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General Hospital Update Thursday 3/17/05



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[Note: I missed the first segment, the bit that airs before the opening credits.]

JAX'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Rachel is with Jax. She says that she thinks he'll be fine. Courtney comes in to see him. She kisses him and then asks Rachel what happened. She tells them that it looks like Jax probably had an allergic reaction to something. Courtney seems skeptical. Rachel says that sometimes things that seem harmless end up knocking you off your feet. She suggests that Courtney leave. Courtney refuses.

CRASH SITE: Michael is talking to AJ. AJ tries to explain to Michael that Carly and Sonny don't want him anymore, because they have their biological children -- Morgan and Kristina. He brings up the fact that Carly abandoned Michael when Michael was first born. Michael says his mom was only sick. AJ explains that Carly will always choose Sonny over Michael.

KELLY'S: Outside of Kelly's, Reese runs into John Durant, who wants to know how it is that Reese hasn't found out anything about Sonny's business since being in town. He wants to know why?

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Skye argues with Sam -- she wants Sam to stop Jason from killing Luke on Sonny's orders. Sam says there's nothing she can do, that she will not interfere in Jason's business. Skye slaps her.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Luke are having a drink. Jason is in the room with them until Luke asks him to go wait in the foyer. Jason exits. Sonny tells Luke that he doesn't think Luke will go down without a he doesn't want bullet holes and blood in the house. Sonny remembers how he and Luke worked together to bring down another mobster, Frank Smith, years ago. He says that once, back then, Laura asked him to keep Luke safe. Sonny wonders how how he can break his word on that?

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Skye thought that Sam of all people would try to prevent another death. She doesn't want Luke's family to suffer the way Michael's family is suffering. She continues that Luke did not break Faith out of prison so Faith could go after Sonny's kids -- Luke did it to get Skye free of murder charges. Skye says that if Sonny considers Michael's blood on Luke's hands, she (Skye) considers Luke's blood on Sam's. Sam asks if she's finished and Skye says yes and storms out...saying as she goes that Sonny brought Faith's wrath all on his own. She slams the door behind her and Sam sighs.

KELLY'S: Reese says that she answers to her superiors, not John. John asks her if she has fallen for Sonny or if she's just marking time until she can find something that will send Sonny away for good. Reese says that that's the burning question, isn't it?

GREYSTONE: Sonny says that he used to watch Luke with little Lucky and he never used to think he would one day have a son of his own. But now Michael is dead, shot and killed by Faith. He remarks that Luke was the one to break him out of jail. Luke says he thinks Sonny should kill him. Sonny says he doesn't want to make a statement out of killing Luke, the way Jason wants. He recalls how good Luke was to Stone. He doesn't want to kill Luke. He assures Luke that that won't happen. Luke notes that they've made an agreement. He thanks him for the drink and then exits out the patio door. Sonny brings Jason back into the room. He tells Jason his decision and Jason replies that he thinks the Sandovals (another crime family) are going to move against them. Sonny says, "Let them." Luke is alive because he is Sonny's friend -- anyone else who crosses him is going to die.

JAX'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax doesn't want Courtney to feel like she has to stay. Bobbie arrives to take a blood sample from Jax. Courtney and Rachel go out into the hallway. Courtney knows that Rachel poisoned Jax. Rachel admits to it and says she could also do it again. Courtney thinks that Rachel is insane. Rachel says that this is all Courtney's fault -- she had to divert Jax. Rachel says that Courtney no longer has to kill Steven for her...but she does have to keep quiet about Rachel killing AJ. Or else she will go after Jax again.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason returns. Sam says that Reese came by and dropped a file off about Michael's kidnapping. Jason thinks he might have figured out something regarding the case.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye rushes in and finds Luke sitting at the bar, having a drink. She is relieved. Luke says that he and Sonny came to an agreement, and then thanks her for her concern. Skye snaps that she has been all over town appealing to people to get Jason to spare Sonny's life. Luke says she worries too much. Skye replies that she wants him maimed or tortured but not killed. But now she wants him to leave town leave immediately.

GREYSTONE: Carly comes in...Sonny is sitting alone. She says she wants to take Morgan with her back to her apartment. Sonny agrees and says he'll send bodyguards with her. She ttells her about Skye's visit earlier. Sonny tells her that Luke is no longer in danger from him. But from now on, anyone who threatens his family is going to be eliminated. Carly leaves the room.

