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When Alexis comes to Sonny’s to pick up Christina and take her home, he tells her she cannot honestly believe that he would try to have her killed. She tells him that all she knows is that it was a hit and run. She tells him they were so far away from where they were driving and so close to the edge of the cliff when they had the accident that they must have been followed and it must have been no accident. He asks if she means that he must have been involved. Reese admits to Alexis that the FBI is investigating the possibility that this is a mob-related incident targeted at Ric because he’s Sonny’s brother. Hearing that, Alexis frantically asks Sonny why he would bring Christina to his home of all places. He tells her that their daughter is safe there.

At the hospital, Lucky admits to Elizabeth that he is afraid that his staying with Emily and Windermere is doing more harm than good and causing her more stress and anxiety.

At Kelly’s, Emily points a shot-gun at the thugs who just knocked Mike out and hurt Sam. But Sam tells Emily she must calm down, put the gun down and know that she need not shoot them because she is all right. The thugs tell Emily she must listen to Sam. And right at that moment, she relives her altercation with Connor where he attacked her and she shot him. Jason comes and calls out to her to put the gun down.

At Sonny’s, Alexis tells Sonny that as painful as this must be to him, he must have learned something after what happened to Michael. She tells him that all people close to him are in constant danger. She tells him that he brought Christina back to the place where she was abducted. He protests that nothing will happen and there are many security guards. Reese tells Alexis that she must believe that her daughter is safe at Sonny’s and she knows how stressed and emotionally overwrought Alexis must be. Alexis tells Reese that she must not condescend to her. She tells them that every time anybody is near Sonny, they are in danger. She calls to Carly, admitting that they disagree on many things. But one thing they agree upon is that a child’s safety comes first. She tells Carly that she must tell her husband that after their son has been killed, they cannot take any more chances with their other children.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that everybody knows that Emily belongs with Nikolas. But he tells her Emily is scared after the rape and doesn’t know how to get past it. Elizabeth asks Lucky what he would do if Emily did not love Nikolas and was in love with him instead what would he do? He replies that he would tell Emily that they are just friends. Emily means a lot to him, he admits. But his heart does not skip a beat every time he sees Emily. It does when he sees Elizabeth. She is the one he is romantically interested in. Just then, Elizabeth gets a call on her beeper and indicates that she loves him back.

Jason tells Emily it’s over, he will take care of this and she needs to put the gun down. But Emily tells him that the thugs were going to hurt Sam. He assures her that they will not hurt Sam and everything is now ok. She must trust him and take her fingers off the trigger. She finally gives the gun to Jason. Sam tells Emily she is so grateful to her for saving her and that she will tell that to the police. Jason tells Emily that she needs to go back to Windermere and not tell anybody what happened. She says she wants to stay with them but agrees to go home. When Jason is alone with Sam, she asks what now. He tells her he wants her to call the cops. She notices his touching the gun that Emily used and asks why he’s putting his fingerprints all over the murder weapon. He tells her that is the whole idea. He does not want them to implicate Emily.

Jason and Sam get the injured Mike into an ambulance. Sam asks Jason why he asked Emily to go home. He tells her he could not get Emily involved in this. She’s been through too much. Sam informs Jason that she noticed the thugs hurting Mike and telling him it was a message for Sonny.

Emily returns home to Lucky. He can tell that something has happened with her. She says nothing about what recently happened but tells him that she’s been reliving her memories with Nikolas. She admits to him that maybe it was a bad idea to ask him to stay with her at Windermere. She tells him about all the memories she’s had of being with Nikolas. He tells her that Nikolas will be home soon and she will be able to do all of the things she dreams of with him. But she tells him that things are not the same. He asks her why. She tells him she cannot do this right now. He asks her what happened and that she can tell him anything. She admits that she almost killed a man today. She admits that she noticed men attacking Sam and that she grabbed Mike’s sawed off shot gun and aimed it at the men and almost shot them. She tells him she just about pulled the trigger. He tells her that she just tried to save Sam. But she admits that she was not thinking about Sam or what happened to her. All she could think about was Connor and the rape.

Carly tells Alexis that she believes that Christina and Morgan are safest with Sonny. Alexis says she does not believe that Carly could say such a thing after what has happened. Carly says that they have top-notch security. Alexis says they always do but it never makes any difference. Alexis tells them that after what has happened to Michael, they cannot put Morgan in danger and she refuses to put Christina in danger. She says she will go up and get her daughter. Suddenly, Reese speaks up and tells Sonny she believes that Alexis is right and he must let her take Christina. Reese tells Sonny that she realizes that Christina might be safest in Sonny’s home with security but Alexis is the parent with primary custody. At that moment, Ric appears and tells Alexis she needs to go back to the hospital and rest.

Max Scorpio enters Kelly’s and asks Sam what happened. She tells them that she saw these guys attacking Mike. She tried to help him. They attacked her. And Jason came to her rescue. Max asks Jason for his side of the story. He tells them the same. Neither of them implicates Emily for holding a gun on the thugs. Jason tells the cops he will tell them whatever they want or sign any papers or whatever. He just needs to get Sam home because she’s been hurt. And they go out the door together.

