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Agent Marshall is on the phone with somebody revealing that somebody wants Sonny Corinthos convicted. Sonny enters and she tells him she cannot return to Washington until she brings back all of his children. And she admits that she’s failed to do that.

Jason awakens and informs Sam that he had a dream that Michael called to him.

In the chapel, Carly lights candles and gets ready for Michael’s memorial service.

Dillon and Georgie awaken after their first sexual experience. He asks if she’s having second thoughts. She replies absolutely not. She tells him this night was wonderful. She tells him that she has had so many visions about what it would be like when they first make love. He tells her that maybe he should have walked her home the previous night. But she tells him that she wanted to be with him overnight. He tells her there is nothing to be shy about. He tells her that nothing has changed and what happened the previous night was special. She admits to him that it felt right.

Jason tells Sam he cannot stop thinking about his dream. He was in Sonny’s old penthouse. He says he opened the door to Michael’s room and he was in the swamp in Louisiana where Faith said Michael died. He said that Sonny and Carly were burying old toys and assuming Michael was gone. But he heard Michael calling to him. Sam inquires if his dream could mean that he has loose ends or there’s anything about the case that’s still bothering him. She asks if he blames anybody who worked on the investigation to find Michael. He replies no. She tells him he must never blame himself. He took more chances and worked harder to find Michael than anybody. But he indicates that his dream was so vivid and that it must be telling him something. And he cannot give up on believing that Michael is still alive.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she wanted to set up a memorial service. She shows him a picture of her son and asks what he thinks. He replies that’s a great picture. She reminisces about all the fun times she’s had with her son. But she stops herself and tells Lorenzo she cannot keep doing this and engrossing in all these random memories. But Lorenzo tells her that this is what this day is for. She admits to Lorenzo that she cannot make sense out of what it means to outlive your child. He admits that there is no way to make sense of it. She breaks down admitting that she does not know how to live another day knowing she will never see her son again. And she admits that it makes her want to shut out everybody and everything. He puts his arms around her.

Sonny tells Agent Marshall that she did everything she could for Michael. She tells him it was not enough. He tells her that she went the extra mile and risked a lot and he does not regret trusting her. She tells him that she wanted to come by to show her support on the day of her son’s memorial. Sonny tells her he will get through it one day at a time. He sounds positive, realizing he still has two children. And he will make certain that what happened to Michael will never happen to them.

When Dillon is seeing Georgie off, he asks if she will be able to cover for where she was the previous night so that she will not get in trouble with her father. She replies yes, but admits a part of her would like to tell her mother the truth and tell her that they were responsible. At that moment, they notice that Kelly’s is closed. And Dillon reflects that it’s because of Michael’s memorial and that he feels responsible for what happened due to the fact that he helped Faith escape from prison.

Elizabeth catches Lucky attempting to walk on crutches. He tells her he will not go to Michael’s memorial in a wheelchair. She suggests he’s in no condition to go period. But he tells her he must. For Emily, as well as for their family.

Emily is telling her mother that she needs to be there to offer support to Jason for the loss of Michael. Alan hears that and tells Emily that Jason does not deserve support. It’s his entire fault. Emily tells him he needs to have compassion for Jason because he is grieving. She walks off. Monica tells Alan that if he cannot attend the memorial service without his anger toward Sonny and Carly and Courtney and Jason and realize that they loved Michael just as much as he does, then he needs to stay away all together.

Carly goes to see Jason. Sam leaves and tells them she will meet them at the service. Carly tells Jason that she had a flashback. She breaks down telling him that she remembered running through the rain, pregnant with Michael, in order to find Jason because she trashed her life and AJ was threatening to take her baby away. But Jason made certain that that did not happen and he was there for her to protect her and protect Michael and he did that for 9 years. She puts her arms around Jason and tells him she just needs for him to be there now.

Sonny goes to talk to Rick and Alexis. Rick informs Sonny that they did not tell Christina about her brother dying and they thought maybe Sonny should be the one to tell her. And Rick tells his brother that if there is anything that he needs, he and Alexis will be there. Sonny tells Rick that he brought Christina to see her father and that is more than enough. He sounds sensitive to his brother. Sonny goes to see his daughter. He thanks Alexis for bringing her. Christina rushes to hug her daddy.

