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COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is with Jax, who is somewhat somber. She realizes that Jax saw her embracing Jason at the hospital.

THE POLICE STATION: Carly and Lorenzo are in the interrogation room. Carly knows that Lorenzo was not involved in the kidnappings. She tells him that she's sorry that the police suspect him. Lorenzo says he can handle it as long as she believes in him. Ric comes into the room and tells them that there may have been a break in the case.

GREYSTONE: A police officer comes to Greystone -- he needs to get a statement from Sonny regarding Faith's death. Sonny agrees. Suddenly a report comes over the officer's walkie-talkie saying that the sniper has been shot. Sonny gives Morgan to Leticia (the nanny) and heads out with the officer to see the crime scene.

CRIME SCENE: The sniper is dead. Reese finds a letter addressed to Sonny among the sniper's belongings. Inside the envelope is a Polaroid snapshot. Reese looks at it -- she is stunned. She hands it to Jason who looks like he's been punched in the gut.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax thinks that Courtney might want to find comfort with Jason considering that they both had a bond with Michael. Courtney becomes upset...tears fill her eyes and she says that she didn't seek Jason out...but that when she was hugging Jason it was exactly what it looked like.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is working herself hard at the hospital, much to Bobbie's dismay. Bobbie asks Emily if she's working herself to keep her mind off of Nikolas. Emily ignores her and waves hello to Alexis who is passing by. Emily offers to give Alexis a ride to the station so she can meet up with Ric. They both leave.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brook Lynn is talking to Diego. She tells him that his father has been arrested under suspicion for kidnapping Sonny's kids.

THE POLICE STATION: Carly gets upset at Ric for holding Lorenzo when he should be trying to find other suspects. Ric tells them that he will let them know when he has more information on the possible break in the case. He leaves. Carly rants about how the police should not be suspecting Lorenzo at all.

CRIME SCENE: The police have arrived -- Jason cannot stop looking at the picture. Reese tells him that charges will not be filed against him . Apparently it's a picture of Michael. Reese says that she doesn't know how she's going to tell Sonny about this. She doesn't want him to see the picture, ever. Suddenly Sonny shows up. He asks them what they are talking about. Jason tells Sonny about the picture. Sonny demands to see it, despite Reese's objection. Sonny looks at it -- it's Michael's body, laying lifelessly on the ground. Sonny groans in pain and starts to cry.

THE POLICE STATION: Carly and Lorenzo are out in the main part of the station. Carly wants to go with Ric to his office just in case he gets a call about the case while he's in there. Ric agrees and they go to his office. As they exit, Diego shows up at the station: he asks Lorenzo if he was really responsible for the kidnappings?

DILLON'S ROOM ON THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie enters Dillon's room. Dillon is working on a part of his screenplay. He is frustrated...he says his script seems trivial and he is thinking about quitting. Georgie tries to encourage him, but Dillon says that his love story is a lie. He is upset about Michael being kidnapped and possibly being dead. He is especially upset about his role in helping Luke bust Faith out of prison -- which led to Faith kidnapping the kids and maybe even killing his own cousin. He says, "If Michael doesn't come home, that's my fault."

JAX'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney reassures Jax -- she tells him that she loves him and that what she had with Jason is over. Jax tries to apologize for being jealous but Courtney wants to apologize to him instead, for continuing to go to Jason. Jax says that if she needs to see Jason, she should. But Courtney says she needs Jax and him alone. She is worried about something possibly happening to him. He promises that he'll be fine. They start to kiss.

ALEXIS' HOUSE: Emily has brought Alexis back to her place. Alexis thanks her -- but when Emily tries to hang around, offering to help Alexis get settled, Alexis wonders if Emily might like to go home and rest? Emily insists that she's fine. The talk turns to Nikolas...Alexis says that now that Kristina is safe, she can start to work on Nik's appeal so he can be released. Emily becomes unsettled at the thought of Nikolas coming home.

DILLON'S ROOM ON THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie reminds Dillon that Michael isn't confirmed dead yet, just missing. Dillon says that that's bad enough. He says that right now, if this was a movie they would be in the third act...where everything wraps up. He says that this is reality and that it bites.

CRIME SCENE: Sam arrives at the crime scene. She asks Jason if the sniper had anything that would help them find Michael. Jason tells her that Michael's gone.

THE POLICE STATION: Lorenzo gives Diego his word that he's innocent. Diego believes him and says that that is what he thought. He only came because he thought Lorenzo might like to tell him himself. He asks what happens now and Lorenzo replies that he might be released soon since Ric is considering that he might be innocent after all. Lorenzo also adds that Carly believes in his innocence, which Diego thinks is good. Diego starts to leave, and Lorenzo tells him thanks for coming to the station. Diego nods and goes to talk to Brook, who is waiting for him. He tells her that the talk with his dad went well. She's happy for him. They are about to leave, when suddenly Sonny and the police come into the station.

