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GREYSTONE: Carly is laying on the couch looking at a picture of Michael when John Durant comes to see her. He tells her that he heard what happened to Michael. He wants to know if there's anything he can do. Carly starts to cry and he hugs her. Suddenly Bobbie comes storming in. She wants to see Sonny. Carly and John try to stop her. Bobbie says she has to talk to the man who got her grandson murdered.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam sees Alan working. She walks over to him and tells him that they've found proof that Michael is dead. Alan says that Michael's been dead since Jason stole him from AJ.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is sitting in the penthouse alone when Emily comes knocking. She asks to be let in. Finally Jason relents and opens the door. Emily is worried about him. Jason tells her that Michael is gone.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese brings Ric the file on Michael's kidnapping. She says that her superiors consider the case wrapped up. Ric notes that it looks like she doesn't agree.

KELLY'S: Dillon, Georgie, Diego and Brook Lynn are sitting at a table -- Mike is working behind the counter. Dillon goes over to Mike and tells him that Michael is dead. Mike is shocked.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam tells Alan that there is now official confirmation that Michael is dead, thanks to the photograph. Alan replies that Sam and Emily and Carly sing Jason and Sonny's praises -- despite the fact that no one is safe with them -- especially not defenseless children. Sam defends Jason and asks Alan to remember that Jason is his son, too. Alan says that AJ is his son and that Jason is just a cold-blooded killer who has now killed Michael.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Emily asks Jason if he's sure that Michael is dead and he tells her that the photo showed Michael's body in the swamp just like Faith said. Emily wants to stay and take care of Jason, but he wants her to go back home. He assures her that he will be all right. Emily says that she loved Michael and Jason replies that he loved her, too. Jason promises to call her later. She reluctantly leaves.

GREYSTONE: Bobbie yells that she knew one day Sonny would cause this -- that he has so many enemies who consider Carly and the kids targets. Carly defends Sonny. Finally she screams that her son is dead and that she can't handle Bobbie coming in and laying blame. Bobbie apologizes and they hug.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric asks Reese why she thinks the case should stay active? Reese says that there is a 6 million dollar loose-end...did the sniper really set aside 6 million to kidnap Sonny's kids? Reese wonders if her speculation is futile and then says that it doesn't matter, that the case is closed and she's going back to D.C. for reassignment. Ric asks her if Sonny knows she's leaving and she says she hasn't told him yet. Ric notes that Reese and Sonny grew close over the time they spent working on the investigation -- and that Sonny trusts Reese. He thinks Reese should tell Sonny goodbye. Ric thinks that Reese doesn't want to see Sonny again because Sonny has gotten to her.

KELLY'S: Mike is very visibly upset. Georgie asks him if he's okay. Mike says that he knows that it's no secret that he wasn't a good father to Sonny -- that his gambling problem was always more important than being in Sonny's life or helping Adella (Sonny's mom). But he says he always loved Sonny...Sonny just had no way of knowing. He says that when Michael and Carly came into Sonny's life, he thought that was a second chance to make things up. He says that time runs out and people take their loved ones for granted. He asks Diego to close up...there's something he has to go do. Mike leaves the diner.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam comes home to find Jason looking at pictures of Michael that he had been keeping in an old cigar box. She sits next to him on the stairs and looks at the pictures with him. She asks why she's never seen the pictures before and he replies that he's never shown them to anyone else before. Sam asks if she can look at them. Jason closes the box and says that there's no point to this. Sam changes the subject and asks him if he thinks she should try to help Sonny and Carly plan the memorial service. Jason says that that would be fine. Sam wonders if she should blow up one of the pictures of Michael for the service. Jason shows her which one he thinks would be a good idea -- Michael playing happily. Jason says that that picture would be good.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese tells Ric that she gets close to families she works with all the time -- because she needs to in order to solve the cases. Ric says that other women get Sonny under their skin. Reese says she is not like other women.

GREYSTONE: John, Bobbie and Carly are sitting in the living room. John says that he thinks that Carly should take Morgan and leave. Carly says that it's not a good time for a vacation. John clarifies -- he thinks they should enter the Witness Protection Program, in order to keep the both of them safe. He says that he can place a few calls and have new lives and new identities waiting for them. Carly shakes her head back and forth in disbelief. She can't believe he would suggest such a thing, and then says that no, she can believe it because John is out of control. John calls her attachment to Sonny "unnatural." Carly snaps that she was married to Sonny and that he's the father of her kids. John thinks that she should go into the program for Morgan's sake -- to protect him. He says that all Sonny does is make her and Morgan more vulnerable. Carly says that she will never take Morgan from his father and that is final. John admits that he is willing to let it go for now. He leaves, noting that Carly knows where to find him if she needs him. After he's gone, Carly vents to Bobbie about John's gall. But Bobbie says that she agrees with John.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Jason are still looking at pictures of Michael -- there's one of Michael playing in the snow, and one of Michael at Sonny's island. Jason tells stories about the pictures and Sam says that these are the things people need to hear at the memorial. Jason is worried that he won't be able to get through this alone. Sam says that he doesn't have to.

