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Jason informs Steven Webber that he came across the murder weapon that was probably used to shoot Faith, and he discovered that the shooter must have removed the lens cap. He implies that that probably means the shooter wore glasses. Steven asks Jason if he has somebody specifically in mind. He says if he knows who shot Faith Roscoe, he should take it to the police, right away. Jason tells Steven he will take care of it and walks away.

Agent Marshall tells Lorenzo that she believes he had motive to kill Faith. He tells her he knows she is getting impatient to close the case. But she cannot make him her scapegoat. She implies that she believes he not only wanted to kill Faith but he also had motive to kidnap Sonny’s and Carly’s kids.

Sonny goes to Faith’s room and demands to know where Michael is. But before she can tell him, her machine indicates she is slipping into a coma and dying.

Luke and Skye go to the hospital to see Faith to find out if she knows where Michael is. Emily tells them that there is already a big crowd of people ahead of them, ready to do just that and she tells Luke that maybe he should let Sonny and Carly worry about their son, and he should worry about his own son.

While Agent Marshall calls the cops to take Lorenzo to the station for questioning, he asks her what possible motive he would have to kidnap the children. She tells him he is obsessively in love with Carly and would probably want to get her in a fragile state of mind and then play the hero. And because Faith was ready to implicate him, he attempted to kill her. Rick walks in and tells Lorenzo he better fess up about where Michael is. Lorenzo tells them if he knew, he’d bring Michael back himself. Agent Marshall tells Lorenzo that Royo must have been working for him as well as Peavey. But he denies it. Rick tells Lorenzo he better hope that Rick’s nephew is still alive, because if he is not, Rick will see to it that Lorenzo gets the death penalty. Lorenzo goes with him to the station

While Sonny goes out to inform Carly, Courtney, Jason and Sam that Faith may be dying or just playing games with him. Jason attempts to inform Sonny that he may have a lead as to Faith’s shooter by noticing a missing lens cap on the murder weapon. While they are all waiting outside Faith’s room, the uniform cops come to inform them that they have just arrested Faith’s accomplice, Lorenzo Alcazar.

Rachel goes to Jax’ house and asks if he is ok. She tells him she knows what he went through today at the hospital and must be a little upset to notice Courtney and Jason together. He tells her he’s not worried about it. But she insists that he talks about what he is feeling. He tells her that he believes she is making efforts to make him feel jealous.

Emily tells Luke that she is angry with him for shutting off Lucky’s breathing machine and playing God. She says the doctors advised him he could have killed Lucky by doing that. But he tells her that she is very misinformed for somebody who works in a hospital Also, he reminds her that the court granted him authorization to decide what was to be done with Lucky. He remembers she was right there when the ruling was made. So she’s wrong medically and legally. But she tells him that he has spent too much time controlling and pushing his son away from him. He tells her that the way he relates to his son is not in her jurisdiction. She tells him that it’s about time that he starts acting like Lucky’s father and letting him know he loves him. He tells her she better not lecture him on whom he loves. She tells him he was blessed with a wonderful son. He was almost lost, and then miraculously regained consciousness and got better. And Luke cannot take that for granted and indulge in more pettiness and controlling behaviors toward his son. He lashes out at her and tells her he is also concerned about his son living in the mausoleum with a humorless little package like her. Elizabeth witnesses the conversation and asks Luke if he feels better now.

After Faith has been pronounced dead, Sam tells Courtney that she is not sorry that Faith is dead, only that she did not live long enough to tell Sonny where Michael is. Courtney tells Sam she’d like more than anything to believe that Michael is alive and well, but the more time that passes, the more doubtful that seems. Sam tells her she cannot give up hope. But Courtney says she needs to see the difference between hope and denial. She asks when is the right time to stop believing that everything will work out and start seeing the truth and dealing with the grief.

Lorenzo gets taken to the station and goes to the interrogation room. Carly asks the cop if she can talk to Mr. Alcazar alone. Lorenzo asks if she believes that he would kidnap her children. She admits that there is a lot of evidence pointing to him. He tells her that Agent Marshall is grasping at straws. He asks her to sit down. He admits that he loves her and has been obsessed about her in the past. But he would rather never see her again and live with that, than cause harm to her children.

