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Courtney wonders why Rachel invited Jax to dinner at Courtney’s own home. Suspecting nothing, Jax asks Courtney to calm down and tells her that Rachel was just trying to be nice.

Sonny discovers that what’s going on is Faith has decided not to take the fall for a murder she did not commit.

Right when Faith is leaving the courtroom, a shooter sneaks up and shoots her. She falls to the floor. But that does not stop Skye from asking her where Michael is. Skye demands to know whom Faith is working for and who paid her. Faith lies on the ground bleeding. Justus finds her and demands that Alan Quartermaine does something since he is a doctor and Faith is dying. Alan says Faith murdered his grandson. But Justus protests that Faith is the only person who knows where Michael is. Alexis suffers an attack and Rick takes her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Steven notices that Elizabeth is lost in thought. She asks him if he’s ever made a decision that he’s regretted for the rest of his life. He replies yes. She asks if he was angry at the time. He says no. He asks what is going on with her. She reveals that she had a miscarriage with Rick’s baby and has just discovered that Faith caused it.

Emily is wheeling Lucky in his wheelchair and talking about how she’s looking forward to staying with him at Windermere.

Jax explains to Courtney that Rachel called him with intent to set up a romantic dinner for them but she later discovered Courtney was at the courthouse. Courtney does not buy that and knows that Rachel is up to no good. But Rachel’s story sounds believable. Rachel apologizes for not realizing that Courtney had those plans. She also expresses that she knows Courtney must be really worried an stressed over what has happened to her nephew, her brother as well as to Jason.

Jason is looking around a building holding a gun. Unknown to him, a strange man is nearby doing the same thing.

Hearing Rachel’s “heartfelt” concern for Jason and realizing Rachel doesn’t even know him, Courtney confronts her and asks what is going on. Rachel leaves and Jax asks Courtney if he’s missing something and if she can tell him what is really going on. Not knowing what to say, Courtney reflects back to Rachel’s telling her that; “Nothing will happen to her precious fiancé as long as she sticks to their plan.”

Elizabeth tells Lucky that it’s really good that he will be staying with Emily and possibly that will enable her to talk to him about the rape.

Rick and Alexis arrive at the hospital and inform Elizabeth what happened. Sonny and Carly arrive and Sam rushes in and is concerned about what could happen to Jason with the suspicion that he may have shot Faith in order to avenge Michael.

Rachel calls Courtney to inform her that Faith has been shot again.

Lorenzo is in Kelly’s have a memory of telling Carly that he believed that Michael had been shot dead and left in a swamp. Maria enters. He informs her that he cannot live with the thought that a psychotic woman murdered a little boy because she hated his father. He tells her that he has had many of opportunities to stop Faith and have her put in prison but he ignored it. Maria informs Lorenzo that he had no way of knowing what Faith was capable of.

At the hospital, everybody is gathering around waiting for the doctor to give the word about Faith. He informs them that she is bleeding internally and is not strong enough for surgery. Right when everybody is trying to figure out what to do, Durant enters and demands to know why the man who killed Faith has not been arrested. They inquire whom he is referring to. He says the man who killed Faith is Sonny Corinthos and he needs to go to prison.

Elizabeth goes into Alexis’ hospital room and tells her she cannot stop thinking about the night when Faith pushed her down the stairs and caused her miscarriage and framed Sonny for it. She admits that she refused to see what was going on with Rick. He was having a breakdown. She says that she believes that Faith manipulated Rick and made him blame himself for everything.

After hearing Durant accuse Sonny and Jason of shooting Faith, Sam protests that it makes no sense for either one of them to ruin the only chance they have of finding out where Michael is.

Agent Marshall watches a video of Alan Quartermaine confronting Faith and tells her assistant that they may have something.

Lucky urges Elizabeth to get him out of the hospital. But she tells him that she is trying to be a professional here. He is not ready to get out of the hospital or do what he wants to do.

Rick tells Alexis that he seriously believes that Faith did have an accomplice. He also believes that Sonny is in denial refusing to believe that Michael is dead. But he realizes his brother is coping no differently than he did when Elizabeth lost their baby.

Alan tells Monica that he did a seriously bad thing by doing nothing after Faith had been shot and he knows that his wife would have acted in a professional manner as a doctor when he did not. She tells him he cannot keep beating himself up over this. She tells him that he should just be grateful that he was not shot and that Faith might wake up and tell them where Michael is. But he says it is too late. These criminals killed AJ and now killed Michael. And he does not feel anything any more. He says he has no fear and no pain. And when that happens, you can do anything. And he is going to make them pay.

Agent Marshall finds Lorenzo and they discuss how “professional” the shot was to Faith. He says that if somebody shot her in order to keep her quiet, it could mean that Michael is still alive. She observes that he is very invested in this. He admits that he will stop at nothing in order to find Carly’s son.

Durant is still following Carly around, trying to urge her to believe her son is dead and it’s her husband’s entire fault. She says she will not do that. She is waiting for Faith to wake up and tell her where her son is. He tells her that by doing that, she is playing right into Sonny’s plan. She asks why he is always making everything about Sonny.

Rachel finds Courtney and “apologizes”. Courtney finds Carly and asks what the situation is with Faith. Carly says that although the doctors say she’s dying, she will wake up and tell them where Michael is. But Courtney breaks down crying and admits that she is afraid that Michael is dead. Jason sees her and tries to help. She tells him that she knows that Sonny is scared and angry and does not want to hear her questioning that Michael is still alive but she loves Michael too. They look like they still have feelings for each other. And seeing that, Jax gets up to leave. Rachel sees him and asks if he is ok and if he should be leaving and she tells him she realizes he is uncomfortable watching Courtney’s interaction with her ex-husband.

Rick tells Alexis that he did things that he didn’t even think he was capable of, because he was so filled up with anger and hate. He says he realizes he does not deserve a second chance but he got one. He tells her he would not change what they have together for anything or anyone. And he kisses her.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that it’s very hard to say when anybody is officially over anybody else. She admits that many times she really believed that she and Rick could have had a good marriage. But she says things are working out in her life. She has Cameron and her friends. He tells her that she has him. She tells him that if he works on getting better, they can talk more about that.

Jason tells Steven that he has a specific person in mind that he believes was the shooter of Faith.

At the hospital, Sam returns to get Jason’s coffee for him and notices he’s gone. Courtney is there and they confirm that they both know Jason’s nature of stopping at nothing to get to the bottom of mysteries like that. Just then, the doctor tells Sonny that Faith has asked for him. He goes into her room and asks her where Michael is. She looks like she’s attempting to tell him but at that moment, it looks like she’s going back into a coma or dying.

After questioning Lorenzo about what he may know in regard to Faith’s shooting, Agent Marshall arrests Lorenzo for conspiracy and for the shooting of Faith Roscoe.

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