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Carly thanks the pastor for giving the sermon for Michael. She admits to him that she tries to believe that Michael is with God but she does not understand why there is any good in how a wonderful little boy who brought nothing but happiness to the world could be dead. She finds Jason and asks if he’s going in to see Sonny. Jason asks how Sonny is. She informs Jason that Sonny is isolating himself and when she last saw him, he shut the door in her face. She reveals to Jason that she is scared. Sonny seems to have no expression and no emotion, she tells him. He is burying his pain and anger. And she is afraid that Sonny could possibly hurt somebody or hurt himself. Jason puts his arms around Carly then goes into the room to talk to Sonny.

Sonny admits to Jason that he could not stay for the reception. Luke informs Sonny that Luke must pay for what happened to Michael, with his life.

Luke goes to talk to Skye as she’s asked him to, at the Quartermaine house. She informs him that she went to Michael’s memorial service today. She also admits to Luke that her interest in him is a destructive pattern that she needs to break just like alcohol. So she needs to tell him good-bye.

At the hospital, Sam asks Reese Marshall if she can see the photograph that somebody sent to Sonny that supposedly confirmed that Michael is really dead.

At that moment, it looks like Michael has been in a plane crash.

Outside, Courtney finds Carly crying. Carly turns around and tells Courtney that she went outside because she needed some fresh air. She admits that she cannot show how upset she is to anybody because of Michael. She talks about how she remembered Michael having a problem with being served strained peas. She says that’s just like she was as a child. She says tonight she wondered what to eat. She says she cannot go through with meeting people at the reception and thanking them. Courtney offers to go in her place. But Carly insists that she does it. But she asks how you can make polite conversation with people at a time like this. She says what she wants to do is scream and smash something. Courtney tells her she sounds like Sonny. At that moment, they both laugh as they consider going into Sonny’s house and tantrumming with him. The laughter soon ends and Carly thanks Courtney for all the times when she offered Michael a safe place to go when he was having problems with his parents. Courtney reminds Carly that no matter what happened or what Michael told her when he stayed at her home, he always talked himself into going back home because he loved Carly. They hug each other.

Jason tells Sonny that Luke betrayed him by setting Faith free. But Sonny tells Jason that seeking revenge upon Luke will not bring Michael back.

Luke sits in the Haunted Star drinking. Skye goes to find him. He tells her that she asked him to go away so he did and inquires what her problem is. She inquires why saying good-bye is the way it is for him.

Sam asks Reese Marshall if the FBI is still looking for Michael’s body. Reese replies they are but there are so many miles of swamp in Louisiana to search and as far as the FBI is concerned, this case is closed. But Sam informs Reese that Jason does not see it that way and will not let go and accept that Michael is dead.

There is wreckage and a fire near where Michael has been left after the plane crash.

Luke confirms to Skye that he’s not surprised that their relationship ended and that he could tell from the moment they met that they were a mismatch. He says they were both just looking for someone with whom to pass the time and loneliness away. But she tells him that she knows that they had something. She reminds him that he saved her life and they’ve been through so much together. But he seems perfectly content to never see her again. She reminds him that she also saved his life when he was ready to kill himself with alcohol. And she informs him that he told her that when you save somebody’s life, you are responsible for it. He tells her that she should know that that was just a pickup line he gave her at the time. He also reminds her that she told him he was nothing more than a bad habit for her. So why, now is she questioning her decision for them to terminate their relationship? He tells her that it looks like she wants to run away whenever there is a problem. But she tells him that the problem she has is that he refuses to accept responsibility for a little boy’s life.

Sonny tells Jason that although Luke may be responsible for getting Faith out of prison, which enabled her to kill Michael, Luke has been his friend and has saved him from so much. He asks Jason why he cannot, for once, overlook a mistake. Jason tells Sonny that Luke must pay and that will make Morgan and Christina safer. Hearing that, Sonny tells Jason that he may “do it”. When Jason leaves from talking to Sonny with the “go ahead” to kill Luke, Carly can sense that something is not ok and demands to know what is going on. Jason just tells her that this is business. She protests to Jason that he sees that Sonny is grieving and she realizes he is also. But he needs to not do something he will regret. Jason says nothing and leaves. After hearing no information from Jason, she goes in and asks Sonny what he’s just asked Jason to do.

Skye tries to “reason” with Luke, admitting that she is not trying to hold herself up as some role model of morality. Hearing the word, morality, he tells her he does not like that word. She tells him she’s had problems with that word and concept also. But she knows that she cannot stand by without accepting responsibility for the death of a child and wonders why he can. He tells her that what happened to Michael was not his fault and affirms that he believes it’s best that they never see each other again. But she tells him that she always thought that the two of them were kindred souls. She talks about all the connections they had, but admits that at the end it cost too much.

