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Carly tells Lorenzo that she’s amazed that he’s been there at the memorial and the reception, in spite of his history with Sonny. He tells her her is there to be in support of her. She shares with him that she is very worried about what Michael’s death has done to Sonny. He asks her if she’s asking him what he believes Sonny might do. She tells him she’s asking him what he would do in a similar situation.

Skye goes to see Luke and demands to know why he’s promised to leave town but has not done so. She asks if he wants Sonny to kill him. He asks her why she would care.

Michael goes to attempt to rescue a dying man. But when he notices the man, he is able to identify him as AJ Quartermaine. He inquires to AJ why he is there when everybody has told him that AJ is dead.

A the hospital, Courtney notices Rachel on the phone and can tells Rachel is upset about something. Rachel reveals that she is calling AJ, tells him the situation is “complicated” and he must call her ASAP. Noticing Courtney watching her, Rachel asks her if she is eavesdropping. Courtney says she’s just a little concerned, noticing the tone of Rachel’s voice and that she’s never heard Rachel sounding so upset before. Courtney apparently has not heard the actual conversation Rachel is having or what was said. Rachel says she is just trying to get her life back. She also reminds Courtney that she just let Courtney out of “their deal”. And she reveals to Courtney that she has been on the phone about a little boy in a desperate situation and she really needs to talk to his father. Courtney suggests that Rachel makes good of her life by helping people and get over Steven. Rachel asks if Courtney wants her to get over Jax. Courtney tells Rachel that Jax is not interested in her so she might as well give up. Rachel tells Courtney that AJ has been murdered, now Courtney’s nephew has been murdered in a swamp. And she inquires to Courtney who will be next to die.

Luke tells Skye that if she has just declared to him that she never wants to see him again, she needs to follow through on what she just told him. But she tells him that even though they cannot be together, she would like to know that he is ok and doesn’t want him dead. She suggests that maybe some day, again, they will cross paths. He asks her why she would want that. She replies that he is magic to her. And she reveals that she is not over him. She relives all the memories of all the adventures and trials and tribulations they’ve had together. She reveals she will never forget him. But she also realizes that his dark side is too much for her to deal with. And she tells him that if he’s ever cared about her, he will leave town tonight before Sonny ends his life.

Lucky goes to tell Sam that he knows that Jason is probably ready to kill his father. And he asks her to attempt to urge Jason to let his father live by at least letting him disappear before he’s dead.

Lorenzo tells Carly that if he were in Sonny’s position, he’d have two options. He’d either hope that the death of his child would convince all of his colleagues and adversaries that he is no longer a threat and he’d make good of his life. Option 2 would be to go after whoever is responsible and maybe even take out his friends. He would make himself so feared, that nobody would ever mess with him again. She asks which of those options he’d choose. He says that would depend upon the woman he loved.

AJ wakes up and tries to talk to Michael. Michael looks a little afraid. But AJ urges Michael to trust him. He informs Michael that Morgan and Christina are safe, that he would never hurt him, that he did everything he could to rescue him from Faith and he did not kidnap him.

Lorenzo tells Carly that if he had a child and was in love with his mother, he would reform his life for the memory of his child and maybe give up organized crime. But if he was all-alone with nobody, he would believe he had nothing to lose terrorizing society after what happened to his child. She tells him she’s afraid that Sonny will do as he’s described as his plan B. He suggests to her that since Sonny still has two other children, perhaps he could put his anger aside and give them the life he could not give Michael.

Rachel has a polite conversation with Jax. She apologizes for the other night when she went to his home and interfered in his situation with Jason and Courtney. He tells her that’s totally ok and they smile and have a pleasant interaction. At that moment, she gets a call.

Sam tells Lucky that Jason does not discuss his personal business with her. But he urges her to attempt to talk to Jason because he has good reason to believe that Jason will murder his father. He tells her that Luke was once friends with Sonny and Jason. She tells him she will give Jason his message. She gets on the phone and leaves a message for Jason to stop whatever he is doing because “they are onto him.”

Luke tells Skye that what she needs is a man who never causes her any stress and whom shares her high level of morality. Somebody who never makes her wonder where he is nor creates instability in her life. She tells him if he dies she will never forgive him. He tells her sure she will. She is sober and practical. She does the 12-step program. And even with all that negativity working against her, she is absolutely amazing. And this last year would have been unbearably grim for him without her. She tells him in that case he must go on living. He tells her that there have been so many mobs and organizations that have tried and failed to kill him. So he believes that Sonny and his boys will not succeed any better than they have. He indicates that he has packed his bags. He also reveals to her that a while back, he’d have asked her to come with him. She reveals that a while back, she might have agreed to come with him. But he tells her right now she will do just fine without him. She asks what if she never sees him again. He tells her he knows she will. She will some day walk into some beach bar or some honky tonk or somewhere, and he will be there doing some shady deal or pouring drinks, with one eye on the door waiting for her. She cries and tells him he must get as far away as he can. He tells her he’s on his way and he kisses her. She asks if he will walk her to the door. He asks if she will do a condemned man a favor and let him watch her walk away. She walks away and they both agree that they will see each other again.

Rachel is on the phone talking to somebody about their child having the flu. Jax overhears her conversation. He appears friendly and suggests that maybe they can have lunch some time and “mend fences”. He leaves, asking her if she sees Courtney have her contact him.

