere with Rachel despite sharing fries with her at Kelly's. Court gets upset and tells him not to spend any more time with Rachel. Jax wonders why Rachel insists on staying in Courtney's loft.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven is talking to Rachel as they walk down the halls of the hospital. He brings up the past and says that Courtney seems to think he should apologize to Rachel for it. Rachel points out that he wasn't sorry back then and he's not sorry now.

THE PLAYGROUND: Reese says she is trying to give Carly a heads-up about the hit Sonny and Jason are planning. Carly replies that Reese is only trying to make herself feel better because she lost Michael. Reese says she's just trying to help. Carly storms off and Sam comes to talk to Reese. Sam plays dumb about the hit Jason and Sonny are planning. Reese tells both Sam and Carly that John Durant is going to bust Sonny for going after the Sandovals -- Sonny will end up in jail and Jason will get the death penalty. Reese wonders if that's a good way to honor Michael?

GREYSTONE: Sonny doesn't want Jason to be the one to take out the Sandoval men -- he doesn't want Jason anywhere near it. Instead, he wants Jason to come to the dedication with him, where they will be surrounded by witnesses.

ABANDONED CABIN: AJ is very concerned about Michael, who says that he doesn't know what bit him. AJ rushes out to get some mud for the sting, while Michael stays behind in the cabin.

[Sorry, I missed a segment of the show here!]

GREYSTONE: Sonny says that the playground was supposed to represent a good memory for Michael. He wonders if using it as an alibi tarnishes that. Jason says that Michael would want to know that his family is safe. Sonny agrees -- the dedication is a perfect alibi. Suddenly Max comes in and announces Reese's arrival. Jason is upset but Sonny says it's all right. Jason leaves and Reese enters. Sonny wants to know how he can help Reese? Reese says she likes her work, she likes catching the bad guys...and what she's about to do, she's never done before. She then goes on to tell Sonny that unless he calls off the hit, he'll be taken into immediate custody.

METRO COURT: Courtney tells Jax that she loves him and doesn't want Rachel to mess it up for them. Just then, Rachel arrives. Jax invites her to sit with them. Rachel agrees, while Courtney looks furious.

On the other side of the room, Lorenzo wants Maria to take a break from working at the hotel for just a while. Maria says no, that she likes working. Lorenzo points out the Sandovals sitting nearby, and says that if Maria booked them that she should know that they are very dangerous men. Maria looks concerned.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly is taking a time out -- she looks as if she's about to cry. Bobbie comes over to her and offers to help. She talks about how it never occured to her when Michael was alive that he might want a better play structure. Bobbie reassures Carly, saying that Carly was a wonderful mom to Michael and that he was a very happy boy. Carly says she just misses him so much. Bobbie tells her that it will get easier in time. She remembers how it was when she lost BJ -- and that one day she woke up looking forward to something instead of thinking about the fact that BJ was gone. Carly says that she is so angry at everyone involved...God for letting it happen, Sonny and Jason and even herself. Why couldn't she save Michael? She and Bobbie hug.

Sam is going over some decorations when Jason arrives. She asks him to help her and he hesitantly agrees. They talk about Michael and Sam asks Jason if he thinks that Michael would find the decorations baby-ish. Jason says no, that Michael would think the balloons and stuff were cool for his brother and sister. Sam says that Michael got his selflessness from Jason (and not from Sonny and Carly, who are more selfish). Carly asks to speak to Jason alone for a moment -- she pulls him aside and he asks her what's wrong. Carly tells him about Reese knowing about the hit.

GREYSTONE: Sonny walks around the room and tells Reese that he bought the house for Michael because Michael saw the ad in a newspaper and really liked it. Sonny says that at first he was hesitant, but then agreed. He is upset that he couldn't protect Michael within the walls of the mansion. Reese begs Sonny to call off the hit, or else John Durant will come after him. Sonny says that John's hated him for years, even before he came to town. He goes onto talk about the playground and how it was Carly's idea to dedicate it to Michael. Reese reminds Sonny he's using the memorial as an alibi -- she offered him a way out of the mob and instead he wants a bloodbath. Reese again asks him to leave the Sandovals alone. Suddenly John comes into the room. He sees Reese and says, "Fancy meeting you here."

ALEXIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric and Alexis are arguing about Ric's desire to take Kristina to the playground dedication. Alexis doesn't want Ric's input in this matter as she knows her daughter better than Ric does. Ric thinks that Kristina should bond with Morgan and honor Michael's memory at the same time.