Emily tells Lucky that she believes that Elizabeth went behind her back and told him about the rape. He tells her that he does not believe that Elizabeth had any ill intent. She tells him that she told Elizabeth something privately and she betrayed Emily’s confidence. She concludes that Lucky only asked to stay with her because of ulterior motives and this was only a set-up and he’s been trying to manipulate her. She tells him she feels like an idiot, confiding in him. He tells her that Elizabeth has been raped also and knows what it’s like. She concludes to him that they two of them have been playing shrink and scheming behind her back reporting back and fourth about poor pathetic Emily. He tries to protest to her about his and Elizabeth’s good intent. But she tells him that he must save it and she does not want or need him.

Ric tells Alexis that she’s just been in a car accident and doctors tells her she must rest because of her high risk pregnancy. She tells him she heard the doctors. She is ok and she must take her daughter home. He tells her Christina is not at risk staying with Sonny. She on the other hand is and so is their unborn child. She tells them all that she is taking Christina home and she must go outside and talk to her husband in private first. Reese privately tells Sonny that he must promise her not do anything to retaliate about whatever he believes may have caused Alexis’ and Ric’s accident. At that moment, he gets a call from Jason, informing him that Mike was assaulted, Sam witnessed and told him that they told Mike that they were sending Sonny a message. They both agree that they must handle it their own way.

Sam admits to Jason that she cannot get her coat off because of the beating she took by those thugs. She tells him she bruises easily and he must not worry. He asks if she is ok. She admits that she thought so. She tells him that when she saw them hurting Mike, she fought but knew she’d been trapped. He tells her it’s ok and she is safe now. He holds her. She admits to him that she does not know what she’s feeling now; if it’s relief or helplessness or gratitude for being safe. He tells her it’s all right now.

Emily goes to confront Elizabeth demanding to know what she and Lucky are up to, talking behind her back. Elizabeth tells Emily that she’s about to tell her the truth. She admits that she believes Emily has been in denial and has pushed away everybody that cares about her. She says she knows Emily keeps saying she does not need help. But she’s not eating or sleeping or behaving as though she is really getting over the rape. She is giving all the power away to Connor. She tells Emily that if she wants the nightmare to enter, she needs to admit that she needs help.

Carly brings Christina down to see her father and informs Sonny that his daughter was having a nightmare. He takes his daughter onto the couch and tells her that she needs to think of her brother Michael who is now in heaven. He asks her to say heaven. She smiles and says it. He tells her that whenever she is afraid, she needs to ask Michael to help her make the bad dreams go away and be with her and make her safe. And Michael will because he is her special guardian angel. He asks her if she can say guardian angel. She says guardian angel.

At the hospital, Ric tells Alexis that she is getting too paranoid blaming Sonny for everything. He tells her she has another child to protect. But she tells him she will not put Christina in danger and asks if he gives a damn about her any more.

Sam takes off her clothes to reveal bruises all over her body. She tries not to appear worried to Jason. But tears stream down her face.

Elizabeth tells Emily that instead of yelling at her friends and taking everything out upon them, she needs to get professional help. Emily tells Elizabeth she cannot tell her what to do. She cannot pass judgment and she cannot tell her how to feel. She tells Elizabeth that just because she was raped and counseling worked for her, she cannot assume that it will work for Emily. Emily tells Elizabeth that she does not want her shoving her own experience and her opinion down her throat. Emily says she does not need professional help. What she needs is an understanding friend. But she can tell that Elizabeth does not understand that.

Lucky calls Elizabeth and informs her that Emily knows that he knows about the rape. Emily catches him on the phone and says he knows that he’s talking about her behind her back to Elizabeth. At that moment, he tells Elizabeth he needs to go and hangs up. Emily explains to Lucky that she knows that because counseling worked for Elizabeth after being raped and he helped her, Elizabeth has the mistaken idea that she can mold Emily into this cookie-cutter image of how women should think and feel and behave after being raped. He asks her what she believes would be right for her other than counseling. She suggests time and friends who respect her and do not patronize her.

Alexis implies to Ric that he may not care about Christina as much as their unborn child, because Christian is not his biological child. He reminds her that Christina is his niece. He notices that she appears so distant in the way she is talking to him. He says she is talking to him like they are in court together. And he emotionally tells her that he fought to save her life after the accident and asked God to help her and he believes that things like this should bring people closer together and to realize how precious life is and to realize there is nothing more important than love and family. And he can tell that she does not feel that way. When he’s going out of the hospital, he runs into Elizabeth and her baby. He notices that she is friendly to him. He tells her she is a good mother. She talks about how Cameron is now exploring everything. They admit that any parent can get worried and protect their home with safety devices. But they agree that there must come a time when a parent needs to stop living in constant fear and need to protect their child.

Sonny admits to Carly that he is very worried that Alexis was right. She tells him he is a loving father and must always realize that. He admits that he cannot give his children the things that other dads can. She reminisces that Michael loved going to the park with him and they had fun together and Sonny was such a great father to him, pushing him on the swing. She suggests that they do something for Michael; some sort of memorial to honor the way he lived instead of the way he died.

Max Scorpio informs Reese that he positively identified one of Sam’s and Mike’s attackers. Hearing the name that Max identifies, Reese knows he is a partner of the Sandoval organization.

Carly suggests to Sonny that they donate a playground in Michael’s name.

Reese concludes that the Sandovals have pushed Sonny too far and there will soon be a war.

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