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Jason is on the phone investigating Faith’s financial activities in order to find out what she’s been doing from Nov. until the day she died. Sam hears him on the phone and tells him that she’s surprised that he is investigating Faith’s records instead of attempting to find Michael.

AJ takes Michael to an abandoned house where they can eat and sleep. He builds a fire in a wood stove and tells his biological son that he always wanted to go camping with him but Sonny and Carly wouldn’t allow that because they were afraid he’d tell Michael the truth. Michael tells AJ he is a big fat liar. AJ tells Michael that he will tell him what he knows and Michael may tell him whether or not he is speaking the truth.

Carly pulls away from Lorenzo and tells him she cannot let him kiss her although she admits she’d like to.

After Sonny has found his way into Reese’s hotel room, uninvited, she tells him she could get him charged with breaking and entering. He inquires why she’d do that when she could get him put away for life for RICO violations. And he asks her is that not what she is after in the first place?

Ric and Alexis are unconscious after a car accident. Their front windshield is smashed.

After Emily has awoken from a nightmare about Connor attacking her, Lucky holds her and comforts her and tells her everything will be ok. From outside the door, Elizabeth witnesses their interaction and appears jealous. Lucky tells Emily he wants to be there for her. She reminisces that he’s always been so good to her and they’ve always been so close since they were children. But she reflects that she wishes she could go back to the way things were. He inquires what she is talking about. She seems like she doesn’t want to discuss the specifics of the rape and how it has affected her. Elizabeth enters. Emily goes to run some errands. When Lucky and Elizabeth are alone, he tells her that Emily is getting worse.

When Ric comes to after the accident, he notices Alexis is still unconscious. He assures her everything will ok. But before he’s ready to drive, he notices his legs are bent and he cannot move. He cannot even reach his cell phone. There’s broken glass all over the car seats.

Jason tells Sam that he needs to find out exactly when Michael died. He tells her he needs to know if Faith killed him or if she panicked because somebody threatened her and was working with her. Sam tells Jason she does not want to interfere, but she’s a little concerned about the fact that Reese is still in town and watching Jason and Sonny’s every move.

Sonny inquires again why Reese left off information in her FBI report that could get him put away. She tells him that she’s already told him the reason why was because she did not want to take advantage of a father who lost his child. He inquires if she’s trying to fool him or if she has some other ulterior motive for being nice to him.

Emily goes to visit Jason. She brings him some chocolate chip cookies and tells him she wants to make sure he’s ok after the loss of Michael. Instantly, Sam goes out the door knowing that Emily wants to be alone with her brother. Emily remarks that Sam need not run out the door every time she enters. But Jason says he can tell and so can Sam, that Emily has something going on.

Elizabeth inquires to Lucky just what his relationship or potential goal is with Emily. He assures her that he is not romantically interested in Emily. They are old friends. And since Nikolas is not there to offer her support, he needs to be there for her.

Carly cries and tells Lorenzo that it is not him. It is herself. She feels like she is in a dark tunnel that she cannot get out of. She tells him that she cannot live her life without Michael. She needs him to come back. She tells him she does not want to feel this pain or mourn the loss. He tells her it does not go away this fast or easily. She needs to take it one day at a time, he tells her. He reminds her that she needs to be there for Morgan.

AJ tells Michael the story of his relationship with Carly. He tells him that Carly was pregnant with him and was going to steal him from AJ since she liked Jason better than AJ. He tells Michael his must be able to understand that since Sonny and Carly like Morgan better than him. Michael tells AJ that is not true. AJ explains that Jason raised Michael throughout the first year of his life. And no matter what AJ did, Carly would not share Michael with him. So she found somebody else who would be able to make sure he never had any way of knowing his son. And that was Sonny.

Reese tells Sonny that she knows he must believe that she is in love with him. She says she knows all about his history with so many women falling for him and she believes that he must believe that she will be the next one. At that moment, Sonny gets a call. It’s Alexis’ and Ric’s babysitter, informing him that they have not come to pick Christina up yet and she wonders why. Sonny tells her he will have his bodyguard Max go and pick Christina up. At that moment, he rushes out of Reese’s room. She asks if he is ok. He assures her he is.

Ric forces his way out of the car. He is in pain and unable to walk. He yells for help. There is fog all around them. He gets back in the car and tells Alexis that he needs to go and get help but he first needs to get her out of there. She is completely non-responsive.

Emily tells Jason that she knows he is grieving for Michael and she has no business burdening him with her problems. But he insists that she tells him what is on her mind. She informs him that she knows that Helena is alive and they must prove it in order to get Nikolas out of prison. So they asked Connor Bishop to make Helena think he was Nikolas and show herself. She tells him about her plan to live in the house with Connor and have him play her husband and lover. She admits that she was not thinking about the inevitable. All she could think of was finding a way to free Nikolas. She should have seen that Connor was crazy. She admits to Jason that Connor trapped her in the basement one night and raped her.