THE POLICE STATION: John finds Reese at the station packing up her things. He thinks that she should continue her investigation -- into Sonny's business. Then they could put Sonny away for good. John says that Sonny is responsible for Michael's death and Reese could help punish him.

GREYSTONE: Bobbie says she would rather never see Carly and Morgan again than have to take flowers to their graves. Carly says she is not having this conversation right now -- she is not going to take Morgan away from his family right now. Lorenzo shows up just then. Bobbie tells Lorenzo what John wants Carly to do -- she wants Lorenzo to talk to Carly...get her to change her mind and do what's best for herself and Morgan, rather than sacrificing one more thing for Sonny. Bobbie leaves. Carly turns to Lorenzo and asks him if he believes that she and Morgan should go away? Lorenzo says that he has come to comfort her, not convince Carly of what she should be doing. But he doesn't think that she should take Morgan from Sonny...since Sonny needs his son now more than ever. Carly is surprised that he is siding with Sonny. Lorenzo says he is learning. Mike shows up and he and Carly hug. Mike wants to see Sonny -- Carly tells him that even though Sonny doesn't want to see anyone right now, Mike should try to talk to him. Mike goes upstairs. Carly hugs Lorenzo tearfully.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Monica has arrived at the penthouse. She hugs Jason and tells him how sorry she is (as Sam looks on). Monica tells him that, though she has never said it before, she believes Jason was the father Michael belonged with -- not AJ. Jason thanks her. Monica advises him to keep the last memory he has with Michael in his heart. She also wants Jason to know that she loves him. Then she turns to Sam and thanks her for caring about Jason. Sam smiles and says that Jason didn't give her much of a choice. Monica leaves. Jason admits to Sam that he can't remember the last time he saw Michael -- that everything since Kristina was kidnapped is just a blur. He wonders what will happen if he can't get that moment back?

THE POLICE STATION: Reese balks at John's suggestion that she take down Sonny while he mourns his dead son. She is not taking orders from John. Plus, she says that Sonny is not responsible for Sonny's death anymore than she is or John is. She storms out of the station as John watches her go.

DILLON'S ROOM ON THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie and Dillon have arrived. Georgie notes that they aren't really connecting with each other -- they connect as friends, but they can't seem to make it something more. Dillon notes that they said they would wait (to have sex). Georgie says that she doesn't want to wait anymore...she doesn't need a full moon or a nice hotel room...she just needs him, now. They start to kiss.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo stops by for a cup of coffee and Brook Lynn (who is trying to close up) lets him in for a quick moment. Lorenzo takes a seat at the bar. Diego is there...but he doesn't acknowledge Lorenzo's presence. Brook steps in and asks them to try connecting with one another. She leaves in frustration. Lorenzo tells Diego that Brook is a wise girl.

GREYSTONE: Jason has come to see Carly. They hug as Carly cries. Carly says that Michael loved Jason so much...and Jason replies that Michael was the best thing that ever happened to him. They sit on the couch and Carly admits that she doesn't know how to handle any of this. She can't stand that she is here and Michael is gone. Jason asks her what she wants him to do and she cries that he can't fix this problem for her because for once in his life he can't catch her -- there's no way it can be fixed. She continues that they are going to go on missing Michael forever. They hug again.

KELLY'S: Diego says there is probably something they could talk about -- but he's not sure what. Lorenzo admits that he doesn't know. Diego says that's cool and turns to leave. Lorenzo stops him by saying that he wasn't close to his own father -- that there were things that he never got the chance to say to him. Has that ever happened to Diego? Diego says that when he was a kid, there was always a boy near his house playing ball with his dad. Diego turns to leave again and Lorenzo says, "Hey, heads up!" and throws him an empty coffee mug. Diego doesn't have a chance to catch it and it crashes into the wall behind him. They both agree that maybe that's something they could work on.

DILLON'S ROOM ON THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie and Dillon start to make out and remove one another's clothes as a song plays in the background. They fall back on the bed, Dillon turns off the lamp...the scene ends.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese has been called back to the station by her supervisor. He is waiting in the interrogation room, and he gives her her new mission -- she is to take down Sonny Corinthos. Reese doesn't understand -- but the supervisor says it's not negotiable. The supervisor nods discreetly to John, who is waiting out in the main part of the station.

GREYSTONE: Jason is outside standing in the snow...Carly watches from the window inside. Sam is also there. She tells Carly that she could help with the memorial. Carly says that she hadn't even thought about making plans for that. She and Sam talk about how there are no answers for why this had to happen to Michael. Carly finally says that she will be the one to call the church and set up the memorial, as she is Michael's mother. Meanwhile, Jason is outside and remembering a time he stood out there with Michael as it snowed. In the memory, Michael asked Jason what happens to people when they die. Jason replied that some people believe that when others die their souls become one with things in nature. Michael asked if that includes snowflakes and Jason agreed -- it's a way to be there when their loved ones miss them. Back in the present, Jason stares up at the snow sadly.

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