Durant tells Reese that he demands that she moves forward about getting Sonny in trouble. She tells him that she may not want to do that so fast because the man is grieving after his son died. But Durant tells her that he already lost one grandson and is not about to lose another. So the only way to protect Carly and Morgan is to get them away from Sonny. She tells him that if he believes that, he needs to be having this conversation with Carly instead of with her. He tells her the only way to protect his daughter and one remaining grandchild is for Sonny Corinthos to be put behind bars.

Sonny reveals to Carly that he and Jason agreed to send out a message that anybody who messes with his family is going to pay. But she reminds him that no matter what he does, it will not bring Michael back. He tells her that he made a promise to keep Michael safe. And failing on that, he will seek justice and do all he needs to do in order to protect his other children.

Sam informs Jason that she talked to Reese and found out that the FBI has closed the case and that she saw the photo of Michael. She tells him that there’s no reason to assume that the photo has been doctored or staged. So that means that it’s almost positive that Michael is gone.

Michael gets up and walks away from the plane wreckage.

Skye tells Luke she knows how he feels about his situation. He tells her no, she does not. He tells her that he refuses to hold himself responsible for Michael’s death. She tells him that she cannot accept the fact that she set Faith free and that it caused her to kill a little boy. She tells him that is why she needs to say good-bye to him. She tells him that before she does, she wants to thank Luke for all he’s done for her and she admits that she loves him and believes he loves her also.

Durant tells Carly he wishes she’d reconsider her decision to stay with Sonny. It will only put her in danger. She tells him that Morgan needs both his mother and his father. She tells her father that since Michael is no longer in Morgan’s life, Morgan does not need to lose both of them also. While Durant tells his daughter that Sonny will destroy his children’s lives, Lucky overhears their conversation.

Reese goes to talk to Sonny. He tells her he appreciates what she’s done and her gesture to pay her respects for Michael. He asks if she is going back to Washington. She replies no. There has been a change of plans. She plans to stay in Port Charles.

Sam asks Jason why, if he believes Michael is alive, does he not plan to tell Carly? He tells her he’s worried about Carly getting her hopes up. He tells her that he doesn’t want to set Carly up to get her heart broken twice just in case Michael really is dead. Sam tells him that’s exactly what he is doing to himself right now.

Michael walks into the damaged, fallen aircraft and attempts to rescue a guy. The guy tells him he’s stuck and it will soon explode.

Reese tells Sonny that she could tell that he was ready to put his own life and freedom on the line in order to save his children. She points out that he trusted her by giving her information that could get him put away. Because she could tell that he would stop at nothing in order to get Michael back. And she offers him a way to be protected and not have to live in fear if he testifies about what happened to Michael.

Lucky goes to tell his father that he is concerned about him and will not stand by and watch his father die. He tells his father that no matter what has happened between them, he does not want to lose him because Luke is his father. He admits that he will never forget all that his father has done for him and knows that Luke loves him. And he admits that he loves his father back. And so he is begging his father to hide and do whatever he needs to do in order not to put himself in danger. Luke puts his arms around Lucky and tells him he may consider him gone.

Sam tells Jason that she realizes how he does not want to give up on finding Michael and she wants to help him. She tells him he is not alone anymore. She tells him she’s there for him and she loves him. But he does not let on to her what his plans are. He just tells her he needs to work tonight.

Lucky gets up to leave and asks his father to be in touch with him.

Jason goes out he door without telling Sam what he plans to do. But he reveals that what he’s about to do is not just another trivial matter. He takes out his gun.

When Lucky is ready to leave his father, Luke thanks his son for the “heads up”.

At the crash site, Michael and the man trapped inside the aircraft escape right before it catches on fire and blows up.

Lucky goes to find Skye and informs her that he just talked to him about something. She says it does not matter because they broke up. He tells her that he thought he should inform her that Luke is about to leave town. He tells her that if Luke doesn’t go away, Sonny and Jason might kill him. But she informs Lucky that in the state of mind Luke is in, there’s probably no way he will leave town nor care if he gets killed.

Sonny tells Reese that he does not believe that she really cares about his future. He asks if she wants a raise or promotion or to fool him with her act of goodwill. He tells her that she was just using him and his kids in order to further her own career. He tells her he believes that she will eventually want to get him locked up. But she reveals to him that she may have concerns about him and his family.

Noticing that Jason is carrying a gun, Sam does not know what to tell him but asked that he’s careful. He goes out the door. His cell phone rings. It’s Sonny who informs him that there has been a change in plans.

Michael goes to find another dying man and asks if he is ok. But when the man reveals himself, Michael can instantly identify him as AJ Quartermaine.

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