Lucky notices that Elizabeth appears angry although she is trying to hide it. She confesses to him that his father made her upset. She informs him that Emily lectured Luke on wanting him to reach out to Lucky. Lucky asks why Emily bothered. And of course, Luke got defensive and lashed out at Emily. Lucky said what do you expect? Luke Spencer cannot be criticized by anyone. But she tells him that Luke needed to back off and realize that Emily is in a very fragile stat after being raped and that she wanted so much to tell him he was out of line.

Rachel tells Jax that anybody can see that Courtney’s loyalty to all people, especially to Jason is one of her most attractive qualities and certainly something Jax values about her. She asks him if he really wants to be with a woman who could turn her back on the love of her life. She then stops herself from saying what she “shouldn’t” have said. She tells him that it was plain to see that Courtney and Jason will always have a connection. At that moment, Courtney walks in and tells Rachel that it seems everywhere she goes, there Rachel is.

Sam asks Faith’s doctor if he or any of the other staff could have heard any information from Faith that she did not have a chance to tell Sonny. The doctor says he doubts it since Faith was unconscious throughout most of the time. But he tells her that she may ask the ER team if they know of Faith giving any information about Michael. Brook Lynn appears and asks Sam if there’s anything she can do to help. Sam tells her that the night when Christina was kidnapped, everybody falsely implicated her and that may have given Faith more time to kidnap Michael and Morgan.

Agent Marshall, Rick, Sonny and Jason watch a video of Lorenzo’s suspicious actions after Faith was shot. Sonny also informs them that Faith sounded like she was trying to say A-something when he asked her who shot her and who would have taken Michael. And he assumes it would be Alcazar.

Lorenzo reminds Carly about the night when Morgan was born, how they were stranded and the power was out. She says of course she remembers his promising her that everything would be ok. He delivered Morgan. She also remembers his giving her his word that he would risk both of their lives in order to save Morgan. And he asks her why she would even question whether he would do anything to put her children in danger. Outside the interrogation room, Sonny tells Rick and Agent Marshall that they either make Lorenzo talk or he will himself. Rick goes in and asks Lorenzo if he wants to make a statement. Lorenzo says he will help in any way with the investigation but he refuses to confess to a crime he did not commit. Outside, Carly protests to Sonny that regardless of what he thinks of Lorenzo, he would never kidnap the children. Sonny tells her that Lorenzo had motives to kill Faith. He tells Carly there is evidence against Lorenzo, which she refuses to see. She reminds him that Sam was a suspect for kidnapping and that was proven false. And she urges him to see that questioning Lorenzo is a complete waste of time. Jason also admits that he does not believe Lorenzo Alcazar did it.

Skye approaches Emily and suggests they go out to dinner together. Emily tells Skye she’d love to but has too much work to do. Skye tells her that busy or not, she needs to eat and that she knows there is a lot going on and that Emily is taking care of many people but should be taking care of herself. Emily thanks Skye for her concern but assures her she is handling it fine. But Skye tells her that everybody needs help at some point in their life. Emily tells Skye she will call her if she needs anything and not to worry because she will be ok.

At Courtney’s, Rachel tells her that she only wanted to help, knowing what Courtney is going through right now. Courtney politely tells her she needs time alone with Jax. Alone with Jax, Courtney reveals to him that she is under a lot of stress and she’s afraid that Michael is dead.

Jason informs Sonny and Agent Marshall that he detected the lens cap removed from the murder weapon. He says he believes the shooter would be Peter Aaron, the professional hit man who wears glasses and would need a special scope for the rifle. He says it sounded like Faith was trying to say Aaron. But Sonny suggests it’s possible she was trying to say Alcazar. Agent Marshall says they cannot eliminate any possibilities and she and Jason go off. Carly tells Sonny that she does not believe for a minute that Lorenzo Alcazar had anything to do with the kidnapping or the shooting. He tells her she can believe what she wants. But he has to do what he has to do. He leaves.

Skye tells Elizabeth that she’s been able to piece together from witnessing hers’ and Lucky’s conversations with Emily that Emily was raped. Elizabeth admits that’s true but it’s near to impossible to get through to Emily and get her to talk. She says she knows that Emily blames herself and is ashamed. Skye angrily tells Elizabeth that the only person who should be blamed and ashamed is Connor Bishop. She says if Connor were not already dead, she’d kill him herself.

