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General Hospital Update Thursday 3/24/05



By Ali
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THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy asks Alan what happened to his car. Dillon and Georgie are there -- Dillon tells Tracy that Alan almost killed Alexis Davis.

ALEXIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Kristina comes into the room, bringing her mom a balloon. Ric follows behind. Alexis and Ric say they've missed each other.

MIKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Courtney enters the room and is alarmed to find Rachel with Mike. Rachel says she's been telling Mike all sorts of stories about Courtney.

GREYSTONE: Sam and Carly are planning the memorial at Michael's playground. Carly is about to go up to check on Sonny when Jason comes downstairs and tells her not to.

MIKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mike is happy that Courtney has Rachel as "back-up" for her after what happened at the diner. Courtney goes to talk to Rachel in the hall. She wants Rachel to stay away from Mike. Rachel says Mike feels like family to her. She says she only went after Jax to make Courtney keep her mouth shut. Courtney wants Rachel to stay away from her loved ones. Suddenly Jax shows up and tells her to stop blaming Rachel for her problems.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan admits that he was the one to hit Alexis and Ric. Alan says he panicked, and that's why he left the scene of the accident. He tells the story (in flashbacks) of how he got drunk in the bar at Metro Court -- he was upset about AJ. When he went driving he ended up hitting Alexis and Ric. He says he's been worried and will go to the police to tell them what happened. Tracy says no, they will handle it themselves by getting rid of the evidence. Dillon objects but Tracy says he's going to help.

ALEXIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric wants Alexis to be careful and avoid stress. He says she should also avoid tension with Sonny. Alexis says she intends to take care of herself, her baby, and her daughter. She will protect Kristina from Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Apparently there's some kind of mob warfare going on. Jason is wrapped up in it. He goes outside at Max's urging to see a visitor for Sonny. Carly and Sam talk about how Jason and Sonny are going into battle while grieving for Michael. Outside the mansion, Jason goes to see Reese, who has come to visit Sonny. Jason tells her that Sonny is busy. Reese notes that they believe that she's the enemy now that the kidnapping is over. She swears to Jason that she is here to protect Sonny, not hurt him.

KELLY'S: Brook Lynn and Diego arrive -- Brook is talking about a test at school. Brook didn't do very well, but Diego got a 95. They start joking around, much to the disgust of Bridget (who is working behind the counter). Dillon and Georgie show up. Dillon tells them that his family wants him to cover up the accident that Alan caused. Bridget overhears.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan and Tracy argue about whether or not he should come clean about the hit and run. Alan wants to; Tracy doesn't think it's a good idea. She says he made a mistake and now she wants to protect him. But in return, there's something he could do for her to pay her back.

GREYSTONE: Carly wants Sam to admit that she's worried about Jason. Sam tries to busy herself with looking at plans for Michael's playground. Carly thinks Sam's putting on an act to make it look like she isn't concerned Jason will get hurt in the mob war. Sam says she accepts Jason's life. Carly replies that she's learned since Michael's death that they area all vulnerable, even Jason. She leaves the room.

Outside of the mansion, Reese defends herself. Jason wants to know why she hasn't been re-assigned; he thinks it's to keep her close to Sonny. Reese has come to warn them against moving against the Sandoval crime family. Jason says that Sonny is only busy because he is mourning Michael. Jason goes back into the mansion, leaving Reese standing outside alone.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax breaks up the argument between Courtney and Rachel. He apologizes to Rachel on Courtney's behalf. Rachel leaves. Before Courtney can blow up at Jax, he tells her that he was just playing Rachel; he knows Rachel is trying to come between them, and he intends to figure out why. Courtney is worried...she wants Jax to stay away from Rachel, period. But Jax insists that he's going to uncover Rachel's agenda. He leaves. Courtney looks very concerned.

KELLY'S: Jax follows Rachel to Kelly's, and sits down at a table with her. He tells her that Courtney has been jealous lately of their relationship. He promises to try to keep Rachel out of their personal drama from now on. He gets up to leave and Rachel asks him to please stay and eat with her. Jax agrees and sits back down.

Outside of Kelly's, Brook and Georgie are talking. Apparently Diego and Dillon have gone to go help cover up Alan's hit and run. Georgie is concerned about the Quartermaine family drama. Brook thinks Georgie should get used to it, if she's going to be with Dillon.

THE CLIFF: Dillon and Diego are in Alan's car up on the cliff top. They plan to push it over the edge. They put the car in neutral and it . Diego jokes around and says it's nice to see someone else get in trouble (for a change).

GREYSTONE: Jason is back in the main room of Greystone with Sam. Sam tells him that Carly is going to try to focus her attention on the playground, to keep herself from worrying about the mob war. Sam says she's going to try that as well. Jason is grateful. Sam says she likes helping him -- she wants to cherish every moment she has with him, since life is so short. They hold hands and she asks him to make her a promise -- to take care of himself, and to be around for a very long time. He pulls her to him and they hug.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese runs into Ric -- she wants to discuss the war Sonny is planning with the Sandovals. She wants Ric to intervene, not as DA but as Sonny's brother. Ric says Sonny doesn't want to hear what he has to say. Reese says Sonny is not thinking clearly -- he is mourning Michael. She goes after the attack at Kelly's diner earlier, and the attack on Sam -- all to provoke Sonny. Ric asks her what she is trying to prevent what will ultimately put Sonny away. Reese says it's her job to save lives. Ric asks her if that includes Sonny's?

