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Emily is diligently getting everything in order for Lucky to move into her home, in the way of getting his prescriptions and playing caretaker to him. When she goes off in the elevator. Lucky privately tells Elizabeth that Emily is obsessing. Elizabeth says she knows that Emily is doing everything she can to get her mind off the rape. Alone in the elevator, Emily seems to be having a panic attack remembering Connor brutalizing her. She is having heavy breathing and freaking over the memory.

When Dillon and Georgie are in bed, Skye interrupts them. She goes to talk to Dillon alone with no clue as to what she’s just walked into.

Carly enters Kelly’s, holding Morgan, and tells Reese that she is not angry and wants to thank her, because without her, Morgan would not be alive right now.

Outside of Sonny’s, a guard catches Lorenzo. Sonny demands to know what Lorenzo is doing on his property. Lorenzo tells Sonny he’d like to talk to him.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she’s beginning to think that his decision to move into Emily’s home is a bad idea. But he tells her that they both know that Emily cannot be alone and he believes that she can be comfortable with him. But Elizabeth protests that Emily needs professional help and cannot be kept in denial. Emily re-enters and seems to know that they have been talking about her.

Ric and Alexis enter the hospital. She tells him he does not need to accompany her to every prenatal appointment she has. He tells her he would just like to talk to Dr. Meadows.

Skye tells Dillon and Georgie that she is sorry to barge in like this but it’s really important. She informs them that Luke has left and is in the process to hunt Helena down and she’s worried. They assure her that Luke will come home to her because he loves her. She leaves. Dillon inquires whether she will tell anybody about this. She replies of course not. But she tells them they’d better be using protection.

Carly sits with Reese and tells her she knows she’s done the best she could. And she says she realizes that Sonny can be difficult and she realizes that Reese could have used his vulnerability against him, as so many federal agents would have. Reese tells her that her primary job is to bring kids home to their parents. Carly tells her that she is very grateful to her for bringing Morgan back. Durant enters and says he can only guess what the two of them are yapping about. Carly yells back at him that what they are talking about is none of his business. Durant tells his daughter that anything involving Sonny Corinthos is his business. He then makes nice greeting to Morgan.

Lorenzo informs Sonny that he believes that Sonny is sending a message to the Sandovals to let them know that Michael’s death has not weakened him. And that is a fatal error that he wants to prevent Sonny from making. He tells him he realizes that if he were in a similar situation, that might be what he’d do. But he tells Sonny that broadcasting it is not smart. Sonny asks Lorenzo if this is the part where he is supposed to thank him. Lorenzo tells Sonny no. Sonny does not owe him anything. Sonny tells him he means nothing except to clear the path to Sonny’s ex-wife. Lorenzo tells Sonny he was wondering when Sonny would get around to wondering about Carly. He admits to the fact that he is there because of Carly. And he tells Sonny that for Carly’s and Morgan’s sake, he wants Sonny to use good judgment.

Durant sits next to Reese and tells her he wants her to make a choice between Sonny and her career.

Bridget runs into Diego and tells him she’s been watching him and has noticed his getting drunk with his buddies. She tells him he could have gotten in trouble and she knows that they are both “graduates” of the Courtney Matthews reform school. She indicates that she wouldn’t mind hooking up with him. But at that moment, she notices his meeting Brook Lynn and kissing her.

Elizabeth tells Ric that she is worried about Emily with what is happening in her family with AJ, Michael and everything else. Rick tells Elizabeth that he thinks she is a remarkable woman and her friends are very lucky to have her. He takes her hand and at that moment, Alexis gets off the elevator and views them.

Emily takes Lucky to her home. The maid enters. Emily seems to be fussing and obsessing and very stressed. He asks her why she is so on edge and asks what is really going on. At that moment, Skye enters and asks how Lucky is doing. Emily tells her that Lucky needs his rest. Skye tells them she just wanted to deliver a letter that Luke sent to him. Luke tells him that he will find Helena and free Nikolas from prison. Emily tells them that Luke helped Faith get out of prison and it’s his fault. And she doesn’t care about anything Luke wants. She tears up the letter and indicates that she is very on edge. Lucky asks what all of Emily’s stress is about. Emily tells Lucky that she is so tired of his father’s selfishness. Skye jumps in and wants to know what Emily’s problem is with Luke. Emily goes into a tirade about how Luke wanted Faith free, doesn’t want to help anybody nor does he care about anybody or anything except himself.

While at the hospital with Alexis and Emily, Ric gets a call. Alone, Alexis tells Elizabeth that she knows her husband is a “slave” to that thing. She also tells Elizabeth that she knows Rick can be full of surprises. Elizabeth tells Alexis that maybe it’s her turn to surprise Rick.

Reese tells Durant that he is in no position to be threatening her job. He tells her that she is an officer of the law and is protecting a racketeer. She is just like every broad in this town. She must be falling for Sonny Corinthos. She tells him that is absolutely not true. But he tells her she either revises her report about the kidnapping to reveal what Sonny told her or he will have her up on charges.

Dillon and Georgie go to Kelly’s and he talks in a joking way to her about how she must feel very different after finally taking the plunge to sleep with him. He tells her it does not matter because she is just as beautiful as she ever was before. They run into Brook Lynn and Diego. They can both sense that there is something different with Dillon and Georgie and what has just happened.