Sam goes to find Jason but cannot. Reese Marshall enters and asks Sam if Jason is there.

Carly goes looking for Sonny. He is not in the room but she notices he’s put a framed photo of himself and Michael down where he cannot see it. From outside, Skye Quartermaine demands that she sees Sonny. Carly tells her she may come inside but now is not a good time for her to see Sonny. She also informs Skye that she knows why she is there. Skye is afraid that Sonny is going to go after Luke for what happened to Michael. And she reminds Skye that Luke is responsible for her son’s death. Skye protests that regardless of Luke’s faults, he does not deserve to die.

Luke takes out his gun at the Haunted Star.

At the hospital, Rachel notices that Jax has not left. He tells her he’s just discovered that he’s picked up the wrong cell phone. They have a friendly conversation and seem very comfortable with each other. Courtney enters and asks what is going on. He leaves with Courtney to go and have dinner. When they leave, Rachel looks very confident that she might be able to hook up with Jax and take him from Courtney.

Reese tells Sam that because she has closed the case, the file is public and she can let Sam see whatever she wants to see. Sam explains to Reese that Jason is doing some private investigating into finding Michael. But he’s being private with it because he doesn’t want other people to get their hopes up. Reese informs Sam that she has a deal for Sonny and for Jason. She tells her that the FBI will give up their pursuit to get Sonny and Jason in trouble if they agree to give up their work for the mob. Sam protests that they are in a legal coffee business. But Reese protests to Sam that Morgan and Christina deserve a better life than what Sonny and Jason do and what could happen to them if they keep doing what they are doing. She protests to Sam to see that it’s not worth it for Jason and Sonny to keep up their lifestyle.

Carly tells Skye that she does not believe or trust Luke. She says Luke only cares about himself and realizes Skye may want to see the good in him because they’ve slept together. But she reveals to Skye that ultimately Luke will be safe. Sonny will not kill him because he was once Luke’s friend and does not hate him. Sonny also cares about for Carly’s family who is also Luke’s family, which includes Lucky and Lulu and Bobbie and knows they would mourn Luke’s death. And Sonny would not want to hurt them. So she tells Skey she need not worry about Luke getting killed by Sonny.

Jax tells Courtney that he’s concerned that she hasn’t eaten and has spent the entire time since Michael’s death by attempting to take care of everybody except herself. Courtney admits that everything she’s done in this time has been a blur for her. He tells her he would like to set up a donation in Michael’s name. She tells him that would be awesome and admits to him that perhaps the reason she’s had trouble focusing is because she does not want to believe that this day is real. She does not want to believe that Michael is dead. She would rather take him to the Yankees game as she’s promised instead of going back to writing checks for worthy causes in his memory.

AJ builds a fire and gathers some food. He encourages Michael to make himself warm and comfortable and eat because they may be stuck there for a while. But Michael says he does not care because he does not trust AJ

Sam goes to talk to Carly and asks what is going on. Carly informs Sam that Skye came over revealing she knows what Sonny and Jason are up to but Sam must stay out of it. But Sam says she’s very worried that Sonny sent Jason after Luke. She informs Carly that Lucky asked her to call Jason off from going after Luke. She also informs Carly that Reese informed her of a deal to get Sonny and Jason to give up their “business”. Carly tells Sam that they will never agree to that and that she does not trust Reese any more than they do. But Sam tells Carly that she knows something is not right. There’s a secret going on here and she’s worried about what Jason may be getting himself into and that too many people know too much. Carly tells Sam that she has complete confidence that Jason knows what he’s doing.

Jax tells Courtney that he knows Michael would want her to go on living and do all the things she would have done had he not died. She agrees that he is right. Michael would want her to be happy. She tells Jax that she loves him so much and does not want to lose him. He assures her that she will not lose him. Right at that moment, Jax suddenly falls to the floor, unexpectedly. It looks like “somebody” has drugged him.

Rachel is on the phone, leaving more messages for AJ that he calls her back now. She has a flashback of sleeping with AJ. At that time, he asked her to do him one favor; help him fake his own death.

AJ tells Michael that he realizes and understands that Michael does not trust him. That is what Sonny and Carly have taught him. But he reminds Michael that he is his father. Michael tells AJ he will never be his real father. It’s only biology. Sonny is his father. But AJ tells Michael that Sonny will never be his real father. He also tells Michael a story that he called Sonny and discovered that Sonny is the biological father to his other children, has had a chance to be with them since Michael’s been gone and has forgotten Michael. He asks Michael why he’s run away and caused his parents so much stress and grief and upset them only in order to get their own way. AJ tells Michael that Sonny is busy and cannot keep dealing with Michael so he gave Michael back to him. Michael protests that he knows AJ is lying. But AJ tells him that it’s very tough to tell him this but Sonny does not want him any more.

Sam looks at the FBI case Reese gave her concerning Michael and remembers hearing Lucky warning her that Sonny and Jason are trying to track his father down and kill him and informs her that they were once all friends.

Luke goes to find Jason. Jason informs Luke that Sonny wanted to make a deal with him. But Luke tells Jason that he realizes that regardless of his previous friendship with Sonny, he knows that Sonny will never forgive him for his negligence in regard to Faith. He also tells Jason that he knows Jason wants him dead regardless of whether Sonny’s had a change of heart. But Jason tells Luke it does not matter what he wants. Sonny gives the orders and only Sonny decides what happens.

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