CRASH SITE: Michael is sleeping near the camp fire he and AJ have set up. He has a dream in which he returns to Greystone and finds that Carly and Sonny don't want him anymore -- they are too busy with Morgan. Basically they ignore him, and Sonny tells him to go back to AJ because he and Carly are not Michael's parents in a way that matters. Michael shouts, "I hate you, Sonny!" both in the dream and as he sleeps. He suddenly wakes up and looks around. AJ is sitting next to him, looking thoughtful. He heard what Michael was yelling.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye doesn't think Luke should hang around town taunting Sonny with his presence. Luke doesn't want to be a coward by running. Skye suggests he leave to go find Helena so that Nikolas and Emily can be free to live their lives together. Luke says that no one really ever gets a happy life. Skye thinks Nik and Em can learn that on their own, but they at least deserve a shot at it. And Luke can give that shot to them.

CRASH SITE: AJ offers Michael a sandwich or a candy bar from the crash. Michael says he is not hungry. AJ tries to get him to talk about his dream. Michael doesn't want to talk about it. AJ doesn't want Michael to worry...because he's going to take care of him. Michael says he can take care of himself. Just then, a plane can be heard flying overhead. Michael jumps to his feet, thinking that it's a plane sent by Sonny to find him. He waves a flashlight in the air and shouts for help. AJ just sits there, listening to Michael.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is sitting and looking at a picture of Michael in his baseball uniform. In his mind he hears Michael calling to him to pass him the ball. Jason calls and tells him that the report Reese turned in on the kidnapping doesn't contain anything that could incriminate Sonny. THe conversation ends and Sonny hangs up. Suddenly Reese enters the room.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Jason talk about Reese's offer to get Sonny out of the mob. Jason says that Sonny isn't going to take it and neither is he. Sam also brings up the fact that Lucky and Skye confronted her about the hit out on Luke, and that she told them that she doesn't get involved in Jason's business. Jason is thankful for that. She also tells him about going to Carly to see if Carly could warn Sonny that there are other people that knew about the hit going out on Luke. Jason tells her that the hit didn't happen and Luke is safe. Sam asks if there's anything she can do to help him (he hasn't been eating or sleeping) and he says that she can be honest with him -- is he just chasing Michael's ghost and Michael's not alive after all?

JAX'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Courtney has come back to see Jax. He's happy to see her. He says that they are going to keep him overnight just to make sure everything's okay. He remembers that just before he hit the deck she was going to tell him something -- what was it? She says it must not have been important and that all that matters is that he's okay. She plans to take extra special care of him. They kiss as Rachel watches from the hallway. She has a flashback to sitting in bed with AJ after sex -- they are sipping wine. They talk about how they want to settle scores. AJ tells her that his priority in Port Charles is getting back something that was stolen from him. Rachel, back in the present, tries AJ's cell phone, but it goes directly to his voice mail. She hangs up.

CRASH SITE: The plane is gone, despite all of Michael's attempts to signal to it. AJ tells him that while they are together he wants Michael to form his own opinion of him (and not just rely on what Sonny and Carly have told him over the years). Now, he thinks they should get some sleep. He gives Michael a blanket. Michael takes the blanket and moves it as far away as possible from AJ -- and the fire. AJ notes that Michael will probably be cool, but Michael says he'll be fine. He lays down to go to sleep as AJ watches him and then finally closes his eyes as well.

GREYSTONE: Sonny confronts Reese about the report -- he says that there's nothing incriminating in and he wants to know why? She says it wasn't relevant to the case. He replies that the case is closed, so why isn't she using the information against him now?

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke is packed and ready to go search for Helena. He says that he will find her -- he always does. He asks if there's any reason he should expect to see Skye waiting for him when he gets back. Skye says that there isn't, but that she'll keep an eye on the place while he's gone. Luke smiles, tells her to take good care of herself, and exits. Skye cries a little.

JAX'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Courtney comes back to Jax's room after taking care of some busines for her foundation. She is going to spend the night with Jax in his bed. She snuggles up next to him. Rachel watches them again from the hallway window.

CRASH SITE: Michael, wide awake, looks over at AJ, who appears to be sleeping. He then looks over at the food, which is still sitting a few feet from the fire. He climbs out of the blanket and grabs the chocolate bar, which he eagerly begins to eat. AJ opens his eyes, sees Michael eating, and smiles. He then closes his eyes again.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason wants Sam to tell him to stop chasing after Michael. Sam says she cannot tell him to stop looking for Michael because he's just following his instincts and that's what he needs to do. She says she loves him and that she'll be by him every step of the way. They kiss.

GREYSTONE: Reese says that they've both shown each other their vulernable sides -- she's not going to turn him in. Sonny says that she doesn't owe him -- he wants to know why she as a federal agent is not coming after him? Reese notes that that seems to be the burning question of the day. Then she leaves the room.

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