Durant asks Reese if she has found any incriminating evidence against Sonny Corinthos. She admits she has not. He tells her it’s odd that somebody with so much experience in the field is failing to get evidence that is so easy to get. He asks if she is falling for Sonny. She says it’s not that. She is trying to get Sonny to trust her so she can play him and then move in and nail him.

Lorenzo tells Carly that it is ok for her to experience the grief. He knows that she is Michael’s mother and the central figure of his life. She tells him that now Michael is gone and she does not know if she can ever feel whole again. She cries and he holds her. She thanks him for letting her be herself and feel what she is feeling. Right when they are holding each other, Sonny enters and sees them together.

After revealing to Jason that she was raped, Emily thanks him for not giving her some trite response like it’s going to be all right or that she should get counseling. He tells her she must do whatever is right for her. He asks if she has been tested for disease. She admits that she could not go through that and could not have someone touch her. She says she should get through it because it’s happened to millions of women who have gotten over it. But he tells her she cannot compare herself to other people. She tells him that she has always thought of herself as a strong person and she cannot bear feeling weak. She admits that she could not tell Nikolas about the rape. She says she believes her husband sees her differently. She says that although she knows that Nikolas loves her, he looks just like Connor and whenever she sees him or touches him, she sees Connor.

Sam goes to see Reese but makes sure she is unseen by Durant and does not enter until he’s gone. She goes to return the file that Reese let her see. She tells Reese that she knows that Durant will do anything he can to put Sonny and Jason in prison and she asks Reese what her agenda is.

Sonny informs Carly that he needs to take her and Morgan back to the house. And he informs her that Ric and Alexis have not come back to pick up Christina. Carly tells Sonny that he may be overreacting. But Lorenzo tells her that maybe Sonny has valid concerns, since he has so many enemies and they cannot be too careful. So he encourages her to get Morgan and go back with Sonny.

Jason tells Emily that he’d like to give her a hug but realizes she might not want to be touched. She admits to him that she’s really been losing it lately and flipping out over little things. She cries and he holds her. She admits to him that she is so tired and has been so afraid to sleep. She keeps having these nightmares of being chased and attacked. She tells him she tries to fight it but it won’t go away. He offers for her to stay at his home. But she says she doesn’t want Sam to know and asks him not to tell her. She tells him she’s staying with Lucky. He tells her he will not tell her what to do but he is there if she needs him. She tells him she knows and the fact that she could be comfortable telling him her secret means a lot to her.

Reese informs Sam that the job she was assigned to do for Sonny was to bring his children back. Sam says she realizes that but knows that Durant is onto her. Reese tells Sam she would like nothing more than to believe that Sonny and Jason are not breaking the law and have a legitimate and legal coffee business. Sam tells her in that case, they are on the same page. She leaves and Reese gets a call from Lorenzo. He informs her that Alexis and Ric are missing.

AJ tells Michael a story about how Sonny could not legally adopt him and change his name to Michael Corinthos until he gave authorization and he refused. Then Sonny’s men threatened AJ and held him in a meat locker. He says he was locked in there and cold and knew Sonny would have kept him there until he died. So he had no choice but to sign over the adoption papers. Michael says nothing. AJ asks him if he still believes he is lying or if he really knows Sonny like he thinks he does.

Sonny and Max go to pick up Christina and bring her home. Carly is there with him and tells him he is being crazy. He asks if she has a problem with his taking precautions. But she tells him he is going too far and needs to realize that there is no such thing as a danger free life. But he reminds her that Ric and Alexis are missing. She tells him he does not know that and believes he is being overprotective because of Michael. She says he’s trying to re-write history and believes if he has enough guards and enough people threatened, then maybe Michael will come back. But she tells him that Michael will not come back. He needs to face that and let him go. He tells her she can believe that if she wants but he’s still going to do everything he can in order to keep his children safe.

Emily returns to Lucky. She informs him she’s gotten some wine and appetizers. He suggests they have a picnic right there. She remembers the picnic they had the previous summer where he told her he loved her. And she admits that she’s wondered how things would be different if she’d chosen him instead of Nikolas.

Sam returns to Jason, informing him of her conversation with Reese. She tells him that Reese said she does not wish to go after him and Sonny. But she can tells that Jason is somewhere else, lost in thought. He admits to her that his talk with Emily motivated him not to give up on Michael.

Carly holds Morgan and says a prayer with him. She asks God to protect him and Christina and mommy and daddy and everybody on earth and let the angels be there for Michael in heaven.

Michael has a flashback of Sonny explaining to him how he had to make sure that AJ gave him back. Michael, then asked his father exactly what he did and Sonny did not admit to what AJ just told him that Sonny did. Michael then goes and eats the food that AJ gave him, revealing his first act of trust.

Reese goes to find Sonny and tells him that she’s found no sign of Ric or Alexis. She tells him that she believes he is perfectly justified in his worrying.

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