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Ric gets unconscious Alexis out of the car, puts a blanket around her and promises to go for help. At that moment, Dillon and Georgie enter and ask what’s wrong. He informs them they were in an accident and the other car took off.

Lucky suggests having a picnic with Emily with the wine and food she just got. Hearing that she reminisces about the picnic the two of them had together the previous summer. He remembers that when he told her he loved her, she told him she did not feel the same way. She informs him that that was the case at that time. But now things have changed.

Noticing that Jason is very stressed, Sam suggests that he just takes a break and maybe goes for a walk. But he makes it clear that he has a mission, which he will not give up on.

Sonny asks Reese why she is so concerned about his well being, more so than about doing her job and getting him nailed for RICO violations and racketeering. At that moment, Carly enters and asks if this is a bad time. It looks like she’s jealous to see her soon-to-be ex-husband having this conversation and noticeable vulnerability with another woman.

Lucky tells Emily that he realizes they are just friends and that her future is with Nikolas. He tells her that this last year was one disaster after another for her. Helena after her and Nikolas, Nikolas going to prison, losing AJ, losing Michael, then getting raped. He asks if she remembers how she felt when she married Nikolas. She admits that all the love she felt was there at that time. He tells her that that love is still there and it will get her through and she should not let anybody or anything prevent or discourage her for having the future he believes she wants to have with Nikolas. But it sounds like she does not see it that way.

Sam tells Jason that she wishes he’d just let her help him with what he is going through. He tells her there is nothing she can do. But when she gets up to leave, he asks her to stay. He asks her to be with him. She comes closer to him and he puts his arms around her.

Dillon and Georgie call an ambulance for Alexis. They take her off. A cop asks them what they saw or heard. They admit nothing. They just ran into Ric and he told them about the hit and run accident.

Reese informs Carly that she is concerned about what Sonny’s enemies might be up to and that Ric’s and Alexis’ disappearance might have something to do with it. She admits she has no proof and that it’s just a theory. Carly inquires if it’s a “theory” like the inaccurate assumption that Sam kidnapped Christina from Sonny’s home or that Lorenzo kidnapped the children, just because he was an easy scapegoat.

Sam gets Jason to lie on the couch in her arms. She admits to him that she has her worries about how she could disappoint him. But she realizes that no matter how many worries and insecurities she has about her relationship with him, he has always made her feel like she is worthy and he’s never let her down. They kiss and a call interrupts Jason.

Carly tells Sonny that he needs to realize that his life has been shattered, Reese knows he’s vulnerable and wants to use that against him. He tells Carly that Reese has chosen not to go after him and hurt him the way she very easily could. But Carly protests that he needs to know that Reese wants to get him to trust her when he is in a fragile state. He fell for it, she says. And he needs to realize that he is not himself right now. Reese enters and informs them that Ric and Alexis have been found, they’ve been in a car accident and have been taken to the hospital. Sonny suggests it could be a trick from the Sandovals. Carly says that makes no sense. It was a random accident, probably involving a drunk driver who hit and ran because of being afraid of the consequences. Reese says she hopes that that is true but it’s entirely possible that the Sandovals are yet again, going after Sonny’s family. Sonny gets on the phone and asks his guard to follow Carly back to her apartment to make sure she is protected. Hearing tha, she tells him she believes that he is the one who needs to be protected, meaning, without saying it, that he needs protection from Reese.

At the hospital, Elizabeth offers Ric some herbal tea to calm his nerves. Monica informs Ric that Alexis is still unconscious and they are considering taking her in for a cat scan. He asks about the baby. Bobbie informs him that they do not yet know. He goes in and talks to Alexis who is still unconscious. He tells her that he knows she will be all right and it will take more than a little car accident to have any effect on the indestructible Alexis Davis. He tells her he is so grateful to her for giving him a family. He tells her that Christina and the child she is carrying mean everything to him and ever since he’s known her, she has been a constant surprise to him. And he tells her he loves her and he needs her. So he asks for a favor that she come back as soon as she can. She moves her head and appears conscious. He asks how she feels. She says foggy. She says she remembers being in the car and then somebody hit them and asks if the baby is ok.