Carly opens her door to see Lorenzo. She invites him in. He tells her that he wants to see if she needs anything. She tells him she’s fine. He tells her she does not look fine. She admits that she cannot get over Michael. She says she knows she should just clean it all up, but she’s afraid that that will make her forget about her son. He tells her he knows that it has just happened, and is such a profound loss. And he knows it will take time. She tells him her mother has told her the same time and informs him that her mother lost a child when he was a little boy. He tells her he will help in any way he can and he goes out the door. She asks him to wait and asks him for one thing. She asks if he can have dinner with her tonight.

Reese goes to see Sonny. He asks what she needs. She tells him she needs his help. John Durant has it in for her. He’s threatening her job. He is telling her that she’s had a conflict of interests in the kidnapping case of his kids. She tries to protest to him that she did her job and behaved professionally. But he asks if that will stop Durant. She reveals to him that the last thing she wants is to help a power-hungry ego freak like Durant. Hearing that, he inquires whether she is sacrificing her career in order to help him. Reese assures Sonny that she would never take advantage of the loss of his children in order to get him in trouble. She tells him that when she looked into his eyes, she saw the man he really is. Noticing his lack of response, she tells him she will forget it and should not have asked him to help her.

Emily apologizes to Skye for going off. She tells Skye she realizes that Luke is important to her and she realizes that Skye would want to help him. Skye tells her it’s totally ok. She realizes that Emily and Lucky need some rest and she will go. When she leaves, Emily apologizes to Lucky for not letting him have peace. He tells her that is ok and she needs to go and get some rest. But she admits to him that she cannot, with everything on her mind about Nikolas and everything. He tells her that it’s ok, she may let it go and he is there for her.

Elizabeth asks Steven if he believes it was a bad idea for Lucky to leave the hospital so soon. He assures her that Lucky is in no danger, and right then asks her if she would choose Lucky or Rick. She tells her brother that this conversation is totally inappropriate in the hospital on work time. He tells his sister that she’s spent a lot of time playing matchmaker for him. He tells her that he remembers Lansing running her through the ringer. She tells him that she still cares about Rick but their relationship is over. He tells her, in that case, it must be Lucky who is her man.

Georgie and Dillon reveal to Brook Lynn and Diego that they had sex. Diego tells them that there’s nothing wrong with it since they’ve known each other forever and it’s very obvious since they are now all over each other. Brook Lynn goes off with Dillon and Georgie. When Diego is alone, Bridget goes up to him and asks if he’d be interested in her while that rich chick is gone. He asks what her problem is. Georgie and Dillon run into Georgie’s mother. Felicia reveals to her daughter that she knows she has been sleeping with Dillon and forgetting her usual routine and all the things she did before. Georgie tells her mother that she is sorry. Dillon tells Felicia that he appreciates her being so cool about this but this is his entire fault. Georgie protests that it was her decision and she cannot blame Dillon. Felicia says if her daughter were not keeping up her grades, she would be furious. Georgie protests that she had every intention of being responsible. Dillon confirms that that is what he wants. Felicia tells her daughter she’d better not let her down. Hearing that, Georgie inquires about Max, very afraid of how he will react to know that she is sleeping with Dillon. Felicia tells them not to worry.

Carly gets a burger and some wine for Lorenzo at the restaurant. She jokes about how her cooking must be terrible and how because she is mourning, she knows he only wants to be polite and not tell her so. But he may tell her she cannot cook. She takes a bite out of the burger and admits that it’s lousy. They laugh. She tells him that this brings back memories of her trying to make a nutritional meal for Michael.

Ric and Alexis are stranded in their car. He tells her they are stuck somewhere, it’s pitch-black and he cannot see a light for miles. At that moment, they kiss. She tells him about a memory she had of a guy she was seeing in high school. He asks if she is trying to make him jealous. They move the seats down. And it looks like they are going to sleep together in the car.

Emily falls asleep on the couch with Lucky sitting on the other side, awake. She has a nightmare of running into the darkened hospital after being raped, finding an empty wheelchair, seeing the elevator door open, getting on it, then seeing a man dressed in black ready to attack her. She awakens screaming. Lucky witnesses her and calms her down. She cries. He holds her in his arms and tells her she is safe and it’s ok. She tells him about her dream of being chased in the dark and how she could not move fast enough. It’s like she cannot close her eyes without being haunted. She tells Lucky that she feels like she’s coming apart.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she’s always promised to make nutritional meals for Michael and how he loved macaroni and cheese, regardless of the fact that it was disgusting. And regardless, she knew that Michael loved her. But she also remembered that when she tucked him into bed, he asked her to promise never to make a meal for him again and he programmed the number of a take-out menu. Lorenzo tells Carly that he can see that Michael was a really great kid. She tells him she does not know how she’ going to get through this without him. He tells her he will be there for her. It looks like they are ready to kiss.

Sonny goes to Reese’s apartment without her knowing it. He sees her maid and asks if he can be alone there. She tells him she cannot let him do that. He gives her money and asks if that can change her mind. She goes away. Reese enters wearing only a towel and tells him if he wanted something from her, he should have asked her nicely.

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