Before the memorial service, Courtney finds her father. Mike admits to his daughter that he still cannot quite believe why they are there. Courtney admits that she has so many recent memories of Michael being so energetic and feisty. They remember being there recently for Christina baptism and how good Michael was to his little sister. Mike says he cannot believe that any God would let Faith get away with what she’s done. Jax appears and suggests that maybe they celebrate Michael’s life instead of grieving his death. Sam enters and informs Courtney that she notices how deeply Jason is grieving and that she does not know what to say or do for him. Courtney admits to Sam that there is no easy way but that she is really glad that her ex-husband has Sam to be there for him and help him get through this.

Carly talks to Jason about how they will get through this. She tells him that there will be so many people there who loved Michael and will always remember him. And she says she thinks they should all let them talk about their memories. She admits to Jason that she can see that Sonny is devastated and blames himself. And she’s worried that the pain and the guilt might be enough to push Sonny over the edge.

Meanwhile, Sonny is telling Christina, in a very positive way, that God called Michael to live in a place where there is no fear or anger or negativity. And he tells his daughter that Michael is now looking down on everybody. And he assures her that her big brother will always love her. Hearing that, Alexis and Rick are very proud of Sonny to be bonding so well with Christina. Alexis almost puts her arms around Sonny.

At the memorial service, Bobbie hugs Monica. Monica tells her that she grieves for Carly and realizes Michael was Bobbie’s grandson also and that petty differences between families are so trivial and unimportant at a time like this. Dillon and Georgie attend the memorial service. Tracy admits to her son that she loves him with all her heart and always will. Brook Lynn enters with her parents. Felicia comes and hugs both Bobbie and Monica. Agent Marshall enters. Rick asks why she’s there. She said she is there for Michael. Durant is there and stands silently. Alan promises Monica he will not start any fights for Michael’s sake. Ned notices Lorenzo and asks Lois why he’d be there. Lorenzo enters and informs Courtney that he offers his condolences. Courtney admits to Lorenzo that Carly has informed her that Lorenzo had made great efforts to help find Michael and for Carly’s sake she will recognize Lorenzo as a friend of the family. Lucky comes hobbling on his crutches with Emily and Elizabeth to assist him.

Sonny plays Michael’s favorite video game until Carly reminds him it’s time to get to the memorial service. Sonny tells Jason that he acknowledges him for being there when Michael was born and for being a father to his son and he tells both Jason and Carly that they gave him a great gift to be Michael’s father.

Everyone assembles at Michael’s memorial service. The pastor says that God chose Michael to enter into a new life and our firm hope is that one day they will all join him. Jason has a flashback of Bobbie helping him delivery Michael in the hospital. Emily reads a scripture about there being a time for everything under Heaven. Sonny has a flashback of a few years back, bringing Michael home forever and explaining to him, that he is not Michael’s biological father and hearing that Michael wanted to call him daddy, regardless, Michael hugging his father and Carly’s smiling. Courtney then reads a scripture about parent and child bonding. Carly then has a flashback of telling Michael that he must realize that she is the parent and he is the child but that knows he’s just like her. And Michael’s acknowledging that that is a compliment because his mother is smart and pretty and something he can be proud of.

At the end of the service, Bobbie hugs her daughter and tells her what a beautiful service it was. Carly tells her mother she was such an awesome grandmother to Michael. She admits that she might need her mother’s help for the reception because there might be a lot of bad feelings and anger among the people. Bobbie assures her daughter that everybody there loved Michael and that will keep them all on their best behavior. Carly greets Lucky, Emily and Elizabeth, thanks Emily for the reading and encourages them to stay for the reception.

Durant finds Agent Marshall and informs her that her superiors in the FBI expect her to bring down Sonny Corinthos. She tells him that a little boy has been murdered and she has respect for his family. He tells her he hopes that emotion hasn’t gotten in the way of her obligation to nail Sonny. It will just be a matter of time before Sonny will be back to his old tricks. She tells him that Sonny might be “retired” from his career soon. Because Michael’s death has made him a broken man.

Jason admits to Sam that he is not ready to accept or believe that Michael is dead. And so he’s going to keep searching until he finds Michael.

Right at that moment, Michael is alive and looking well while being transported on an airplane. He goes to the bathroom and pounds on the door, asking whoever is in there to know that he’s been kidnapped. His father is Sonny Corinthos and he will pay a lot of money if they can help get him back to his father.

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