Emily is alone on the couch reliving all of the romantic memories she’s had with Nikolas. And then she relives Connor attacking her. She awakens and Lucky knows again that she’s had a nightmare. She tells him that perhaps she owes him an apology for making a fool of herself by coming on to him. He tells her there’s no need for an apology. It’s no big deal. But she admits that she is always asking herself what if she had not married Nikolas. What if she had not asked Connor to pass himself off as Nikolas and trusted Connor. He tells her that nobody can ever know the answer to what would have happened in the past under different circumstances.

Ric tells Alexis that he knows that their baby is a fighter and will get through all of this. Monica enters and informs them that the baby is fine. They are very happy and relieved to hear that. Monica informs them, however that there is still a problem.

After intervening in Ric and Alexis’ accident and having involvement with the police, Dillon and Georgie are afraid that they will tell her father. They go onto another subject where he tells her the reason why he took her there in the first place. He shows her the quarter that he almost put in the payphone the first day they met. Officer Murphy reenters and informs them that he knows that Georgies’s father does not want her with Dillon. They ask him how he’d know that. He says he has a teenage brother and knows the drill when he sees teenagers sneaking off together. But he assures them that he can tell Max that he did not see them. At that moment, Reese enters and informs Officer Murphy that she can take it from here in investigating what happened to Ric and Alexis. At that moment, Durant enters and tells her it’s very obvious that this is a pre-meditated hit that has been done by Sonny Corinthos.

Jason goes to Sonny’s. Sonny informs Jason that somebody tried to kill Ric and Alexis in order to get to him. He says he knows it was a hit and run and that is just the start.

At that moment, some thugs are ready to beat up Mike outside of Kelly’s knowing he is Sonny’s father. Sam, then rushes to help him and demands that they get away or Sonny will kill them.

Monica tells Alexis that she has a heart murmur, and that pregnancy causes the heart to work harder. She tells them that Alexis is fine and so is the baby, but she wants her to stay overnight for observation. When Monica leaves, Alexis tells Ric that being stuck in bed is more stressful than anything else. She tells him she wants to call Christina. He gets her her phone. She calls Viola and informs her that she’s been in a car accident and needs to stay overnight in the hospital but wants to say goodnight to Christina. Viola informs Alexis that Christina is at Sonny’s. Alexis sounds like she disapproves of that.

Reese tells Durant that she knows he wants Sonny behind bars but knows that Sonny did not order this hit and run accident of Ric and Alexis. She says she believes very possibly, Sonny’s enemies ordered this. He tells her that in case, she needs to work Sonny and not become “emotionally involved.”

Carly asks Lorenzo why he informed Reese about Ric and Alexis being in a hit and run accident. He tells her that he is concerned that whoever might want to go after Sonny could also endanger her and Morgan.

Sonny tells Jason that he needs to prevent what happened to Michael from happening again.

At that moment, the thugs capture Sam, knowing she might know Jason’s secrets. She struggles. But they carry her into Kelly’s and look like the want to keep her hostage.

Carly admits to Lorenzo that she’s not certain who she can trust anymore but she believes that both he and Sonny are getting paranoid for nothing assuming that Ric and Alexis’ hit and run accident had anything to do with Sonny’s enemies and their tactics. He tells her that he believes that she is in denial and she needs to take Morgan back to Sonny’s where there are guards to protect him. She says Morgan is better off with her at her apartment where he’s not surrounded by all these paranoid people and guards. But he asks her if she really wants to put him risk just to believe what she wants to believe.

Alexis tells Ric that she does not want Christina to be at Sonny’s. He tells her she is safe there. She reminds him that the last time she was there she got kidnapped. And she reveals that she wouldn’t put anything past Sonny right now.

Sonny asks Reese if she really believes that he would order a hit on his own brother and the mother of his child. She replies that she wants more than anything to not believe it.

At the hospital, Ric runs into Carly. She asks how Alexis is. He tells her that she and the baby are fine. Carly asks Ric if he saw or believes he knows anything about the accident or who hit them and ran. She informs him that Sonny and others believe that it was no accident. He tells her that he believes that if it were the work of any of Sonny’s enemies, they would have finished the job and not let him or Alexis live and have the opportunity to catch them.

After the thugs have knocked Mike out and attempted to hurt Sam, she holds a knife on them. They are ready to take Sam somewhere. But at that moment, Emily appears, holds a rifle on them and demands they let Sam go. At that moment, Emily is again reliving being attacked by Connor.

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