Luke goes to talk to Lucky. Lucky confronts his father for upsetting Emily. Luke says all he did was point out that maybe she was sticking her nose in somebody else’s business. Lucky tells him that’s typical Luke Spencer who believes he’s never wrong. He angrily tells his father he’d better leave Emily alone. Luke tells Lucky that he may move in with Emily or do whatever he wants. But maybe Emily needs to leave him alone with her viewpoints in her shallow, self-righteous little world. Lucky tells his father that maybe he should listen to himself some time and see who is really holier than thou and disrespectful to others. He says that Emily saved him and did not pull a switch that could have killed him. Luke says that’s great. Lucky may move in with her and they may console each other with righteous indignation and bible studies.

Rachel goes into the autopsy room and views AJ’s folder. Steven catches her and asks what she’s doing in this room.

Courtney breaks down crying to Jax telling him how she will never get to have a future with Michael. She says he was the heart and soul of their family and how this will destroy Sonny and Carly and they will never be the same without Michael. He tells her that they still have her to support them. She tells him that Michael was the best of both of them and they knew it. She says when they were at their worst and fighting and having terrible times together, they would stop because of Michael. She says Michael was the center of their lives. She says that she is “just the aunt” to Michael. But Sonny and Carly and Jason were his parents.

Brook Lynn goes to Sonny’s and asks if there’s anything she can do to help. He tells her she can pray for Michael. He asks her if he can get her something to drink. She says no thank you. She tells him the night she was babysitting Michael, before Christina was kidnapped, Michael told her nobody was as cool as his dad. Sonny tells her Michael will get over it. By the time he’s 15 he will hate his father like all kids do. She apologizes for not watching Christina and indicates that she blames herself for his children getting kidnapped. But Sonny firmly tells her it was not her fault. Faith Roscoe and Lorenzo Alcazar kidnapped the children and nobody and nothing could have stopped them.

After Rick has gotten done interrogating Lorenzo, he admits to Carly that Lorenzo might very well be innocent but he must not rule out the possibility nor see the evidence pointed against Lorenzo. Carly asks to talk to Lorenzo again. She tells him that very possibly there will be a break that could divert suspicion from him. He asks if it will ever be over. She informs him that Jason is onto a lead involving a guy named Aaron and if they can get him to talk, it might all be over soon.

At that moment, Jason and Agent Marshall go to a house, find Aaron, shoot at him, and he falls to the floor.

Lucky tells Luke he will move into Emily’s home because she needs him. And he realizes that is a concept his father would not understand. Luke tells his son that it’s his life to waste. Lucky tells his father that he is living in a world where he cannot deal with reality and did not care about his son. He tells his father that for his own selfish reasons, he wanted to pull his plug. He couldn’t accept having to live with “coma boy”. Luke’s ego could not take that.

It looks like Faith has been pronounced dead. Steven and Rachel are doing her autopsy. He tells her that Faith’s death is very unfortunate. She inquires why it would be unfortunate since Faith kidnapped three children and may have killed one. He tells her that Faith was an attractive, intelligent young woman with a bright future ahead of her, who ruined her own life by being consumed by revenge. Although unknown to him, Rachel knows how that theory hits home for her. She asks why Faith could not get past her grudge against Sonny. Steven tells Rachel that all Faith lived for was revenge and in the end it killed her

Courtney tells Jax all about the memories she’s had of Michael. She tells him all about Jason’s bonding with Michael and indicates how close she still is to Jason. He holds her but tells her that maybe he is not the man she should be with tonight.

After Aaron has been shot, Agent Marshall gets on the phone and informs Rick that Jason acted in self-defense and Aaron gave him no choice except to shoot him. She says she has conclusive information that Aaron killed Faith. And she admits that although it’s possible that Lorenzo had something to do with the kidnapping and Faith’s murder, she’s beginning to doubt it.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she never believed that he would be capable of kidnapping or hurting a child. And she assures him that Rick will come around soon and admit he made a mistake and Jason will soon find the sniper and he will tell them where Michael is.

At home, Sonny holds Morgan and assures him that he need not worry about his big brother because Michael will be coming home soon.

Agent Marshall looks through Aaron’s’ pockets and discovers a passport which indicates he was headed out of town and had some type of deal going on with Faith. She also notices an envelope with a picture. After looking at it, she is shocked.

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