ABANDONED CABIN: AJ returns to the cabin and finds Michael unconscious on the floor and running a fever as well. AJ is frantic, holding Michael and asking him to wake up. Michael doesn't respond, so AJ dashes to the place where he has hidden his working cell phone. He looks at the phone, contemplating whether or not he should risk calling for help.

GREYSTONE: John says he came to give Carly a ride to the memorial. Sonny says Carly's already there. Sonny, Reese and John trade snide remarks for a bit and then Sonny tells John that John isn't welcome at the ceremony honoring Michael, as it would upset Carly. John says that since Michael was his blood, he's going to go to the playground to honor Michael's memory and mourn the fact that Carly ever laid eyes on Sonny. John leaves.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly talks about the hit that Jason and Sonny are supposedly ; Jason asks her not to worry. Carly says she has already lost Michael, she can't lose anyone else. Jason tells her to let Sonny take care of everything.

METRO COURT: Meanwhile, the Sandovals are eating a hearty dinner while Jax and Courtney and Rachel share a more awkward one a few tables away. Jax is charming as he pumps Rachel for information on her past. Rachel says that she does have a broken heart from an old love, but that it's starting to heal. She then gives Courtney a sly look.

THE PLAYGROUND: Sonny and Morgan arrive at the ceremony. Carly rushes over to them and takes Morgan in her arms. Sonny tells her that whatever Reese told her earlier, she should put it out of her mind. Ric also arrives with Kristina. Sonny thanks Ric for bringing her, but when Ric tries to get into a brotherly-bonding talk with Sonny, Sonny says that they should leave it alone. The ceremony will be starting soon. Alexis arrives -- to Ric's surprise. Apparently Ric brought Kristina to the ceremony without Alexis' permission -- Alexis is angry. John and Reese are also at the ceremony. John tells her that he will arrest her if the hit goes out on the Sandoval men. Reese says he won't be able to because then he would have to admit he knew about the hit ahead of time and didn't stop it.

Jason talks to Carly, who tells him that Jax and Courtney are late -- they are at Metro Court. Jason, realizing that they are eating at the place where the hit on the Sandovals is about to go down, rushes off to save them.

METRO COURT: The awkward dinner with Jax, Courtney and Rachel continues. Rachel tells them that she has realized that she has to come clean to Jax about something. Courtney stops her mid-sentence and says she's not going to do this anymore.

ABANDONED CABIN: AJ has tucked Michael into bed. He is very worried. Michael is still sleeping soundly, and running a fever so bad that it's making him sweat. AJ rambles, saying that Sonny and Carly stole Michael from him -- they stole Michael's love and admiration. AJ begs Michael to wake up, or else he'll have to call for help and give Michael back to them. He's not ready to give Michael up.

METRO COURT: Rachel swears that she is not out to get Courtney. Courtney and Rachel argue, and Jax tries to intervene. Rachel says that she was trying to get on with her life...until she met a man that had a distant connection to the one who hurt her. And this man offered her revenge.

ABANDONED CABIN: AJ again begs Michael to wake up -- he wants the chance to be Michael's father. He rubs Michael's forehead with a wet washrag.

THE PLAYGROUND: The ceremony is about to begin. John steps up the podium to say a few words. Carly is shocked and wants to stop him, but Sonny tells her to let John say what he has to. John talks about how Michael was a great little boy who died a violent death trying to save his little brother and sister. Alexis, holding Kristina, looks concerned at how Kristina might react to the talk about Michael's murder. John vows to honor Michael's memory by destroying crime in Port Charles.

A montage begins, set to the song "War (What is it Good For?)."

Jason is shown running up the stairs at Metro Court, desperate to get to Jax and Courtney before the hit.

Several assassins working for Sonny take out various Sandoval captains -- one of which is shot, one of which is strangled violently, etc.

Sonny, still at the ceremony, smiles at his children, Morgan and Kristina.

Jason is still running up the stairs.

But he is too late. The hit-men start shooting up the restaurant. As the bullets fly, Jax grabs Courtney and pulls her down to the ground, protecting her with his own body. Jason arrives on the scene, shocked to see that it looks as if Courtney has been hit amid the carnage.

Back at the abandoned cabin, AJ checks Michael's pulse. Emotional and desperate not to lose his son's life, he prepares to make a call for help.

The scene switches back to the playground. John is still making a speech about his plans to make the city safe for everyone. Suddenly, something on the swing set catches Carly's eye. She stares at it -- she sees a vision of Michael, swinging. Michael seems to ignore everyone around him...focused only on swinging higher and higher. Carly gets out of her chair and walks toward the swing set as everyone else watches her. She seems entranced...she seems to believe that it really is Michael swinging there. A strange look comes over her face, as the song in the background ends.

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