PLAYGROUND: Carly sits on one of the swings at the playground and rocks back and forth slowly. Her eyes water a bit. Suddenly Lorenzo is at her side. He gives her a handkerchief. She thanks him but says she's done crying for the day. He sits on the swing next to her and says he wants to show his support because of what happened to Michael. Carly tells him about the Sandovals. She is worried about Sonny. Lorenzo thinks she should stay out of it, but she wants to stop the war. Lorenzo warns her that she won't be able to.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy gives Alan some coffee and says she wants him alert for what happens next. She explains that she needs Alan on her side in a war with ELQ. If Alan refuses, she will tell everyone about the hit and run. Dillon comes in and informs them all that the car has been dumped over the cliff. Tracy goes to the phone, calls the police and tells them that she would like to report an accident.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney runs into Steven in the hall. Steven says that he wants to know what's going on with Rachel. Courtney says that Rachel is difficult to read...but that she knows that Rachel and Steven have a complicated past. She says that Steven should talk to Rachel. Steven wants Courtney to tell him what Rachel is after.

KELLY'S: Jax is still sitting at the table with Rachel. He tells her that she could have her pick of the men in this town. She talks a bit about her past and about how she put her faith in the wrong person, once. Jax tries to relate to her, saying that he knows that sometimes you feel so much for someone you are willing to do anything for them. Rachel bows her head a bit and he asks her if she's all right.

GREYSTONE: Sam says that they can protect one another, but Jason says he has to do better than that -- he is going to make sure that what happened at Kelly's to her never happens again.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly feels like the other shoe is about to drop in regard to Sonny and his enemies. Lorenzo says that Sonny's enemies know he's vulnerable and they'll keep pushing until he fights back or until they know he's gone.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric says again that Sonny won't listen to him. Reese says that Sonny needs to realize that his kids need him more than Sonny needs his business. Ric explains that Sonny has to make a show of force against his enemies. He continues, saying that he has to believe that the system (in which he will prosecute Sonny if Sonny retaliates against the Sandovals) works. Reese snaps that the system does not account for grief. Ric asks her if she's really willing to sacrifice all of her hard work for Sonny? Reese says that over the past few months she has gotten to know Sonny's family -- she knows Ric wants to help her save Sonny. Ric says that only Sonny can save himself. She thinks Sonny might want to give up the mob. Ric replies that Sonny is addicted to the money and the power of the mob and he'll fight to keep what's his. Ric walks away.

KELLY'S: Brook and Georgie are still outside of Kelly's talking. Brook admires the necklace that Dillon had made for Georgie. Georgie admits that she's worried about Dillon going away for film school. Brook says that sometimes when you care about someone, your own dreams don't seem as important. Georgie brings up Brook and Diego's relationship. She asks if they've had sex yet. Before Brook can answer, Diego and Dillon return. They tell the girls about the car going over the cliff. Brook asks Dillon what happened to trying to stay out of the Quartermaine brainwashing. But Dillon says he feels sorry for Alan since Alan lost AJ -- and anyway, if this was to get out it would only hurt the family. Diego assures them all that it will be fine, as long as no one else finds out they are in the clear.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney doesn't want to get in between Steven and Rachel. She tells Steven to just apologize to Rachel for what was done in the past. He says that he already has. Courtney replies that that apology wasn't enough. She says Rachel is very tempermental -- if Steven gives her what she wants, maybe all of this will go away.

KELLY'S: Rachel and Jax bond a bit more. Rachel says she's insecure when it comes to relationships because people always disappoint her. She tells Jax he's sweet for being concerned. He says he understands that sometimes it seems easier to hold onto the past than to move on with your life. Rachel thinks maybe he's right.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney is waiting for the elevator when her phone rings. It's Jax. She talks to him for a bit while Rachel watches her from a few feet away. Suddenly, Steven rushes up to Rachel. He wants to talk to her.

KELLY'S: Dillon and Georgie say bye to Diego and Brook. After they leave, Diego and Brook chat about maybe seeing a movie. They kiss as Bridget (behind the counter) watches. Brook notices that Dillon left his cell phone on the counter and she rushes outside to catch up to him and Georgie. She gives him the cell. Georgie asks Brook if she and Diego are going to spend time together tonight. Brook replies that she thinks that tonight, she and Diego will be getting really close.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric waits in a hallway...Lorenzo comes over to him. Apparently Ric called him for a meeting. Ric wants him to go out of town -- and tell the Sandovals that Sonny is planning to retaliate. Lorenzo realizes that Ric is trying to save Sonny. Ric thinks Lorenzo should stay out of town after warning the Sandovals. Lorenzo is amused that Ric now seems to care about his brother.

THE PLAYGROUND: Carly and Sam are setting up chairs for the memorial ceremony. Reese rushes up to Carly and asks her to cancel the ceremony. Carly refuses and Reese argues that this isn't a tribute to Michael -- it's Sonny's alibi.

GREYSTONE: Jason is sitting in the main room of the mansion. Max comes in and they talk about how the men are in place. Apparently, one of the main Sandoval guys is eating at Metro Court, and they are planning to take him out.

But also at Metro Court are Courtney and Jax, who are blissfully unaware of the impending hit.

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