As Sonny comes in, Carly joins him along with Ric. She asks him what they found at the scene where the sniper was shot. Sonny tries to interrupt Carly -- she can tell by the look on his face that something is very wrong. She interrupts *him* in return and starts to say over and over again that everything is okay and that Michael is coming home.

ALEXIS' HOUSE: Emily and Alexis are having tea while they continue to discuss Nikolas. Emily tells Alexis that she wants Nikolas to come home...but then she brings up the situation with Connor. Alexis tells her that Nikolas will come back from prison the same man he was when he went in. Emily replies that sometimes she feels like something inside of her has been damaged -- that there has just been too much pain recently. Alexis assures her that she and Nik will work it out. Emily says that she is going to go home and get some sleep. They say their goodbyes and Em leaves.

CRIME SCENE: Jason tells Sam about the picture they found. He says that as soon as Reese opened up the envelope, he knew Michael was dead.

THE POLICE STATION: Carly is starting to freak out -- why isn't everyone out looking for Michael? Sonny tells her sadly that Michael isn't coming back. Carly says that she would know if Michael was really dead, because she's his mother -- he is a part of her. Sonny tells her that there is a picture. Carly demands to see it, but Sonny won't let her. She grabs the plastic bag containing the snapshot and tries to run into the interrogation room to get a look at it. Sonny follows her and tries to grab it out of her hands. She starts to cry as they struggle. Finally she does get a good look at it and she collapses on the floor in tears as everyone in the station watches her.

JAX'S PENTHOUSE: Jax and Courtney are basking in the afterglow on the couch. Jax is in a robe and Courtney is dressed in his shirt. Jax notes he might have to get jealous more often -- because making up is so much fun. Courtney is still worried that something could happen to stop them from getting married. Jax tries to reassure her. Suddenly Jax gets a call on his cell -- it's Reese. He asks her if there is any news on Michael.

DILLON'S ROOM ON THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon and Georgie have been joined by Brook and Diego, who tell them how things went down between Carly and Sonny at the station. Everyone now believes that Michael is dead. The teens talk about how whoever is responsible for this should suffer greatly.

ALEXIS' HOUSE: Alexis is sitting up with Kristina when Ric comes in. He looks very tired. Alexis tells him that he looks like he could use a hug. He tells her that Michael is dead.

CRIME SCENE: Sam is trying to comfort Jason...but he is very upset. He says he keeps trying to tell himself that Michael's in heaven and happy, but he can't feel it. Sam wants him to come home with her, but Jason doesn't want to leave.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Carly are back at the house. They sit together on the couch. Sonny is quiet and grim...Carly is still very emotional. She looks at a framed picture of Michael and tells a story about how one day Michael refused to get his hair cut because he said long hair was cooler anyway. She also talks about how she used to play with his hair at night to get him to go to sleep, even when he was a little baby. She adds that he was always trying to be so grown up -- "Mr. Man." She starts to cry and tells Sonny she doesn't want to live in a world that would take Michael from her...she can't handle it. Sonny reminds her that they have to be strong for Morgan, and Carly says that she knows...she just wants her Michael back. She puts her head in Sonny's lap as she cries.

JAX'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney is crying over the news of Michael's death, and Jax is trying to comfort her. She says that it's almost as if Michael will run through the door any minute, saying it was all a plan to get his parents back together. He was always coming up with crazy plans that made no sense. Jax says that he was his mother's son, that way. Courtney remembers how she was his "Aunt Courtney" and how she used to take care of him when he would run away from home. She cries that Michael was so could this happen?

ALEXIS' HOUSE: Ric starts a fire in the fire place. Alexis tells him that she wishes that there could be a happy ending for everyone. She says that Ric has done so much to help she wants to help him, so she wants him to talk to her. He tells her that he spent so much of his adult life envying Sonny -- that he spent time waiting to see the look on Sonny's face when he (Ric) finally beat him. But he doesn't want this for Sonny...he doesn't want this for anyone. Alexis hugs him.

CRIME SCENE: Jason sits with Sam on some nearby steps. He says that when they leave this place, the rest of his life will start -- a life without Michael. So that's why he needs to stay here, where there is nothing to be done.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese closes the file on Michael and then gives Lorenzo his release papers. She apologizes for accusing him earlier. Lorenzo says that it's over -- Morgan and Kristina probably won't remember what happened. Reese says that now Michael won't be coming home because she failed. She notes that she really thought he would be okay. Lorenzo leaves.

GREYSTONE: Carly is holding a sleeping Morgan in her arms, as Sonny sits next to her. She tells Morgan that Michael loved him so much -- and that he always wanted a little brother. Sonny adds that Michael sacrificed himself to get Morgan and Kristina home safely...and that now Michael is in heaven watching over them...that he is Morgan's own guardian angel.

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